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  • 02:01

    ET-Kelliana **Over to Oberon & Ariel-Michael Sortomme

    in Education

    8PM CST- Join Ed the Pagan and Traci Logan Wood for WIld Wednesdays where anything goes! Tonight we hang out with songstress Kelliana!!
    9 PM CST- Over to Oberon and Ariel (OOA) with Oberon Zell Ravenheart and Ariel Monserat from CAW and Green Egg 'zine. Our guest tonight is Michael Sortomme. She is an author, artist and retired teacher of metaphysics, the occult arts and Active Indigenous Shamanism. Educated in anthropology and modern literature, she has journeyed in pursuit of truth that she translates into vivid paintings and equally compelling stories. A Reincarnationist, prodigious past-life memory has motivated passions in Genetic Genealogy, Herstory and the Levant. The Oregon wine country in the Pacific Northwest is her home—her piece of heaven. The Emancipation of Giles Corey,Michael’s first historical novel, won the Indie Excellence Award for Best Historical Fiction of 2011, Honorable Mention for the Hoffer Award and finalist for the Montaigne Medal. She can be contacted through her main website, www.michaelsortomme.com

  • 01:06

    Chakra Awakening with Margaret Ann Lembo -guest, MJ Rose

    in Spirituality

    Today's guest is M.J. Rose,the international bestselling author of 11 novels including The Reincarnationist, and The Hypnotist. We'll be talking about reincarnation and her findings from her research for her latest book - The Hypnotist.
    If you are an author or an aspiring author, you'll want to hear what MJ has to say!  She is the founder of the first marketing company for authors: AuthorBuzz.com.
    Chakra Awakening radio show is dedicated to raising your consciousness and awakening your awareness. Margaret Ann Lembo  is the author of Chakra Awakening .She is also the owner of The Crystal Garden. Visit her online at www.margaretannlembo.com.