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    "Johanna Carroll's Dialogue W/Divinity" Guest: Dada "The Monk Dude"

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    Hollywood gave us Bill and Ted, two "excellent-dudes".  The video gaming industry introduced us to "Postal-Dude": Well, in this edition of Johanna's Dialogue With Divinity, we introduce you to Dada Nabhaniilana "The Monk-Dude".

    Dada Nabhaniilananda (a yoga monk, meditation instructor, award winning song-writer, musician & author) was born in New Zealand. During his early life he studied classical music and poetry. At the age of 11 he started composing music for the piano, and his teachers had high hopes of him becoming a concert pianist. However, during his time as a University student he developed a deep interest in Eastern mysticism.

    In 1975 he left his native land for Australia, and later Nepal and India where he studied the disciplines and philosophy of Yoga and Meditation within sight of the Himalayas, and was ordained as a Yoga Monk of Ananda Marga in 1979.


    Dada currently lives in the US where he tours occasionally, performing and teaching at Yoga Centres, Festivals and conferences, Universities and New Thought Churches. In 2007 he performed in New York with Premik Tubbs, who has played with Santana, the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Whitney Houston and host of other greats.

    Dada is currently based in California, where he teaches a course at UC Berkeley in Yogic Meditation: A Technology for Conscious Evolution, writes new songs, and is working on a comic science fiction novel.

    Today, we'll explore what Dada refers to as "The Revolution Of Love".  We will be taking your calls as well.


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    The Monk Dude - Fun Show with Jewels!

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    Join Jewels as she talks with Dada Nabhaniilananda, also known as the Monk Dude, who is an Award-Winning Songwriter, an Author, a World Traveler, a Youth Mentor and a Meditation Instructor.In 1979 Dada was ordained as a yoga monk of the Ananda Marga Yoga Society. He has since won eight international songwriting awards, produced nine musical albums, published a popular book on meditation and performed and spoken in forty countries including Brazil where he appeared on stage with the Dalai Lama and played for a crowd of more than 10,000. Dada helps people to connect to their inner source of love, using music, meditation and mantra. For more information, go to http://eternalwave.com


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    "What we achieve inwardly, will change our outer reality" for Monday December15

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    "What we achieve inwardly, will change our outer reality" was said by a dude named Plutarch,

    Plutarch lived from AD 46 until AD 120, that's a long long time ago, yet his words are with us today...

    Would you agree he was talking about personal development? Personal Development.

    Is Personal Development New Age Gobbley Goop, Or is it timeless wisdom? 

    Listen and learn,


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    The Brewery Radio Presents..."Do You Swirl?"

    in Entertainment

    How do you feel about interracial dating? Are you a product of more than one race? Have you ever dated outside of your race and faced any issues? Do you see the soul and not the skin…or do you believe its offensive for the racial boundaries to blend? Call us and tell us your stories or opinions! This Sunday night at 9PM EST 6467168772, we always want to hear from you! And of course we will be having our recurring segment “ASK A DUDE” with our male commentator VAs own Mr. Broadway! If you have questions you want answered from an HONEST MALE PERSPECTIVE please message them to thebreweryradio@gmail.com! We like to surprise him so anything goes!

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    Sacred Sunday~Acts 25/Paul in court. Agrippa listens.

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    Welcome Church! We are here every Sunday to read the Bible, tell personal stories and pray together because when two or more are gathered.....In a non-judgemental down to earth format. God bless you every one! Today we are reading Acts Chapter 25.

    As soon as Festus takes charge, he makes a little trip to Jerusalem. The Jewish authorities there chew his ear off about Paul.
    The religious authorities want Paul transferred back to Jerusalem (where they can finish up their murder/death/kill plot). We're guessing they gave up on the whole not-eating-until-Paul-is-dead thing.
    But Festus is all like, No, come to Caesarea and we'll totally do a trial. Dude, we just did that two years ago. Roman bureaucracy is the worst.
    About a week and a half later, everyone is back in Caesarea and it's trial time.
    The Jewish guys from Jerusalem say a bunch of completely untrue stuff about Paul. Typical.
    Then it's Paul's turn. His defense: not guilty.
    Festus says that since it sounds like they're all disputing over Jewish religious stuff, maybe Paul should just head down to Jerusalem and face trial there (maybe then the council members can kill Paul and Festus can cross one thing off his to-do list).
    But Paul says he's appealing to the emperor's tribunal in Rome. Darn. He's headed up to the highest court in the land. He hasn't done anything wrong to the Jewish people, so why should they try him? To the emperor it is!
    NOTES: Thanks to shmoop.com

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    Da Dude

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    Artist name: Tha Dude
    Birth Place: Long Beach Ca. Genre: Hip Hop Well I, Tha Dude, found hip hop aways from home in a Lil town called Lima Ohio. It really wasn't much to do out that way but stir up trouble and did I stir until a friend of mine detoured me with this thing I call my life now "Music". Music is a god send to me because it saved me from what I was destin for... death or jail and a life of hell. Even tho music glorifies those aspect of hip hop its help me to gain a scoop and to maneuver myself through the bullshit, play it smart and cool like those hustlers taught me. To be mindful and intelligent. Though we exploit this ghetto life thru song I'm trying to up lift that ghetto boy or girl and stop the plagues that plagued us as kids while bringing joy to the ears of the local communities like one big ol communion coming together to my music.....

