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    What Can I Give?

    in Christianity

    In all that we can give the Lord, it is never enough nor can we pay it in full. That's why the question was asked, what can I give? We can give our lives to Him.

    Psalm 18: 1-3

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    In The Midst Of It All

    in Christianity

    This is not a sermon or a teaching session. I just want to let go of some things. I have been carrying a lot of weight upon my shoulders and I feel that if I just let go, God will take care of them. People, my job, money problems, trying to get into a decent truck program. I look at my life and ask myself, "Why was I born?" "What am I here for?" "What is my purpose in life?" I have to ask God for His help before I do something I may regret. So what do I have to do? Give Myself Away and Let Go.

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    Ain't Nothing But A "G" Thang (Pt. 3)

    in Christianity

    In our first sermon, we talked about how people and situations can get us down. Trying to do the right thing can be hard. We want to do our own thing, go our own way, but that's not what God wants. He knows all that we go through. In 1 Peter chapter 4, verses 12-14 and 16, we looked at how things can come against us, to try us, to think of it as how Christ suffered, we should suffer. We should rejoice because this shows how God, the Almighty, can trust His children in trials. The question was raised; what do we do when we are in a crisis?

    We Plan.

    We Prepare.

    We Pray.

    In the second sermon of persecution, "Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself", we went to James 1: 2-8. We discovered how God allows us to be respectful to His word and not go our own way. We talked about in James 1: 4, to Be Simple. In vs. 5-6, James teaches us to Be Smart. In. vs. 8, we have to Be Stable. A lot of times, we allow the enemy get the best of us. As children of the Most High, I just believe that all things work out for our good. We may not like what we're going through, but we will let patience have her perfect work.

    In Luke 15: 11-22, we will talk about how God works in our lives.

    Point one: "Who does God work in?"

    Point two: "Why does God work in us?"

    Point three: "When does God work"?

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    The Queen's Den

    in Radio

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    A Mild Preview

    in Christianity

    He's just good like that.

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    I'm Human And I Will Mess Up!

    in Christianity

    I don't usually have shows on Friday or any other day of the week, except on Tuesdays. But last night, something took a toll on me that made me go left. Something that I was not expecting to happen.

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    Don't Trip!!

    in Christianity

    I know some of you here on blog talk radio and on my web site on LinkedIn don’t know me from a can of paint. I just wanted to express myself in 30 + 15 minutes that I have with you. A lot of people who knew me coming up in my younger days, as a hard headed, stubborn, don’t take no crap from no one individual. I have been bullied, abused mentally and verbally by the people that I thought cared about me. From my former church and former pastor and former friends, I have been pushed to the side. In their eyes, I wasn’t going to be nothing, have nothing to say or represent. In my anger, I had to cry when I wanted to do damage. I had to laugh when I wanted to fight. I had to smile when my heart was broken in pieces. I thank God for the journey He has placed me on. As I still hold His hand, my life is still hard and rugged. Today, I just wanted to talk and tell you who Aaron Daniel Hubbard is.

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    Who's Next? Meet The New LIONS DEN Contenders.

    in Spirituality

    On tonight's episode of Debate Talk 4 U Radio hear from the newest contenders that will be stepping inside the LIONS DEN.  

    Judah Natzarah


    Emunah Y'srael

    Rob Rack

    Amen Suten

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    How You Are Reflects On How You Act

    in Christianity

    Redo of the show. I had technical difficulties. Prayerfully the show will air. How have we acted in the face of negativity? Does God get the glory? Are we pleasing man or the Father? I pray that this message will be a blessing to those who have a "need" for His Love.

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    You Better Thank God...

    in Christianity

    I'm still human, but I'm always tested.