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    In the White House with Twyla Garrett

    in US Government

    Twyla Garrett, CBM, CHS III is an extraordinary serial entrepreneur, corporate speaker, and compelling author who has been personally invited to speak at The White House. Ms. Garrett is known for her notable (sometimes 100% self-funded) business deals and for providing excellent opportunities to individuals facing immense challenges. 

    She is the author of Homeland Security, A Comprehensive Guide for All and she is the owner of IME, a homeland security and business consulting firm that is the “go to” resource in her industry. Ms. Garrett has won countless business awards, is a constant hire on the corporate speaking scene, and has been featured on numerous radio shows for her business and security advice.

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    Black History of the White House

    in History

    Dr. Clarence Lusane will talk about the history of African Americans in relationship to the White House

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    Our Important United States Deserves One Of The People In The White House

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    Our United States Deserves One Of The People In The White House

    Politics has stained our past, stymies our present and subverts our future. it is time for a non-Politician to be elected to into the White House, without money-buying campaign financing and Party Popularity Caucuses with imperfect incumbents or no good makeover-has-beens, dressed up in new fund raising attire. if you want your views and voice resonating within the White House rooms and echoing in the chambers of Congress, you can ante up 120,000,000 Presidential write-in ballots - that's all Democrats, Independents and Republicans - and i promise to bring us together in brilliance and quality in living. as Commander-In-Chief: no more forgotten Veterans and failed military hexagon operations; as one of us in the White House: no more fantasies, fibs and foul-ups; as Head of our Country: smarter business and government; as one of the Leaders of the Free World: no more miscues and meddling, no more damage to our planet...  ... 4 smarter business and government; as one of the Leaders of the Free World: no more miscues and mad meddling; as President: care for all of us, see to better laws, economy, education, medicine, science, things you care about and end damage to our planet. these things are possible and awaiting your blessings and word. speak with your ballots for no more promises heard before elections and forgotten once in office. there is a lot to clean up, repair, make better, make over and make good

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    The Ladybug House invited to the "White House"!!!

    in Women

    “If we can’t add days to the life of our children, we will add life to their days” is the motto of Ladybug House.

    Suzanne Gwynn has been working to put together a team to raise funds, find a location, design the space, and make her idea into reality for the advantage of families who find themselves in the need of hospice care for the young ones in their lives. Her efforts caught the attention of the White House and she was invited as an “Honored Maker Attendee” for the first ever White House Maker Faire held on June 18th 2014. 

    Join me with special guest, Suzanne Gwynn, to learn about her journey to make her grass roots dream a reality! 

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    FCG: Beheadings, Creepers in the White House, Ebola, and Buffoonery Oh My!

    in Politics

    FINALLY Rowdy Ricky Robinson and Dave have come back to Finding Common Ground!!!!  After a week off for truck touching and family time, the boys who love to disagree have returned to discuss the white hot mess that is the state of affairs in the United States.  We've got ebola in TX, people sneaking into the White House, resignations in the administration, religious intolerance, and beheadings all over the place.  What the hell is this world coming to?  

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    Is The Man In the White House Mentally Ill?

    in Politics Conservative


    Broadcast in Politics Conservative today at 8:00 pm 
    Call in to speak with the host (347) 884-8500

    Who is Barack Hussein Obama, the man in the White House? Without a doubt, Obama is the most  un vetted, unaccomplished, unqualified person to ever to occupy the Oval Office in American history. Bill Clinton (in reference to Obama’s inexperience) is reported to have told Ted Kennedy during the 2008 campaign, “A few years ago this guy (Obama) would have been carrying our bags.” Aside from Obama being completely and totally unqualified to be the leader of the free world do we even know for sure that Obama is mentally stable? 


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    Jehad in the White House ??

    in Current Events

    Who is for us, and who's against us? What does it say when you look at the white house and the federal government and have to ask that question, You say it's wrong for me to ask that question ! well lets look at the evidence and see who's wrong !


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    Is GOP Poised To Win The White House

    in Politics Conservative

    It is a simple question.  Is the GOP ready to win the White in 2016?  Have they done the work need, and built the coalitions necessary to be successful.  Have they managed their messaging effectively? 

    Do the have a candidate they can deliver the message in a way people will buy?

    Tuoday is $200.00 Tuesday! www.willielawsonshow.com click the donate button!

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    WAU -- Holder Resigns, multiple attacks on the White House and Murder in OK

    in Politics

    Tonight on Wake Up America the Rowdy One aka Ricky Robinson is joined by John Wright formerly with News Radio 1000 KTOK. Rick and John will discuss the recently announced resignation of the AG Mr. Holder and what that might mean.  Next on tap the recent attacks on the White House that are coming to light and then the recent Attack in Moore Oklahoma. John and Rick will discuss whether they agree with the media talk of this possibly being a terrorist attack or if there could be another explanation. All this and much more tonight on Wake Up America!

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    two people arrested for trying to enter the White House illegally

    in Politics

    two people were arrested recently for unlawful entry into the White House.

    I'm sure that they only did it for love.

    credit cards and online security

    want to touch on a phone call that I received recently from 762-707-8765 and how if you're not careful, automated phone calls like this could get you into extreme trouble.

    Clif and Robin will also touch on what's happening in the news and your phone calls at 646-721-9887.

    Hope you will stop by, say hi and join us this Saturday, September 20, 2014 4 PM Pacific time and as always if you have a show idea or comment send it to us talk@KRBNradio.com

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    The White House, Congress, and The Crazy World Of Politics

    in News

    The White House, Congress, and The Crazy World Of Politics

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