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    Da Mix Session Dj Earpeace & EBoogie

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    Da Mix Session Dj Earpeace this dude blends, mixes, all Indie music and main stream.  One of the niccceess in the west Dj Earpeace,,,,Pow,,,,Powww

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    The weather outside is frightful, but year two of Guys We Fucked started out delightful! After the ab workout that was Vinnie's second poopie-filled visit to the show, the gals of Sorry About Last Night feel more than inspired enough to answer this week's fucker mail filled with conundrums like "What do you do when you're sexually bored in a relationship with a dude you KNOW is awesome?" and "How do you fuck when all you can think about is the one who got away?". Post fan therapy sesh, Corinne and Krystyna welcome this week's guest, MONROE MARTIN, comedian as seen on Last Comic Standing and ultimate distrust-er of women! The girls talk with Monroe about growing up in the foster care system of Philadelphia, what to do when you're snowed in with bae and how to successfully sabotage a threesome! PLUS: Casting couch porn, LIVE SHOWS! & our IndieGoGo has launched!!

    PLEASE DONATE + SHARE!! Here is the link:

    E-mail us at SorryAboutLastNightShow@gmail.com

    Tweet the ladies @SryAboutLastNyt
    Tweet Corinne @PhilanthropyGal
    Tweet Krystyna @KrystynaHutch
    Tweet Martin @MonroeMartinIII
    Visit Martin's Website: MonroeMartinComedy.com
    Instagram: instagram.com/sorryaboutlastnight
    YouTube: www.youtube.com/sryaboutlastnyt
    Tumblr: sorryaboutlastnight.tumblr.com
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/sorryaboutlastnight

    If you're in Pennsylvania on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 20th at 8PM, come see Krystyna headline in her hometown at The Montgomery Theater (124 N Main Street, Souderton, PA 18964) featuring Corinne Fisher, Dan Frigolette, and Corey Pace! Tix are $15 and we encourage everyone to buy them in advance, but you can also get them at the door for cash-money.
    FOR TIX:

    No plans for New Years Eve? Spend it with Corinne and a five hour open bar! How could that not be the best night ever? For more details, click here: www.corinnefisher.cravetickets.com

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    So Real With Madelyn ~ What have you missed?

    in Blogs

    Russel Blake ~ Author/Minister/Bassist/Motivational Speaker

    Russel Blake currently holds over 432 pieces within his repertoire encompassing Classical, Spanish Classical, Traditional Jazz, Brazil- ian, Opera, Latin & Blues music idioms. He performs works from Mozart, Beethoven, Segovia, Al- beniz, Cole Porter, Gershwin, Monk, Jobim, Stevie Wonder & Elton John!

    Over the past 3 decades, Russel Blake has established himself as a professional musician, concert soloist, educator, and author. He carries on the musical legacy of his father, Latin musical great Alexander Blake, and his brother, world renowned jazz bassist, Alex Blake. At the foundation of all of his success is Russel’s impeccable composition, theoretical and musical arrangement skills; all of which are self-taught.

    In December Mr. Blake will be releasing his New CD "Meditations II" Join us Wed 11/26/2014 at 5:30PM Central as we share with him the Blessings to come!  

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    Dissecting Docs – What’s Hot to Watch! With Dr. Don Schwartz and Carole Dean

    in Film

    Dissecting Docs covers the films "Take Back Your Power," "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead 2," "Monk with a Camera," and "Little White Lies."
    For information about Carole Dean and From the Heart Productions please visit www.FromtheHeartProductions.com. To learn more about Don Schwartz and his film reviews visit http://fromtheheartproductions.com/radio-blog/don-schwartz-blog/.

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    Stand By Your Man... Not!!!

    in Relationships

    We've heard the old, country song called "Stand by Your Man."  The phrase essentially means that a woman shows her loyalty to her man by standing with him through hard times.  All of that sounds fine and dandy, but what if hubby just does something extremely stupid?

    What about Bill Clinton cheating on Hillary and making a national spectacle out of the White House?  Did he deserve to have Hillary stand by his side at the press conferences?  What about Kobe Bryant being accused of raping a woman in Vail, CO?  Even though he didn't go to jail, he did cheat on his wife.  She sat beside him during press conferences as he misled the media into thinking he didn't do anything wrong (legally or morally).

    At what point is a woman to wash her hands of a dude and move on?  We'll discuss that and more on this episode of the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!

    "No experts.  Just opinions."

    Show No. 418

    Scheduled for 120 mins.


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