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    Generation NEXT! Live with Greater Change's New Interns!

    in Motivation

    Tune in today to hear some "weekend ready" music and enjoy the fresh insights from our newest interns today at 12:00pm (PST)!!


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    Hair on Fire News Talk Radio/ AZGOP Interns

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    On  2-13-14 I interviewed the AZGOP interns, what a very nice group of young people. Matt -Outreach Co-Ordinator, Brandon-Student Co-Ordinator and Fundraising,Jennifer-Director of Operations,Annica-Communications Co-Ordinator and Mark whom I had met previously,Community Co-Ordinator.

    A very nice,ethusiastic group. Loved interacting with them.Also available in iTunes

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    The Legal Show Paid Interns – The CBS Controversy

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    Attorney Sarah Steele and writer Bennet Pomerantz discuss the subjects of the day.
    The audience should know that although Ms. Steele is a licensed attorney, she is not offering legal advice in any capacity, is not establishing an attorney/client relationship with anyone listening to the show, and recommends that any listener of the show consult a local attorney for any legal advice they may require.
    This show is about us discussing hot topics and how they relate to the law.
    Tonight we discuss the topic of interns.  CBS and Worldwide Pants, the production company behind the “Late Show With David Letterman,” are embroiled in a class-action lawsuit that was filed first by a woman that claims that she worked as an intern on the show, and was wrongfully denied wages and overtime pay.  Should all internships be paid or should some remain unpaid positions?  Tune in to hear the hosts discuss the intern debate.

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    Hair on Fire news Talk Radio/Guest AZ GOP Interns

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    Matt,Brandon,Jennifer,Annica and Mark

    On Thursday Feb. 13th I met with these 5 AZ GOP interns and BOY! was I impressed. The are smart dedicated and enthusiastic. The Republican are lucky to have them working at the GOP.

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    Young Interns On A Mission With Love,

    in Lifestyle

    Six male interns on a mission take on love, the sage and their dreams, after a dip in the pool.
    ILICET - A Time To Begin Again
    A Sound Byte Life
    Flight Of The Fused Monkeys
    The Journey - Life Blog
    Eddie Garcia, Tito Duran, Fernando, Bryan Heriquez, Raul Hernadez and Luis Ramos Manccera..

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    How To Outsource With Interns

    in Business

    How To Outsource With Interns Is the Subject Of Today's Call.
    Today’s call is with Justin Lee.  Justin Lee is the Owner and CEO of InternProfits.com.  Justin will be discussing the benefits, ins and outs of outsourcing and a solution that is virtually untapped in the marketplace.  Just will explain how solo businesses, small businesses and even middle market businesses can tap into the power of outsourcing, without the headache of working with or dealing with overseas workers. 
    What Justin will be sharing is how you can work with the very best talent at a fraction of the cost of a full time hire.

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    Conquering your fear of hiring with guest host Christopher Harris, Faith Growth

    in Marketing

    Join Heather Steele with guest host Christopher Harris from Faith Growth. Learn how to conquer your fear of hiring employees and interns and how to go from a solopreneur business to bringing on your first employees.

    Topics included in this chat:

    It seems like alot of the business owners I talk to are really afraid of the thought of hiring someone, did you have any fear or reservations before you jumped in?

    What was the deciding factor for you? What made you bite the bullet and bring someone on

    If you could give 3 pieces of advice to someone else in the position you were in, what would that be?

    I know you've brought on an intern to work with you, is that different for you than a full time employee?

    Did you hire them directly or work with the University?

    I believe in hiring people who are better than you at what they do, but interns come to us needing their skillset developed. Do you find there are other benefits of working with interns vs full time employees?

    Will you be expanding your team any further? What does the future hold for your intern?

    About your host, Ms. Heather Steele: 

    Heather is the Chief Marketing Officer for Blue Steele Solutions, in Denton, Texas. She is a marketing professional specializing in interactive/Web marketing. She practices innovative operations and process development with a knack for making the most out of small marketing/sales budgets and personnel.

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    Jerry Seinfeld and the Backtrack

    in Pop Culture

    Jerry Seinfeld stirred up some controversy after telling NBC's Brian Williams that he identifies with the autism spectrum. The reactions were immediate and passionate.Some activists have said that Jerry was shamed and bullied back into the closet.

    Last week, Jerry reportedly backtracked. Outlets like the LA Times are claiming he self--diagnosed, and that he is now "recanting."

    So, what is really going on? Did Jerry self--diagnose and then backtrack? Did he disclose that he identified, then felt the need to clarify---or backtrack?  Is it all a misunderstanding? Does it matter?

    The Thanksgiving holiday is just days away. What are you thankful for?

    We are thankful for you. We are thankful for the ability to continue with this show and its internship program.

    Along with bringing you these shows, the program serves as an internship for autistic individuals to gain valuable experience in radio show production.

    To learn more about the show, the internship program, sponsorship, or requests, please see the website.

    As always, we thank each of the volunteers and interns for their hard work and dedication.

    From our family to yours--have a safe, joyful holiday.



    Photo: Jerry Seinfeld tells reporter Brian Williams that he believes he could be on the autism spectrum. (Dave Kotinsky / Getty Images)

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    BME LLC Presents Promote Yourself Sunday's

    in Music

    Checkout BME LLC Presents Promote Yourself.  Where the independent artist can call and show support to other indie aritsts as well as request their music to be played. Join us each Sunday Afternoon from 8pm to 10pm on Home Team Radio. Tune in and enjoy a good show we got some scheduled interviews, new indie music, more throwback music, a little major music, request by callers, and more! You have to be tuned in to experience it the shows get better and better as more people get involved. We looking for serious people to host on our station and interns are welcome as well get up with me bme252@gmail.com or Lo Lo G my CEO of station at hometeamradioceo@gmail.com so we can conduct business.

    I host every sunday so tune in and get involved with topics and news voice your opinion 760-454-1118! Want your music on my show send MP3 ONLY!!!! to bme252@gmail.com with your name, song name, social media to get your music on my show but it gots to be hot or it will NOT get played

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    Thanks, Jerry Seinfeld

    in Education

    So glad to be back on this week!

    We got recent news, updates and resources for you, plus:
    What could be wrong with an adult publicly disclosing how he identifies?

    Sharing some personal insight, Jerry Seinfeld recently revealed in an interview that he thinks he is probably on the spectrum. And the autism community reacted. The positive, welcoming responses came out in spades from many autistic advocates, while some complained that he is "too successful" to really be autistic. And it dodn't stop there.

    Bath and Body Works has been a successful business, but is experiencing backlash after several of its stores reportedly told people with disabilities to get out, or were blocked from coming in at all.

    We'll dish it out on all of this on today's show.

    Thanks to our talented interns and volunteers for helping to keep our radio program going.


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    TonyBrunoShow the Podcast LIVE Tue 6-8pm EST

    in Radio

    We're taking calls and talking Eagles Post Monday Night Blowout against the Panthers from 6p to 8p EST. 

    If you want to call in and talk to Tony dial 914-219-0864 & press 1.  

    One of our Call Screener/Interns/Unpaid Assistants will get your name and put you in Queue. How beautiful if that?


    FYI - Stream Quality is inferior to the Show Recording Quality which is done via Digital Studio Equipment. Please make sure to download the HD Quality Podcast from www.TonyBrunoShow.me or on apps such as iTunes, Stitcher and Yahoo Sports Radio

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