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    Tourist Visa Secrets

    in Legal

    Immigration Attorney Ellaine Carr will share the secrets to obtaining tourist visa to the United States.  Tired of getting denied?  Listen to this episode for great information on how to submit tourist visa application and preparing for interview.

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    STR #199 12/16/14 2014 Stana Katic Year In Review

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    For further information on Stana Katic, please go to her Official Web Site www.stanakatic.com

    2014 Stana Katic Year In Review photos are via stanakatic.com and zimbio.com [photos are in BTR random order]

    Audio copyright credits: People's Choice Awards, CBS, Procter&Gamble,Burnett,Hearst Entertainment's One Three Digital - Stana acceptance speech stage and backstage interview | The Insider - Backstage PCA's | 'The Beauty of Storytelling' by Olay & ELLE | 'Kiss My ALS' by Jon Huertas youTube | CicLavia Atlternative Travel Project [ATP] Speech 9th Annual Kick-Off Ceremony by MaximoTV youTube | 2014 ATP Next Step via Alternative Travel Project | EMAs Green Carpet via youTube

    Outro Music copyright credits[available via iTunes for purchase, except Troy]:  'Cinnamon & Chocolate' by Butterfly Boucher 2008 Ten Out of Tenn - Christmas | 'O Holy Night' by Troy "Trombone Shorty" Andrews from NBC's Studio 60, Christmas 2006 | 'Winter Wonderland/Don't Worry Be Happy' by Pentatonix featuring Tori Kelly, Christmas 2014 | 'Heaven Everywhere' by Francesca Battistelli, 2012 Word Entertainment LLC

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    STR #198 12/09/14 S7e10 "Bad Santa" Recap

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    Think all #Castle fans are still "processing this news..." from last night's episode. If you haven't watched it, you need to stop what you're doing and go watch it NOW!  "Bad Santa" [aka Have Yourself A Mobster Little Christmas] was written by Dara and Chad Creasey and directed by Bill Roe. What started out as a light-hearted Castle-Family-Christmas-Rhyme-Fest, took a significant turn in the very last scene. Tonight's STR Round Table MAY involve a colorful set of responses to Elena's questions:

    <insert questions from str.com>

    Photo credit/copyright[above scrolling in random BTR order]: ABC Studios/Network

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    STR #197 12/02/14 S7e9 "Last Action Hero" Recap

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    In last night’s episode of Castle we saw a giddy Rick get the opportunity to live out some of his childhood fantasies and hang with a few of his Action Hero idols. Throughout the episode we were also given the chance to be right there along side Beckett while she packed up her treasures and said goodbye to her apartment, her home, for so many Castle episodes/seasons. This home held so many emotional memories for her and the audience that it was nice to be able to see Beckett embrace her memories and be hopeful for her future in her new home with Rick Castle. “Last Action Hero” was written by Christine Roum and directed by Paul Holahan.

    Here are Elena's STR Round Table Questions for tonight:


    Photo credit/copyright[above in BTR random order]: ABC Studios/Network


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    Saturday Afternoon: Challenging questions for the Auschwitz 70th Anniversary

    in Education

    It's time to focus on the holohoax and hoaxers again as the 70th Anniversary of what they call the "liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau" approaches. January 27th is the date that was decided upon by the Israeli-Jewish contingent (scroll to bottom of page) at the United Nations in 2005 for an annual "Holocaust Remembrance Day" (Week), and was thus also taken up by the Polish goverrnment's star tourist attraction, the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial/Museum. They have launched a special website just for this event, expected to draw many Jewish luminaries.

    With Vladimir Putin coming out so strongly this year against any and all holohoax revisionism, I see it as a sign of the increasing tightening of the criminal code all over the world in order to prop up this hoax as legally protected permanent history.

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    A Course Marshal's Perspective, The Isle of Man Tourist Trophy Races.

    in Culture


    Poet and Bird have the pleasure of sharing time with our old friend, Martin Townend.  We discuss TT history, the impact the TT Races has on the island, what it takes to stage the TT, the role of course marshals.  There will be a ton of content that could be deemed "ephemera" but is actually quite useful to anyone planning a trip to the wee island.

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    Get Real! with Mark and Kally - Great Places to Visit, Los Angeles part 2

    in Travel

    We had so much to share on Los Angeles – here is part 2.  There are so many interesting places to see and things to do that are low cost or free.  Tune in and find some great places to visit.  If you missed part 1, it aired on October 15th and you can listen to the archived copy of Los Angeles part 1.

    When we say Los Angeles, we are referring to the entire metropolitan mass of cities and towns that the locals call 'The Southland'. From the Pacific beaches to Disneyland and across town to Universal Studios and Hollywood, the tourist flock to Los Angeles every year. But we have uncovered some places that most out-of-towners miss and few locals take the time to explore. The best part is that these destinations don't cost an arm and a leg and generally are not crowded.

    The City of Angels has great history, lots of international culture, beautiful gardens, and an abundance of amazing man-made monuments and architecture. There are spiritual centers of many faiths, quiet and scenic hiking treks, incredible food options, and shopping like nowhere else. If you are travelling to Los Angeles this year, or maybe you're a local who needs to get out more, we've got the ideas for you.  Guaranteed to interest both old and young. So join us as we Get Real! in Los Angeles.

