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    Movie Reviews: 2 Guns, Smurfs 2, Spectacular Now

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    On this week's ScreenPicks Movie Show, we review three new films: 2 Guns, Smurfs 2, and Spectacular Now.

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    It's A Brand New Day! Washington Turns A New ~ albeit brown ~Leaf

    in Politics Conservative

    I am encouraged by what I am seeing in Washington. Debates on the senate floor. Minority Party Amendments. Some glitches already in the GOP (Elmo) controlled House, but what cha gunna do ..... Nothing is perfect.

    Can the Republicans keep this up for two years? Will they grow veto weary? Will the right wing be a constant thorn in Boehner's and McConnell's side. The Democrats certainly hope so.

    And on the other side of our Blue and Red coin, the Democrats (Smurfs) exercise the filibuster like the Elmos had to? Or will they give just enough support to pass legislation while still helping the president sustain his certain onslaught of vetoes? Will Blue Dogs be a constant thorn in their Liberal sides? The Republicans certainly hope so.

    All good question the answers for which we will have to wait ..... but that doesn't stop us from talking about it .... and talk about it we shall!

    My pond is open ...... Swim at your own risk!

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    The Smurfs - The Story Behind the Cute Blue Characters

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    If you were a child growing up in America in the 1980s, there is a good chance you spent some of your idle time watching the Smurfs on television. And if you were a parent or grandparent in that era, you may have been thankful that the adorable little characters occupied the kids for a while so you could take care of other duties or just relax.
    But was there a hidden agenda behind the Smurfs? Were the kids actually being brainwashed while the adults were sipping coffee, doing the laundry or washing the car?
    We'll ask that question of a person with intimate knowledge of what the Smurfs were really all about. Rena Winters is the author of Smurfs: The Inside Story Of The Little Blue Characters. She was a key executive at the company that created the Smurfs for TV and movies.
    Rena will tell us whether the Smurfs were providing innocent entertainment, or teaching America's children the benefits of communism.  

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    Obama's Amnesty Plan Hits The Texas Skids

    in Politics Conservative

    For as much as Obama defied Congress, he was easily put in his place by Texas judge, Andrew Hanan, a George W Bush appointee. Hanan issued an injunction halting the implimentation of Obama's Executive Order, ruling that implementation would be impossible to reverse if the plantiffs in the case ~ a group of 26 states ~ prevailed.

    Obama, the president of the United States, the learder of the 'free' world, the most powerful political position on the planet, had no choice but to stand down. Here in America, we call this our system of checks and balances. So much focus has been placed on the battle between Congress and the White House that everyone forgot the judicial branch can render them both moot.

    As you know, a train pulling 100 oil taker cars derailed a few days ago. What you didn't know is that this train actually had supposedly newer, safer tankers intended to prevent accidents just like this one. No one was killed, but this could have been a lot worse as we have seen people killed in the past by similar accidents.

    A new study confirms what I have been saying since the Smurfs and Elmos first sparred over federal unemployment extensions ..... denying unemployment extensions got people off their duffs to the tune of 2 million jobs. Funny how the need for money will encourage such activity .... Sometimes you have to take whatever job you can find, while you continue searching for what you want.

    Speaking of waiting for the job you've always wanted, Jeb Bush is launching his campaign to keep and honor his family name while stating the obvious: I and my brother are different men. 

    Our combat mission in Afghanistan officially ended in Afghanistan. Big Ceremony. NATO flag lowered. ..... That's all very nice, but I have one question ..... Why are we stepping up our offensive on the Taliban and Al Qaeda militants?

    All this and more on a Thursday night edition of Jump Right In!

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    Unfinished Business, Limited Time, Undelivered Memos

    in Politics Conservative

    Well, we didn't get to Netanyahu or John Kerry this past Monday, so we will start with them. Bibi says he is still coming and Kerry says .... well ... he says a lot of stuff.

    Meanwhile, ISIS didn't get the memo that they were 'On the road' to defeat. They are stepping up their recruiting and infiltrating even more countries.

    Obama says Iran is out of time. Why? Because Obama is out of time. Even his fellow Smurfs are getting a little tired of his presidential foot-dragging.

    Speaking of dragging, guess what the president wants to do away with that has the Smurfs whispering, "Shhhhhhhhh" ..... that's right. The filibuster. Say what? Whose side is he on anyway? 

    All this and more on Wednesday night's show. I hope you will join us on Jump Right In ..... wade carefully if you must, but remember, in my pond EVERYONE swims at their own risk.


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    The Ominous Omnibus Bill Take Two .... The Senate! ... What Have We Learned?

    in Politics Conservative

    The Ominous Omnibus bill needed help from Democrats to pass the House .... and it got that help. The Ominous Omnibus bill needed help from the Smurfs again to pass the Senate ..... and it got that help. Now that the Crime-nibus bill has passed what did the battle tell us about the political landscape over the next two years? Why did the Smurfs work SO hared to pass a bill that so many Smurfs say was "heavily tilted" towards the Elmos? ~~~

    Also .... there is more on the toruture front as Dick Cheney has chimed in as only Dick Cheney can. ~~~ 

    We will also talk more about oil. As the price of oil plummets below $60/bbl the benefits are obvious, but what of the consequences? ~~~ 

    We will talk about all this and take your phone calls tonight!

