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    Imagine a World where Women initiate Women in their Sexual Rights

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    What would our world look like if women initated women in their sexual rights? Women would share their sexual stories, explain the tools they've learned, share the shadow's they've experienced, and help empower their to speak their truth.

    We believe that if women inititated women in their sexual rights women would know how potent their wombs are. And would easily speak their YES and NO in regard to Sex. 

    Today many women look to their romantic partner to be their sexual initiate. Leading to a rabbit hole when their partner doesn't fully show up. Conversely, even when the romantic partner is equipted to initiate empowerment in sexual union, there is something missing for women.

    In this show Aurora Rae Kozinn and Muse Magdelene speak about the Red Tent. Why do we come together to share our stories? What does it mean to be a powerful sexual woman? Where do we go for our initiations now?

    Dearest Sisters! Please note! If you can feel us,Our intro to this recording is a little loopy, as we had technical difficulties. And Aurora felt ungrounded. Give the recording about 5 minutes, because Muse and Aurora sink in Beautifully to share our truth!

    Visit our website at www.ourredtent.com
    Step out of the box and into our Circle! 

    Contact Muse Magdalene at
    Contact Aurora Rae Kozinn at ourredtent.com and ourredtent@gmail.com

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    Men and The Red Tent

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    This week Priestess Aurora and Elizabeth will discuss men's role in the Red Tent.
    Men, Periods and the Red Tent!  What or how to talk to your man about what's really going on (maybe without all the details) during that time of the month! 
    How can we support and be supported by our men during Red Tent time?
    What does it mean for men to have their own circle, or Men's Lodge?  Is there space for this in today's busy life and will it help the men?
    Join us for more of Red Tent Revolution, "It's bad-ass to bleed!"

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    Welcome to Planet Earth!
    Where TRANSFORMATION is the name of the GAME!

    Remember our journey is not about the end point. We are here to decondition and unravel ourselves.
    And on this journey we hit speed bumps, we fall into dark holes, we rise like the sun and we shine brilliantly!

    Tonight we sisters share our JOURNEYS and our TRANSFORMATIONS! 

    Our Red Tent believes that we women are reflections of each other. And when we share our stories we help each other grow!

    Tonights guests are Eleana Flow and Megan Greene speaking about their portals to transformation!

    Eleana Shares:
    This should be a juicy discussion as all three of us have experienced incredible cycles of death and rebirth and have much to share from what we have experienced and learned. We will be speaking into this process as a Shamanic process of liberation rather than mental illness. This is an important message which I wish to share with every sister and human. You are not crazy! You're a genius and an evolving, awakening soul. 

    I am So honored to be a guest of this show as part of an emerging movement of women sharing our stories, connecting, healing... Stepping Out of the Box and Into the Circle with OurRedTent.com.

    JOIN OUR NETWORK!! Ourredtent.com!
    Contact Aurora at OurRedTent@gmail.com and Aurorakozinn@gmail.com
    Contact Megan Greene at Megizgreene@gmail.com


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    BeSimply...GivingTree{Red Tent}

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    Join 'She' for the GivingTree. She will connect you to your heart and hands...while reminding you of the womb. Exploring the culture of the red tent movement and the possibility that occurs when we reconnect to the womb. Shining a light on those who have dedicated their work to the feminine and the gift of sisterhood and brotherhood.

    Shining a LIGHT on The Things We Do Not Talk About
    DeAnna Lam (Red Moon)

    Jasmin Starchild Red Moon Medicine Movement
    Music by: Shylah Ray Sunshine and Mother Turtle

    Suzanne Toro
    Bare Naked Bliss
    Sessions with 'She'
    Banyan Botanicals
    Essential Living Foods

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    Sacred Divergence Radio Episode 70 The Red Tent Movement

    in Religion

    Join Lady Elizabeth tonight as she discusses the Red Tent Movement!  What it is, who started it, why it is important, how it can help empower women of all ages and races and cultures, and more!

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    The Red Tent Movement, "Things we don't talk about"

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    Linda Johnston, as a Red Tent facilitator will share with us how the new era of of healing ourselves and our planet signals the call to all who envision a world built around co-operation rather than competition. This will include the benefits, traditions, and teachings of The Red Tent Movement.The secret knowledge of long ago comes to light as we learn to empower women and reconnect. Join me on this journey with Linda, a beautiful and enlightened woman who is making a difference in our world.

