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    Episode Forty-five...Scott Hughes the Highlander of gaming...

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    Did you ever meet someone and just kind of know that they've got their sh*t together.  I mean it all makes sense.  The right attitude, the location, that french word, what is it, Je ne sais quoi and all the other stuff...Well tonight, our special guest Mr. Scott Hughes owner and operator of not one but TWO, that's right two very successful Geek havens is here to talk to us about why he does what he does and how he does it well.  We get the insight into the mind of a guy who is a geek and yet wants his people to have fun while still making a living at it.  You definately do not want to miss this interview...

    Then of course we will cover the usual.  How sexy are hosts are, Star Wars hype, the Apple watch for the techies out there along with some interesting thoughts from Jess regarding Bosom Bands, a new fad in Japan.  Yes, I said Bosom... it's a real word so I can't get in trouble for it...

    So pull up a chair, settle in and let's get ready for another great episode of the Den...

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    Episode Forty-Six... Free Comic Book Day review

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    Well we did it.  Yep, we stood on line for hours to grab some of the free swag ( and there were loads of it) to give you our listeners a chance to undertand the scope and feel of just how big this event has become.  There were cosplayers, artists, giveaways, comics, conversations and let's not forget OREO's. 

    But that's not all we are going to talk about on this episdoe, hell no.  We are also going to give you an update on Sc-Fi Fantasy day, a board game review with the Lord of the Board and we will even talk ULTRON...Holy crap is this going to be a BIG show.

    So let's not waste another minute... Come on.

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    Episode Thirty Eight... The Official Kickoff/Wrap up show of 2000 Whatever...

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    Greetings Wolfers...

    That's right, it's the return of the the very First Official Kickoff/Wrap-up show of 2000 whatever and have we got a ton of whatever in store for you.  The best and worst of the year past and the year to come.  A round table debate on the War on Cosplay and where we stand and we wonder after you listen, will you stand in the same place.  Plus, with our full compliment of hosts, minus one, we will also give you the dates for some of the biggest conventions not only on the east coast but some of the uber sexy ones on the west as well.

    So what are you waiting for?  You know that those trousers are a bit too tight, don't ya?  Then kick them off, sit down on the Setti, grab a handful of your favorite (insert word here) and get ready, cause the Wolfs Den is coming at you full speed ahead for the 2015!!!

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    Episode Forty-two... Who is Anthony Marques?

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    If you have read any of the new 52 from DC comics in the last year or so then you may have already read a book that tonight's guest had his hands in.  Anthony Marques had been the assitant editor at DC comics working on such flagship titles as Superman, World's Finest, Teen Titans and many others. Then in July of last year he made a major decision to leave DC and head out on his own to work as a freelance artist and recently his first book was just released with Dynamite Comics titled, "Agents of the Shadow."  This talented illustrator has graciously agreed to put fatherhood, drawing and all the other things life throws at you on the back burner for about a half an hour or so to share some of his great comic book stories with you our listeners.

    After that the boys at the Den are going to discuss the idea of collecting vs investing and how both can be rewarding in their own way and if that's not enough, we hope to introduce to you a new voice and perspective at the Den.  Jess, a new co-host will be joining us to talk about geek girls, transformers and perhaps if we're lucky even a little bit of Star Wars.  So what are you waiting for?  Oh, right Tuesday night...see you then.

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    Episode Forty-four... Come out, come out...Whatever you are.

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    There are soooo many of us.  With so many different passions that Geekdom has literally begun to splinter into small subcultures of fandoms.  But is that where we want this whole thing to go.  Are we, the original outcasted, ready to push away our brothers and sisters just because their geekdom doesn't match our own.  I say NO.  And so does Wil Wheaton and Felicity Day.  Their latest Internation Table Top Day was a huge success and even if you're not a board gamer all were welcome to come out and be a part of this celebration of Geekiness. We will have reviews on several stores and how the day went.  Talk about some new games played and some new friends that we made.

    We will also be sharing with you our thoughts as to the new Star wars HD, Game of Thrones, Gotham.  Plus, every Geek has a fantasy day or days they would love to do...well tonight we will tell you ours and then you can tell us yours.  So, light a fire, preferrably in a fire place or chiminea, grab your favorite snuggle partner and let's DOOOOOOOOOOO THIS!!!!!!

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    Episode Forty-one These ain't your Momma's RPG's, (plus a whole lot more!)

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    So many of my memories revolve around running and playing table top RPG's with my friends. We tried so many of them, Traveller, D&D, Pathfinder, Gamma World, Chill, Vampire and the list goes on and on.  But, the game I think my friends remember the most are the one's that weren't from the Big Box companies but were actually, new idea's crafted from a love of the games themselves more so than the almighty dollar.  Tonight we are going to hopefully make you feel the same way, our special guest Brennan Taylor has been running, playing and writing RPG's for the last 20 years.  He is the president of Galileo games which has published some amazing award winning RPG's that you may have never heard of.  THAT'S ALL ABOUT TO CHANGE!!!  By time this show is over we hope to have you looking into alternate choices for your verses and trying things that will not only spice up your time  playing but also give you that thrill you and your group had the first time you tried a whole new system...

