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    Getting Baum Assed,Shredding Clowns, And Getting Down And Dirty With Dinosaurs

    in Entertainment

    Welcome to Wicked Little Things!  Join us as we get wicked and get to know some of your favorite authors, artists,and other favorite people.

    Review Chamber: Featuring an honest book review by Jodie Manning

    Shredded Naked: An up close and personal interview with Charie D Lamarr

    Doc's Damned Diatribe: Doc Ferrel is given a secret word and we listen to him rant about it


    Special Guests:

    R.T. Sirk: Up and coming author
    David McGlumphy: Artist and published author

    Thank you for all of your support and remember to stay smoth!

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    Shredded Naked with Lisa Dabrowski and Fantasizing with Kevin Candela

    in Entertainment

    Welcome to Wicked Little Things!  Join us as we try out a new format for the show, new features, and amazing new guests!

    Review Chamber: Featuring an honest book review by Denise Kinsella Keef

    Shredded Naked: An up close and personal interview with Lisa Dabrowski

    Doc's Damned Diatribe: Doc Ferrel is given a secret word and we listen to him rant about it


    Special Guests:

    Kevin Candela: Author of the Dragon's Game Trilogy
    Devout student of the supernatural
    Collector of Stones records and Godzilla figurines
    Cat wrangler
    Amateur philosopher
    Host of SF Golden Dawn FB Page
    Second smartest person in 2-person household
    Ancient Alien theorist supporter
    Guitarist/songwriter for many bands that have never quite come together
    Creator of the alchemical horoscope

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    Rental Fraud: What Is Rental/Lease Agreement Fraud? Season 1 ep. 1

    in Education

    The topic of this show, is about "Rental Fraud." What is lease agreement fraud? And, is lease agreement fraud discoverable and what does your landlord got to do with it?  What is the first signs...??

    After signing a lease to move in, then signing another lease for transfer to another apartment, then signing another lease for recertification and then signing a lease/application for HUD housing, as though you just moved in on another month with hiked rent and outstanding balance, you don't know about, and its kept on a "Ledger" .  
    Why I had to sign so many leases and which lease is the legal lease? You need to ask for your file...and make copies and keep all documents to to discover rent/lease agreement Fraud.
    Do your landlord get upset when you ask for your files to look at?  Other subjects matter for the show are as follows:

    Has your landlord's attitude changed, when you ask for a rent reduction?
    When you have not been given notices for foreclosure issues concerning the property you rent from?
    When asking for your files?
    When the previous landlord starts filing for 5 day pay or quit and eviction proceedings, because another management took over. Do you still owe the previous landlord rent?
    When the landlord makes you pay cost for things that are not a part of your lease agreement.
    When filing for grievances.
    Landlord retaliation, is this legal?
    What is your rights, when a landlord tries to make you feel inferior and harassed.

    Is lease agreement fraud illegal; what to look for, and who to contact? Come help and support this cause and empower someone that don't know!!

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    Back to the Basics, Author Talk, Civil Engineers, and International Relations

    in Entertainment

    Gregg Zimmerman is, by profession,  a licensed civil engineer in the State of Washington. He currently serves as the Public Works Director for a mid-sized city in the Seattle suburbs. He enjoys writing imaginative fiction, with several published stories mostly within the broad supernatural genre. He is an avid reader and book collector, his oldest volumes dating from the Civil War era (English Civil War that is - mid 1600's). 

    David P. Forsyth holds a master’s degree in international relations and has pursued diverse interests and career paths. He is a licensed pilot and certified scuba diver. An avid reader of sci-fi, action-adventure, techno-thriller, horror, fantasy and apocalyptic fiction, Mr. Forsyth's professional endeavors have ranged from international trade to travel marketing, and from charter aviation to construction management. David lives in Malibu, California, with the love of his life, Pamela, and six munchkin cats. His goal is to become a successful enough author to focus on writing, and explore the world. He also buys the occasional lottery ticket.

    Hosts: Essel Scott Pratt, Doc Ferrel, John Ledger, and catt dahman

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    Chatting Up With DA Roberts: Writing, Corrections, Feeling Good In The Darkness

    in Entertainment

    Breaking the Mold with DA Roberts:
    Well, the first thing they tell you about writing an author's bio is write it in the third person or to let someone else do it for you. If you know me at all, you'd know that approach doesn't really work for me. I'm a hands-on kind of guy. I've never been afraid to jump in and get my hands dirty. So, please bear that in mind as I take a stab at this bio-thing.First and foremost, I'm a hillbilly from the hills of rural Missouri. I was born into a big family. I'm the youngest of a brood of eleven brothers and sisters. My mother was married more than once, so some of us have different last names. That might make them half-siblings in the truest sense of things, but we grew up together. We're family and they are my brothers and sisters. Nothing can or will ever change that. So, in order from oldest to youngest, it goes: Danny Roberts, Ronnie Gilbreath, Lee Gilbreath, Donna Arnold, Vinnie Haefner, Sheila Haefner, Buddy Haefner, Bryan Haefner, Becky Corning, and Bill Roberts. I make eleven. It was this diverse family and rural upbringing that led me to dream of becoming an author. Along with my mother and father, they all helped to encourage my dream.

