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    Episode Thirty-two... The IT's too big to talk about show....

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    Hey Wolfers:

    I know what you're thinking and shame on each and every one of you.  That is not what we are talking about, in fact we were not even trying to make you think that we were talking about that.  Whatever, that is.  What we were trying to do was describe a show so jammed pack full of stuff that it is literally unable to be described.  But since that is my job here goes...

    We have Comic Con previews, Guests from Greenbriar games discussing their new product Yashima:Legend of the Kami Masters.  We have J-man with more D&D 5th edition info, we have our first look at the Monster Manuel, we have Comicbook previews and news about Halloween fest, Gotham, Dr. WHO, news from the Star Wars, Star Trek and soooo much more.

    So, if you have something to do, skip it; because this podcast is SO DAMN BIG that without it your life will feel meaningless, unfulfilled and potentially wasted and we wouldn't want that now would we... So step into the Wolfs Den and let's talk GEEK!

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    Episode Thirty-four.... It's a Great time to be a Geek, or is it ?

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    Okay, so let's face it.  Geekdom is at an all time high.  What used to be an incredibly small counter culture of renegade gamers with high IQ's and low public acceptance which rallied in basements and shared their dreams of conquest, power and legendary deeds, have now become a target marketshare for numerous corporations.  In less just about thirty years we have gone from lonely to legion!!!

    New conventions are appearing every year and most of the already established ones are expanding.  Geeks are pouring into every city in their cargo shorts, graphic Tee's, back packs and rule books in hand in record numbers.  Cosplayers are showing up in every possible persona from the Flintstones all the way to dead alaskan painter Bob Ross.  Everywhere you look, more and more Geeks are crawling from there preverbial holes and joining the world at large.  

    But at what cost?  We are actually becoming such a large group that we are beginning to splinter into sub groups again and those groups are at times finding it hard to accept and share the spot light.  Steampunkers, Tabletop War Gammers, Cardies, Boardies, Consolers, Cosplayers, RPG'ers, LARP'ers, MMO'ers, Trekkies, Jedi's, Vamps, Tramps and a 1000 others... when is to much to much and what does it mean to market a game or product to these numerous and varied groups.  Tonight on the Wolf's Den we look at the expanding world of Geek and how much further we think it can go before we see it shatter and splinter into seperate cons, gatherings and events.

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    Episode 35... The Essential Geek Buying Guide

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    Wolfers, have we got a show for you!  We are going to make this upcoming holiday so hot, so fun, so god damn exciting that you are going to actually want to thank us by sending in an explict selfie...but please don't.  We get enough of those already and Mr. Sunshine can only handle so many shots of the crack of doom.  But seriously, if there was ever a show to share with a loved one, this is it.  Why, you ask?  Because we are going to run down some of the hottest Geek gift ideas this year and where to get them.  That's right kids, the STUFF that drives us Geeks insane is going to be the topic of our show and if that was NOT ENOUGH (Apply voice echo effect here) We are also going to return to the realm of Nightworld and talk about the wrap of his 4 part series from Image comics.  

    So.  Didn't I tell you this episode was going to be AWESOME !!  Now, get something clingy on and pull up a chair, and let's get this show on the road....

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    Episode Twenty Four...Are you a Good Witch or a Son of a B@#ch

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    Well, if there is a single topic that set's any gamer's teeth on edge it is the old question of are you good or evil?  Lawful or Chaotic?  Neutral or just wimpy? Tonight, our hosts will battle it out to determine which side gets the better loot, powers and street cred in an all out war for the very souls of gamers everywhere. This show promises to be full of opinions along with the usual reviews, news and musings from our gang.  So, strap yourselves in for this one cause its going to get a bit hot in here at the Wolfs Den.

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    Episode Thirty-Three... It's time to get down with Cthulhu

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    That's right, it's October and what better way to prepare for All Hallow's eve then to spend the night discussing uncle H.P.  Yes, you Miskatonic University alums can come crawling out of your slime filled holes around Innsmouth and stand erect and call out to the ancient one's that THIS PODCAST IS READY TO SEE THEIR BIDDING DONE!!!"

    Alright, so that may be a bit over the top...but we do have a show for you packed with Halloween goodness, including an interview with the guys over at WARPO toys who have just finished a successful kickstarter to launch a line of Cthulhian action figures.  We will talk to them about this project which should make Lovecraftians every where squirm like they were reading "The Tomb" all over again, and we will speak to them about WARPO'S other lines of figures and where they hope to take their passion for these cool and unique toys in the next five years.

    We will also of course discuss the movies that have sent us screaming into the night, celebrate the old Universal monsters and decide once and for all who the king of horror is and if that were not enough for you Ghouls and Goblins, we will cover some of the creepiest comic books to be in print as we speak, books so scary they will make shriek with delight.

