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    Jonathan Cahn on the Harbinger and the Mystery of the Shemitah

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    The Harbinger and the Mystery of the Shemitah

    Tonight: Jonathan Cahn

    Jonathan Cahn is the author of the New York Times bestseller THE HARBINGER, the ancient mystery that holds the secret of America’s future.  He has caused a national stir and has become a fixture on television programs around the country.  The Harbinger has been hailed by some of America’s most prominent leaders and Jonathan has spoken on Capitol Hill and given the keynote address at the Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast. He’s now come out with a new book THE MYSTERY OF THE SHEMITAH: The 3000 Year Old Mystery that Holds the Secret of America’s Future, the World’s Future, and Your Future He leads the Jerusalem Center-Beth Israel in Wayne, NJ, and is president of Hope of the World, an outreach to peoples throughout the world.

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    Jordan Harbinger: The Art of Charm, Confidence, and Connections

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    Jordan Harbinger -- host of The Art of Charm podcast -- stops by the show to reveal how to become a more confident version of yourself. Topics include networking tips for introverts, how to ask for a raise (and get it), and how your beliefs create your reality.

    Learn more about Jordan at theartofcharm.com

    Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness.


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    JESUS Day talking about John the Harbinger

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    You know what it is :-) It's Jesus Day. We're back on John the Harbinger(Baptist) See U there

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    Blood Moons a Harbinger of Things to Come?

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    Last April we went outside at 1:00 a.m. to see the moon turn to blood.  What an awesome sight.  Did you know that having 4 blood moons will take place within a one year period  April 15 and Oct. 8, 2014, and April 4 and Sept. 28 next year.  According to History that fortells some major event that will take place.


    Tonight we will be sharing a more serious topic found in the Book of Jude.  It has only 25 verses, but this books 

    tells of the begnning and the end the world as we know. it.  Of course the book right after Jude is Revelation.

    Most people rather not know about future events.   But it is quite troublesome right now to see wars breaking out all over the world.  

    If people would watch accurate war movies, they would do their best to help their nations stay out of war.  But until 

    men's hearts change there will always be conflict as a result of pride, arrogrance and greed.

    For the next couple of days we will stay on this serious topic so that the world cannot say, we did not know.


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    The Harbinger: Prophecy or fiction?

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    Jonathan Cahn’s book, The Harbinger: The Ancient Mystery That Holds the Secret of America’s Future, enjoys an almost perfect 5-star review status from over 3,000 commentators on Amazon. And the big names in Christianity are raving.
    The author has been a guest on a number of  programs, lauded by hosts like Glenn Beck. Cahn’s teachings “are known for their prophetic import and their revealing of the deep mysteries of God’s word,” his biography states (see the official show page for more details.)
    Do the Old Testament biblical prophecies concerning Israel correlate with the United States of America? Do the nine “harbingers” described in Cahn’s work have prophetic merit? Eye on the Paranormal host Kirby Robinson will address these and other topics in his review of The Harbinger. Be sure to call in with your questions or comments.
    A Christian paranormal investigator, demonologist and exorcist, Kirby manages and writes at the Eye on the Paranormal blog where a wealth of articles about the paranormal have been published for the past five years. His program on the God Discussion network airs weekly.

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    Coffee With Conrad - The Harbinger

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    Talking about things from a Christian perspective with a slant toward the prophetic.       On todays show i discussed:     lifting holy hands hand full of blood obedience is better than sacrifice Johnathan Cahn - The Harbinger     conradrocks.net   ConradRocks on GPlus   @Mostradicalman on twitter   Conrad on FaceBook      

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    The LUVCOACH Show with guest Jordon Harbinger

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    Bruce Starr hosts some of the most interesting guests on radio.Jordan has spent several years abroad in Europe and the developing world, including South America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East, and speaks several languages.  He has also worked for various governments and NGOs overseas, traveled through war-zones and been kidnapped -twice.  He’ll tell you; the only reason he’s still alive and kicking is because of his ability to talk his way into (and out of), just about any type of situation.  Here at The Art of Charm, Jordan shares that experience, and the system borne as a result, with students and clients.

    Jordan Harbinger has always had an affinity for Social Influence, Interpersonal Dynamics and Social Engineering, helping private companies test the security of their communications systems and working with law enforcement agencies before he was even old enough to drive.

