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    How to Beat the Holiday Blues with Paul Morris

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    Paul Morris is an Emotional Healer, Life Coach, Author and Sales Trainer. Paul is the developer of The Emotional Control Method™ and The Morris Method™, the natural way for Conquering Depression for Life™.

    On this show I, your host will give you simple holistic methods for feeling better around the holidays and any other time by learning the “Happiness Habit.” This stuff really works! Find me @ www.conqueringdepressionforlife.com 

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    Beating The Holiday Blues

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    For millions of people across the nation; the holiday season is NOT a joyous occasion. We speak with the lead guitarist of The Band LOVETT, Bradly McDonald on how he celebrates the season and provide strategies on how YOU can beat the holiday blues!

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    Beat Those Holiday Blues!

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    The holiday season can be tough for those of us who feel like we're the only ones not celebrating. Whether you're feeling alone because you are the only one who doesn't celebrate Christmas or because you don't have a family to celebrate with, hang on! In this 30 minute segment, we're going to discuss some of the reasons you may have the holiday blues and what to do to help yourself feel better.

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    Holiday Survival Guide: Overcoming Holiday Blues & Depression

    in Relationships

    Singles, it is that time of year again!  The HOLIDAYS!  Most people do love the holiday season....BUT it also brings on depression and loneliness for some.  Join me as I interview Avalaura Gaither Beharry, MSW, LGSW, as we chat about holiday blues, depression and how to overcome it.


    Avalaura is the founder and owner of Avalaura’s Healing Center, a holistic wellness center in College Park, MD.  She combines her formal education, intuitive wisdom and life experiences to help people in the DC area and around the world to heal and transform their lives. 

    Her goal is to assist, inspire and empower individuals to discover their true selves and divine potential to live the lives they were born to live.  Many of her clients are women who feel lost, unbalanced, unfulfilled and in search of change, purpose and direction.  They love her grounded, passionate approach, sage advice and guidance.  She provides one on one, in-person and phone/Skype sessions, and offers workshops and speaking engagements on dream interpretation, living your purpose, manifesting your dreams and more!

    Avalaura is a Licensed Graduate Social Worker who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Howard University in Washington, DC.  For more information about her, visit her website at www.avalaura.com.  Get the Intro to her new book "Power" and daily words of inspiration by joining her mailing list on her website. 

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    The Parker J Cole Show -- Ferguson and the Holiday Blues

    in Radio

    The events in Ferguson that have unfolded in the past months leaves a lot of questions which need to be asked, questions which need to be answered, and directed guide as to how to move forward. There's so much about this issue we need to talk about. Racism, police procedures, citizen's responsibility to respect for the law and more are just some of the topics.

    It may be the 'most wonderful time of the year' for some. However, a lot of us only want the Christmas season to be gone as soon as possible. It brings memories of loved ones gone or bad memories of growing up. Whatever it is, we want t help you survive the holidays. Join me as I talk about this with my returning guest, Thomas Smith. You can call in at 646-595-2083, press 1 to be live on air. Or, you can download the WLUV radio mobile app today. Tune in!

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    "CleftCast" ... Sidestep Those Holiday Blues ...

    in Health

    It's the most wonderful time of the year ... at least it is supposed to be! For many in the cleft and craniofacial community, the holiday season can either be a welcoming time for family and friends or it can be an absolute downer. From Thanksgiving to Hanukkah to Christmas to New Year's Day, simply getting from one day to the next becomes a problem. Host Joe Rutland has been through his share of not-so-pleasant holidays and, through his experiences, offers some choice suggestions for himself and everyone to take heed of so the holiday season can be a bit lighter and joyous. Download "CleftCast" at iTunes and Blog Talk Radio. Every minute counts ... and you are loved.

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    Misconceptions of Twin-Flame Relationships & Relieving Holiday Blues

    in Paranormal

    call in number to speak to host (push 1 on keypad) or to listen: (347)855-8164 Welcome to SACRED ROSE ENERGIES w/ your host Brenda Tenerelli... TONIGHT : Misconceptions of Twin-Flame Relationships and Relieving Holiday Blues

    Tonight we'll talk about misconceptions regarding Twin-Flames and how to understand this Divine Relationship better. We'll also talk about Holiday Blues, missing loved ones, and how to alleviate this.