    We have ideas for you in a wide variety of topics from traveling with kids, great get-aways with someone special, health and wellness tips, healthy lifestyle keys, relationships, current events and trends.

    Find us on the internet at www.wellnessandtoys.com and connect with us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/indigomountain

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    Join the Amazing Chris Guenzler this week on Lets Talk Trains

    in Hobbies

    This week, Chris talks about reaching his 1,400,000.0 rail-mile, why it took so long, and what he will be up to next.  We will have some guests on join us and Chris will relive his past trips with you. We will talk about the Chris' trips in the United States, Mexico and Canada, as well as tourist trains and along with rare-mileage trips. He will tell you all about what he has done since we last shared with you on this show. Join us for a very interesting show this week. You can listen live  or in the archieves.

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    The Electric Daisy Carnival: 2 Parts White Privilege, 1 Part Gentrification!

    in Lifestyle

    LanceScurv goes in on the recent Electric Daisy Carnival that was held in Orlando Florida because of the underlying issues that this event revealed that many who live in Central Florida refuse to acknowledge.

    For those who do not live in Orlando and visit as a tourist, there is a fierce takeover of many Black neighborhoods here by corporate interests that are backed by the local government who are both driven by greed and other self serving motivations.

    Most who live here and abroad who occupy these key positions in government, law enforcement and media know exactly what is going on and work together seamlessly to orchestrate the obvious gentrification that has eaten away at these traditionally Black neighborhoods like a cancer.

    The Black communities such as the Callahan, Parramore, Washington Shores and Orange Center areas as well as the eventual covert and well planned takeover of the Richmond Heights/Carver Shores neighborhoods have forces at play that are very aggressive yet thrive under the radar of those who do not have any contact in these areas.

    Because of the media and how they slant their coverage of the aforementioned areas, the general consensus of those who don't live there is that it's a drug infested, downtrodden, crime ridden burden to society and a blight on the beautiful face that Orlando shows to the world who arrive here in record numbers to eagerly enjoy a wonderful vacation in the manufactured engineered paradise that we all know Orlando to be.

    The Black residents who live in these neighborhoods are regularly demonized by the media making it a bit easier to not hear their cries of harassment when the police do just that in blatant fashion.

    The Blacks who live there in the minds of those who are bloodthirsty for that precious real estate that lies underfoot must be banished from there by any means necessary so that they can move on with the business at hand.

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    Do You Know When You Need a Passport or Visa?

    in Travel

    This episode we will speak with Pauline Salzer of The Passport and Visa Company to discuss the different required documentation for international travel.  Pauline will speak specifically about Brazil with the Summer Games on many people's radar, now is the time to learn what you will need.

    Pauline will discuss the difference in work visas', student, and tourist visa's.  We never know where we may end up and what travel opportunities may come our way so this will be a great show to learn what's needed and the process.

    We'll also discuss tourism trends in Brazil, the many Unesco Heritage Sites, Wellness, and Ecotourism. And of course provide the available package for the Summer Games in Rio Summer 2016.

    In Travel News: Calling all Single Men. There's a singles cruise that has more women signing up than single men and we need to even things out. Find out where they are going and what they will be doing.

    The Quantum of the Seas is in New Jesery about to sail for the first time and there are still some surprises we'll reveal.

    Funjet Vacations and Southwest Airlines have partnered to bring direct flights from Texas to Mexico and the Caribbean!

    Computers Vs Customer Service-Did you know that online agencies are using your personal information to create a customized price for your travel?

    Question of the Month: What Destination is your Favorite for Food?

    Of course Special Packages, Fun Events, and Fun Facts


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    Voices of South Africa with Peter and Steve

    in Politics Conservative

    Steve Maree

    I am a 5th Generation white 62 year old, born & bred in Johannesburg and now living & working in Durban, I have to work just to survive. I am in the sales profession, but because of my age and colour of my skin, I earn a pittance, but fortunately I do earn commission.

    If you're white and employed, you take whatever they throw at you, and you don't argue, you are only too happy to have a job.

    I have 2 children living in London, 1 married and 1 single.

    By the time my 22 year old son was 15, he had had a gun at his head on 3 occasions, (2 Hi-jacking’s and 1 violent armed robbery).

    Peter Hamilton

    I am 61 year old and have 2 daughters. My eldest who is 39 years of age was attacked when she was about 18 (1993) her and her boyfriend were attacked outside a pub he was running in Benoni. Fortunately she was not hurt and he came off lightly. They were both traumatized. She is living in Kentucky and has been there for 4 years.

    My youngest daughter lives in Cape Town and was raped by Black man.

    I decided to leave SA in 1992 after a visit to my sister who had then moved to New Zealand. I saw the writing on the wall and knew it was a matter of time before we ended up in a Zimbabwe type debacle.

    I eventually got my break to immigrate to NZ.in 2001.and has been here most of the time in my own business.

    I live in a small town (Mangonui) in the far north of the north island.


    I have a cafe/bakery in a town about 30 kilometers north of where I live on one of the tourist routes to the northern tip of the island.


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