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    The Nurturing Notebook

    in Self Help

    Stephanie and Angie share office space and share strategic alliance
    Working for yourself is very isolating and so we have chosen to work together to support each other in a nurturing network. We invite you to join in with us in conversation, purpose and prayer.
    We are nurturing a network
    A place of individuals who want to grow with purpose
    Today we are going to explore the question:

    What does “retooling” yourself, mean?
    Does this mean staying true to yourself?
    Does it mean keeping up with trends?
    Does it mean growing in a new understanding of yourself and where you are in this place and time?

    The more we pay receive emails and messages to hurry up and build our businesses — the more we feel a call to go ‘counter culture'.

    We feel called to work in small groups

    It goes against all the current trends to ‘monetize’ your systems and to mass-produce a service that is meant to help you build income. We feel a pull to have a discussion about ways to nurture relationships. To grow as business women and not to be automated—rather to be present, connected and conscious.

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    Bring Your Notebook for Ron Edwards

    in Politics Conservative

    Southern Sense is a show of conservative talk on news and events, with Annie "The Radio Chick" Ubelis as host and Curtis "CS" Bennett, co-host.  Informative, fun, irreverent and politically incorrect, you never know where we'll go, but you'll love the journey!

    Visit our website at http://www.Southern-Sense.com, become a member and follow us here and on Facebook.

    Radio Host Ron Edwards, produces and hosts The Edwards Notebook, an award winning syndicated radio commentary. He is a talented and gifted commentator with over two decades of experience.The Edwards Notebook airs in  Detroit AM1400 WDTK and 94.5 FM, Petoskey and AM790 WLBE,NE Orlando, Fl., News talk AM 1090 Muskegon, FM 92.7 Detroit.  AM14KTEM, Temple, Texas, Newstalk AM 1330 Carrollton, GA  AM1360 WNJC Philadelphia

    Dedication:  Private 1st Class Geoffrey Douglas Radcliff Saunders, died April 26, 1968 in Vietnam.

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    The Pastor's Notebook w/ MGW

    in Christianity

    Apocalyptic? Millennium? Literary genre? Preterism? Israel Only?

    All going to be discussed tonight on Miano Gone Wild Online Radio.

    10pm eastern Tuesdays- LIVE


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    The Notebook - MKULTRA

    in Current Events

    Another Timely entry into The Notebook

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    Shots From The Balcony - The Notebook (Re-release)

    in Entertainment


    Hey all, check us out at:




    also check us out on Twitter: @BADHBTSNTWK @Shotsfromthebal @Gary_The_Hammer

    Instagram: ShotsFromTheBalcony and GaryTheHammer

    Produced by: Hammer’s SFTB, LLC.


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    The Notebook-

    in Current Events

    Tonight's entry into The Notebook features Author Veronica Fox and Food Activist Liz Reitzig,

    Live tonight at 5PM PST / 8 PM EST

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    Design Your DaVinci Notebook

    in Self Help

    Have a cup of tea, or your favorite beverage, (we call it "MEE Time") with Music 4 Life® Radio show hosts Judith Pinkerton as she focuses on Designing Your DaVinci Notebook with special guest Marquita Pierre-McAlister, a motivational speaker, workshop and retreat facilitator, spiritual practitioner, spiritual growth consultant and inspirational singer.

    This week's topic focuses on unleashing your inner innovator with visioning and an action plan to design your own DaVinci notebook, capturing your best ideas and the tangents that lead to other ideas. This is your version of the Leonardo daVinci notebooks. Your notebook gives you a free ticket to create anything you would like, implementing Music 4 Life’s Music Medicine protocol, Michael Beckwith’s visioning techniques and Amy Frost’s action plan.

    We'll go on a journey with our guest's music preferences to discover how Marquita uses music to stay positively engaged in the game of life. Music 4 Life's MEE Concert CD is effective in reducing significant stress and anxiety in 23-minutes for 87% of cases. Learn about Music 4 Life's Music Medicine and your music listening habits in TEDxUNLV Talk "Music Powers Potential: Building Mental Fitness."  Improve your emotional mastery to manage more easily life's ups and downs by adjusting your music listening habits in the 2-hour, downloadable Music Medicine Boot Camp.

    Contact special guest Marquita Pierre-McAlister at marquita.net.

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    Every ROSE has its thorn, and the proof is in the notebook.

    in Sports

    In this episode of The Red Light Sports Ramble, presented by The Red Light Sports Network, Evan Witalison and Troy Otradovec will discuss the latest evidence that Pete Rose bet on baseball, and himself, when he was playing for the Cincinnati Reds.  Rose has ademently stood behind his story that he never bet on baseball while playing.  A notebook recovered from Michael Bertolini shows the bets that were placed.  With the new evidence, would you still like to see Pete Rose reinstated, and be inducted into the Hall of Fame?  Even if he is reinstated, do you think the sportswriters will even vote Rose in?  Listen in and call the show with your thoughts

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    The Nurturing Notebook

    in Self Help

    Join Angie and Stephanie as they share observations and reflections that nurture transforming thoughts and actions. Their conversation is a collection of notes, reflections, tips and resources that will help you to connect, create, restore and renew YOU.

    Stephanie Ecke, LPC and Angie Woodrow, Certified True Colors Trainer and Life Coach share office space and a strategic alliance as The Grow The Group.

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    Create Your 2015 Vision Notebook

    in Self Help

    Have a cup of tea, or your favorite beverage, (we call it "MEE Time") with Music 4 Life® Radio show hosts Judith Pinkerton and Amy Frost as they focus on Creating Your 2015 Vision Notebook with special guest Dr. AlixSandra Parness, DD an ordained minister, doctor of divinity, and dedicated teacher of the healing arts. She is the founder of the Inner Focus Church and the AlixSandra Parness' Inner Focus Advanced Energy Healing School, established in 1991 as an international vehicle for attaining enlightenment and world peace. As an author and teacher, Dr. Parness transforms lives world-wide, activating joy in everyday life:

    This week's topic of Creating Your 2015 Vision Notebook supports capturing your life goals and dreams. Focusing on manifesting your new vision, the action plan is discussed to help you implement that vision!

    For today's topic handout for the Radio Show, visit Amy's blog at AmyFrost.com.

    Find out what music our guest uses to stay positively engaged in the game of life. Learn how to build your emotional resilience with music medicine, applying music medicine in your life to manage more easily the ups and downs - take the 2-hour course, downloadable Music Medicine Boot Camp.

    Contact Dr. AlixSandra Parness at activatejoy.com