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    The Walking Dead Re-Cap and Horror Talk with Horrific People

    in Entertainment

    Hosts recap the popular show: The Walking Dead with  guest, Denise Kinsella Keef. Is Glenn Dead? What will Rick do? Do we still like Morgan? Is Carol really that bad ass?

    Random horror chat with John Ledger. When he is on the show, there is never a dull moment!

    Hosts: Essel Scott Pratt, Doc Ferrell, and catt dahman

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    power of perception thinkers Christopher Michael Cannon

    in Spirituality

     Christopher Michael Cannon, Born in 1993, here in indiana, America. 22 years old Lived in newburgh most of my educated life, though i,ve moved out and back home more than once. i’ve Often been known as Mr. Stumbles by my peers..  due to how often i’ve found my way in and out of trouble, throughout the years. Ive been studying at the University of southern Indiana for almost 4 years now, somewhat unsteadily observing and re?ecting from the lessons and material, exposure. Main focus has been broadcasting and communications, though i’ve had a lot of interest in art, sociology and theatre. Lots of drawling/ painting, and graphics.. (Works of in?uence - Aristotle, Socrates,  Albert einstein, Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking, Heath Ledger, Jim Carrey, Terrance McKenna, Steve Jobs, Pixar. Music- Varies, Twenty-one-pilots also Mrsuicidesheep, off the top of my brain.. ) - talking points Not doing too great, however feel like its not gone to waste, lots of un?nished works, im constantly monitoring and adding on to. through some of the social media outlets. #Google+ #Twitter #Youtube More or less #Facebook and #instagram #picsart also is a great app.. I have one sister, named Katie who's awesome and helped me get through,  Ive never had a brother, so friendship is a major value of mine.
    Your new each morning, and you die each night.. is a thought

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    Books, Creativity, Research, Indie Author, Makeup, Gaming, and More!

    in Entertainment

    Join us on Wicked Little Things as we talk to Author Christopher St. John Sampayo and Scarlett A McKernan. 


    Christopher St. John Sampayo currently has 4 books available: Haunting of Rosehaven, Ghosts of Glass, Fields of Frozen Stars, and Shadows of the Inferno.


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    Cajun Fun, Nurses Gone Wild, and A Rabbit Down a Hole

    in Entertainment

    Derrick LaCombe was born and raised in the city of New Orleans. The unique culture he was exposed to helped shape his zest for life - from world famous Mardi Gras to Cajun food, and a vigorous creative arts scene. He was choses for the Zombie Book of the Month Clue. HERE

    Richard D Ramsey is father, husband and restless spirit.. He lives in Deep East Texas.  "Order of the Firewalker"  He writes about his true-life experiences for the TV show "Untold Stories of the ER" and has starred in two episodes showing on TLC and Discovery Fit and Health. Richard D Ramsey is a classically trained musician who plays and sings classic rock, blues and country. HERE

    John Ledger has a new anthology in play and rabbits will go down holes! There will be a tea party! He will discuss this, his experience, and how being sexy sells books. XXX

    Hosts: Essel Scott Pratt, Doc Ferrel, and catt dahman

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    Michael Fenster perseverance has served him well here is what you can do

    in Motivation

    Michael Fensters' motto is: Happy are those who don't fear to see the sun going down, but instead look forward to watching the stars come out.

    Accounting and financial professional with experience in the following: Budgeting, General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Management Reporting, Grant Reporting, Cost Containment, Forecasting and Percentage of Completion Accounting. 
    · Ability to quickly analyze and understand “the total business picture.” 
    · Commitment to accuracy, attention to detail, follow-through and the ability to quickly learn new
    concepts, accounting and computer software programs.
    · Excellent written, analytical research and oral communication skills- able to interpret detailed accounting
    and financial concepts to finance as well as non-finance professionals.
    · Customer and employee database management.
    · Strong mathematical aptitude and analytical skills.
    · Strong-interpersonal skills: accountability, courtesy, tact, patience, and strong team orientation.

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    Hallow-Wicked Fun with Horror Writers

    in Entertainment

    Doc Ferrel and catt dahman check in and discuss the latest in horror.

    John Ledger talks projects and writing and will generally shock listeners with his crazy ideas. Unfiltered and uncensored.

    Special guest from the "Land Down Under", Toneye Eyenot tells us what he is reading, writing,and planning to do as far as buying the bodies. Heavey Metal madness.


    Secrets, floppy shoes, werewolf anthologies, and much more. Nothing will remain serious and we expect to get a "explicit" rating again but know that the show will be wicked fun!