• What's going on ? Will 2015 be Blood Shed in the Americas ?

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    The adoption of the Declaration of Independence—237 years ago today—can sometimes feel like an event not just from another time, but from another world. As depicted in John Trumbull’s now-iconic 19th-century painting of the founding fathers in Philadelphia, collectively creating the framework for the nation’s revolutionary political system, such an act of open rebellion by prominent, wealthy and established figures is literally inconceivable to most living Americans.

    The Revolutionary War, raging at that time, saw men young and old answer the Colonies’ call to fight the British redcoats. In their allegiance to the ideals of liberty, these rough troops — illustrated in countless paintings and drawings known to history students everywhere — shouldered the monumental task of defending a nation that was, in many respects, not yet truly born.

    But as alien as that epoch might feel, time and again we’re reminded that the past is not always as distant as it so often seems.

    In fact, some veterans who survived the Revolutionary War prospered well into their eighties, nineties and sometimes even beyond 100, living long enough to not only witness, but become part of, the era of the photograph.

    First daguerreotypes, and then glass-plate negatives became popular in the 1840s and 1850s; by 1853, some 70 years after the great and improbable American victory over the British, more than 3 million daguerreotypes a year were being produced in the United States alone.

    As these photographic means developed, and the generation that experienced the Revolution firsthand continued to dwindle, a desire to document these men — a rapidly vanishing, living link with history — emerged.


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    Herbs as Part of a Lifestyle of Health

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    Paul Gaylon likes to be on the cutting edge. As President of Herbal Products & Development, he has studied herbs and formulated innovative herbal products and whole food concentrates for over 30 years. Through his extensive travels, he has become knowledgeable in native and foreign herbs. Paul has always been dedicated to implementing new concepts in health, nutrition, and herbology. Paul is an avid reader and researcher on the leading edge of herbal and health frontiers. His involvement in new product development in the U.S. has taken him to other countries for research and to photograph plants, herbs, and flora.


    Paul Gaylon's site

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    Total Lacrosse with Jonny Vegas!

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      Di started out photographing her son playing lacrosse when he was in 7th grade. Once he joined his high school lacrosse team, they had never had a parent who actually wanted to photograph the games,only pictures of their son's. Di wanted to make memories that would last the boys throughout their lives, so she took on the task. Di was the first full time team lacrosse photographer his high school ever had. Di started out using a Sony Super Steady Shot 15-200mm zoom lens and was their only photographer for her son's four years in high school. Di shot all his club tournaments as well.  When her son went off to college, Di volunteered to be the team photographer for Metropolitan State University of Denver. After Di started writing for In Lacrosse We Trust, she also had her media credentials for full field access so Di started shooting the Outlaws games, the FIL and had the great opportunity to be at both the Outlaws semi-final playoff game and the MLL Championship game.  In May of this year, Di bought a new camera, a Nikon D3200SLR with 3 different lenses. An 18-55mm zoom, a 55-200mm zoom & a 70-300mm zoom lense, and started getting even better shots. Now Di started her own photography business in the hopes that she can shoot lacrosse games, team photographs, etc. Di is in the process of setting up a website to begin selling some of her work. Di's Facebook page is Di Miller Photography. Di's Twitter account is @dimiller61. Di also posts pictures on her own FB page, Lacrosse is Awesome and the Metro State University of Denver Men's Lacrosse pages as well!

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    Bigfoot Ground Zero - Sasquatch on the Hunting Grounds

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    Please join me tonight as we listen to a man describe multiple experiences he had over a number of years while hunting in California.  The encounters happened all within a small radius of one another, while he and his family hunted.  

    We'll listen to his theory as to why the encounters were non threatening, and we'll discuss his theory as to why these creatures did not appear to be bothered by human presence, and why this might be a bonifide bigfoot hotspot.

    Karl and I will also discuss the possibility of Sasquatch being able to see within varies ranges within the Infrared Spectrum, and how using game cameras might be successfully employ to photograph these elusive creatures.  As always, thanks for listening!  See you all tonight!

