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    Beautiful Butterfly Welcomes Author of The Devils Calling Card Lyrics Brown

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    On this Episode we Welcome Author Lyrics Brown of Loyal to The Hustle" Pt 1 & 2, who brings us his New Book "The Devil's Calling Card". Biography Jamel Brown was born and raised in San Francisco, California. At a young age he knew that he was destined to be a writer. He would create small short stories, poems, and songs using writing as his outlet. His writing allows readers to take a journey into his imagination traveling through a rollercoaster of emotions. In high school Jamel was recognized for his writing, having one of his poems placed in a nationwide book of poems for area high school students. Always having a passion for music Jamel turned some of his work into songs, working with the Bay Area based production company Soul Ave Entertainment. As a song writer Jamel has penned songs for a host of indie artist and now hopes to step out as an author bringing creative, original, and true to life stories. Jamel is here to stay as he takes a step into the literary arena.

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    Beautiful Butterfly Welcomes Author of Lies He Told Renarda Huggins

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    MEET OUR GUEST AUTHOR: Renarda Huggins is an independent, hard working single parent of two boys. In 2004 Renarda was involved in a serious life threatening accident with a drunk driver, she managed to survive even though she had broken her neck in three places. That incident forced her to look at her life differently. She realized she was on this earth for a purpose. She had lost all respect for herself and was surrounding herself with the wrong type of crowd. Her lack of self value allowed her to get mixed up with drug dealers, cheaters and men that abused her mentally and physically. After redirecting her life Renarda now uses her experiences to enlighten others that may be traveling down the same path as she did. She wants the world to know that she is a strong minded individual who is determined to succeed.

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    Peter Beckett, the triple threat singer, songwriter, and guitarist for the rock band Player, which scored a U.S. #1 hit with “Baby Come Back” and fellow band member and former star of daytime television’s soap THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL as Ridge Forrester, Ronn Moss join Halli at her table Wednesday, January 6, 3 pm ET on The Halli Casser-Jayne Show.

    Born in the Aigburth district of Liverpool, England, Beckett was greatly influenced by seeing the Beatles perform at the famous Cavern Club. At 16, he recorded his first record, “All Night Stand”, with a band called The Thoughts. He moved on to play with other groups before relocating to Los Angeles, ultimately teaming with JC Crowley, Ronn Moss (The Bold and the Beautiful’s chisel-jawed Ridge Forrester), and John Friesen in 1976 to form Player. And that’s just the beginning. He would go on to write for such notable artists as Janet Jackson, Olivia Newton-John, The Temptations and Kenny Rogers as well as for films and television during the 1980s. He joined up with Little River Band in 1989 and toured with them for over eight years.

    Ronn Moss was born and raised in Los Angeles. He grew up surrounded by the theatre, concert, and rock & roll music world. At age 11, he started learning to play the drums, guitar and electric bass. In 1976, he joined PLAYER primarily as bassist and singer. In 1987, Moss was offered the role of “Ridge Forrester” on the then new soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful. He accepted the part, which he played for 25 years, winning fans worldwide.

    Now the babies have come back to their roots — Peter Beckett and Ronn Moss on the road again with Player. They stop by The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, Wednesday, January 5, 3 pm ET for a little reminiscing. For more information visit Halli Casser-Jayne dot com.

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    Gen Bold 0204

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    Gen Bold 0204

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    The Mirror Effect and Being Bold

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    Have you heard that everything is a mirror in your world of what is going on inside you?  Join Nicole Smith as she discusses this and being bold.  Please feel free to call in with questions! She will address the questions after the teaching.  Often called a Healer's healer, Nicole Smith is an Energetic Seer who supports thousands to fully embrace themselves.  Her messages of being authentic and Loving oneself for everything, propels people forward into their fullest potential.  Please contact Nicole at che@chenergy.us or go to her website http://www.chenergy.us .

    Thank you for you.

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    Gen Bold Jan 31

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    Gen Bold Jan 31

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    Gen Bold 0124

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    Gen Bold 0124

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    Beautiful B*tches - Single Parenting

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    Hey Ladies,

    It's about damned time that we get our own voice on The Bad Habits Network!  Join all of us B*tches as we talk about life for us and help out our fellow B*tches.  

    Check us out on the web: 



    Thanks BB's

    Produced by: Hammer’s SFTB, LLC.


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    Maya Claridge discusses Bullied to Bold national movement

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    Bullied for two years in middle school, Maya Claridge says it was the darkest and loneliest time of her life."I don't want people to feel alone, like I did."Which is why Claridge, now a freshman in high school, has joined with her management team and publicist to embark on the Bullied to Bold outreach tour, speaking in middle school and high school classrooms and assemblies throughout Colorado. 

    In sharing her personal experience with bullying, from name-calling to rumor spreading to exclusion and cyber-bullying, Claridge hopes to empower kids to rise above hurtful words, to find the strength to battle against self-hatred, to overcome fear, loneliness and humiliation, to know that they are not alone and to learn to love themselves."I like who I am now and I want others to like who they are, too."

    Claridge's positive message of hope encourages kids to both ask for help and to offer help, all the while inspiring them toward strength and perseverance.  "When you stop giving other people the power to hurt you, you grow stronger and they grow weaker."It isn't that Claridge's experience with bullying is necessarily worse than others that makes her message so powerful, but rather that it is similar to what thousands of kids are experiencing on a daily basis in our schools and on-line.  

    They are able to relate to her and connect with her, thus she can reach them on their level and help them realize that there is hope.

    1. What prompted you to write the song?

    2. Let's talk about the root of bullying? From the You Tube, we found people who..

    envy others, secretly harbor ill will, exclude others, gossip, and seek to harm.

    How do we apply the two word sermon...STOP IT!! ?

    3. What's your final advice today to move from "bullied to bold"?


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    BOLD Moving with Michele Aikens

    in Motivation

    Erika Summers is beautiful, successful and has a story.  She is a survivor of non-Hogkin lymphoma and has suffered incredble loss.  There are people walking among us with stories that will inspire you and provoke you to find the greatness within you.  As we close out October, let's get ready to move BOLDLY into 2016; Erika's story will show you how.  You're perched on the edge of what's great -- let's Make A BOLD Move.



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    The Soul-Fully Beautiful Show/TBD

    in Relationships

    Kellie Fitzgerald is the Author of "When On The Road To Enlightment Don't Forget To Take Out The Trash". She is also a life coach, a "transformation catalyst" and a mentor to many.