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    The Rise of the Police State

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    On tonights show, we will cover the Police State. Who funds it, why aren't cops ever held accountable? Privitized Prisions, Check Points, Homeland Security and more. 

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    Dismantling the Police State by Hugh Traulsen

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    We are pleased that Hugh Traulsen has agreed to be our guest to discuss the troubling concept of converting our police force to an armed force.  Mr. Traulsen's motives are altruistic and he is simply trying to make the world a better place. His background has been varied and interesting. He was responsible for a whistle blower complaint which resulted in a high placed political figure being displaced and he accomplished that through lodging a complaint with the Wall Street Journal.

    To his credit, he has a poem in the Ronald Reagan Library, has received a letter from President Obama and is well known in numerous social and media circles.  Please feel free to call with your questions or comments 646-652-4620.  Look forward to hearing from you.

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    Program Summary: April 25, 2015

    @Naomi_Fowler produces for the Tax Justice Network the monthly "Taxcast." 

    In the April 2015 Taxcast: How just are our tax systems towards women? Plus: one of the USA's biggest corporations (and tax avoiders) is repatriating billions from offshore and re-focusing on good old manufacturing again, and remember how the UK Prime Minister was 'leading the world' in transparency measures not so long ago? We discuss the letter a former Cayman Islands lobbyist and Conservative peer wrote to reassure the tax haven that it was an empty gesture to distract from the proposed Financial Transaction Tax.

    Then from Great Speeches and Interviews, Sacramento, CA "Inside the Police State."

     Police officer Adrian Schoolcraft secretly recorded his supervisors telling officers to manipulate crime statistics and make illegal arrests from 2008 to 2009. The Village Voice series that broke Schoolcraft's story was written by Graham Rayman. Ira Glass narrates the story. "Police Officer Schoolcraft, who worked in the relatively high-crime 81st precinct in Brooklyn, was not a happy camper. Some might call him a malcontent.
    In 2009, he began to secretly tape-record precinct roll calls at which commanding officers ordered cops like himself to refuse to take robbery victims’ crime complaints. Cops were also ordered to downgrade felonies — which are serious crimes — to less serious misdemeanors so that the precinct would appear safer than it actually was. Schoolcraft’s secret tape recordings might well have been ignored, had not the police department then done something shocking.  On Oct. 31, 2009, Schoolcraft left his tour early, saying he felt sick, and returned to his apartment in Queens. What happened next tells us much about "the police state."

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    7-31-2015 -Is America a Police State?

    in Politics Conservative

    Racial prejudice—and the systemic injustice that incorporates racial bias into our policing—is eating us up from the inside like a cancer. This is a national disgrace, and if we don't do something about it, we will all pay a terrible, terrible price.The conditions in America do not have to be identical to Nazi Germany in the 1930s and 1940s for America to be a police state and a fascist dictatorship! If we examine the essence of a police state--destruction of Constitutional rights, genocidal murder of the working class by capitalist predators, deliberate criminal acts by government officials--then America in the twenty-first century is unquestionably a police state!.Tonight we will discuss The United Police States of America.

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    Beyond the Veil - Police State America

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    With the growing conflicts in Ferguson over the death of Michael Brown, as well as the document released this week by the Department of the Army titled “Civil Disturbances,” we will be discussing the growing Police State within America that is starting to resemble Martial Law.

    Despite the lack of confirmation of details regarding the death of Michael Brown, we have seen clashes every single night between protesters and police within Ferguson Missouri. We have seen wrong doing on both sides – there have been demonstrators reportedly throwing Molotov cocktails. There has been reports of gunfire coming from the crowd. The police department has deployed tear gas nightly. They have been using LRAD Sound Cannons, shooting flash grenades and rubber bullets and the media. One officer has been caught on video cursing at peaceful demonstrators and threatening to kill them.

    We will also be attending the National Day of Rage in Dallas Texas as locals in North Texas gather to show their support for the demonstrators in Ferguson.  We will be collecting sound bytes to play during our show as well.

    What is becoming of the Land of the Free?

    Join us as we discuss Police State America.

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    Behind the Headlines: Global Police State? Interview with Scott Rickard

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    This week on 'Behind the Headlines', we're interviewing former U.S. intelligence officer ‌Scott Rickard. Rickard is a linguist and veteran of the communications technology and national security industries. For three decades, he worked with national security and international service providers in Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Communications Security (COMSEC), and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), advising a number of governments and intelligence agencies on analyzing and prioritizing their intelligence collection efforts.

    Rickard continues to monitor, corroborate, and communicate fact-based research and analysis of the international business environment, emerging technologies, and geopolitical developments. In recent years, he has been an outspoken critic of US foreign policy and blanket public surveillance, and has made a number of appearances on RT, Sputnik and PressTV.

    Join us this Sunday 22 November 2015, from 2-4pm EST / 8-10pm CET for an insider's perspective on mass surveillance, the non-stop terror attacks, the stand-off between the U.S. and Russia, and more.

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    The Police State: Here to Stay

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    Join us for The Annoying Peasant Radio Show, a discussion of the fundamentals of liberty.  On this episode, we welcome The Northwoods Mom and a discussion of the emerging police state.  We will add a short conversation on the topic of the origins of Thanksgiving.

    We would be thrilled to have you call in with questions or comments.  Our guest call in number is (646) 564-9744.  You can also participate in the show by joining the chat.

    So tune in.  We are happy to have you with us.

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    The Synthesis: The Police State and the Process of Awakening

    in Spirituality

    Alternative media fans are obsessed with the coming police state and nanny state all over the world. Truthers are experiencing a phase of panic and paranoia on the path of enlightenment; however, this is a phase that we all go through in our process of consciousness evolution.

    Spiritual Alchemist, Felicia S.C. Gooden, explores hot topics in the mainstream and alternative news, bringing about a unique perspective of philosophical inquiry. A writer and artist, Felicia engages in creative thought in order to bring you the latest news and use the most current events as tools for the transmutation of consicousness

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    Merchant nearly bullied into silence by Sanders campaign

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    Merchant nearly bullied into silence by Sanders campaign

    Two new studies will forever change how you think about evolution

    In under 4 minutes, CBS news anchor explains why Obama and Saudi Arabia are terrified of "28-Pages"

    Police state madness---couple facing three months in jail for overdue library books

    In spite of the jury conviction---the cop who killed an innocent father of two is not going to jail

    You may think your vote counts, but the New York primary shift through the establishment does not

    Supreme Court to decide whether states can make you leave your fourth amendment rights at the DMV

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    in Self Help

    Welcome to Another episode of the Liberator Speaks. Shyaam The Liberator and Friends will discuss why Black Men should leave North America. We will discuss the failing economy and coming economic crash, the coming civil war, the purge, sexual consent laws, food shortages and the police state. We will also discuss the impact of zika virus, flu vaccines and World War 3. Last but not least we will discuss the release of the Panama papers Do not miss this exciting and thought provoking episode.

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    DSD23 The Police State

    in Lifestyle

    In light of all the attention that police brutality is getting in the media, Down South and Dirty wants to take on the issue of the Police State and what it truly means past just the shooting of unarmed black men.  You have cities literally farming their populations for operational funding. We have questions and we think you do too! So this episode is going to get Down and Dirty in a way that only Down South and Dirty can!! Remember our mid week show Hump Day Primetime!