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    World Cup Updates WI vs New Zealand

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    World Cup updates Hear the panillst views on the the vitl match WI vs New Zealand. The only station in the US providing tgis service. Join us and tell others. Call us live 1 347-934-0226

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    Secret Dark Order, New World Order, Suicide, Homelessness, Goblet of Truth

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    However, all the items named here only represent the start, because in secret there is a mighty organisation of the governing class and mightful ones as well as many of their obedient lackeys emerging from amongst your humanity, who are creating a secret order of darkness with their own evil laws and ordinances, who are bent on hatred for the poor and weak and against the economically imprisoned and all normal citizens. And it is their desire to seize ever more might, more money and entire mastery over the whole earth and your humanity for themselves, therefore it is spreading their evil supremacy over the world, supported by its obedient vassals of all kinds who are greedy for blood as well as profit. Even the powerful ones of the economy are feeling the might and obeying the evil laws of the dark order which is spreading its dangerous and fatal poison of hatred everywhere, into everything and against everyone who does not share the same opinion as the dark might. Therefore, you human beings of Earth are no longer active to any great extent, but go along in idleness with an empty expression in your eyes, knowing not what you should do and where you should go, because you have nothing else to do that brings you joy and a good reward.

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    God's Birth Canal - New Directions in a Changing World

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    We are all living in challenging times. I call it "God's Birth Canal" because I believe that this time in human history is an opportunity and an invitation to emerge into a new landscape. An entirely new way of living and being and connecting - to ourselves and one another.

    To do that, we obviously need different tools than those we are given in schools or aligned with by our social expectations. We need to be different

    We need Authenticity, Vision and, frankly, Moxie - Courage, Chutzpah. We need to Speak Up, Honor Our True Mode of Self-Expression, Stand Up, Self-Define, Claim and Use Our Voices, Create New Modes of Living, Dedicate Ourselves to Our True Selves and to One Another, Be Newly Creative in Our Efforts and in Our Understanding of “Surrender”. Clearly, our current social, financial and business setups do not encourage this! So it is up to us, and we need help to understand how to undertake this in our own lives first.

    This introductory call will introduce you to the platform on which you can plant your feet and begin to be the kind of person to whom shift happens! It is a platform that can be defined as “from strength to strength” – a platform that is emphatically NOT about what we are doing wrong, and that IS emphatically about what we are doing right!

    Join the Revolution! You owe it to yourself to Find Your Voice, Find Your Footing, and Walk Your Unique Life Path!

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    The New Element: Open Forum

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    3/19/15.... Tonight on, The New Element!! Join Renegade Smith, Alex Freeman and Jenn Long as they discuss
    current events......and stuff...lol!.... Joined by, William Tint.


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    New Twist Show

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    The return of THE NEW TWIST SHOW!!! J-Chris and Miss West are BACK!!! Bringing all the intelligent ignorance that you enjoy! Join them exclusively on New Twist Radio. A couple of the issues we will take on this week will be.... Where does the transgender MMA fighter belong, why was it thought to be acceptable for a college baseball player to degrade a teenage girl on Twitter, and how much would you be willing to spend to discretely cheat on your significant other? That and plenty more coming at you on the RETURN on the NEW TWIST SHOW exclusively on NEW TWIST RADIO. Tuesday morning @10am. Tell a friend to tell a friend.  

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    INlightenUP! Rev.Laura M. George, Is Building The New World! Join Us!

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    INlightenUP! Radio is a proud co-sponsor of the Building the New World conference, taking place May 28-31, 2015 in Radford, Virginia.Barbara Marx Hubbard and 50 luminaries from around the world will speak about the “Wheel of Co-Creation” and how to manifest it! You can join Lisa Sahakian and hear her speak at this evolutionary event by registering for the conference here: www.BTNW.org

    Rev. Laura M. George, J.D., is a Virginia-based author, attorney, artist, teacher, and spiritual seeker. In 2004, she founded The Oracle Institute, a 501(c)(3) educational charity, which serves as an “Advocate for Peace and a Vanguard for Conscious Evolution.” Oracle operates an award-winning publishing house, a multi-faith spirituality school, and a peacebuilding practice. Oracle’s icon is the Pentacle, which represents the emerging Fifth Spiritual Paradigm and the potential for unity among the five major religions (Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam). Currently, Laura is working on the Building the New World conference, which will take place in May at Radford University in Virginia.

