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    History of Zionism and Israel - Aliyah · Arab–Israeli conflict · The Holocaust ... of Israel · History of Zionism · Israeli–Palestinian conflict ...

    ‎History of Zionism - ‎Theodor Herzl - ‎Christian Zionism - ‎Anti-Zionism

  • Is Israel God's Only Chosen People?

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    Every Black Hebrew Israelite organization teaches that Israel is God's chosen people and they are absolutely correct about this, however, they also teach that Israel is the only people God ever chose to separate to himself. Is this true? TODAY, Saturday, March 28, 2015 at 4:30 p.m. EST, tune in LIVE to hear, "IS ISRAEL GOD'S ONLY CHOSEN PEOPLE"?

    - Why was Israel chosen to be God's people?

    - Were they the only people chosen by God?

    - If Israel is not God's only chosen people, what does this say about Black Hebrew Israelites that have been teaching this for years?

    Discover the truth to these exciting questions and many more TODAY LIVE on "The Absolute Bible Truth" radio show! To listen in dial 646-716-8249 or go to blogtalkradio.com/absolutebibletruth. See you there!

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    FILL IN THE BLANK: WHAT IS LOVE?________________________________


    YOUR HOSTS: Shawn Z. Williams and Tracy Williams


    Questions or comments for Love All Humans Productions? Email us at join@loveallhumans.com, call the Office at 562.283.3115 and visit www.loveallhumans.com

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    Why Israel has no legal obligation to go back to the 1967 borders

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      After the 1967 Six Day War, in which Israel won Judea, Samaria [Judea and Samaria being the relal name of the "West Bank"], as well as the eastern half of Jerusalem from the Jordanians [who illegally occupied it from the 1948 war], Gaza [illegally occupied by the Egyptians from the 1948 war] and the Sanai [returned ot Egypt in exchange for a peace treaty] from Egypt, and the Golan Heights from Syria, the UN drafted a famous resolution known as Resolution 242, which is seen as the basic framekwork for the land for peace deal that is appealing to the international community. The Arab states, which launched war after war of agression against Israel, selectively interpreted the resolution as Israel going back to the pre-1967 borders with nothing in return. However, the resolution called for Israel to exist in "secure and recognized" borders and, when talking about the idea of Israel giving up the territories, did not use the words "all" or "every". The drafters of the resolution even admitted that those words were not included purposely because they themselves were not even calling for Israel to go back to the pre-1967 borders.  Israel already gave the Sinai Peninsula [91% of the territory Israel won in 1967 which is bigger than Israel itself] ine xchange for a piece of paper that says there will be peace. With Israel leaving 91% of the territory it won in the Six Day War,  plus Israel's territoral concessions during Oslo, plus leaving Gaza in 2005 already shows that, to say the least, Israel more than started to comply with UN resolution 242. To say the least, the territories Israel has is disputed territory. Ever since the British withdrew from the "Palestine" Mandate, Israel has been the only legal sovereign of the territories.

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    Israel Watch with Jim Fletcher

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    Join Jim Fletcher live Tuesday night at 8pm central on Election Day in Israel.

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    YOUR HOSTS: Shawn Z. Williams and Tracy Williams

    Questions or comments for Love All Humans Productions?  Email us at join@loveallhumans.com, Call the Office at 562.283.3115  and visit www.loveallhumans.com

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    We All Have Secrets First Live Show

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    This is the very first show of hopefully many more to come. The showsi based on real life events and real life topics.

    Tonight's topic: 

    "Why do people cheat and after an affair, can things ever go back to being good enough to be happy"?

    During the two hours on air tonight, we encourage everyone listening to call in and give us your opinions and share a personal experience as well.  Remember We All Have Secrets. 

    Guest call in (619) 924-0786

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    From JEREMIAH : To Israel and the Gentiles

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    God has given the nation of Israel his holy oracles which include his perfect law and his prophecies. But, these things weren't just for them but to also be told to all of humanity. The people he revelaed himself to are to reveal that to all other peoples. Let's look at Jeremiah in particular.

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    LIVE FROM ISRAEL - Election Results

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    NETANYAHU WINS!  We are LIVE from Israel to talk with Rav Zvi Herman about the election results. Hear what the Israelis have to say about the Netanyahu win.  
    We also have Rabbi Joseph Potasnik to give us the US perspective.  Listen to this Breaking News and see what the effects of this Likud Party win means for the future of both Israel and the US.

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    Birthday Week:A sad day for America,Israel and the Middle East-BiBi reelected

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    It's a sad day for America,Israel and the Middle East.Benjamin BiBi Natenyahu has been reelected.Former Congressman Barney Frank has said,"The GOP and Israel want war with Iran".I think it's treason,to support a country that wants war with it's neighbor country and tries to influence America to join with them in war.The two gulf wars were wrong,and any war with Iran,by America will only cause the death and destruction of millions of innocent people.

    This issue of Iran obtaining nuclear weapons should be addressed by Israel,and Israel alone.Iran is not a threat to America.We're under no obligation to launch a war for Israel either throught the United Nations or Biblically.Israel is the most powerful country in the middle east.It has already defeated six Arab nations,and has the nuclear weapons to destroy Iran on it's own.Don't let those Bible thumpers decieve you into believing we must fight for Israel.

    I want to present an observation for your consideration.Israel is afraid of one country-Iran.At any minute the U.S. could go to war with Russia,China and North Korea.Ten times the population of Iran and all of them have nuclear weapons.Is Israel a member of the P5+1 to work for peace in the region.Is Israel standing beside America in the Ukrain against Russia,or stationed with our troops in South Korea,or have a naval presents in the China sea.The answer is NO.All I am saying is that America could be on the brink of WWIII.Our nation is currently fighting in several different nations and currently bombing ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

    People you had better think,about our own problems.We need peace between the U.S. and Russia and peace between China our biggest debtor nation,and protect the South Koreans from North Korea,who are still at war.

    The Night Shift starts now.So clock in early and join the show.

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