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    Goddess Alive Radio w/ Dr. Isadora Leidenfrost & The Red Tent Movement History

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    Dr.Isadora Gabrielle Leidenfrost is bring the Red Tent back to Goddess Alive Radio!  We are delighted to welcome her to talk about her new project - "The Red Tent Movement:A Historical Perspective" by Isadora Gabrielle Leidenfrost, PhD and ALisa Starkweather, available as an eBook and Audiobook on March 8!

    Join us on Saturday, February 28 at 8pm eastern and sink into the glorious Red Tent energy!

    Isadora Gabrielle Leidenfrost, PhD is trained as a both a filmmaker, a textile historian, and a feminist folklorist. She holds a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and a Masters and a PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She wants to create world where women believe they can accomplish anything and where they have the courage to change the world. She creates multi-media (films, videos, websites, and other designs) to inspire YOU and improve your life! Her award-winning, internationally known red tent movie “Things We Don’t Talk About,” has been keeping her very busy doing hundreds and hundreds of screenings & facilitating life-changing women’s events. www.redtentmovie.com

    Goddess Alive Radio is the weekly Blogtalk Radio show for the MotherHouse of the Goddess and is hosted by Kimberly F. Moore & Tracey Paradiso of the MotherHouse of the Goddess. We focus on topics about Women’s Empowerment, Alternative Medicine, and Living Mythology – how the Goddess is moving through our lives today. Priestesses, Practitioners, Healers, and Shamans will be joining us to discuss their practices and experiences with the Goddess.

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    Being Authenticly Wild by Authentically Aurora

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    If im an advocate for anything, it's about being real and getting messy.

    I was recently interviewed on Unapologetic Womanhood Radio and the hostess Naima Singletary inspired me to EXPRESS myself.
    Yes, I always express myself. But I never thought to get on my radio show, by myself, and speak whatever comes out of my head. 

    WHO WANTS TO LISTEN TO ME? What do I have to say that's so important?

    Well... through my years of posting my opinions and beliefs on Facebook I've learned I think very differently than most people. To a point where I've accumated 25 pages of praises, 2,600 Facebook followers, and a Facebook group with 5,000 women that I hold the container for to share deeply and authentically. Inspiring all of us to be REAL. To be POWERFUL. 

    Still, WHO WANTS TO LISTEN TO ME? What do I have to say that's so important?

    Here's the link to the Radio Show I just recorded. Off the cuff. Tell me why what I have to say is important :)

    I love you,


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    Grace and Aurora share about Eating Disorders, Yoni Eggs and Womb Freedom

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    Welcome to OUR RED TENT RADIO!  

    HOORAY Graceful Empowerment!

    On this episode Grace and I speak about our eating disorders and the path we took to heal.

    Truly, it was about reclaiming our life force! 
    We healed because we owned our sexual vibrance, we connected to our body cycles and we expressed our truth! 

    We decided to take our passionate lives back.

    In this show Grace and Aurora also speak about Yoni Eggs, Birth Control and its Negative effects, Women cultivating their sexual essence and Menstrual Blood wisdom. 

    For more information contact Grace at www.gracefulempowerment.com
    Contact Aurora at ourredtent@gmail.com www.ourredtent.com

    And visit Our Red Tent Youtube Channel for videos: 

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    Women can conceive without a male Partner! A discussion on the Virgin Birth

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    On this episode Kerri Ryan, well known for her blog and Facebook Page called Goddess of Sacred Sex, and Aurora Rae Kozinn discuss Parthenogenesis. Othewise known as the Virgin Birth. Women's ability to self-conceive!

    YES! THE VIRGIN BIRTH IS POSSIBLE. And a woman's ability to conceive without a man's aid IS documented.

    We also discuss the Priestess Arts, Ancient Egyptian Parthenogenesis Practices, The Virgin Mary's background and much more!


    Contact Aurora at ourredtent@gmail.com

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    Tribal Red Tent, Menstrual Bleeding & Festival Life

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    Special guest host this week: Priestess Aurora Rae, Elizabeth will return next week!
    TRIBAL Red Rent: menstrual bleeding and the festival life.
    Have you ever had your period at a festival and felt like you shouldn't be there?
    Priestess Aurora will explain why it's empowering to bleed at a festival.
    She will also introduce Red Tent Revolution, a joint project between Aurora and Elizabeth fern that will bring the moon lodge "Red Tents" to festivals for women to relax in and bleed comfortably. We invite all like minded women to find MEET in circle at the red tent.