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    Halloween Hangover 2015

    in Entertainment

    Are you ready to cure that post Halloween hangover? Drink too much? Eat too much candy? Remember to set your clocks back an hour so you can tune in LIVE this Sunday at 11AM EST for another edition of the Bumming With Bobcat Podcast!

    We will be covering all the 2015 Halloween shenanigans along with drinking and party stories. Have any wild Halloween party stories to tell? Call in!

    Thunder Dew is a Halloween tradition and has been named the BWB Bum Wine Concoction Of The Week! It's also the perfect way to start off your day! Mix up a glass and join in the action!

    All the latest news and updates with the BWB NFL Pick 'EM and week 8 of NFL action will be covered as well!

    All that and MORE on this weeks episode! Want to be part of the show? The phone lines will be open and you are welcome to call in at 347-826-9598 to join in the discussion. Cheers!

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    The Hangover

    in Football

    Brian Lennon and Gary McDaniel gather to discuss the effects of Brian's Super Bowl hangover and get ready for the Major League Baseball season by discussing some spring training news.
    We'll also discuss some movie news and get a preview of the OSCARS.
    And as always, we'll get Gary's News of the Weird.

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    Cure an Expectation Hangover with Christine Hassler

    in Health

    Christine Hassler is author of the new book Expectation Hangover: Overcoming Disappointment in Work, Love, and LIfe, as well as the best-selling books 20 Something, 20 Everything, and The 20 Something Manifesto.

    To learn more about Christine Hassler, click here.


    Our Greatest Disappointments Often Lead to Our Greatest Successes
    Stop Relying On External Factors To Make You Happyccording to Plan
    Get Out Of Victim Thinking
    Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

    Call Offers click Here:

    A FREE Guided mediation on making self-honoring choices from Christine's CD: Meditation Rx: Guided Meditations to Treat Your Mind and Heart. Often we choose behaviors and thoughts that deplete us. This meditation will support you in being self-honoring, not selfish, by making choices that serve you and consequently others.

    Sign Up Bonus:

    Ebook - 32 Days of UPleveling Your Mind & UPlifting Your Heart A collection of 32 daily doses of radical self-reflection with practical direction. Each inspired by people, situations or "aha" moments that offer or remind you of valuable life lessons. This ebook is for you! I'm excited to share this 32-day collection of stories and lessons with you. My intention is for it to be a catalyst for a daily UPleveling of your mind and UPliftment of your heart. Sign Up for the Self-Care Revolution and Receive your copy today!

    Upgrade Bonus:

    A 10-day Online Workshop to Overcome Disappointment in Work, Love, and Life 

    Christine Hassler, Author of the book Expectation Hangover will show you how to:

    -Develop a positive perspective on personal and professional setbacks



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    paranormal hangover

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    paranormal hangover

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    "Halloween Hangover"

    in Comedy

    This is where the show notes would go if I wasn't such a lazy jerk

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    Paranormal Hangover with Lauren and Marc

    in Radio

    Ghosts, hauntings, paranormal Investigations

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    Paranormal Hangover

    in Radio

    Show Description

    Paranormal Hangover is an internet radio show dedicated to entertaining you each and every week!


    Marc Arvilla and Lauren Sheridan

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    Drunk Poetry and Hangover today

    in Entertainment

    Just doing a quick drunk poetry reading talking about my night. and playing a new song by NO Longer The Hero!

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    2DEEP REAL RAP RADIO IS BACK! What a way to come back with another edition of our wildout weekend this the hangover edition. We welcome everybody to come kick it with 2Deep as we give you another classic episode because we are back! We been getting emails demanding our return from our fans so here it is 2Deep Hangover! The motto is if you got it on your mind get it off your chest and yall already know if its not 2Deep nation then your tuned into the wrong station!

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    paranormal hangover

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