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    The Russell Price Morning Show "It's All About You" Networking On The Radio

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    Initiate Change or Be Change  Be of infiuence lead in a positive way Tune in 10am call in 347-637-1577

    Call in talk about your business

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    Technologist KS3 Morning Rise Edition: Are You Awake?

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    Life. I tend to enjoy it a lot. I run across people that don't know how to enjoy it. I thnk it's time to start waking people up. This is a continuation from the conversation yesterday where I'm laying the ground work to see if you are keeping your tech in check. Let's dig deeper into specifc things you can do during the day to maximize your life through technology.. By the end of this series, you'll have a different perspective on how technology is used on a daily basis.

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    Praying 31 days of #prayer what is the next step in prayer

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    Prayer is effective when it is used properly 

    #prayer is part of your every day life 

    Satan became the God of this world when he successfully tempted Adam and Eve to reject Gods ways. Yet Christ delivered us from Satans dominion. Even though we live in a fallen world, we do not belong to it, but Gods kingdom: 

    Satan no longer has authority over us; rather, we have authority over him in the name of Jesus. Christ also delivered us from the power of sin. Sin shall not be your master, because you are under law, but under grace Romans 6:14 

    You can reach us on all social media 

    Www.facebook.com/jaimesjournal or jaimesjournal@gmail.co

    When we repent of our sins our and believe in Jesus as our savior we  are in Christ 2 Corinthians 5:17 and the righteous of God in him vs 21

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    Women! Are you Overworked?

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    Are you always fatigued or pressured? We will share seven tips on how to identify how you can become overworked and solutions to resolve them. Join me for this 15 minutes lecture as we help you to identify these entities. Our show host Mrs. Diane Winbush will provide this session. Mrs. Winbush is the Chief Empowerment & Chief Executive officer of The National Extraordinary Professional Women. She is the founder of My Princess Teens Ministry. She is the Ceo of The Networking Partners and the Senior pastor of Saint Petersburg Global Ministries.

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    Where are we today? How can you succeed tomorrow?

    in Real Estate

    Tune in to hear how The Russell Realty Group has grown from 2011 through 2014. You'll be amazaed at the progress of this young flourishing company. Learn some the key factors that that can help you succed in any real estate market, one may call these the Golden Rules of Real Estate. We'll help you figure out how you're going to move forward tomorrow, creating a flourishing business.

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    What Does The Word Say?

    in The Bible

    We discuss how to make the Word of God real in your life.

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    HowEvertheMusicPlays Band

    in Music

    Episode two, Lets chat about music, what you enjoy or what you may not enjoy just music over all!

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    Crazy William T Is At It Again

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    Episode 2 of Epiphany USA, William T will ramble, rant and just plain get crazy with information and knowledge from within his sick head. The old man of mayhem may surprise you with something interesting or NOT! He is going live right now so stop by and listen! Call in live 1-347-637-1525. Come share the craziness with William T. You never know what William T will say. This is a spontaneous show so everything goes but most of all William T love the Lord Jesus Christ!

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    White House Drone, Snowstorm, Sam Smith and Tom Petty and Kobe Bryant

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    Today on "Frosted Pop" host David Jeffrey Frost looks at the drone landing on the White House lawn, the big snowstorm, Sam Smith and Tom Petty and Kobe Bryant.  "Frosted Pop" is brought to you by your friendly Isagenix Indenpendent Associate at www.Purpose.Isagenix.com.

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    Talk With Spiritual Medium Laura Lee

    in Paranormal

    Special guest, Laura Lee, popular professional and "radio-medium," and keynote speaker who has toured with nearly every "Spiritual Guru" you can think of, will be back on the show by popular demand to talk about the support and healing available to each of us from the spirit world - angels, spirit guides, and our loved ones who have crossed over. Her message is that we are never alone.

    Laura has the incredible gift of being able to access the link between the physical and spiritual worlds. She can see, feel, hear, and know what the other side needs to communicate with the living.

    Laura Lee, popular, loved and enjoyed by many listeners every time she comes on the show, has partnered with Randi Fine, the host of A Fine Time For Healing, to be a monthly guest.

    Save the date and call in early for a chance to speak to Laura.

    For more information about Laura Lee, please visit her website http://www.MediumLauraLee.com

    Listen to previous shows with Laura Lee:


    Talk With Spiritual Medium Laura Lee

    Support and Healing From the Spiritual World With Psychic Medium Laura Lee

    Psychic Medium Laura Lee Talks to the Dead and Angels Too

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    The Year in Review: 2014

    in Radio

    There sure were plenty of Life changing Events that happened this past year. From Malaysian Planes vanishing. To the rise of ISIS. The total lack of concern about the Boku Haram. Ebola. Mike Brown. Eric Garner. Cyber Terrorism and plenty more I will try to attempt to cover as much as I can. Come join us at our new time, 10 pm Central!

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