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    AFFIRMATIONS : Conquering The Inner Gremlin

    in Self Help

    AFFIRMATIONS : Conquering The Inner Gremlin      

    This is an Encore Show from 1 year ago - was with a prior radio network.

    Why does one have the same unwanted outcomes in ~ love ~ family ~ work ~ business ~ in doubt ~ in getting stuck?

    At no fault of our own, we learn to live life a certain way:  by example of those around us, what we learn in school, from the media, from movies, etc.  It creates a template, a certain wiring in the brain that drives our life, our thoughts, our emotions, and our outcomes, often without our awareness.

    AFFIRMATIONS can be used to rewire your brain, and alter your template and patterns, your thoughts, your emotions ~ to achieve more satisfying and sustainable outcomes ~ in love ~ in family ~ in business ~ gaining confident in overcoming challenges.  I customize affirmations with my clients regularly; it works for them.

    THE INNER GREMLIN is the voice that talks you down, stops you from moving forward, and can affect one's self=esteem.  Most of us have at least 1 Inner Gremlin.  This can be processed and released ~ so your life works for you, rather than against you.  This process helps to get us closer to our true Authentic Self and brings our life more in alignment with who we truly are.

    Host:  Corri Milner

    email: corrimilner@gmail.com
    Facebook:  Corri Coaching
    LinkedIn:    Corri Milner

    (photo by Mayan Brenn ~ Berkutt83@hotmail.it)

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    Taming Your Gremlin

    in Health

    The show today airs a terrifically informative and practical interview done with Rick Carson, author of Taming Your Gremlin:  A Surprisingly Simple Method for Getting Out of Your Own Way and a delightful woman named Debi Eger who began having symptoms in 2001 and was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2005.  Debi has used Carson’s Gremlin-Taming Method to manage the internal turmoil, emotional angst, and identity confusion that comes with the territory of living with Parkinson’s. 
    Ms. Eger and Carson describe in simple terms how the exceedingly practical Gremlin-Taming Method can lead to inner peace even in the midst of outrageously difficult circumstances.  Taming Your Gremlin is available as both a HarperCollins book and as an audio version via CD or download wherever books and audio are sold.  For more information on Gremlin-Taming and Rick Carson’s work, visit www.tamingyourgremlin.com.

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    1970 AMC Gremlin X

    in Automotive

    Today We Will Talk About A Classic Car... The Gremlin X. The Gremlin Was Used In Cars 2 As The Lemons And The Most Popular One Was Grem.

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    Business Lunch with OB - Psst - I have a secret to share

    in Business

    Business Lunch with OB is 45 powerful minutes to help you move closer to optimal at work and life and make tomorrow better than today.  It’s hosted by Michael O’Brien aka OB.  Michael is a business leadership coach, motivational speaker, and president of Peloton Coaching and Consulting. (www.pelotoncc.net). 

    Today I'm going to share a professional secret I've been keeping for the last 11 months.  It's my little gremlin.  I will share how our little gremlins influence our belief system and keep us from better tomorrows. I will help you release your gremlin, see more choices and take action to drive better results.   

    Michael brings 22 years of leadership and executive experience to his coaching practice. He’s seen success in the field, the conference room, and the boardroom.  Peloton Coaching and Consulting aligns with his passion of business leadership development and changing lives through great leadership. His clients' success is his success. 

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    PTRN Presents ~ Ask A Witch ~ Magickal Little People

    in Spirituality

    8PM- Ask a Witch-Magickal Little People
    Those small little things that go bump in the night might be a gremlin, kabold or sprite. Don't know what those are? Listen to the show to find out.

    A show bringing you news, information, interviews, entertainment and ideas from across the globe!

    Guests and regular listeners are encouraged to call in and share ideas and experiences at 1-347-308-8222.


    Music for the open and close provided by SJ Tucker http://music.sjtucker.com/

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    Overcoming the "Money Gremlin" with Evelyn Lim

    in Self Help

    Want to live a more successful and happy life, your way, authentic to you?  Click here to get your FREE 5-Day E-Course and be on your way today!

    Are you aware of the obstacles that are keeping you from enjoying abundant wealth?  Do you know what you can do to put yourself in a position, primed to enjoy all that life has to offer you?