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    No indictment in Ferguson: Violence Erupts...Political Activist Michelle Wiles

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    After weeks of waiting the decision of the Grand Jury comes down...No Indictment. As expected, violence, destruction of property and mayhem erupt across the country.

    We will start the morning recapping the events that put this small community into the international spotlight. Is this event a photograph of America 2014? Has this event been milked for the sake of politics, media ratings and/or used as a tool for "race baiting" and division of the country? 

    President Obama, Al Sharpton and hordes of other politicos, actors and activist take to the airways to put in their two cents...Help or Gas on the Flames?

    Special guest Michelle Wiles, politico, candidate, activivist, wife and mother will join us "In the Pickle Barrel". Miles, a mother of six homeschooled children, somehow finds the time to not only "buck the system", but work to do something to create change.

    Wiles will share her vision and why she is so involved. Perhaps just as important...how does she find the time! 

    Hope you will join us this morning at 8AM-10AM EST as we gather "In the Pickle Barrel" in search of a way to get out.

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    "Moon Viewing" with Barbara Yoshida

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    Barbara Yoshida is an adventurous traveler and photographer who fills her backpack with tent, sleeping bag, large format camera, film and tripod, then sets out to photograph natural forms, spiritual locations and women artists in countries from Sweden, throughout Europe to the Ukraine, Armenia, Israel, Morocco, The Gambia, Japan, and Mongolia. Camping with her family in northern Idaho was an early influence. She picked up a camera after twenty years as a painter and six years making sculpture, and spent several years doing printmaking, using photo processes. A half-dozen artist’s residencies for the National Park Service resulted in a series of color landscapes as well as a series of photogravure prints. Following ten years of photographing Neolithic standing stones in moonlight, her first book was produced:Moon Viewing: Megaliths by Moonlight, published by Marquand Books in 2014.

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    Your Child Wants to Join Army: What Do You Say?

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    Port of Chicago 50: Disaster, Mutiny and the Fight for Civil Rights takes on racism in the military. Photograph: Amazon


    Posted at 11:22 AM ET, 03/11/2009

    Your Child Wants to Join Army: What Do You Say?

    By Mike McPhate

    It can be a heart-sinking moment. Your child announces a desire to join the military at a time when the U.S. is waging two wars.

    You honor the sacrifice of America's soldiers. But, as a parent, you’re selfish: Could you cope with a daily fear of the doorbell?

    In his column today, the Post’s Courtland Milloy wrestles over how he might counsel his teenage son on his desire to become a soldier. He notes the hobbled economy’s role in his feelings -- the Army offers as much as $72,900 for college, plus big help in repaying loans.

    What would you say to your child? And, how would the financial incentive factor into your thinking?

    Join Zaiyah and Uptown this Veterans Day as we this very important and personal topic.

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    Guest: Tom Paladino

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    Today Jim and Jennifer welcome Tom Paladino to the show.

    Tom Paladino has developed a treatment process, using a scalar instrument, whereby he is able to administer the scalar energy reverse-phase angle harmonic of a pathogen, thereby causing that agent of infection to disassemble or fall apart. He calls this a Pathogenic Cleanse. Scalar energy operates at the quantum level and is capable of disassembling all types of pathogens; for instance, virus, fungi, amoeba, parasites and protozoal infestations, thus eliminating the causative agent of disease. Once the causative agent of a pathogen disease has been eliminated the symptoms associated with that infection decrease or disappear altogether.

    In addition to the Pathogen Cleanse, Tom Paladino has created the Nutrient Therapy and the Chakra Balance. The Nutrient Therapy broadcasts essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, phytochemicals, fatty acids, collagen and enzymes to the cells that are optimal for health. This is done via the scalar energy instrument, using your photograph and a highly magnified image of the essential nutrients. This broadcast sends vital information via the scalar wave and can be received by the cells in a human being, pet, farm animal, race horse, etc. Finally the scalar energy Chakra Balance is utilized to align and harmonize all seven (7) chakra. Receiving the Chakra Balance frequently throughout the 30 day period of the remote scalar energy sessions, many people report a new sense of well-being, calm, less anxious, more energy, motivation and an increased joy for living their life.

