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    Generation NEXT! Live with Greater Change's New Interns!

    in Motivation

    Tune in today to hear some "weekend ready" music and enjoy the fresh insights from our newest interns today at 12:00pm (PST)!!


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    Hair on Fire News Talk Radio/ AZGOP Interns

    in Politics Conservative

    On  2-13-14 I interviewed the AZGOP interns, what a very nice group of young people. Matt -Outreach Co-Ordinator, Brandon-Student Co-Ordinator and Fundraising,Jennifer-Director of Operations,Annica-Communications Co-Ordinator and Mark whom I had met previously,Community Co-Ordinator.

    A very nice,ethusiastic group. Loved interacting with them.Also available in iTunes

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    The Legal Show Paid Interns – The CBS Controversy

    in Legal

    Attorney Sarah Steele and writer Bennet Pomerantz discuss the subjects of the day.
    The audience should know that although Ms. Steele is a licensed attorney, she is not offering legal advice in any capacity, is not establishing an attorney/client relationship with anyone listening to the show, and recommends that any listener of the show consult a local attorney for any legal advice they may require.
    This show is about us discussing hot topics and how they relate to the law.
    Tonight we discuss the topic of interns.  CBS and Worldwide Pants, the production company behind the “Late Show With David Letterman,” are embroiled in a class-action lawsuit that was filed first by a woman that claims that she worked as an intern on the show, and was wrongfully denied wages and overtime pay.  Should all internships be paid or should some remain unpaid positions?  Tune in to hear the hosts discuss the intern debate.

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    VOC Nation Entertainment: Funhouse with AK

    in Entertainment

    VOC Nation Entertainment: Funhouse with AK: Welcome to the world of the AK, your going to laugh or at least chuckle, we got movie reviews, the host yelling at his college interns and were taking calls at 855 862-7234, anything could happen were an open forum of topics and current events, so join in the fun and give a listen, it will be a hoot!

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    Hair on Fire news Talk Radio/Guest AZ GOP Interns

    in Politics Conservative

    Matt,Brandon,Jennifer,Annica and Mark

    On Thursday Feb. 13th I met with these 5 AZ GOP interns and BOY! was I impressed. The are smart dedicated and enthusiastic. The Republican are lucky to have them working at the GOP.

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    Young Interns On A Mission With Love,

    in Lifestyle

    Six male interns on a mission take on love, the sage and their dreams, after a dip in the pool.
    ILICET - A Time To Begin Again
    A Sound Byte Life
    Flight Of The Fused Monkeys
    The Journey - Life Blog
    Eddie Garcia, Tito Duran, Fernando, Bryan Heriquez, Raul Hernadez and Luis Ramos Manccera..

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    The Green Guy

    in Self Help

    Tune in tonight, Spelman College,a HBCU(historical black college and university) is back on the show with Director of Facilities Management, Art Frazier and his lady student interns that have grabbed headlines around the country for their work in sustainability on campus and making Spelman College one of the greenest colleges according to the Princeton Review!

    Don't miss this show!


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    How To Outsource With Interns

    in Business

    How To Outsource With Interns Is the Subject Of Today's Call.
    Today’s call is with Justin Lee.  Justin Lee is the Owner and CEO of InternProfits.com.  Justin will be discussing the benefits, ins and outs of outsourcing and a solution that is virtually untapped in the marketplace.  Just will explain how solo businesses, small businesses and even middle market businesses can tap into the power of outsourcing, without the headache of working with or dealing with overseas workers. 
    What Justin will be sharing is how you can work with the very best talent at a fraction of the cost of a full time hire.

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    Mixer to Benefit Jovenes Inc., homeless youth shelter

    in Business

    Denis Quiñones will talk about Jovenes Inc whichwelcomes homeless, at-risk youth (18-25) and gives them a chance to create a path to personal growth and success. We provide stable housing and other community based services that create opportunities for them to live productive lives.

     In addition, Jovenes Inc provides homeless youth with an unique opportunity to participate in our “University of Success”; A 16 weeks internship program for youth to gain valuable skills and motivation to return to school and seek employment. We would like to ask you for your support donating professional clothing for our youth-interns.

    Please save the date, confirm your participation and your organization’s participation. Professional clothing may be something many may take for granted, but for our homeless youth; it could make the difference to be better prepared for a job interview and be able to change their lives. For more information about Jovenes Inc. please visit their website at www.jovenesinc.org .

    "Latino Role Model and Success"
    Armando F. Sanchez, Executive Producer and Host

    Successful persons are leaders and had to overcome many obstacles in order to succeed.  Show guests highlight what obstacles we can all encounter.  Guests offer practical advice and strategies of how to overcome barriers and achieve.

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    Not Your Boogeyman

    in Education

    Tune in tonight as CAN Radio hosts discuss news of the day, and delve into the topic of autism as "boogeyman."

    Autism remains misunderstood, and has been exploited to the ends of the Earth. As the general public is immeresed in fearful rhetoric and dangerous myths, autistic individuals and families have suffered a great deal. Learn how many activists and advocates are fighting back against fear, contempt and oppression with Walk In Red and other activities.

    Hosts: Dr. Julian Darius, CAN President and Emily Malabey, CAN Founder

    Thanks to all CAN volunteers and CAN Radio interns.


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    Here are two Artist that in most part have been performing over ten years & have won numerous awards with two bamds. The duo have an innovative style which caught the attention of many radio stations, Interns as well as landed a magazine feature which launched this team into the lime light. Theey have developed a new dynamic, and diverse sound that they coined Hip Hop Soul Tap which in turn created a new genre of Hip Hop. The two created their 22 Song Mp3 release in 2012 and earned critical acclaim in the often described underground rap scene. As a result the numbers of fans have grown imensely.

    The MONEY TEAM consists of CEO & Entertainer TEF-D-:Born Michael Peacock of Chicago, Illinois, along with female member THE L-DON Born Audreena Saran Simpson. The two have created Over 300 songs since 2008 when they first teamed up. Now this break away rap act has expressed even more ambition to take their careers to an even higher music level than they ever thought.

    CHENA-RECORDS-Which Stands For Chicago's Explosive New Artist! Is An Affiliated Company Which is Host To Many Companies Within It Self. In 2014-15 The Team Had Single Handedly Created Three Different Corporate Entities 1.)Promotion company titled AMCAdvanced Music Connection 2.) Clothing & Apparel Line titled M.T. FragrancesFashion 3.)Head CEO/Artist Of CHENA-RECORDS with this as the back drop leading to motion picture offers & collaborations with many artist looking to perform with this extrodinary rap team.

    Twitter @TEFDee Instagram TEFD1