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    Remington Colt's "The Outlaw Unchained - Volume 1 - Jailbreak"

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    The author team of Remington Colt's "The Outlaw Unchained" series,Big Jim Williams,CQ Scafidi,William Tasch,Jerry Guin and Clay Dolan,will be my guests today. Thye will not only be discussing the series itself and their involvement in it, but reading the entire origin story - "Volume 1 - Jailbreak" in it's entirety.

    Here is what "Jailbreak" is all about:

    SAMUEL J. WINCHESTER is an escaped convict, wanted by the law for murder, but once he was an officer and a gentleman.

    Winchester was an 1831 graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point NY. Graduating at the top of his class as an engineer, he worked for ten years building roads, bridges and fortifications.

    He was engaged to marry, EMMALINE ADELMAN, the daughter of COL.  AUBREY ADELMAN. She is the apple of her father’s eye and of Sam’s as well.

    Sam thought he had it all.

    Then in 1841 without warning he was placed under arrest and quickly convicted of the murder of a family on the raw frontier of the Republic of Texas. He was sent to a succession of prisons, the last being Castillo de San Marcos at St. Augustine, FL where conditions were brutal. Inmates were fed slop, whipped or beaten often. At night they were chained to the floor and given cotton pallets instead of beds.

    Escape was thought to be impossible.

    But Sam did manage to escape after ten years of confinement.

    He took his chains with him, and carries them in his saddlebags. He will not rest until he has found those responsible for his fall from grace.

    He intends to batter them with the length of chain, each and every one of them, however many there might be.


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    The DashBoard Outlaw

    in Current Events

    Join your host Earl Conlon, THE Dashboard Outlaw as he discusses patriots being targeted by the government. This is happening more and more in this country, when individuals speak out against government corruption and tyranny, they instantly become targets of the government, either by public defamation, unjust imprisonments, or "tax" violations... the choice is before us, will we allow the governemnt to conduct itself this way? Tune in to The Dashboard Outlaw tonight to find out!

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    Unchained Politics 3/1/2015

    in Politics

    Buckle up and strap in for another episode of "Unchained Politics"! Today, we'll talk about CPAC 2015, and what else has been going on in Washington.  Join us at 1 PM eastern!

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    There's No Atheists in Fox Holes- Crafty & The Adamizer EP 2

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    Conspiracy? Maybe. Screwed? Definitely. Whether you want to believe there is a grand conspiracy to bring down or fundamentally change America and the world really doesn't matter. The numbers are in and they suck. Here in the Front Row we'll be taking a look at the news and event from the serious to the sublime, from around the globe to around the corner in an effort to make some sense of it all and hopefully wake a few people ip along the way.

    Well Alright! Join Crafty & the Adamizer tonight for the official re-launch of Front Row At The Freak Show at what will be the regular day and time, Monday's 8:30. Yup, taking our cue from corporate America as we love to do so much here, last week was like the "soft open" where we let people in but still working some kinks out. Tonight? OK, so maybe still working some kinks out but with baloons and a big sign out front! On the menu tonight is of course, what you can always expect from the Front Row, a whole host of different shit! The main course should be a scintilating discussion on US military intervention, war and the spreading of beautiful bullshit, I mean democracy. 

    Musical & comedic perfomances still TBD but we'll throw something good at ya for sure. So, get the kiddies to bed, pour a cocktail, light a jibber, hit a rail...whatever works and get your freak on ! 

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    URN Radio Show with Michael Carroll.

    in Paranormal

    Join Casper, Howard, and Matt as we talk with Michael Carroll from N.E.S.T. New England Spiritual Team from the basics to events including the Thomaston Opera House in May! There is no telling what we will get into including past locations, future, and where we all are going in this journey. Michael has MANY great ideas and thoughts on these topics that I am SURE you are going to want to listen for.

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    Alex McFarland joins Turnbuckle Turmoil

    in Sports

    Young wrestling fan Alex McFarland joins us on Turnbuckle Turmoil for the first time. He is a big fan of WCWO in Indianapolis and goes to the matches on a regular basis. He's very passionate about whom he likes and does not like in the ring. We'll get the perspective of the happenings at Outlaw Arena from a fan's point of view. Make sure you join us for this really unique show.

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    KB and the Revolutionary Ryders wrap up the week in sports, music, entertainment, politics and damn near everything else. Featuring LPE on the wheels of steel. MILWAUKEES finest Internet radio show, accept no substitutes. If Black people are talking, they're talking on Chocolate SIty. Tell a friend to tell a friend!