    Website:  http://www.selfhealgo.com/

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    Stolen Identity Equals Personal Grand Theft

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    Special Guest  Lasuria Allman

    Francis X. Donnelly, in the Detroit News, tells the story of Detroiter Mamie Chalmers, who claims -- with significant evidence to back her up -- that she was one of the people blasted by a fire hose during a 1963 demonstration in Birmingham, Ala. The image became an iconic photo and did much to convey to the world the police brutality during the civil rights movement in the south.

    Now the Detroit News has published a story saying that one of Birmingham’s most prominent civil rights activists, Carolyn McKinstry, 65, has for years been claiming to be the girl in a famous Life magazine photograph of demonstrators being blasted by water from a fire hose, while Mamie Chalmers, 71, the actual person in the photograph, lives in Detroit.

    Get out of debt now ! http://www.newdebtelimination.com

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    Women Warriors - 10 Wedding Mistakes to Avoid

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    Join us this Wed, Oct 22nd at Noon ET for Women Warriors with our special guest, Lethia Wooten.  Lethia will be discussing “10 Wedding Mistakes to Avoid”.  Whether you are getting married, have a daughter getting married, or know someone who is preparing for a special event, listen and find out how to avoid these mistakes and have an amazing unforgettable event!   

    Lethia Wooten is the public relations/marketing evangelist behind the dynamic duo known as Cedric Wooten Photography (CWP).  Her relentless online promotion efforts have escalated CWP onto a level of photography in competition with photographers from all over the world.

    In 2007, Lethia met her husband-to-be, Cedric Wooten.  Theirs was a whirlwind romance, and they married one year to the day after they met. Having worked as a hobby photographer for 15 years, Cedric was ready to take his business to the next level and he knew that Lethia was the force that could make it happen.  Lethia’s passionate tenacity for marketing CWP has enabled the couple to photograph Grammy Award winning gospel artists, models, families, children and religious notables (including bishops, pastors, elders and their flock) and much more. In addition to managing administration, marketing and public relations for CWP, Lethia recently started her own event planning company.  In 2013, she completed a Master’s degree in Communications from the New York Institute of Technology and she and her husband are raising their 9 year old daughter, and in the process of adopting two little girls ages 2 and 4.  For more information on CWP visit www.cedricwootenphotography.com.

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    Naked Nooner Monday October 20th

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    Check out today's show with all of your favorite Naked Girls Radio music including all kinds of brand new sounds! Call in to give a shout out or request your favorite song! We love to know what you think of the songs we are playing so tell us what you love, what you hate, or just say hello! Love Naked Girls Radio? Be sure and grab the embed of today's show and share it with all of your friends on your website, blog, or facebook page! Thanks for tuning in!

    Collabo - Licorice
    Caleb - Rich
    Mr Palmer - Photograph
    RoGizz ft Dub Tree and Fatboi Fresh - If I Should Die
    Rake World
    Lions Named Leo - Can't I Want the World There Too
    The Last Second Save ft Anamosity - Born to Run
    The Extended Play - Just for Two
    Sono Vero - End of Forever
    Tickets Time
    Find the One
    ABC - Away
    Convulsic - Love Space
    The Devine Experience - Scratche Bas
    Edmmer - Little Sprinter
    The D Dot Co
    Caleb - Rich
    Vee Boi Baby - Attention
    Arsenal E' Vega - Make it Vibe
    Iakopo - Whatcha Say
    The D Dot Co
    Rake World
    Babyface Monster ft RoGizz - Holla
    Doug Cash - When Mona Lisa Cries
    Dylan McGuire - Changed
    Glen Neff - Snitches Permeating Every Object
    WP Supporter
    Gone By Sunrise - Korea (The Way She Was)
    Tommy Roumanas - Hard Rain
    Lynne Taylor Donnovan - Sugar Lake
    Ray William Roldan - Cowboy Cadillac
    Find the One
    Rake World
    Rick Mercer - Never Again (Till the Next Time)
    Steve Ryan - Pride with Humility
    TDawn - Controlled by Vanity
    Tommy Homonym
    WP Supporter
    Tony Sarcozi - Vortex Love
    King Felix - Touching Bases

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