    So, join us if you dare and learn more than you ever thought you wanted to know about the "things that go bump in the night."

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    Episode Twenty One... Mutants, Gods and Steampunks...

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    What a show we have for you this week...We have news from GW and Privateer Press, battle reports, GenCon scheduling updates and what you can expect at a big convention, a game review, store news and if that wasn't enough, two big Movie rants and an interview with some attentdees from the east coasts largest Steampunk gathering, World's Fair.

    This show is just packed with coolness so come on in, grab an ale take a seat and relax, its time for your hosts to take you on another journey into the very dark heart of geekdom here at Live Inside the Wolfs Den.

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    Episode twenty nine: Gen Con Wrap Up.

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    Okay Kids:

    Here it is.  At long last you will finally be able to hear the best of our interviews from this years Gen Con road trip.  We have two absolutely NEW ground braking games for you to learn about directly from the creative teams that were presenting them at the CON.  Also, we will talk a bit about some tournaments we were in, how we did, things we wished we hadn't missed and a review of the D20 Burlesque show!!!

    So, Vavavavoom, your candy arses into the den and let's go Gen Con one more time !

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    Episode thirty-one... An Evening with Adam McGovern

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    Well, we've been talking it up for a while and tonight is the night, Nightworld that is.  You guessed it, Image Comics writer Adam McGovern is here to talk to us about the creative process and his journey in becoming a published comic book writer.  We are going to hit him with some of the obvious questions but we are also bringing Jared our resident Comic Book historian/afficienado to talk about some of the deeper meanings and stylised images that we are enjoying in Nightworld and hopefully uncover some hidden treasure that we may have over looked at first glance.

    And if that were not enough, The J-man is going to be unveiling a new segment discussing some of the finer points of Role Playing and perhaps even a whole other reason to celebrate being a Geek; oh and did I mention that The Lord of the Board and Mr. Sunshine will be on hand as well.  So, don't be shy, we're here, you're there and last time I checked you can't catch anything nasty from the radio...So come on in and let's get this show started.

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    Episode Thirty...An evening with D20 Burlesque!!!

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    Okay Wolfers, let's grab the kiddies and send them away for the evening, because this show is all about the other side of being a geek.  No, I don't mean screaming out the names of some Cthulian God while in a room full of the faithful, although we did have that happen.  We are not talking about watching women in animal costumes slink around the stage taunting the audiance into a frenzy as they shed of various layers of clothing, but we did see a classic duck strip tease.  Nor are we alluding to playing a board game assembled entirely from parts hidden amongst some co-eds clothing which she must remove in order for us to play her little game...wait, wait I forgot about the mouse trap dance that Iris Explosion did that nearly brought the house down.  I'll be damned, I am talking about that side of Geekdom...and if we are going to talk about it then we need to introduce Anja Keister the founder/producer of D20 Burlesque the wildest/funniest Geek show you will ever see.  

    Based out of New York, this collection of talented and beautiful ladies has been wowing audiences since 2011 with their naughty but nerdy views on subjects ranging from Board games to fantasy characters and even Uncle Lovecraft himself.  So, let's not make you squirm like a fan girl any longer, let's get to the show and have the ladies tell us all about the exciting things they have lined up for us this year and what next year holds for their troupe.

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    Frigörande Röster - Louise Weibull om lust och Annaparjata Sandström om kontakt

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    denna programserie får du möta medförfattare till boken Frigörande Röster, den andra antologin från Heal My Voice Sweden. Boken innehåller 21 sanna kvinnoskildringar. Bitar ur kvinnornas liv som berättar om hur de tagit sig igenom svåra livskriser såsom alkoholism, otrohet, död, abort, förlusten av ett barn, sjukdom och mycket mer.

    I detta program möter du Louise Weibull och lyssnar till ett utdrag ur hennes text Om jag låter mig samt Annaparjata Jasmine Sandström och hennes text Gåvan. Vi samtalar om lust och sexualitet, och om hur viktig god kontakt är för ett barn och vad bristen på det kan leda till. Vi delar med oss om resan till läkning, om systerskapet och bokprojektet. Både Louise och Anaparjata är medförfattare till den första antologin Värdefulla Röster. Louise är också fotograf i båda projekten.

    Programledare: Marie Ek Lipanovska, grundare av och projektledare på HMVS

    Boken köper du på hemsidan: www.healmyvoicesweden.com

    Mer om Louise Weibull: www.louiseweibull.com

  • The Jackal's Den: Christmas

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    Nick celebrates the one year anniversary of the Jackal's Den, discusses the origins of Christmas, takes your calls, plus a message from a new sponsor!

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