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    Movie Reviews: 2 Guns, Smurfs 2, Spectacular Now

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    On this week's ScreenPicks Movie Show, we review three new films: 2 Guns, Smurfs 2, and Spectacular Now.

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    The Ominous Omnibus Bill Take Two .... The Senate! ... What Have We Learned?

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    The Ominous Omnibus bill needed help from Democrats to pass the House .... and it got that help. The Ominous Omnibus bill needed help from the Smurfs again to pass the Senate ..... and it got that help. Now that the Crime-nibus bill has passed what did the battle tell us about the political landscape over the next two years? Why did the Smurfs work SO hared to pass a bill that so many Smurfs say was "heavily tilted" towards the Elmos? ~~~

    Also .... there is more on the toruture front as Dick Cheney has chimed in as only Dick Cheney can. ~~~ 

    We will also talk more about oil. As the price of oil plummets below $60/bbl the benefits are obvious, but what of the consequences? ~~~ 

    We will talk about all this and take your phone calls tonight!

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    Who's The King Of Oil Now?

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    Back in the 70s, Jimmy Carter warned that the oil  of the Middle East would dry up in no more than 20 years and that America had better develope alternative energy sources and end our dependence on oil. Of course, Jimmy's prediction was wrong. It has been 4 1/2 decade and the Middle East is no where near drying up. Moreover, Carter was completely unaware of America's own furture potential to meet its own oil needs.

    For the first time in my life, America produces more oil than She needs and it seemed to happen without anyone realizing it. As America starts to reap the benefits of being a major oil player the price of oil plummets and quite possibly the dangers of a new industry ~ fracking ~ may be lurking.

    On tonight's show we will look at oil production in the United States and the industry that put us over the hump ~ fracking.

    Looking to the future it is hard to imagin a world without oil. Australia recently discovered a shale oil field that could make them the next Saudi Arabia 

    We will touch on alternatives to oil, the dangers of oil and the dangers of alternatives.

    Of course we will talk politics, Hillary, Obamacare, Elmos and Smurfs AND the news of the day.

    Tune in tonight for America, The NEW King Of Oil.


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    The Smurfs - The Story Behind the Cute Blue Characters

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    If you were a child growing up in America in the 1980s, there is a good chance you spent some of your idle time watching the Smurfs on television. And if you were a parent or grandparent in that era, you may have been thankful that the adorable little characters occupied the kids for a while so you could take care of other duties or just relax.
    But was there a hidden agenda behind the Smurfs? Were the kids actually being brainwashed while the adults were sipping coffee, doing the laundry or washing the car?
    We'll ask that question of a person with intimate knowledge of what the Smurfs were really all about. Rena Winters is the author of Smurfs: The Inside Story Of The Little Blue Characters. She was a key executive at the company that created the Smurfs for TV and movies.
    Rena will tell us whether the Smurfs were providing innocent entertainment, or teaching America's children the benefits of communism.  

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    Show 41: Viking Women, Smurfs and More!

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    Tonight the Boys discuss the upside of a Viking-like woman, Smurfs (the movie) and the loss of Kim Jong Il.  All of which will be integrated with humor and plugs for everything we do!

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    Picktainment Movies: CrazyStupidLove, Cowboys&Aliens, Smurfs

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    The Picktainment crew reviews Crazy Stupid Love, Cowboys and Aliens, The Smurfs, and The Guard.

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    Reba Riley is the debut author of Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome: A Memoir of Humor & Healing In 30 Religions, the founder of the Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome community online, and a blogger at Patheos.com

    Reba grew up in a fundamentalist Christian home where the wallpaper & dinner napkins featured Bible verses, & the Smurfs were considered demonic.  She told her kindergarten class the letters of Santa's name could be arranged to "Satan."  Reba’s 10,000 hours of education included evangelical  schools, Christian  college followed by a stint at the Focus of the Family Institute with Dr. James Dobson, and an intensive ministry training program at a megachurch in Colorado Springs—a program that swiftly kicked her out when she shared her religious doubts with the leadership. Reba lost everything - including herself. Enter Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome.