    Today's guest, Evelyn Lim, is going to share with us some tips and strategies for overcoming the "Money Gremlin" to help us open ourselves to financial wealth and abundance.

    Evelyn is an Abundance Alchemy Coach, who hopes to inspire others to transform their relationship with wealth. She specializes in coaching women professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs who are struggling with making a money breakthrough. Her coaching program is designed to help them clear their limiting beliefs, shift their mindsets and align their energy system in a way that is deep and profound, so that they can courageously make more money and attract greater abundance. Ultimately, her aim is to assist her clients “transmute into gold” by shining their authentic brilliance, struggle less whilst creating more freedom and fulfillment in their lives.

    Find out more about Evelyn by visiting her website: www.abundancetapestry.com


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    Beards on MMA w/ Josh "The Gremlin" Sampo

    in Sports

    On this edition of Beards on MMA, we're joined by "The Gremlin" Joshua Sampo. Fresh off his successful UFC Debut in November, Sampo is immediately back in training camp for a tough fight against former Bellator Bantamweight Champion Zach Makovsky. Sampo's sights have also been on Ian McCall, looking toward the possibility of a mustache vs. mustache match at some point in the future.

    We'll talk to the Gremlin about his UFC success, his unusual nickname, and whether his training partners and students have to struggle to keep water from falling on him for fear of meeting their untimely death.

    We'll then talk about UFC: Rockhold vs. Phillipou. Last week's guest Isaac Vallie-Flagg fights on the card, as does Sampo and Cutman Matt's friend and training partner Alp Ozkillic.

    That's Beards on MMA, the self-proclaimed greatest MMA Podcast on earth, coming to you live at 6 PM Pacific / 9 PM Eastern.

    Follow us on Twitter @BeardsonMMA and like us on Facebook at the same.

    Beards on MMA is proudly presented by Currine Fightwear, the Mod Cabin and Coffee Bean Direct

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    Situations Live

    in Self Help

    Situations Live speaks with children's book author Meyo Bee regarding her latest book entitled Sock Gremlin. We will also discuss what is next for the author and how your children will benefit and learn from this great book. Join us then

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    SunRoe Presents: To Catch a Gremlin

    in Entertainment


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    Are Visibility Blocks Stopping Your Messages From Getting Out?

    in Business

    One of the fastest ways for you to reach more people, so you can serve more people, is to get your message out far and wide.  We all know that using different media to teach and market is an awesome way for our ideal clients to find us. Yet, we put off actions that we know will produce results for our business.  Why is that??  Secret: Many of us have a sneaky gremlin or two that keeps us from really being all we can be.  Our guest today, Stephanie Calahan, calls them Visibility Blocks and they can literally sabotage your success.

    Stephanie Calahan, the Business Vision Catalyst is known for the fast transformations that she brings to her clients. Stephanie works with busy, purpose-driven entrepreneurs to leverage their business and get their message out with power, ease and joy; so they can make a powerfully positive difference in the world, exponentially up-level their profits, shift their mindset towards possibility and take a no-excuses approach to boldly creating a highly successful and meaningful business, while working less.

    Today’s show is sponsored by Audible.com and Clarity of Course Sales Training Program. Audible.com is a leading provider of spoken audio entertainment and information. Listen to audiobooks whenever and wherever you want. Get a free book when you sign up for a 30-day free trial at audibletrial.com/businessgrowth.

    The Clarity of Course sales training program provides small business owners and sales professionals a step by step process for establishing a sales plan they’ll be sure to follow. 

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    WTF.... Do I Doubt My Greatness?

    in Self Help

    As you have heard all personal development and Self-Help Guru's say you need to love yourself, you need to let go of doubt, you have to do this to allow and manifest. Now you know as the How '2' Expert I have to tell my audience how........ Doubt is a little gremlin I have noticed is the cause of so much medicority in this worth and the evidence of why people do not go for their dreams, aspirations, and deepest desires. Well let us delve in and give some more clarity to the big D........ Clean him up and reach the next level to allow all the goodies into our life, thus feeling so damn good about yourself.

    Join Jessica, creator of The How '2' System...

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