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    Super Bowl, Super Party, Not So Super Politics By Facts

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    The Super Bowl is the SECOND BIGGEST eating day of the year. ..... On tonight's show, I have some suggestions to save you from yourselves.

    Also, The Smurfs struck down their own president again, for reasons that add up to the grand total of 2016

    This week the Elmos Senate hopes to wrap up passage of the XL Pipeline bill and the president stands firm in his intent to veto it. The public also stands firm in their support of XL construction so we will revisit some of the facts and misrepresentation in this highly heated debate.

    And while the Global Economy is peering at trouble down the road, America stands resilient with its future looking up ..... Thanks again to OIL! Oh my! Fortune Magazine says one company is the economic indicator of this fact. We'll discuss it.'

    And, for fun we will talk about how the Smurfs are suddenly the party of obstruction .... How recently was it that the Smurfs said obstruction was a bad thing? What a difference one election makes, no?

    All this tonight, and more on tonight's episode of Jump Right In!

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    Taxes, Vote Purchases And Journalistic Narcissism

    in Politics Conservative

    "Taxes! Taxes!! Beautiful, Lovely Taxes!!!" ~ Prince John from Disney's Robin Hood

    Obama has 10 new taxes in his budget intended to raise over one  T R I L L I O N  dollars. We should probably take a look at those, no?

    While we are looking at that we might as well look at how much vote buying actually costs the American taxpayer.

    Netanyahu is coming and the Smurfs are leaving. Why does 70% of the Jewish-American community vote Democrat? I will tell you why and it will make as much sense as it doesn't.

    So .... I was reading along in this FoxNews article and ran across a simple mention of four countries that missed the deadline to destroy their remaining chemical weapons stockpile ..... one of the: Iraq. Hmmmmmm, aren't CWs WMDs. .... Thangs that make ya go hmmmmm. And you will never guess who has gotten their hands on some of them.

    Evil has a name and it is ISIS. The horrifying immolation of Jordanian pilot, Moaz al-Kasasbeh, may have ignites just the passion needed for victory.

    Uh, oh! Obama's time is about up ..... Exit, stage left! Team Obama members are hitting the door to find the best K Street jobs before they are all gone. Such is the life of a lame duck with double clipped wings.

    Brian Williams pulled a Hillary Clinton.... So. What's the big deal? Has America become numb to lying?

    I don't know if I will get to all this tonight, but that's what's on my mind. What's on your mind?

    Tune in. Call in. Let's talk.


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    What's The Point When Nothing Changes? The DC Soap Opera

    in Politics Conservative

    Ahhhhh .... fresh of a good night's rest, I rolled out of bed, cranked up my computer and, just like a soap opera you've missed for a week, not much has changed.

    The Smurfs occupy the White House and a sustaining minority in both the House and Senate. This gives them the veto and the Filibuster. The Elmos hold a substantial majority in both congressional chambers giving them agenda control and the ability to bring any bills to a vote and even pass most of them. Getting those bills signed or overriding a veto is an entirely different matter and a veritable impossibility.

    Neither side seems willing to compromise much so what is the point? Why pass bills that have no chance of being inked by the prez? Why make presidential proposals that have no chance of seeing the light of day?

    From the President's $4 trillion Budget dreams to the Elmos vision of a world without Obamacare, futility seems bountiful and needs to be addressed.

    Also, Iran and John Kerry are just driving me nuts so we will jump into their centrifuge once again.

    All of this and more on Tonight's episode of Jump Right In ..... Remember, In my pond EVERYONE swims at their own risk ... See? Nothing ever changes.

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    Obama And Koch Brother Spending: It's The Real Thing

    in Politics Conservative

    Mitt Romney did the Elmos a favor in the worst way possible. Who quits because they could have won? Was he ever really considering running?

    Obama suggest that we spend more now that our deficits are so ... um .... low and America is doing ... um .... better. He has waited his WHOLE presidency to tax and spend like his fellow liberal brethren and he has but two years left and LOTS of catching up to do.

    The Smurfs say Koch spending plans are only going to fire up their base. Does anyone believe them? Didn't Prince Harry already make the Koch brothers his whipping boys last year. How did that work out? So much for retooling their message.

    Finally, The Keystone XL Pipeline passes the Senate in bipartisan fashion. Expect quick House passage of the Senate changes and a prompt veto from you know who.

    All this and more on this episode of Jump Right In With Splash.

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    Eenie Meanie Miney .... Drone.

    in Politics Conservative

    You just landed a drone on the White House Lawn .... what are you gunna do next? Didn't they just clean house at the Secret Service? We cannot be less impressed with the new Men In Black. Calling Agent K, Dick Tracy, Dudley Do-Right, Somebody! Anybody! Who amongst you can protect our president?

    Tonight I will also finish up what I didn't get to on that Warrior for the people, Elizabeth Warren.

    We are also going to jump into Senate Political Theatre. The media is now focusing on fissures in the new Elmo Senate. Is it cause for concern or much ado about nothing.

    Queen Pelosi is making her own 2016 wish list. This ought to be good.

    And Obama is drawn into defending the United State's alliance with the Saudi Arabi. Didn't the Smurfs constantly question George W Bush's insistence that Saudi Arabia was our friend?

    Thangs that make ya go hmmmmmm.

    All this and more, tonight!

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