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    Hello blogtalkradio people.  Nancy Ryan here.  I have been gone for awhile, however, am happy to say that I am back after over two years in-studio live broadcasting.  My show is about "Childhood Memories and how they influenced one in becoming who they are today."  I encourage folks to talk about and hopefully re-live the good and even great memories from their childhoods. A show where people can share their experiences as kids growing up.  School experiences, first date, first car, first anythiing!  These exchanges of memories will hope to evoke Happiness & Laughter, so all funny stories are absolutely welcomed and necessary.  My shows are the second and fourth Thursday evenings of each month at 5:30 PM.  So please join me for 1/2 hour of  FUN, FUN, FUN as I explore other peoples experiences and share some of my own. 

    Peace, Nancy  <3

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    Chris Delaney – Tattoo Artist/Owner of Almighty Ink in Asbury Park

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    Tattoos. More and more Americans are getting inked according to a recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll. In 1999, approx 21% of the respondents said someone in their household had a tattoo, and today that number has risen to 40 percent. Military veterans and those currently serving in the armed forces have the most ink -- 36 % have a tattoo. I’m a fan of tattoos as well with 5 small ones in various private locations. But mostly I’m a huge fan of tattoo artists and fascinated by their artistry and ability to create amazing designs on the human canvas. Tattoo artist Chris Delaney established Almighty Ink in 2002 in Asbury Park as a private studio to focus on creating large format full body tattoos for discerning tattoo enthusiasts. If you want a tiny butterfly on your ankle, you’ll have to go elsewhere. Chris began tattooing at the age of 16 and purchased his first professional tattoo equipment in 1989 and began implementing his vision of custom tattoos. He is proficient in most tattoo styles but prefers to work in a bold and expressive fashion, as well as exploring the more obscure low-brow art genres. His influences vary widely, and he consequently enjoys a special clientele that allow him to freely express his creative ideas. Chris chooses his clients based on their unique tattoo desires and as to whether it fits his personal style. After the interview, please visit After Hours At Jersey Coastal Live.

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    Philanthropist Marilyn Schlossbach’s New Cookbook: “Eat This Community”

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    Marilyn Schlossbach is well known at the Jersey Shore and beyond as a chef, restaurateur and philanthropist. Now she’s adding another moniker to her impressive credentials – cookbook author. And because this is Marilyn’s cookbook, it will be a showcase of her community involvement and is aptly titled Eat This Community. We’ll get all the details about the new cookbook and when it will be available. Profits from the cookbook will be used to support some of her favorite causes, among them the Kula Café in Asbury Park, which is a collaboration with Interfaith Neighbors, and Clean Ocean Action, an environmental organization that works to protect coastlines and marine environments. Marilyn is a self-taught chef and entrepreneur who went from marketing student, to waitress, to the chef du cuisine of Oshin, one of NJ’s first Asian Fusion restaurants to open in the 1980s. She has not looked back since first stepping behind the line in 1982 to cover for her brother and head chef at Oshin, spending the last 30 years developing her culinary style through travel, self-instruction, and an unwavering passion for gastronomy. In 2014, she was named one of NJ’s 2014 Best 50 Women in Business by NJBIZ, NJ’s premiere business news publication. Marilyn was also named one of NJ’s Top 25 Leading Women Entrepreneurs of 2014, as announced by the Leading Women Entrepreneurs and Business Owners (LWE) Initiative. Each year they choose a group of business women who exhibit outstanding performance and achievement in business and marketing innovation, community involvement, and advocacy for women. LWE cited Schlossbach for excellence and leadership in each one of these areas. After the interview, please check out After Hours at Jersey Coastal Live for more info.

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    If Loving YOU (and ME TOO) Is Wrong I Don't Wanna Be Right! (Repeat)

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    Join us as we discuss how to stay balanced in relationships.  Deborah Asbury is our special guest.  Queen of the week is Erika Stubbs Green.  Introduction of book for book chat, False Identity, by Youngblood Poole.

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    Let's Talk Kingdom w/Catrina- Interview w/Gospel Recording Artist Angelia Moore

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    Angelia Moore is a Christian artist from Asheville NC. with A&G Entertainment the label of Alisa Asbury and Gerald Crabb. This past year she traveled to Nashville TN to record her album "Lord You Are Holy" at the TBN Trinity Music City Recording Studio under A&G Entertainment.  The album consist of all original Song written by Angelia.  Many songs on the album, has reached the #1 status on the sites Reverbnation, Number One Music .com .  She has been traveling across the country singing at Events, Benefits and festivals. This year she will be traveling to Dalton Ga. to the Gerald Crabb Gospel Fest. And also to Mississippi and Kentucy to the A&G Entertainment Gospel Festivals, that will also include Gerald Crabb and his sons and daughter,  Jason Crabb , Adam Crabb, Tara Crabb.

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    If Loving YOU (and ME TOO) Is Wrong I Don't Wanna Be Right!