    Reba got sick. Really sick. With a near-debilitating chronic mystery illness doctors couldn’t diagnose or treat. At 29, the illness made her vulnerable enough that she finally had to face the fact she’d avoided for the better part of a decade: her spirit was sicker than her body.  Reba decided to undertake a spiritual recovery program: she would visit thirty religions before her thirtieth birthday—not to find a religion, but to find peace.

    Through her adventures, Reba realized she didn’t have to choose religion to choose God…or good. She discovered sometimes we have to get lost to get found. Two years after completing her thirty religions project and eighteen  months  after recovering from her illness, Reba is here to share dispatches from her journey of healing.


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    Guest:David Rennie/Editor/National Treasure/22 Jump Street

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    David Rennie was raised in Clarence, New York, a suburb of Buffalo and graduated from Syracuse University in 1984 with a BA in Film/Telecommunications. He persuaded his editor, Bruce Green, to hire him as a first assistant on his next collaboration, While You Were Sleeping. He then went on to work with Bruce for a few years and was ultimately bumped up to third editor on Home Alone 3. He then went back to an assistant for the ending of Titanic. He was lucky enough to be hired afterward as the editor of Office Space for director Mike Judge and never assisted again. He reconnected with Mike Judge on Idiocracy and edited Tenacious D: In The Pick of Destiny for director Liam Lynch and with Jon Turteltaub for National Treasure 2: The Book of Secrets, which he co-edited with William Goldenberg who had cut the original movie for Jon. He then landed Race to Witch Mountain for director Andy Fickman and then again with Andy on the light comedy You Again. After that he went back to the big adventure genre on Journey 2: The Mysterious Island for director Brad Peyton, Smurfs 2 directed by Raja Goznell to help out his friend Sabrina Plisco during the director’s cut until he went onto Last Vegas for Jon Turteltaub and most recently cut 22 Jump Street for directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord. You can email your questions to 123filmeasy@gmail.com or follow us on Twitter @123Film

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    Alex Pinnix Tuesday Night Boxing and Krusher's Klassic Mat Memories

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    Vincent Pettway 6-7pm EST

    Pettway was a Class of 2006 Inductee into the Maryland Boxing Hall of Fame.

    Known as "The Ambassador", Pettway turned pro in 1984, and won the USBA light middleweight title in 1992 with a points win over Gilbert Baptist. He challenged Gianfranco Rosi for the IBF light middleweight Title in 1994 in a bout that was ruled a sixth round technical draw. Later that year, Pettway got a second shot at Rosi and won via a fourth round KO.

    This Tuesday Night from 7-8 pm on Krusher's Klassic MatMemories my guest will be former pro-wrestler Hal Lee of the famous tag team known as The Smurfs , his gimmicks and his days in the ring and his latest venture Pro Wrestling CSI.
    Tune in this Tuesday Night to Krusher's Klassic Mat Memories , tune in and ''GET KRUSHED ''!!!


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    Jayma Mays aka Emma Pillsbury Tribute Show

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    This broadcast is dedicated to the one and only Jayma Mays, who we know as Emma Pillsbury on Glee. We love her and are going to miss her so much in Season 5, but are happy to see her talent shine on the new show, The Millers. She has along appeared in television shows such as Pushing Daisies, Heroes, and Ugly Betty. In film, we have seen her star in The Smurfs 1 and 2, Paul Blart: Mall Cop, and Epic Movie. Please call in or tweet us (@gleekspeakradio and @StarryMag) your favorite things about Jayma or Emma and we will be happy to share them ona ir and discuss!
    Check out her credits on http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1724323/?ref_=sr_2
    Photos courtesy of http://jayma-m.net

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    Hard Starboard Radio: Laughter, The Best Medicine

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    Sure, the White House can withstand a Jay Leno or Jimmie Kimmel zinger now and then; but when you're absorbing multiple Jon Stewart howizter ridicule segments nightly, it really is the beginning of the end; plus Baghdad Jay's bad day, ObamaCare infomercials, healthcare.gov zombies, and it all adds up to one thing: a crisis....for the GOP to exploit.

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