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    An Interview with Professional Dating Coach Jordan Harbinger

    in Relationships

    Professional Dating Coach and Social Life Advisor Jordan Harbinger joins "Upfront & Straightforward" Host Alan Roger Currie to discuss his career with his organization, "The Art of Charm Academy," and how he goes about helping single heterosexual men experience more enjoyment and satisfaction in their love lives, sex lives, and overall social lives

    More about Jordan Harbinger and The Art of Charm Dating Advice Academy

    Jordan Harbinger on NBC's "Today Show"

    Alan Roger Currie on Amazon.com

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    Topher Huntingford discusses the Harbinger Chronicles

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    Join us live on Sunday, July 28, 2013 for our 2nd discussion with one of my best buds since 11/07/1991.
    Ladies and gentlemen, author of the Harbinger Chronicles, Topher Hungtingford.
    Topher may cover the following topics:
    1. His first novel in the Harbinger Chronicles Series. Lead character, Alexander Christophus, is a troubled son of the King who sees an imminent threat and meets his personal demons and his enemies head on while trying to convince his allies and comrades that the threat is not somewhere across the sea – but it’s knocking at their door.
    2. His creative process in writing this book - creating a plan, single-minded focus, scheduling time, and allowing for creativity and inspiration.
    3. The evolution of the different external stimuli that drove him / motivated him to succeed over the last twenty years.
    3. His insight into what creative leadership is and how he is planning "book release parties" that puts him in front of his pure target audience for a meet-and-greet.
    You don’t want to miss this!
    Set a reminder, bookmark www.tonycalvano.com, add Blog Talk Radio to your smartphone’s home screen, add the call-in number to your speed dial (951-729-8963 (Press 1)), defrag your computer, and tell your friends!
    See you soon!

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    CR Live! for 8/13/2014: Blood Moons, ISIS, The Last Pope, 7th Harbinger

    in Politics Conservative

    Join host Barry Secrest and exo-government specialist Lee Daniel as they discuss an ever-expanding caseload of governmental oddities, politics, the Supernatural & The New World Order--all from an entertaining, cutting edge, Conservative perspective. 

    Listen live and CALL IN to speak to the host and co-host--(347) 996-3923.  Join the conversation!

    Tonight's topics include:

    Hitler & ISIS: Same scenario,  different time
    The Last Pope: Pope Francis' Persecution of Conservative Clergy Ties Disturbingly into End Times Era
    The Seventh Harbinger: 9/11 Tree of Hope Dies as National Judgement Nears Warns Rabbinical Expert
    "Spooky Scenarios" Could Ensue If Ebola Hits US Says Concerned Former FDA Official
    New World Order Forbidden History the Ultimate Taboo - The Market Oracle
    Obama Alarmingly Appoints Non-American to Key Command Post Over US Army in Europe
    Who is this 'man' on the moon? 'Strange figure' spotted among satellite's
    North Carolina Woman Finds Nazi Swastika Etched Inside her McDonald's Chicken Sandwich
    Barack "I'm Giving Myself to You" Obama's Vacation Promises of 2008 Taking Web By Storm (Youtube)
    Democrat Loss of US Senate Now Almost Assured: Obama Set To Lose Big in November
    Threatening ISIS Member Tweets Live Photo of White House Warning "We're Here"
    Russian Navy Claims to Have Forced Out US Virginia Class Sub from Russian Waters
    Navy removes Bibles from guest rooms
    Georgia town to atheists: Stop bullying our kids
    Nigeria fears fourth Ebola frontline after infected man lands in Lagos
    Ebola Control Goes 'Medieval': From Patient Zero To Pandemic In 7 Months

    and much more....

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    Join us on for another powerful Sunday Science School Session on MOORISH SCIENCE RADIO where we will go in on Marcus Mosiah Garvey, the modern day John the Harbinger and forerunner to the modern day Jesus, Prophet Noble Drew Ali.

    We will show the correlation between Marcus M. Garvey and John from the scriptures and their relation to the men that they came to prepare the way for. Garvey got arrested just like John was and the head was removed, but in different ways.

    We will detail, as best we can, the visit between Prophet Noble Drew Ali and Marcus Garvey when Garvey was being housed as an inmate of the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary. 

    We will speak to Marcus Garvey's views on Islam and how he saw himself in the likeness of Prophet Mohammed.

    We will speak on how Marcus Garvey viewed religion and how Prophet Noble Drew Ali brought that vision, as well as many others to fruition.

    Another powerful show!

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