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    JUDAS FACTOR by Karl Evanzz.

    This has been one of the best books I have ever read on the DIRTY TRICKS OF THE COINTELPRO faction s of the FBI and CIA working together to Murder a Black Man.  I grew up in the time when Jim Crow was on it’s way out of the door and the people were war weary.  The next logical step is WAS VIOLENT REVOLUTION, we were a generation of youth that had had enough of the hate, the senseless killings of Black Men by the Government with the help of  HOUSE NIGGARS, AND THEIR MASTERS. Because that is all it was, here was a Man who stood up for principals and morals and he was killed by the Pedophile Elijah Muhammad and his criminal CIA and FBI informants.  Men who were proven to have worked as STOOL PIGEONS and hated Malcolm because the people loved him and hated the Hypocrite Elijah Muhammad for raping the daughters of his own congregation.  Exposed by his own son Wallace Dean Muhammad to Malcolm X, and confirmed by Sister Clara Muhammad when the life of her son was threatened by his father. This is what his murdering followers had to say: “We who follow ‘THE HONORABLE  ELIJAH MUHAMMAD,’  The Messenger of Allah, are well aware of the source of the opposition to Messenger Muhammad and his teachings—from Folly of the Paid Informer, by John Ali, NOI Nation Security.

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    Midnight Salvation: The existence & Power of God usurps Illuminati & 1%

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    Jon, Jane and Albert stumble onto a major theological discussion on the presence of the Illuminati and man's fabled plans vs. God's force in the world.  Albert believes there are forces intended to control the world while Jon and Jane defend their Christian faith and God's ultimate plan to be revealed.  Jon and Jane discuss John Locke's and Rosseau's social contract- the exchange of natural rights for civil rights and how God's will was determined into the future or man.  We also discuss Wikileaks & guarded information on nation states.

    On September 13, several hundred people, mostly young men, stormed the Embassy in Yemen's capital of Sanaa. The American staff had been evacuated, but the compound was overrun. In the melee four Yemenis died. At the time the event was lumped in with other anti-American protests in Tunisia, Pakistan and Egypt that week. Yet it has since become clear that the Yemen assault was also well coordinated, likely by one or more militias. More alarming is an Iranian connection that signals that Tehran is expandingits long and quiet war on America to a new front. The U.S. isn't ruling out the possible complicity of a Yemeni army faction loyal to ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh. He stepped down from power in February as part of a U.S.-backed political transition. Since his departure, the military has been divided amid jockeying for control in this tribal society. The Salehs deny the accusation. During months of anti-government protests in 2011, al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) also gained control of territory in central Yemen. The group has several times tried to strike the U.S. mainland, and it may have been behind the assassination this month of a Yemeni security officer employed at the U.S. Embassy.



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    Who lives and who dies in IS attacks and other news from around the world

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    Who lives, dies in attack can give clues about terror cells

    House Republicans speak candidly about Trump

    Pakistani Taliban faction claims Easter park bombing

    Netanyahu defends Israeli army after soldier shot wounded Palestinian

    Civilian deaths drop to four-year low after Syria truce

    CIA-funded militias killing militias backed by the Pentagon

    The gloomy profits narrative underlying the economy and markets just isn't getting better

    Which ancient treasures did ISIS destroy in Palmyra

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    Everything w/Kathy B, Jackie Woodard, Nicole Doss, Valerie Priester

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    Source Nation!  Join us tonight from 6-9 EST in The Ladies Lounge with Kathy B & Fly Radio with Latoya Johnson.

    6:15  Jackie is the Founder of Dare 2 Dream which Is a project focused on Small Businesses and Start-up Businesses that offer exposure to the business community. Thinkers, dreamers and visionaries that desire to step outside the box.  Tune in as she shares how she's making a difference in the lives of Entrepreneurs.

    7:15 Nicole Doss is in the studio to share all about The Prestige Society and how she is fulfilling her passion which is to enable women to unveil and tap into the talents and skill sets that they have to discover their greatness and to build business alliances which will allow us to make our capabilities even stronger.

    Nicole Doss formally founded The Prestige Society in 2013 on the premise of creating a platform for women to build powerful networks and dominate in their industries both in their workplaces and in their own businesses. The Prestige Society, a membership organization, has seen significant growth in its 3-year existence. Doss has grown the once small group of friends-reaching-for-their-dreams faction to a multi-state network of women executing their visions and connecting to forge relationships to prosper even greater. As a change management and coaching professional, Doss enjoys helping women to assemble their brands.

    8:15-Valerie Priester & Latoya discuss, 5 REASONS TO RUN FROM YOUR COMFORT ZONE.

    Valerie Priester is a Certified Christian Life Coach, Transformational Speaker, and Author. She is passionate about awakening the inner spirit and confidence of women who desire a whole life experience, filled with peace, self-validating habits, stability and authenticity. Valerie has had years of success empowering women to create the life they most desire.

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    Factions Of Freedom - Ep.206 Waking Up With The Truth Sec Team

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    Factions Of Freedom - Ep. 206 - Waking Up With The Truth Sec Team
    (@TruthSec, @AnonymousNYC59, @Anon_DarkNebula, @Anon_Avidity & @Anon_Boogie)

    Recently they received Intel that there had been some mild corruption within their ranks and they're here to clarify things!