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    Join us as we discuss the importance of staying balanced in relationships.  Special guest is Deborah Asbury.  Our Queen of the Week is Erika Stubbs Green.  Inroducing our new book for our book chat, False Identity, by Youngblood Poole

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    Al Fink's Friday 2/13/2015 7pm - 10pm ET Local Live Music Talk Show

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    Al Fink's lineup tonight. Show # 2

    Al Fink will be doing Talk to the Band Interview with The Bob DelRosso Band.

    Al Fink is Heading to Asbury Park to do a live interview.

    Dawn Dyar will be doing Talk to the Band Interview with Rick Soeprasetyo of On My Six.

    Checkout our lineup for tonight, follow this link https://www.facebook.com/BNCLive/events.

    We will be back tomorrow 02/14/2015. 5pm Eastern

    Don't miss us live. You can be part of the action.

    To listen to or join the show call 347-637-1611.  Mon-Sun.
    To listen to the show on the internet www.BNCLive.com.
    Don't forget.
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    Life Warrior God's Abundant Provision In Troubled Times IS 61

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    Two groups of people in every church
    Those who are businesses to help the church and the people of the church
    Those who are going to be doing the Ministry of the Church 
    There are some who are in the Ministry and have a buisness

    The Story of two families Edwards and Jukes

    2015 The year of Breakthrough, the year of Favor, The year of peace and the year of recompense!

    2015 The year of God's justice and recompense against those who hate freedom!



    Sam Cottle 
    PO Box 622
    West Branch, MI 48661


    All things are possible to them that believe,  I believe!

    Psalms 107:18-21
    20  He sent His word and healed them, And delivered them from their destructions.

    Proverbs 3:16
    Blessed is the man that finds wisdom because length of days is in her right hand and riches and honor in her left hand. 

    2 Peter 1:2-7
    3  ... His divine power has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us by glory and virtue,  4  by which have been given to us exceedingly great and precious promises, that through these you may be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.

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    Chris Anderson of Southside Johnny and The Asbury Jukes

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    Rockers guest tonight is Chris Anderson of Southside Johnny and The Asbury Jukes.
    Rockers In Recovery radio show is dedicated to music, news, interviews, events, and festivals taking place in the rock and roll industry in the world of personal recovery, bands or musicians who are in recovery, bands or musicians who support recovery.

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    N.M.I. w/ Ionia, The Penny Serfs, Death Of Paris & Matchbook Romance!!

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    Ionia - Rock band from New York...New EP "Postcards From The Edge Chapter 1 (Delta 32)" ft the single "I Hate Long Pretentious Titles And I'm A Hypocrite" out now...Check them out this Thursday @ The Saint in Asbury Park,NJ...Check out all their music,tour dates & more @ www.facebook.com/ioniamusic

    The Penny Serfs - Indie Pop/Rock band from Iowa...New Album "Like Eating Glass" out now...Playing tonight in Columbus,OH @ Ace Of Cups w/ Eastern Midwestern...Check out their music & more @ www.thepennyserfs.com

    Death Of Paris - South Carolina based Electro Rock band...Big show this Thursday Feb 5th @ New Brookland Taveren...On tour w/ Hank&Cupcakes Feb 5th-7th in South Carolina..Check out their music & more @ www.facebook.com/DeathOfParis

    Matchbook Romance - Rock band from Poughkeepsie,NY...Re-united after a hiatus & playing the Vans Warped Tour 2015 from June 19-July 11..New music out soon...Check out their past releases & more @ www.facebook.com/MatchbookRomance

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    Al Fink's Thursday LIve Music Talk Show 01/15/2015

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    Today Al Fink will be on the air 7- 10 PM eastern.

    Al will be talking about last night's amazing show.
    We had conversations from 6 states. 4 states on 1 call.

    Tonight we will be visiting with Doc Lane and Loose Change. We will find out the history of this band.
    Maybe we will  hear from their fans.

    We will be cutting away to the Asbury Lanes Rock And Bowl-A-Thon.

    We will hear from Light of Day personnel about the great events going on around Asbury Park Tonight and throughout the weekend.

    We will be interviewing Eric Green from Slim Chance and the Gamblers at the event. Eric tells me that he will bring on with us a cast of local artists hanging with him.

    We want everyone at the Asbury Lanes to call in and say hello. Al Fink wants to ask all attendees to call in 347-637-1611 to share your first name and where you are from on the air. This role call will be forever archived for this very special event.

    We will have the usual cut ins at Open Mics, Jams and Live shows around the way.

    We will have live interviews with bands and stimulating conversations about live local music from all sides of the microphone.
    Original music will be played from local artists.

    Many More surprises. Margaret is still dialing!!!

    Call Al Fink @ 732-552-9220 if you want to get your live interview today at your performance.

    Tune in to Al Fink's Live Music Talk Show today @ 7pm - 10pm Eastern
    On Phone 347-637-1611 to listen or join the show.
    On the internet www.BNCLive.com

    Don't forget
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