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    Dancing with the Stars with Jack & Cyndi: Ep. 1.4 "Week 4: Disney Night"

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    Jack and Cyndi talk about the fourth week of season 22 of Dancing with the Stars. The theme is "Disney Night."

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    Dancing with the Stars with Jack & Cyndi: Ep. 1.5 "Week 5: America's Switch-up"

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    Jack and Cyndi talk about the fifth week of season 22 of Dancing with the Stars. The theme is "America's Switch-up."

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    Stars Clap -Are They Safe- Children and the Internet

    in Education

    Join us tonight at 5:30 pm central 6:30 pm EST as we discuss safety issues of children on the net as well as what we can do to help keep them safer. A must listen for parents.


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    Stars Clap Radio 1- Seeing the Spectrum-Autism Awareness

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     Join Stars Clap Radio 1 hosts Abdullah Haneef, Sister Deja, and Lake County Anti-Bullying Stars Clap Chapter Co-ordinator Robin Douglas as we discuss seeing the spectrum of Autism and the experiances she had as a participant at the We Speak For Them- Central Florida Dreamplex Autism Awareness Family Fun Day Event, today! 

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    Edge of Tomorrow, The Fault in our Stars

    in Film

    Sci-fi action and tear jerking love stories on this weeks episode of the Punch Drunk Podcast when we venture into exo-skeletons and rebirth in Edge of Tomorrow. Then it's onto young love with a heartbreaking twist as we review Shailene Woodley's latest, The Fault in our Stars. 

    You didn't think we'd go an episode without talking about Game of Thrones, did you? Especially not after last week's landmark episode The Viper and The Mountain. Well go deep into what stands to be the most shocking episode of this season. 

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    Stars Clap Radio 1- Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention

    in Entertainment

    Join us tonight as we discuss the tragedies of Child Abuse and Neglect and how we can work to prevent such things

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    Stars Clap Read Across America

    in Education

    In honor of Read Across America and the Birthday of Dr. Seuss We will be doing Horton Hears A Who with a rare recording of Dr. Seuss Reading an abridged version of the story himself. 

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    Stars Clap Books over Bullys

    in Education

    Join us each Wendsday  as we bring back the joy of reading a book- Our Current Book is Because of the Moon by C.J. Cutayne

    Obedience is for dogs,” spouts Jay Roberts, a mischievous teen with a wicked sense of humor. Arrested for his involvement in a chop shop, Jay has two choices: go to juvenile detention or move to the impoverished Indian reservation his mother shunned fourteen years ago where his estranged grandfather will oversee Jay’s penance. Either way he won't enjoy the fruits of his latest prank "Rat-Day". 

    Jay doesn’t belong in the run-down village and vows to return to the city when his sentence over, if not sooner. He resents his frequently absent mother for making him move three weeks before school is over. A school where everyone calls him "Apple" for some reason. Jay goes through the motions of his community service while planning his escape. His plan to stop the school bully will either win him the respect of his peers or turn him into "apple sauce". 

    Keeping everyone at arms length, Jay watches with indifference as family by family, the people move away. After thousands of years on their ancestral land the villagers have given up hope of survival. Gradually Jay learns to appreciate his Grampa and the quirky tribe members. When Grampa points to Orion's belt, in the sky, Jay asks "If his belt fell down would we see a full moon?" and the two click. 

    Jay devises a plan to keep the village together protecting the history and tradition he is inherently a part of. When the plan threatens to fall apart can Jay reach out to the unreliable village alcoholic to pull them through?

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    A Tribute to Fallen Stars

    in Entertainment

    Prince, Natalie Cole, Merle Haggard, Maurice White, Billy Paul....unfortunately, the list goes on.

    Join us, Monday, April 25th, from 7pm -9pm, on No Tea with Chrita and Cryss, as we pay tribute to the too long list of persons who used their gifts and talents to enhance our lives.

    Got a memory? A tribute? Join us. Call-in number is
    (646) 668-2620
    Live chat at
    www.blogtalkradio.com /no-teawithchritaandcryss

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    The Fault is Not in the Black Youth. The Fault is in the Black Adult

    in Current Events

    Director of the Protect and Defend Network Nommo Userkaf is joined by Assistant Director Neferu Anu as they lay out the case against the Black Adult in the condition of the Black Child.

    Any reasonable person knows that the behavior of any given Child is a direct reflection of the Parent.  Yet we have allowed the Black Child to be blamed for their behavior to the extent that many of us have become scared of our own Children.

    Although that fear is justified in the sorry ass parent who has neglected - or even in some cases taken advantage of - the Black Child, the rest of us cannot afford to be afraid of anything. ESPECIALLY Black Youth. We have all heard the songs about 'the Children are Our Future' and this could never be more true or important than it is to us right now, as we struggle to save Our Beloved Black Race.

    Responsible parenting is an answer. Community involvement is an answer. Mentoring is an answer. And now is the time in which we must identify ALL answers.

    Join Host Nommo Userkaf and Co-host Neferu Anu as they explain the importance of redeeming and embracing Black Youth and articulate some of the steps we must take to avoid the genocidal results that surely await us if we continue to blame and ignore our future Kings and Queens. Your input is welcome and needed and you are invited to call in and participate in the discussion.