    Oracle studies “religiosity” in America and throughout the world and Laura often writes about the “Trickle-Down Deity Theory,” which posits that mankind’s view of the Godhead necessarily defines all cultural experience. Currently, Laura is overseeing construction of the “Peace Pentagon,” Oracle’s new headquarters and retreat center in Independence, Virginia.Laura is the author of Oracle’s award-winning foundational trilogy: The Truth: About the Five Primary Religions (2006);The Love: Of the Fifth Spiritual Paradigm (2010); and The Light: And the New Human (due 2015).

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    The Druth About... the New World Order

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    This week on "The Druth About..." the discussion will be on the New World Order and how the banks, United Nations and other organizations are working together to make it happen. 

    The New World Order is a loosly defined secretive group of organizations and wealthy people intent on enslaving the world for some unknown reason.  What is their end game?  What happens if they achieve their goal?  Does the world end or erupt into war, famine and chaos?  Does the Anti-christ rule?  Who knows?  I am interested in knowing your thoughts and opinions on the matter. 

    Listensers are encouraged to call in to the show and offer their opinions on the subject by calling into the show at (347) 857-3497. 

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    The New Element: The NDAA

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    3/12/15... Tonight on, The New Element. Join Renegade Smith, Tammy Lynn and members of the WINN team (World Integrity News Network),
    Bobby B. Keeper and Deana...
    They will be doing a breakdown of the NDAA and how it is affecting everyone. Also, the implications of Obama's FEDERALIZATION
    of local and state "law" enforcement.
    This is a show that, you don't want to miss! The NDAA is a direct threat to our FREEDOM!
    We will be taking callers during the second hour of the show, starting @ 9pm ET, 6PM PT.
    Call in number, which you can also listen live, press #1 to talk is, 516-453-9128.
    Awaken, become aware and FIGHT FOR FREEDOM!


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    The Best in the World Sports Report

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    The Best in the World Sports Report Episode 10 - Back again after a week off with a new episode of the show. We are talking #MarchMadness and #Villanova's early exit from the tournament. We've heard from #ChipKelly and #JeffLaurie. So we can talk #Eagles this week as well.

    But most importantly this is #Wrestlemania Week. So we'll talk the Super Bowl of Sports Entertainment with former Pro Wrestler Edan Dhanraj. Edan was also an eyewitness to the match with Rey Mysterio that resulted in the death of another wrestler.

    All this and more on THE BEST IN THE WORLD SPORTS REPORT

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    The New World Order Revolution-Taking a stand against tyranny

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    All are welcome! Atheist, Christian, Jew, Hindu, black or white, conservative or liberal, gay or straight. If you see what is going on in America and around the world and want to take part in stopping it then you are welcome in this show.

    Global Government forming,Police State emerging, United States being bankrupted, Values being destroyed, Islam on the rise in America, Christians being targeted, Morals being destroyed, Government overreaching, Privacy being lost! These are all signs of the New World Order and I am here to stand against it. To stand and take part in a Revolution against the New World Order! Will you join me? Will you rise up? Join me James Swinsburg for the new world order revolution. Thursdays 8pm. A fully interactive show with guests, live chat, sound clips, sound effects and some other straight up crazy stuff! Serious but funny with plenty of sarcasm and most of all TRUTH! Take a Stand! Join me for this informative show Thursdays at 8pm. 

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    Historical Survey--Roman Catholic Bishops & Cardinals who upheld Roman Catholic ethics and teachings on Marriage & Ethics  From Bishop John Fischer (opposed Henry 8th's Divorce--

    Why is Roman Catholic Archbishop Cordileone of San Francisco targeted by media morons who oppose his sworn oath to uphold Catholic Teachings on faith and morals including Marriage

    NEW SAN FRANCISCO COUNTY JAIL SCANDALS--other violations of detainee and prisoner rights--Male rape--Denial of access to outside sunlight  8th ammendment violations--tampering with US Certified mail--Defiance of  Federal law on Habeas Corpus--Denail of medical care for maie raped by suspected AIDS male rapist--Gladiator prisoner fights setup

    Andreas Lubitz-- Closeted trouble gay man?   When was he in San Francisco?  How Long did he stay in San Francisco?  What did he do in San Francisco?  Why is or was he on the gaymenonline.net web site?

    THE SHERIFF MICHAEL HENNESEY sordid 30 year history in San Francisco

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