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    A Peek Into The Life Of A Female Inventor

    in Women

    Anne Wheeler is President of B Unique Communications, LLC a marketing communications company that helps startup and small business create their marketing presence in print and on line. Anne began inventing in 1983 when motherhood prompted another "good idea," the "Comfy Wipe Warmer" in 1988. It was a huge success, selling over 20,000 units and growing to a multi-million dollar product annually. In 1996, the company that licensed Comfy Wipe Warmer went out of business due to critical financial errors, leaving Anne with the task of re-creating her company and products under the COMFY KIDS name. Anne re-launched a new, improved wipe warmer "Sammy The Seal Wipe Warmer with nightlight" in 1997. In 1998, Anne launched "The Food 'N Fun Tray."  In 1999, "StrollSafe" the stroller safety & first aid kit. 

    Anne has done several speaking engagements, television appearances and numerous magazines and newspapers throughout the U.S.  Anne was inducted into the Who's Who in Executives and Professionals for 2000. 

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    Jessica Haynes: Inventor of Socket Saver

    in Motivation

    Our Host: 

    Svetlana Kim, Speaker, Author of White Pearl and I: A Memoir of a Political Refugee, a columnist for ALIST magazine and PERREAULT Global Digital magazine; Certified Hypnotherapist (CHt), EFT, Consultant, and  Community Advocate.

    Our Guest: Jessica Haynes has been a business and relationship

    consultant for 30 years and lives on the Monterey

    Peninsula, California. Jessica had a near death experience in

    1983 when she was critically injured as a passenger in a

    car accident.

    She has been listed in the top most remarkable NDE experiences ever

    recorded in history, by top researchers. Only 36 individuals were

    chosen for this honor. Jessica experienced a miracle healing  after the

    accident and came back psychic with amazing accuracy. 

    Jessica has spoken across the U.S. and abroad on the subject of

    NDE's, with Dr. Raymond Moody, Ram Dass,

    Dannion Brinkley, Jeffrey C. Olsen, Pamela Oslie, 

    and many other prominent speakers and researchers on the subject.

    Jessica is Co-Host with Michael Long on LA Talk Radio, 

    "Empowering Your Life."

    Jessica is the inventor of the Socket Saver.

    No more loose wall sockets falling out. Fix your

    Loose Wall Sockets in Seconds: easy, safe, and reliable.

    This is a revolutionary invention with customers across the

    country and Canada and soon to be in major U.S. stores.

    Socket Saver.com and on Amazon.com

    Jessica has worked with top Fortune 500 companies and also

    the not-so-famous, helping to change their lives in positive

    ways.  You can visit her website: LifeWithJessica.com


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    Black Inventions

    in Music

    Benjamin Banneker His inventive spirit would lead him to be called the "first African American inventor", Banneker invented the first Farmers' Almanac. Andrew Jackson Beard On November 27, 1897, Beard received a patent for a device he called the Jenny Coupler. Miriam E. Benjamin was the second black woman to receive a patent. She received a patent for an invention she called 'a Gong and Signal Chair for Hotels.Henry Blair  was the second black inventor issued a patent by the United States Patent Office. Bessie Blount  invented a device to help disabled persons eat. Sarah Boone The ironing board (U.S. Patent #473,653) was invented by African-American Sarah Boone on December 30, 1887. Otis Boykin invented the 'Electrical Resistor' used in computers, radios, television sets and a variety of electronic devices. Charles Brooks invented the first street sweeper truck and was issued a patent on March 17, 1896. Henry Brown patented a 'receptacle for storing and preserving papers' on November 2, 1886, which developed into what is now known as the bank safety deposit box George Washington Carver invented peanut butter, adhesives, bleach, chili sauce, ink, instant coffee, linoleum, mayonnaise, paper, plastic, pavement, shaving cream, talcum powder  George Carruthers  was the inventor of the far-ultraviolet camera and the spectrograph. Emmett W. Chappelle was a biochemist, photobiologist, astrochemist and inventor. John B. Christian invented and patented new lubricants used in high flying aircraft and NASA space missions. David Crosthwait  holds 39 patents for heating systems and temperature regulating devices. He is most well known for creating the heating system for New York City's famous Radio City Music Hall.

