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    The Enneagram Styles in Pop Culture

    in Self Help

    Tonight Brian Conlon and Riley Cormack have some fun discussing the Enneagram types as they show up in popular culture- from your favorite TV characters to classic film personalities, celebrities, music and more. Please join them tonight at 6 PM Pacific.

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    The Enneagram - Overview of the Instincts

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    Our discussion this evening will be about the Instincts that are depicted in the Enneagram of Personality.  
    We will be painting a broad overview as to what the three different instincts are, and how our instincts will flavor our experience in life.
    This is designed to be a broad overview that is geared towards those that are just starting out learning about the Enneagram.  It also is a great refresher for those that are experienced with the Enneagram and are looking for a refresher.
    You can learn more about the radio show hosts here:

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    Enneagram Talk: Ginger Lapid-Bogda and the iPhone App

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    Ginger Lapid-Bogda is an organization development consultant who has embraced the Enneagram as a way of helping individuals, teams, leaders, and organizations bring more humanity and consciousness to their lives.

    Lapid-Bogda's an author, trainers, consultants and coach; travels around the world helping Enneagram business professionals learn about the Enneagram. Lapid-Bogda will be sharing her latest Enneagram tool she created for the iPhone app store at www.enneagramapp.com, called "Know Your type."

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    Enneagram Type Eight - The Challenger

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    Hey All,
    Tonight we will actually be re-making an older show about the Type Eight ~ The Challenger.  Our hope is that you walk away from the program with a basic understanding as to what the Type Eight "looks like" in the real world.
    This show has an interactive "podcast" flavor to it and will be interesting for those that are either new to the Enneagram or experienced professionals.  
    Brian and Riley bring over 15 years of collective experience with the Enneagram to the program and are looking forward to sharing the interactive hour with YOU!

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    Enneagram Hot Topics: Dr Ginger Lapid-Bogda

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    The Enneagram Examiner (Adrienne Williams) will share ideas and perspectives on the core types of the Enneagram and have a bit of fun in culture, politics, news and entertaining. This will be an informational and entertainment hour.

    Ginger Lapid-Bogda, Ph.D., a consultant, trainer, and coach with over 35 years of experience, works with Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, and service organizations in the areas of strategy development, executive leadership, change management, high-performing teams, and cultural transformation.

    Since she began integrating the Enneagram with her work in organizations, she has become a world-class leader in using the Enneagram in business to foster individual and team effectiveness and to create viable, flexible, innovative, and responsible organizations. Ginger has written three seminal Enneagram-business books that have been translated into more than ten languages; has certified over 500 professionals worldwide to use the Enneagram in their professional work; provides state-of-the-art Enneagram-business training materials that are available in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Thai, Korean, and Danish; and conducts Train-the-Trainer programs on her books "Bringing Out the Best in Yourself at Work: How to Use the Enneagram System for Success" (McGraw-Hill 2004) and "What Type of Leader Are You? Using the Enneagram System to Identify and Grow Your Leadership Strengths and Achieve Maximum Success" (McGraw-Hill 2007). In addition, she offers Coaching with the Enneagram programs around the world based on her most recent book, "Bringing Out the Best in Everyone You Coach: Use the Enneagram System for Exceptional Results" (McGraw-Hill 2009).

    An award-winning speaker and author as well as an expert consultant and facilitator, Ginger works with Enneagram in business professionals across the globe, offering local and global services to companies ready to respond to the challenges of the 21st century.

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    The Wisdom of the Enneagram

    in Self Help

    What is the enneagram and what is it for? How can learning and applying the enneagram help both the person studying it and the overall global consciousness? What are ways the enneagram is misused? Enneagram Coach and Trainer Diana Redmond (http://ACallToPresence.com) shares all this and more.
    Awakening in Austin showcases the diverse and powerful community of holistic, metaphysical and energy practitioners in and around Austin, and brings the best of their knowledge to you. Awakening In Austin is a project of http://HigherSelfEnterprises.com  and hosted by Sara Pencil Blumenfeld. To be interviewed, recommend someone be interviewed, or comment on the show, please email awakeninginaustin@gmail.com.  Many thanks to our sponsor, www.TheAustinAlchemist.com, THE website to find holistic, metaphysical and spiritual events and practitioners in the Austin area.