    So take off your boots and leave them outside, grab a bevvie, find a chair, lower the lights, quickly while no one is looking grab yourself to be sure it's all there and then relax, the Den is about to take you on an adventure...far, far away....

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    Episode Thirty-six...A Look back at the Unexpected Journey

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    Okay Wolfers, With the new and final installment coming out for The Hobbit we thought we would take a few moments to go back over the the films and discuss some of our favorite moments.  And since we are from New Jersey we thought we would also talk about some of the stuff we didn't like.  We also will be going over some news in the hobby and world and talking about the next new big Geek phase heading our way, Star Wars The Force Within...

    So what are you waiting for...let's grab a stool, put it down cause those things are nasty and then head on in to where's it's nice a warm...Inside the Wolfs Den.

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    Episode Thirty-nine... The all about "stuff" show.

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    Yes, the all about stuff show is finally here!!!  It's hard to believe that in thirty-eight episodes we have failed to sit down and discuss this "stuff" so now we are going to rectify that.  So, you are thinking what stuff are we exactly talking about.  How about game reviews, survey question results by you the fans, an Interview with soon to be local hero/game store owner Aunt Lee from Arcana, not to mention a complete list of this years movies that are on the 'must see list" of Geeks around the World.

    So, what are you waiting for?  Hit the damn play button already on your app and let the gang at the Den share two hours with you. Come on, we're all friends, right?



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    Episode Forty....A night in Isthmus with Nate Abell.

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    Remember your ninth grade geometry teacher?  Nope, neither do we...but we do remember thinking, "Dude if I need to know what an Isthmus is, I'll buy a map or hire a Chirpa!"  Well, tonight we are going to introduce you to a very cool project called "Isthmus" and we swear you'll love this place and you won't even have to pay for a guide because we have Nate Abell the creative mind behind this "motion story",  and he's promised to take us through this amazing place for free!!!!

    But of course that's not all...we will have the answers to our latest survey question, some updates from Templecon, a conversation about swatting and an upate from our D&D campaign.  So let's get started because we know how crazy you people get when you don't get your num nums on time....Num Nums?  What the F*#K are Num Nums....nevermind...let's hit it!

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    Episode Thirty-two... The IT's too big to talk about show....

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    Hey Wolfers:

    I know what you're thinking and shame on each and every one of you.  That is not what we are talking about, in fact we were not even trying to make you think that we were talking about that.  Whatever, that is.  What we were trying to do was describe a show so jammed pack full of stuff that it is literally unable to be described.  But since that is my job here goes...

    We have Comic Con previews, Guests from Greenbriar games discussing their new product Yashima:Legend of the Kami Masters.  We have J-man with more D&D 5th edition info, we have our first look at the Monster Manuel, we have Comicbook previews and news about Halloween fest, Gotham, Dr. WHO, news from the Star Wars, Star Trek and soooo much more.

    So, if you have something to do, skip it; because this podcast is SO DAMN BIG that without it your life will feel meaningless, unfulfilled and potentially wasted and we wouldn't want that now would we... So step into the Wolfs Den and let's talk GEEK!

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    WolfHours ~ INDA DEN with QueensMind & Mowfpeace 323.927.2913

    in Entertainment

    Hosted By: QueensMind and Mowfpeace

    Wolfhours was conceived in the mind of Shontai Ralieck George a poet ,wordsmith, barz spitter master from Brooklyn New York. Though he now resides in the southern states he still has that gritty streetwise intelligence that makes him one of the most intriguing sought after figures within the poetic community.

    The wolfhour concept basically presents a way for everyone to tell their story. Everyone no matter what background or lifestyle, profession or trade, religious or non-religious ..everybody has a story to tell. The guy on the corner begging for change to the lawyer in the courtroom pleading his/her case before a judge , they all have stories to tell. You might have been driving home from work when suddenly a car crosses three lanes just to get in an accident with  you. By via of said incident you now have something to get off your chest. Well let it off!!!! We call this a vent. Venting is what the wolfhours movement prescribes if you got some stored up energy that needs to be released in the form of words. Written, spoken, even singing there is no one way to vent.

    This blog talk radio show will give wordmiths nationwide a platform to showcase their skills in front of a virtual audience. Spoken word is the new hip hop. The body of the old hip hop is dying so it is up to us as word smiths to preserve this art form by embracing this movement through spoken word. So whether you are a bar spitter ..ballad writer, erotica, political, conscious or what have you. Its time to represent this art to the fullest. As and added bonus we will be featuring some of the hottest spoken word artist in the poetic community, given our callers the opportunity to call in, get in que to spit or ask the featured guest a question. Even if you just want to call in  an enjoy the show either way the airwaves  will be set a flame.