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    St Louis 2015 Family Runion

    in Culture

    “The history of our families is entwined just as a piece of cloth is woven. Our parents and fore parents were all bound together by birth families and marriage into others, but we are all bound by bloodlines that make us all related to one another. These families all lived in towns and communities that surround each other. Some of the town names are Warren, Banks, Pleasant Hill, Gravel Ridge, Childs, Green Chapel, Hard Shell, Jersey, Hermitage, Johnsville, Morobay, Palestine, Mt. Olive, Vicks, Hampton, and Harrell. Some of the names of families who lived in those communities are Hampton, Davis, Belin, Hall, Tatum, Johnson, Lovett, Strong, Wilson, Pickett, Webbs, Phifer, Fall, Green, Momon, Trotter, Newton, Wheeler, Jones, Henry, Harmon, Childs, Woods, Boswells, and Gardner.“  Kathleen Hampton-Lee (from her Histories of Families 1800-1992 in the 1992 Milwaukee, WI Family Reunion)


    To those who traveled far and wide or just down the street, the Families welcome you to St Louis 2015 Family Reunion. We hope to help you create a great memory of these three days and leave here as you arrived…family. Organizer-Host, Ms. Fannie (Davis) Fuller will be our guest. Her co-organizers, daughters Deinene Thomas and NaToya Fuller will be here to add their opinions of the festivities. Rich Tycoon will give talk about his “My Family” song. Many more surprises, so stop on by.    

    This Blog Talk Radio show is sponsored by our parent company, CHIIA Group’s website at http://hcofa.net/ and our host third book, entitled, The Episodic Thoughts of Hamp at http://outskirtspress.com/webPage/isbn/9781478746232




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    Kyle Turley, Doug Cosbie, Reggie Barlow, Will Witherspoon & Dr. Steven Novicky

    in Football

    This week on Thursday Night Tailgate our guests are: Sports 1 Marketing CEO David Meltzer, Dr. Bobby Awadalla, Robert Smith, former Saints, Rams & Chiefs Pro Bowl Tackle Kyle Turley, former Cowboys Pro Bowl TE Doug Cosbie, former Jaguars & Bucs Super Bowl champion WR/KR Reggie Barlow, former Titans & Rams Pro Bowl LB Will Witherspoon and Shockstrip Inventor & Founder Dr. Steven Novicky.

    Join Chris Mascaro and Bob Lazzari every Thursday night from 8:00-10:00 PM EST as they talk with current and former players and coaches from around the NFL & CFL on "Thursday Night Tailgate." Chris and Bob talk football with the greats of the game year round so set a reminder, you don't want to miss an episode. Plus, check out the TNT web site: www.thursdaynighttailgate.com to keep track of upcoming guests, stream or download any of our archived episodes, plus see what players are saying about the show.

    “I want to congratulate you on your outstanding show. I’m extraordinarily impressed. I’ve been on a lot of shows over the years in various cities but this one is exceptional."  Andy Russell, Former Pittsburgh Steelers LB

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    in Spirituality

    Join us this Monday at 5Pm Est 10Pm Bst for Phil Haxton,

    who will be describing Pranic Energy Healing , as taught to him in Guatemala , 

    and his Alchemy Studies with Mystery Schools International!

    Born & raised in Atlanta, Georgia. His father was an Aircraft Mechanic for Delta Air Lines , he himself is an aviator !

    He is a Life-time Empath and compassionate spirit. 

    Graduate of Southern Technical Institute in Marietta, Georgia. Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering Technology. Twice patented inventor; Commercial Multi-Engine Instrument Pilot. He flew corporate aircraft for four years while he was employed as an Electronics Engineer. He built & test flew his own Experimental Aircraft which is shown on his Face Book page.


    He started flying at age 16 and flew solo for the 1st time on May 4th 1968.




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    FRESHH RADIO: Re-Inventing The Inventor #TheUnexpected

    in Lifestyle

    Slowly I have been working on becoming a better me, a better person, a complete and content soul. I have also been working on ways to bring that change to those closest around me. I would like to share with Ü how I intend on making the changes in my life and even what changes I have already made. I also want to touch on a few things i have done in the past that have brought me to the current position I am in right now. 

