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    The Indy Cafe FotoVisura, global networking platform for photographers!

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    Fotovisura is the global networking platform for photography and media:
    Fotovisura is the global networking platform for photographers, editors and organizations to connect, share, hire and get hired. The platform is three-tiered offering: photographers an annual membership which includes a hosted website linked to our networking platform with access to additional resources and tools to further your work and career; editors, image buyers and researchers, a profile with access to light-boxes, our advanced search engine and marketing tools; and media organizations, a profile to share and promote your about, mission statement and news to our networking platform. Fotovisura.com's mission is to build a virtual home where the key players in the photography and media industry can connect, share and network as well as obtain interconnected resources and marketing tools to further their mission, work and career. http://www.fotovisura.com

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    TCRN presents Trivium Cafe Episode 028: TSA/Self-Ownership

    in Education

    Today we look at the morality of the TSA and if what the TSA is doing violates the Self-Ownership Principle.  We will gather raw data which is knowledge.  We will observe that which is.  The conductors will ask & answer the question Who, What, Where, and When?  Are the actions of the TSA right or wrong when it comes to your property and if you refuse is it right for them to hinder your ability to move freely on this planet?  That is the premise!  

    Do not forget to check out the FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE.  There you can interact with the host and other listeners in real time.  Also, it is a great suplement to the show.  Also, check out the TCRN Website for Updates.

    Welcome to the Cafe!!!!


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    Ladies and Gentleman.. Boys and Girls.. I would like to invite you to tune in and check out the only Show dedicated to Sportsman Drag Racing PRESENTED TO YOU BY SIDS SHEET METAL AND UNITED AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES...  We will be live from the big GO.. AKA the US Nationals at INDY!!  We will have not 1 but 2 live reporters on the ground.. We would like to welcome Brina Splingaire to the team.. Brina is competing and reporting for us!!!  Also joining Brina will be our man, Rob Jackson.  AKA Ground Force 1.  They will be cruising the pits, talking to the teams.  So with it being a live Show you never know who they may meet up with..  So be sure to TUNE IN AND CHECK US OUT LIVE WEDS AT 7PM EST.  www.blogtalkradio.com/wheelzupradio


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    THURSDAY SEPT. 3rd NOON CST on Equestrian Legacy Radio's CAMPFIRE CAFE'

    Don't Miss this Action Packed Show when we visit with UNBRANDED's BEN MASTERS....BEST OF AMERICA BY HORSEBACK's DEL SHIELDS entertains us and you'll learn all you want to know about the exciting sport of COWBOY MOUNTED SHOOTING with DIANNE LIPHAM and JENNIFER KEY on This Weeks CAMPFIRE CAFE'.

    Join GARY HOLT and BOBBI JEAN BELL every Thursday at Noon CST with lively conversation and music from your favorite entertainers as well as interesting stories and information from guest in the wonderful World of Horses!
    EQUESTRIAN LEGACY RADIO is Heard Around the World on our FREE Mobile App and Online at www.equestrianlegacy.net

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    Talley Cafe' Live : 11pm EST Talkin'Clean-up Woman&MrFixit Call (914) 803-4445

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    1.If in a committed relationship, is it OK to have best friends of the opposite sex? 
    2.Once you cross the frindship line sexually, is it possible to go back as friends?
    3. Adult topic: Clean up woman & Mr.Fix-it: How do you keep them away?

    Let's talk about it!  As always, buckle up this will be crazy fun, and we ALWAYS run out of time 

    Call in (914) 803-4445 


  • The Faith Cafe With Joyce Carpenter For 9-2-2015

    in Religion


    The Faith Cafe With Evangelist Joyce Carpenter
    Join Her: Wednesdays @ 3:30 PM (PST) - 6:30 PM (EST)
    Call: 424-243-9644 

    Join anointed Evangelist and Bible Teacher; Joyce Carpenter in the "Faith Cafe" to learn how we can increase our faith, transform our lives, and change our world by learning how to wholly trust in the promises of God, because when real faith is present great things will surely happen! So grab your latte and your Bible, and join Evangelist Joyce in the "Cafe" 

  • #WHRADIO: What's Next for the Independent Scene?

    in Wrestling

    The Wrestling Heads Radio team returns to the air on the Elite Podcast Network to discuss the world of independent & mainstream wrestling including such topics as NXT, ROH + so much more.

    @wrestlingheads @elitepodcastnet



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    In The Dog House

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    In The Dog House Show with your Hosts INDY Ranger and Bubba and Tab

    A different look at things that matter to you, from breaking news, History and  how to prepare for what's coming.  We'll even play some great music.  Please join us! 

  • KarmaCafe/UrbanTherapy

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    Tune in tonight for KARMA CAFE "URBAN THERAPY" Call us up with your problems, or you can call in and put people on blast! @ (424) 243-9649 .. Got problems ?? we gonna HOOD solve em! 50%Talk 50%music  Dont forget to check out our 24/7 station @ www.monsterusradio.com

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    TC 269 Celebrating Wayne Dyer

    in Self Help

    Wayne Dyer started his life with many challenges, join us in the Transformation Cafe as we celebrate his triumph over adversity through his discovery of spiritual love and transformation. We'd love for you join us and we've saved you a spot here at the Transformation Cafe. We are live at 9 pm PST.

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    HEELZiggler.com: Marking Out in the Morning (Ep 24, 9/3/15)

    in Wrestling

    NXT Review! SmackDown Preview! 3XW Champ interview!

    We'll be here every morning to provide you with the latest news, rumors and results from the world of professional wrestling. That includes all things WWE (Raw, SmackDown, NXT, Tough Enough, Total Divas, the Network), TNA, GFW, ROH and the Indys. Live, Monday through Friday, beginning at 10 a.m. EST. Call us to share your take on things: 657-383-1786. You can also Tweet at us (@HEELZiggler_com) or find and join the live Periscope!

    Co-hosts and featured guests will vary, especially early on, but you will always get a well-rounded take on all newsworthy items relevant to the IWC. We're scheduled to be joined by our Periscope loyalist Chase (@chasem262), Kyle from Obtuse Angles (@ObtusePodcast), and possibly a representative from the SOS Wrestle Talk podcast (@SOSWrestleTalk). The show ends with an interview of Midwest indy wrestler "The Fittest Wrestler in the World" Mark Sterling, pre-recorded from the previous night.