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    The Triads: Understanding the Foundation of the Enneagram

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    The layout and design of the Enneagram - which may seem random or chaotic at first glance - is actually a well thought out and highly detailed system.  The Enneagram is a 3 x 3 (triadic) arrangement of nine personality types which fall in three different or centers of intelligence: the Instinctive, Feeling and Thinking Centers.  Each personality type is defined by the relationship it has with its respective center of intelligence.
    Confused yet?  Well, it's my hope to bring some simplicity and clarity to this fundamental concept.  Once you understand how the Enneagram is built upon the three centers of intelligence, you will be amazed at how quickly the dots start connecting!
    Special Guest Tonight!!!
    Riley Cormack MA, LPCC, CPC
    A Psychotherapist, Personal Coach, Massage Therapist and Certified Daniels-Palmer Enneagram Teacher (and my friend/colleage who co-hosts our Enneagram Workshop Trainings here in San Diego) will be sharing his wisdom and experience with us! 
    Learn more about him here!  ->  www.sdcounselor.com

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    Enneagram Type Three - The Achiever

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    We'll be holding a discussion and Q&A session about the Enneagram Type Three this Tuesday evening.
    Main Takeaway:
    Basic understanding as to what the personality profile of a three looks like and how they may show up in the world.  By the end of the talk, you should be able to identify with the type three in all of us.
    Who would this show appeal to?
    Anyone interested in personality typing systems   People that love to understand what makes them and others "tick" Beginners - Advanced Enneagram enthusiasts How is the show set up?  
    Two Enneagram teachers, Riley and Brian, will be exploring the topic together in a conversational/podcast like format.  We try to create a very casual setting to make it more entertaining for the listener - and ourselves ;)
    Overview: www.enneagraminstitute.com/typethree.asp

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    New ! Free Psychic Readings! Psychic Medium & Matchmaker! Christine Nicole!

    in Spirituality

    Christine Nicole was blessed with the gift of being a Psychic Medium and began giving readings and connecting with spirit at the age of two. Her earliest memories are of hearing, seeing, and feeling the presence of those in the spirit and angelic realm. She may also experience a sense of their personality, names, scents, memories and other specific details.

    She has helped many with the grieving process by connecting with loved ones who have passed. She is known for her ability to deliver messages that bring healing, closure and a deep inner peace.

    Christine Nicole also helps clients gain a broader insight into their life’s purpose and path including relationships, love, family, career or business.

    She has a uniquely direct and clear style. Her straightforward and honest presentation of information is a breath of fresh air that helps you understand the information that comes forth with clarity and ease.

    She does not use Tarot cards or any other divination tools in her sessions.

    Her special perspective on life has allowed her to create meaningful and inspiring events with recognized speakers and topics that appeal to everyone seeking personal growth and wisdom. (See Events Tab)

    Christine has always known that she was different and destined to do great things. In fact, as I child, she would often role-play that she was being interviewed by Oprah and her dolls and toys were the audience!

    Christine Nicole has her Certification and completed training as an Enneagram Personality Coach. She uses this training during her personal evaluation while she is working as an Intuitive Matchmaker. She is able to intuitively determine any barriers and false expectations connected with your vision of a successful and fulfilling relationship and your future.


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    The Enneagram: How to 'Discover' Types in Others

    in Self Help

    Hey Enneagram Enthusiasts,
    Tonight, Brian Conlon and Riley Cormack will be discussing how to "type" other people.  This is not meant as a tool to put other's in a "box," rather, it is to support you in identifying and developing compassion for the types that others may resonate with.  
    We will be providing examples from movies and TV shows  ~ pointing out the clues that can provide insight into personality type.
    As always, we recommend and encourage you all to call in and share in the excitement. 
    Brian Conlon, PMP, ACC - Personal Coach ~ www.brianpconlon.com
    Riley Cormack, MA, LPCC, CPC - Personal Coach, Psychotherapist ~ www.rileycormack.com

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    EFT and Enneagram

    in Self Help

    Join EFTU and Matrix Reimprinting trainer and practitioner Alina Frank as she shares her insights on the Enneagram. The Enneagram can be taken at face value as a personality system used by corporations, such as Boeing and Microsoft,  to assist employers find their employees strengths and weakness. A person with an ability to connect people but hates being a number cruncher would do better in sales and marketing than in accounting for example.
    On a deeper level however this ancient mystical teaching is the key to understanding your ego, your default operating system, and how you view the world. Alina uses the Enneagram in her client work finding those core events that solidified that personality type. Once cleared a person is much freer to live a life of balance and equalibrium.
    Alina will be working with a volunteer to demonstrate her process. For more information and to receive the original publisher article Alina wrote in 2006 please visit www.tapyourpower.net For those that know the lingo - Alina is a 3 with a 2 wing!

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