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    Yvette Kendall: Modern Day Inventor, Business Woman & Founder of FBIrocks.com

    in Business


    When it comes to creative juices this BIGthinker is overflowing. She is known to some as a serial inventor. Her first invention in 1998 was called  “The Bookman”  a precursor to  the nook and kindle.

    She has founded an international organization for women of color who have a passion for inventing as well. She helps them overcome the hurdles associated with a male driven industry.

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    WebbWeaver Books Proudly Presents: Author John L. DeBoer

    in Books


      Twenty years ago, four teenage boys left a baby behind in a crushed car after they caused the tragic accident that took the mother’s life. Ever since, they’ve guarded the secret that would’ve ruined their lives and destroyed their future careers. But when one of them succumbs to illness, a blackmailer makes contact, and the survivors realize that, somehow, someone else knows. Now, everything that matters to them is at stake.

      Las Vegas billionaire Wendell Logan is pursuing the role of political kingmaker, and he’s selected his unsuspecting king: Alan Granger, governor of Pennsylvania. Granger confesses his closet skeleton to Logan, but the tycoon has invested too much time and money into Granger’s future presidential campaign to let him and his old friends endanger Logan’s power play.

    It’s time to run.

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    The Story Of " One Hand Cant Clap" Founder Lorlett Hudson

    in Business

    I am a multi-award winning Entrepreneur, Inventor, Innovator, Innternational Speaker and Life Coach with excellent development, innovative, planning and initiating abilities. 

    I am the Founder and Managing Director of One Hand Cant Clap one of the UK leading Information and Training Company. Set up in 2000 to address under-achievement. We provides innovative products and services to help change the way Service Professionals and Young People communicate, play and work. Drawing on the rich philosophical significance of Jamaican proverbs cultural heritage and storytelling 

    I am the inventor of the critically acclaimed multi-award winning “Things Mama Used To Say”, a 52 card box set of Jamaican/Caribbean proverbs to facilitate change management and develop high performing teams. 

    My pioneering approach has resulted in me winning the Silver Award of the prestigious British Female Inventors & Innovators Awards 2005, Wavemakers National Award 2006, a recent runner up in the National Training Awards 2010 and 2008. I am also a Member of Courvoisier The Future 500 top talents in the UK. All of this has been in recognition of my innovative unique story-based coaching and training style of connecting with young people and adults through Jamaican proverbs and storytelling.

    For more details please contact Lorlett@onehandcantclap.co.uk www.onehandcantclap.co.uk

    Specialties:High Growth Confidence Coach
    Turning Ideas into Enterprise
    Excellent development, innovative, planning and initiating abilities.

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    G. Brown of The Reel Network & NAACP Leader falsely portrays herself as Black,

    in Culture

    TONIGHT: Listen to “The Michael Imhotep Show” Fri. June, 12th, 10pm-12midnight EST with host Michael Imhotep of The African History Network.  Our guest will be G. Brown of The Reel Network.  We’ll discuss hot topics and the images of African Americans in the Media.  CALL IN WITH Questions/Comments at 1-888-669-2281.  POST YOUR COMMENTS.  WE MAY READ THEM ON AIR.  Listen online at http://tunein.com/radio/Empowerment-Radio-Network-s199313/ or http://www.blogtalkradio.com/theafricanhistorynetworkshow/2015/06/13/g-brown-of-the-reel-network-naacp-leader-falsely-portrays-herself-as-black or at www.AfricanHistoryNetwork.com.

    1) G. Brown of The Reel Network joins us to talk about African American Entertainment news and the images of African Americans in the media.  2) Rachel Dolezal NAACP in Spokane, White woman passes for Black.  Lois Lane turns Black.  3) McKinney Texas, witness Sean Toon, is exposed as one of the adults who was allegedly instigating verbal attacks on African American teenagers.  4) Remains of a Slave Ship are recovered. This is Historical.  5) This date in African American History – Medgar Evers, Marcus Garvey, Dr. Joseph Jackson, inventor of the Programmable Remote Control.

    Help Support The African History Network Crowdfunding Campaign.  We are trying to raise $200 today.  If 200 people donate $1 we will reach today’s goal.  Visit http://igg.me/at/AfricanHistoryNetworkSummer2015/x/5597446. 


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