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    On Esoteric Analyses and Aetheric Intelligences.

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    Today, I am going to discuss my service called Esoteric Analyses- what they are, what they do, the difference between them and psychic readings, etc. I will be giving Esoteric Analyses, featuring the Creator, starting next week. This show is just a primer for the coming event.

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    Wholeness and Balance Vibrations to everyone we have now launched Esoteric Radio Weekly Reader, a bi-monthly show that we use to assist members and guests with obtaining vital information from literal publications converted in to audio by The Resistance.
    First up we have the first installment of an amazing book titled The Esoteric Alphabet by Ellis Taylor http://www.ellisctaylor.com This book will assist the Seeker in cutting directly through to the meaning of many languages along with the proper format to use in dissecting words through etymology on your own. You will also gain a great deal of answers in regards to many of the Keys to this reality.
    The Esoteric Alphabet eBook can be download from this link. http://bit.ly/GOR18Z
    This book has been split in to 4 formats that run approximately 1hr 30 minutes long we will post each segment bi-monthy until completion. Injoy!

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    Esoteric Christianity: The Gospel of Truth

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    On this episode of EYE of the SEER, Bishop Bryan and regular guest host Deacon Thomas Moreland discuss the Valentinian Gnostic Gospel of Truth. Find out how this second century non-canonical sacred text details in metaphor the framework of Esoteric Christianity. Perhaps there is no better Gnostic document that can help bridge the gap between Gnostic heresy and conventional Christian theology than the work of Valentinus himself.

    Remember to visit us at: esotericmysticism.org

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    It takes a great deal to crack the world mystery especially since it constantly evolves or revolves. I have now taken an entirely different approach to this and it is far more beneficial. It is that of someone just arriving and methodically discovering what is going on. Since many have just awakened why not treat it as such, wipe the slate clean and start analyzing from a non-bias observer standpoint and you will gain so much. In essence if you crash landed here then do proper reconnaissance and most importantly discover what it takes to re-power your vehicles.    Esoteric Radio is back for this X-mas special as we discuss Black Rites, Hidden Planets, Dog Gods, Arks and Barks or boats of different species which they were in when arriving to Earth Prime. So many people love their dogs but why? What is the relationship between Dogs, Jackals, Wolfs, and Humans? Well you are about to find out as we uncover something that has been veiled for quite some time. 

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    Join us as we reveal the links and do a tutorial of the largest online esoteric library brought to you by the Resistance.

    Most importantly many ask how do we know what we know. Now you have access to all the documents to get in the Know yourself and to leave the delusion of denial.

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    Esoteric Mysticism: A Preparation

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    On this episode of EYE of the SEER, Bryan and Amanda provide more details about their book on the subject of Esoteric Mysticism. For the first time in public, they will talk in detail about the structure of the book, what areas it will cover and also detail the training involved in walking the mystical path. If you are interested in improving your faculties of awareness while changing your life [and the world] for the better at the same time, this is a show you will not want to miss.


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    Esoteric Christianity: The Nicholean Church

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    Join Dr. +Bryan D. Ouellette with guest co-host Deacon Thomas Moreland as they introduce the subject of Esoteric Christianity and discuss the history of the Nicholean Church of which they are both a part. This isn't Roman Catholicism folks. This is Christianity 2.0 and it's not what you think it is!

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    2 Hours of Sevan and a Question and Answer session out of this Universe!

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    Esoteric Christianity: Understanding Archetypal Theology

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    On this episode of EYE of the SEER, Bryan and Amanda are joined, once again, by Deacon Thomas Moreland to discuss how esoteric Christianity interprets Christian theology at a higher, more Cosmic level. They will discuss how archetypal truth ultimately exposes greater realizations that are contained both symbolically and literally within conventional Christian scripture. If you thought the Bible was an antiquated control manual for making other people miserable, think again! This show will help you to give Christianity back its much needed spiritual perspective.

    Remember to visit us at http://www.esotericmysticism.org

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    Guest Esoteric Numerologist Elizabeth Summers Here Again Doing Readings!

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    Spiritually guiding clients since 1988, Elizabeth Summers provides practical information. Elizabeth Summers combines Ancient Numerology,Astrology and Tarot in her readings for her clients having done her work since 1988.

    Elizabeth writes a column on Numerology called THE MAGICAL WORLD OF NUMBERS which is published in 12 Internet and Print magazines. She also makes frequent guest appearances on other radio shows.

    With humor, practicality and insight, Elizabeth Summers lays down the foundation for this incarnation and the year ahead for all her clients.She will be available for mini readings on the air for the listeners. Chat room open besides the call in number.

    For a regular private Numerology reading with Elizabeth Summers, please go here to review your choices: http://www.themagicalworldofnumbers.com/readings.html

    To contact Elizabeth Summers directly, please go here:http: //www.themagicalworldofnumbers.com/contact.php
    THE MAGICAL WORLD OF NUMBERS radio show can be heard every Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday night on blogtalkradio.com @ 7:00 PM (MT) Colorado

    Alijandra is an internationally-known author, teacher, healer and vehicle for both Source information and energy and ascended master St. Germain. She delights in travelling the Multiverse as a messenger for the Galactic Federation of Light, and a representative of the Archangelic League of Light.

    In the field professionally 30 yrs, she is the founder/author of Healing with the Rainbow Rays, published in 1995 and now available as an e-book through her. About 16 years ago, she began to develop the modality of "Transfigurational Matrix Healing". In the last 4 plus years, she developed the Rainbow Liquid Light work for ascension, which continues her work begun over 15 years ago on reversing the aging process and immortality.

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    Cosmic Awakening Show- Esoteric Hollywood With Jay Dyer

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    Join host Michelle Walling as she interviews writer and researcher Jay Dyer about Hollywood and the esoteric meaning of films. Jay Dyer is a speaker at the 2015 Secret Space Program Conference on October 31, 2015 in Bastrop, TX, where Michelle will be attending as a media representative. Find out more about the conference here: https://secretspaceprogram.org/about/

    Jay's work can be found at http://www.JaysAnalysis, which is dedicated to investigating the deeper themes and messages found in our globalist pseudo-culture, illustrating the connections between philosophy, metaphysics, secret societies, Hollywood, psychological warfare and comparative religion.

    We will discuss all of these topics as well as a classic movie- Star Wars! Michelle will throw in some metaphysical discussion along with the esoteric, thus creating a platform for uncovering our cosmic reality. What are films and television trying to tell us, and how have the controllers perfected the black magic of predictive programming?