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    W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio: The Scottsboro Boys' Pardon Ceremony

    in Culture

    W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio: The Scottsboro Boys' Pardon Ceremony
    Support The W.E. A.L.L B.E. Movement!!! Donate online: http://bit.ly/VfaE1N Or send a money order to the following address: Attn: Ron Herd II The W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Group Inc. P.O. Box 752062 Memphis, TN 38175

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    Wanda's Picks: Scottsboro Boys @ACT; Embodiment Project

    in Art

    Guests: JC Montgomery was part of the original Broadway production of The Scottsboro Boys. He also appeared on Broadway in Bye Bye Birdie, The Little Mermaid, The Color Purple, Thou Shalt Not, Swing!, Parade, Smokey Joe’s Cafe and The Boys from Syracuse. Waights Taylor Jr., born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, lives in Santa Rosa, California. His latest book, Our Southern Home: Scottsboro to Montgomery to Birmingham—The Transformation of the South in the Twentieth century, was published in October 2011. The Scottsboro Boys opens at ACT-SF June 21-July 15, 2012. Visit www.act-sf.org Nicole Klaymoon and guest collaborator, Sean San Jose, join us to talk about Klaymoon’s Embodiment Project's latest installment of urban dance theater, House of Matter, this weekend at Dance Mission, 24th Street & Mission, Fri.-Sun., June 8-10, 2012. Through Klaymoon’s signature use of street and modern dance, poetry, personal narrative and live music, House of Matter examines the houses in which we belong – both the families that we are born into and those that we choose, the body that we inhabit and the planet that we reside. Visit dancemission.com We close with a prerecorded interview with director, Jeff Warrick, who speaks about his film Programming the Nation (opened in SF Oct. 2011). Music: Ruthie Foster's Truth.

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    Unlawful Captives -Cental Park 5 vs Scottsboro Boys

    in Politics Progressive

    Hosted By:Jason X
    Let it be known that the Central Park Five and the Scottsboro boys are a reminder that racism is alive and continues to haunt Blacks in America.
    Only evidence needed to convict a black man of a crime is the color of his skin. Tune in to hear the accounts of both cases narrated by Bro. Jason X

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    Music Life Review with The Office Boys NY on Poetic Designs Radio @ 7pm

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    As the parents watch their children run to the school buses or walk in them schools doors and they say to themselves....Whoooaaa its back to school time! A cold glass of grapes may be in order, some "Me" time has been well earned...but does that mean the parent has vacation time, for some yes! For others the next phase of Parenting begins. Homework, School Supplies, Purchase Uniforms, Clothes, Haircuts, hairdo's and a whole lot of work is ahead. Call in tonight let us know what are you "back to schoo" thoughts as a parent, is it vacation time for the parents or parent? Or has the new journey for both the student and the Parent begun...

    Tonight on the Music Life Review with the Office Boys NY, lets build about it. Please feel free to call up 657-383-0107 only on Poetic Designs Radio or listen via www.Blogtalkradio.com/PoeticDesignsradio

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    ML. Harris All Boys Academy: ML. HARRIS Part 2

    in Spirituality

    Michael Lee "M.L." Harris is a Husband, father, pastor, author  and former professional American football player who played tight end and on special teams for six seasons for the Cincinnati Bengals. He also played four seasons in the Canadian Football League.

    ML.Harris is a Graduate of the University of Tampa and Kansas State University

    Harris currently operates the M.L. Harris All Boys Academy that teaches life skills, academics, leadership and character as well as sports, in conjunction with the New Life Outreach Christian Center in Reynoldsburg, Ohio

           M.L can be reached @ (614) 596-9117  mlhabamp@yahoo.com




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    Men Are Still Working, Boys Going Back To School

    in Comedy

    I had the day off...did you? While your alarm went off early, I used the restroom, and went back to sleep.

    Nikki Minaj called Miley Cyrus a Bitch, and the internet is blowing up! I bet if it were the other way around, Miley records would be pulled off the shelf, she would be made to find Jesus, and become a nun.

    Football is back, and wives and girlfriends are going to be neglected...unless they have a girlfriend too, lol.

    Kanye was high at the VMA's the other day. Otherwise, he's an incorrigible asshole. He needs to smoke dope more often.

    Has Instagram become an advertisment center for booty? There are fake profiles showing womens asses, real profiles showing womens asses, and numerous "online personal trainers."

    Younger folks like to talk mess about my age, and why I shouldn't be on instagram/social media. Do they run it? It's just a popularity contest to see who get the more followers, then they post their dinner. Petty.

    My neighbors kids talk to each other as loud as possible, within a foot of each others face. Kids need to be taught volume control before learning english.


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    Sept. 4: Pregame for Marshall

    in Sports

    On the Gold and Black Radio Pregame Show, we'll look at Purdue's matchup at Marshall on Sunday, with analysis of the Boilermakers, a conversation with Thundering Herd beat writer Grant Traylor of the Herald-Dispatch, a feature on quarterback Austin Appleby and more. We'll take a look at the latest in recruiting and the Big Ten, pick "Our Boys," and predict the game's winner.

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    the magar hour tests out alternative fellatio

    in Social Networking

    those boys are at it again with more magAr madness while they test out sex dummys and expose the secret world of Texas necrophiles
    and it AINT gw bush or his sexy ass lil baby face SOUL SUCKIN DRUNK brother jeb bush its all bout that secret underground boys town rail road (LARRY KING )we exposed human trafficking as we are the number one n.korea human trafficking source for humans and traffic
    call in get wet get rone in all zones even brown town 3472157638
    cant even keep up cant wait vape dont rape 
    magars bAby yeah sun 

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    MorningCookUpShow @ 11am & The Afternoony @12pm w/ The Office Boys NY on PDRADI0

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    Power am ppls! Back to school season is here...time to sit down the vaca and jumpstart the mind back into scholar mode, but before you do we going get your juices running and let Office Boys NY hit you with some powerful melodics to help you wake and say "hello day I'm going kick your ass and do what I need to do to be progressive" lol....then right after your mojo get running it will be the perfect time to set the mood for an #Afternoony the Office Boys NY way with a lil Cubicle Love, Smoking Jacket Theraphy or maybe inspire a water cooler quickie...You know this only goes down on #PoeticDesignsRadio from 11am-1pm


    Please feel free to plug in live via phone 657-383-0107 or www. Blogtalkradio.com/PoeticDesignsRadio

  • You Gotta Be Crazy To Be An Entrepreneur

    in Business

    "You got to be out of your mind!", is what Entrepreneurs tell me the response they get when they told friends and family they were going into business for themselves.  This week I want to focus on just how crazy you need to be to start a business.  And I want to explain how it would be crazier to not go into business for yourself.

    Entrepreneurs are a special breed of person.  They think outside the box when there is no box.  They look at a half full glass of water and say, "The glass is too small."  They feel the world would be missing out if they were not out there promoting their crazy thing.

    So gather round the radio boys and girls cause Cousin Gary has a story just for you.

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    Week 1 of College Football Breakdown

    in Football

    URC and the boys break down Week 1's College Football games.