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    TC 253: The Power of Intention

    in Self Help

    In this episode of the Transformation Cafe, host Robin Masiewicz and regulars Gloria and Jamie discuss two important topics: The Power of Intention, and Angel Appreciation. With the devastating earthquake in Nepal and unrest in many other parts of the world, we wanted to discuss ways that we can help by sending out prayers and positive intentions.

    Contact Robin Masiewicz at Robin@Transformation-Cafe.com

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    Self Mastery and the Power of Intention

    in Spirituality

    This show is about Self Mastery and the power of Intention. It is our intentions in any situation which truly holds the power in how we are going to live. Intention determines our experiences as well. If one is in alignment with their intention then we become truly self determining in our life. What is your intention for you? What is it that you choose to hold as an experience? Keep your intention only on that for the experience. The power of thought is how the intentin is guided! The power of the heart is the engine behind the intentin. If one is fearful of what they intend then the intention becomes greatly deminished. I comes down to self worth and having the experience. A person that has experienced much in the way of rejection will most times be fearful in their intentions. Call and let us talk. May we guide you only in light and love, Shanti.

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    The Power of Intention

    in Spirituality

    When we decide that we are ready for our life to shift, we always want it right now.  In this profound show, Tori will discuss the power of intention and how using a few simple techniques will shift your entire life and create an opening for your intention to manifest. 

    Tori will be taking your calls, and will do LIVE mini-readings On Air.  Call in at (424) 222-5249 or visit blogtalkradio.com/torihartman.

    Tori is the creator of the Color Wisdom Oracle cards due out from Watkins, Publishing, UK in June 2014 and will use her oracle deck to tap into an answer just for you.  You can pre-order the cards on Amazon.com.

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    SIS Book Club: The Power of Intention

    in Spirituality

    What better way to start the New Year than honoring the power of intention. Whatever you intend for 2014 Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book, “The Power of Intention, Learning to Co-create Your World Your Way” will certainly speed you along your way to your goals and heart’s desire.  No goal is too much for YOU to reach, when you use the power of intention! Put your antenna’s up!  Let’s see if we can attract Dr. Dyer to join the book discussion!

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    Light a Candle- The Power Of Intention

    in Spirituality

    So many candles, so many paths! Well whatever path you follow Spiritually, the power of your intention can move mountains! Tonight I will discuss prayer work and spell work with candles.

    Call ins welcom

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    in Self Help

    Our intentions create our destiny. Whatever we focus our attention on—defending ourselves, obsessing over what will go wrong, healing others, savoring beauty—creates our actual life experience. Where attention goes, energy flows.

    That means that we need to make a regular practice of recognizing our habitual, fear-based intentions and reconnecting with our highest, wisest intentions.

    Intention is viewed as determination propelling one to succeed at all costs by never giving up on your dreams and desires.

    In this view, an attitude with conscious effort toward excellence is the way to succeed.

    Intention is a force in the universe that allows the act of creation to take place.

    Join me Janice Clarke, Master Herbalist, Holistic Health Practitioner, Nutritional Consultant and Reiki Practitioner and HOST OF THE SOULFUL HEALING SHOW, as we explore the power of intention—not as something you do—but as an energy you’re a part of.

    On the Soulful Healing Talk show we are going become aware  of intention being a field of energy that you can access to begin co-creating your life with the power of intention.

    The all-creating universal mind of intention is creative, kind, loving, beautiful, expanding, endlessly abundant, and receptive, explaining the importance of emulating this source of creativity, come learn how to release this power so we can be the best that we can be….

    Catch you at our ‘ME TIME”

    One Love..

    Please check out my website soulfulhealing.wordpress.com


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    Spiritual Book Club - The Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne Dyer

    in Spirituality

    Rev. Ric and Carolyn McGee are going back to one of our favorite author's to discuss Dr Wayne Dyer's "The Power of Intention"

    Join us on Saturday, February 22, 2014 at 10:00 AM eastern to learn how to Co-create your World Your Way!

    Using messages from books we will provide tools that can used to build the bridges joining Religion and Spirituality in a healthy, loving and mutually respectful manner.

    Audience participation is welcomed and one listener will receive an Angel Card reading related to the topic on every show.

    Please join us and share your insights and challenges, inspirations and obstacles, ah-ha's and oh-oh's.

    Upcoming shows are:

    Sat, 3/22 at 10:00 AM

    Buddhist Bootcamp by Timber Hawkeye

    Sat, 4/19 at 11:00 AM 

    The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price

    Pretty amazing timing for show on 40 day Abundance program.   Love the timing!  If we start this book on Sunday, 3/9 we will finish on Thurs, 4/17

    Call in number is:  626-213-5652

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    The Power of Intention -- "Passionate Talk"

    in Lifestyle

    On Today's Show: The Power of Intention!
    Join your Host Gary Karp for simple, honest and passionate talk about things that matter. Every week join your host Gary Karp as he explores the mysteries of the wondrous gift of life.

    SHOW TIMES: 1pm San Diego - 4pm New York - 9pm London

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    The Power of Intention

    in Women

    Sharon Michaels Power To Succeed Blog executive producer and host of Women Enjoying Success Talk will ask Dr. Jane Fitch to discribe her personal successes with the Power of Intention. Dr. Jane will give us some pointers about turning hopes into intentions and intentions into reality. It's all about Women Enjoying Success!

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    Vision Boards and the Power of Intention on Talk-N-Angels Radio

    in Spirituality

    Do you know how powerful you are?

    If you know, do you really believe?

    There is a difference between intellectually knowing something and actually believing it to be true.  Our minds can and do influence us and can affect great changes in our bodies and in our circumstances.  Words and thoughts, affirmations and positive thinking can influence our sub-conscious mind and begin to change our vibration, raising it higher so that we can become more attuned to blessings in our lives - attracting more and more of what we desire.

    Believing in your power means you have, all the way into your total being, accepted and "bought into" what your mind understands.  The action of Intention moves from the sub-conscious mind to the Super-conscious Mind which works on a totally different level to "move mountains" so that your goals, dreams and visions can take root in the fertile soil of the physical realm and grow into being.

    What do you want in your life? What images represent your dreams? What words inspire you to move forward? Capture them with a vision board.  Get clear about your goals, your hopes and your vision for your life. Make the connection to turn your dreams into reality every day.   Visit us at www.talknangels.com for more information


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    How August 2015 Can Bring Money, Power and Success Into Your Life

    in Spirituality

    Spirit Science Network, host Lady Wadjet and special guest S. Ali Myers of http://salimyers.com will share why August 2015 is an auspicious month to make power moves in your life.

    The energy of this month vibrates at a numerical and planetary frequency that holds the key to experiencing an abundance of success in your life. Using spirit sciences such as Numerology, Tarot and Astrology, they will share tips on how to get through karmic life challenges that may be presented during this month and turn them into blessings. 

    The lines will be opened for questions and answers so call in to speak with Brother Ali and Lady Wadjet. Chat will also be open to ask questions and share comments.