    414 STANDUP!!!!



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    Outlaw Cody Joe Hodges Joins Us On ITNS Radio!!!

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    Cody Joe started playing music at an early age, but it wasn’t until his senior year in high school that he became serious about his art. Impassioned by such country greats as George Strait, Merle Haggard and Waylon Jennings, Cody Joe wrote his first song, “Daddy’s Dream”, his freshman year in the dorms at Texas A&M University.

    Cody Joe is a traditionalist in the sense that he loves the sound of traditional country; with a steel guitar, fiddle and good, old-fashioned story-telling songs, the way country music was when he was growing up. As a true Texan, he grew up idolizing George Strait and aspires to the lifelong career he has had in the music industry. 

    Cody Joe Hodges’s music has been described as “outlaw country”, with a large influence of the country greats and performers who started the genre in the late 70’s and 80’s. Cody Joe’s voice ranges from silky smooth to raspy seduction. A Cody Joe Hodges live performance is one you will not forget. He and his band always thrill, putting on a high-energy performance at every show. It is rare that you will find someone that reaches across the aisle to both the old and new generations, but Cody Joe Hodges does it every time. With a steel guitar, fiddle, stand-up bass, guitar and drums, Cody Joe’s sound is something out of the past. Be prepared to dance because his goal for every show is to fill the dance floor.

    Cody Joe tries to put a positive message in every song. There is a lot of negative in this world, and when people listen to music, whether it is to escape or to be entertained, his goal is to put a grin on your face or a smile in your heart.

    While Cody Joe and his band currently play a lot of bars and honky tonks, they love playing fairs, festivals and concerts where they can reach out to all ages and play for folks they wouldn’t normally reach in the bar and honky tonk scene.

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    shutup&race BlogTalk #347-539-5578 8:00 TONIGHT…

    in Sports




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    Let's Get RAW: Fastlane and Monday Night RAW recap

    in Wrestling

    Join Michael Carnahan and "The Outlaw" T.J. Wells as they recap all of the action that happened this last Sunday Night when the WWE made their last stop on the Road To Wrestlemania. Was Stardust successful in his attempt to eliminate his brother Goldust? What happened when Sting was face to face with "The Game" Triple H inside of a WWE ring for the first time ever? Was Dean Ambrose able to wrestle away the Intercontinental Championship away from Bad News Barrett? What about Paige? Did the "Anti-Diva" capture the richest prize in the Divas Division? And Finally was Daniel Bryan successful in his attempt to repeat his success in changing history last year? Or did the Roman "Empire" stand strong in the FedEx Forum? All this  will be discussed in this weeks action packed edition of Lets Get RAW with Michael Carnahan and T.J. Wells

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    Welcome Back to the Front Row! Crafty & The Adamizer EP 1

    in Current Events

    We're back! And by "we" I actually mean "we" this time and not just speaking of myself in some sort of made-up collective effort as I have been known to do. No, "we"! That's right, yours truly has found a pertner in crime. The yang for his ying, the jelly for his peanut butter....shit, that all sounds a little gay, don't it? Ladies and gents, may I present to you, the Adamizer! He's a fellow conspiracy analyst and also hails here in FEMA Region 1 but to be perfectly honest, that's all we're allowed to say other than he'll be broadcasting to us from an undsiclosed location in the White Mountains, 

    Join the Adamizer and I as we begin this new chapter in the albeit brief but very sordid and murky but occassionaly brilliant history that is, the Front Row At The Freak Show. Tonight, we'll mostly be dipping our proverbial beaks in the freaky waters, getting to know each other a little bit and of course, espousing our views on probably a little bit of everything as we see it in the Front Row. Our main focus tonight will be sort of a "State of the Freak Show" address as we each see it and provide the jumping off point to wherever the hell it is where going with this. 

    Naturally, along the way we'll try to spice it up and takes some entertainement breaks. Comedy this evening will be provide by the one and only, Mr. George Carlin while the muisc portion is still yet, TBD but you can bet your boots it's gonna be something good. Actually, I have something in mind but want to surprise the Adamizer so, can't write it down here. Let's just say you can probably bank on a little, Man in Black. 

    OK you freaks! Wednesday 2/25 8:30, be there! FYI: Our regular show will resume on Mondays at that time. 

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