    Brenda's angel healing:  http://www.angelhealingandteaching.com/

    Brenda's Sacred Rose FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/163106240460394/

    To find all the hosts & updates on many shows join cathies DistantEchos FB..  https://www.facebook.com/groups/112690372148470/

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    Talk Back Tuesdays: Holiday Blues

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    As we enter into festive times with our loved ones and friends let's remember that not everyone has family and friends to connect with. We often take for granted that their is someone to go home too or share a meal with together.

    Many people are grieving at this time of year due to loss of a loved one,  financial hardship, or just the weather can cause people to feel down, isolated, and depressed.  Pride and Fear are two main factors that keep us stuck and bound in isolation and depression. We will discuss ways to get out of a "funk" and how to deal with loneliness during this season and  for a lifetime.

    Let's talk about what it means to be and the difference between being Lonely, Alone, and Loneliness.

    1. Are you feeling overwhelmed from too many commitments, financial hardships, or unrealistic expectations?
    2.Are you experiencing frequent headaches, excessive drinking or overeating, or insomnia?
    3.Do you find yourself being isolated from friends or co-workers, crying or feeling "down" during this time of the year?
    4. Do you feel emotionally isolated and you have family and friends around?
    5. Do you dread being alone at this time of the year?


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    The Holiday Blues - how to deal with depression during the Holidays

    in Lifestyle

    This one hour special will deal with the Holiday blues and the depression that can affect us for diffrent reasons.

    I just had a break up and I am dont feel like celebrating.

    I don't have any family or friends to celebrate with.

    Everyone came for the holidays and now they are GONE!

    Things just arent like they used to be.

    Everyone is fighting and I cant stand it.

    Why do I have to be single again this year?

    Meeting the his/her family didnt go well... they hate me.

    I am not ready to meet his/her family and my partner is mad at me.

    Why cant we just have a perfect holiday celebration?

    These questions and more for this Holiday Special

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    Help for the Holiday Blues

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    Help for the Holiday Blues (and all your other problems too).

    Be forgiving to others,
    Don't resent your mothers.
    Forgive your old dad,
    He wasn't that bad.

    Watch out for irritation.
    Meditate for inspiration.
    Stand back - watch irritation from the distance.
    Don't struggle with resentful resistance

    Remember to be thankful
    For good things that happen to you.
    Don't forget to be grateful
    For bad things that haven't happened too.

    Life is really simple and not so complicated,
    Let go of resentment, and your bp won't be elevated.

    Don't' resent other's imperfections
    Don't eat too many sweet confections,
    Use your sleeve when you have to sneeze.
    And don't indulge your fantasies.

    Thank the Heavens above,
    For faith, hope and love too.
    It's doubt and resentment that separate them from you.

    You can't give yourself faith,
    But you can learn to patiently resist the doubt.

    You can't give yourself love,
    But when you are patient and don't yell and shout -
    Love appears within from the Good Lord above.

    Warming your soul and dissolving what made you blue,
    Giving you patience for others and for yourself too.


    Never before have people had it so good, had so much help, and so many labor-saving devices. Yet people feel unhappy, unfulfilled and unloved. What is missing? Listen to Roland talk about the solution. Don't miss Roland's down-to-earth spiritual and emotional wellness clues based on two decades of experience. Read more



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    Positive Strategies For Overcoming The Holiday Blues

    in Romance

    The holidays are supposed to be a time of happiness, good cheer, joy, fellowship with loved ones and optimistic hopes for the coming new year. The holiday season is also a busier and more stressful time. We have more things to do, more things to buy, there is more traffic, parking is more difficult, stores are crowded and we wait longer. The extra demands on our time, attention, energy and finances can be very stressful, and for some, the "holiday blues." Join us as we discuss how to overcome holiday blues and save your relationships. Our Guests are:

    **Dr. Willene Abigail McClain. Dr. McClain is a Women's Pastor, licensed and ordained Minister and Licensed Psychologist, Counselor and Motivational Speaker. She is also the founder of Women Sitting At The Feet Of Jesus which is a Women's Ministry helping women develop a personal relationship with God through meditation and prayer.

    **Pamela King is a wife, mother, sister, and aunt. She scrapbooks for a hobby. She is a business woman that owns two businesses of her own. She is a Marrriage and Relationship Coach who is also the Co-founder of Still Dating My Spouse, a concept that builds on the idea of continuous dating throughout marriage.

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