    On a mission to expose injustices, and clean up corruption, this team plans to make a mark within the truth community. By doing things such as exposés, filtering out moles and disinformation agents, they act as another vanguard of truth.

    If you guys have questions feel free to leave them in the comment section below! Well add details tomorrow.

    Join us for this epic information packed episode! #FreedomFaction

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    Tonight on World Wide Africa The Voice of the Pan African movement we continue with the reading of Cheick Ahta Diop, Civilization or Barbarism and our look at the failure of the American Government in 1968.  We will analyze how the lie of White Supremacy can not survive by comparing the African Mode of Politics and the Indo-Aryan Mode of Politics.  Contrasting the difference between the actual ancient governments and the longevity of the political system itself.  The Black Panther Party for Self Defense patterned their system of body politic according to the A.M.P. so that the people would understand that you can’t get blood from a rock.  A metaphoric statement of personification of the intimate object, which is the meaning of Chattel.   So to the White Supremacist who lies about everything, we could have never been Chattel because we bleed.  All human life comes form the African, and therefore so do these Ino-Aryan people the Caucasian people. Every empire they have set up has come to an abrupt end, where as our Pharaoh’s of Egypt that ruled the world thrived for millions of years called Dynasties.  

    So if we become a separate government for the survival of our people against and oppressive government we have enforced our rights as human beings.  The inalienable right to choose the government we give our consent to be governed by.  Every faction of the “Panther Mode of Politics” joined in a political and social body is the worst nightmare of those who wish to keep us in an oppressive state.

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    America's Deadly Sins - Calling AnonyMISS!

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    We scheduled this show before, but my guest wasn't able to make it, and I had to wing it solo...which didn't turn out too badly.  Today, however, we are rescheduling, and Marney, the founder of the AnonyMiss Warriors Sec. and the group AnonyMiss Warriors; will be in the house, and will tell us what her faction does for the America's and around the world.  Don't MISS out!   TIME:  5:00 CENTRAL TIME (3 PT, 4 MT, 6 ET).  DATE:  12/19/2015, SATURDAY.  GUEST CALL IN NUMBER:  347.850.1243

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    5 Steps to a New Career & a New YOU! Pt. 2

    in Motivation

    It’s about to go down NOW! The last two tools for part two of “5 Steps to a New Career & a New YOU!” are the most critical.

    In the first part we discussed how detrimental it is for you to accept where you are in your life. Did you know that “Acceptance” is one of the primary universal and spiritual laws?

    Now is the time to sit down and begin figuring out how you’re going to get into action. You can talk until you’re blue in the face BUT if you do not start “PLANNING” and then apply your faith and get into action, nothing will ever happen.

    We are less than two weeks away from a new year so instead of setting traditional resolutions and traditionally failing every year, let’s make NEW YOU COMMITMENTS! This is about YOU having your very own personal evolution. This is your opportunity to expand your brand, finish your degree, earn more money and just be a better person to yourself and for yourself. Assess your life here>>> http://media.wix.com/ugd/80cde5_c7726c46c19b48f3823d3b091eb5f6d6.pdf

    What have you accepted about yourself that you are ready to change?
    What do you know to be true about yourself; your gifts, skills and talents?
    How authentically are you living your life everyday?

    Re-assess your life, re-evaluate your goals and hop into action. You’re one incredible decision away from transforming your life!

    Faction (FAITH + ACTION)

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    5 Steps To A New Career & A New YOU! Pt. 1

    in Lifestyle

    December is the last month of the year and this is your opportunity to identify where you want to go in 2016. I am not talking about New Year’s Resolutions; this is about YOU having your very own personal evolution. This is your opportunity to expand your brand, finish your degree, earn more money and just be a better person to yourself and for yourself. Assess your life here>>> Use the "Grade Your Life" tool to help you, create a new you!

    What steps are you willing to take?
    What doors are you willing to knock down?
    What opportunities are you willing to create for yourself?

    The 5 Steps to a New Career and a NEW YOU is an intense look at yourself; the career you’ve worked for or “just the job” that continues to work you. I took these 5 Steps to help stabilize a career for myself and create multiple streams of revenue. I’ve re-assessed my life using the same tools and they’ve helped push me into a new dimension, realizing new career goals as a writer, a speaker and a host. Explore these tools with me!

    Faction (FAITH + ACTION)

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    Pancakes and Powerslams: Episode 192

    in Sports

    Special guest "Reborn" Matt Sydal!!! HUGE announcement for next week's interview!!! Critiquing the ECW reunion and the new "League of Nations" faction. TNA finds new home - will anything change? Flavor of the Week: Reliving both the original and remade versions of ECW. Join us live!



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    Kane, The Big Red Dissapointment and The Evolution of the Faction.

    in Entertainment

    On this weeks episode of Champion Talk we discuss some hot topics. The Champions discuss The Monster, Kane. Is he a dissapointment and why? The Faction is a mainstay of Pro Wrestling.  We will talk about what makes a good faction and the good, the bad and the under rated in the history. Also news and reviews of wrestling this week.