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    F*#! The Grammy's

    in Rock Music

    I have had it with the supposed "mainstream music" disregarding Hard Rock and Metal music like we are some disease to be cut out and disgarded.  So we get about 8 Minutes of real Rock N Roll with AC/DC  (other than a bunch of shots of  Paul McCartney dancing in the aisle to ELO, very disturbing, and a cameo for him performing with Rhianna and Kanye West) and then we get ignored for the remainder of the show. I mean even Jeff Hannemann gets left out of the "In Memoriam" segment, why because he was only in Slayer so he doesn't count? I am officially boycotting this putrid show until they start to acknowledge my favorite music and they rid us of Kayne West. I am so tired of this idiot forcing his views and opinions on us and subjecting to his "singing" (great use of the Auto-tune app) that I am gonna dedicate a portion of this show to my rants and feelings are this subject. So please tune to Hear that and I would love to hear your opinions on this topic.

    I will also give my take on the Quiet Riot Documentary that just saw . I

    We will also turn the page on the footbal season and start our assault on the remainder of the winter sports and of course Baseball, the national past time (maybe). We will spend some time breaking down the off season for both teams and discuss the many issues facing both teams with Pitchers and Catchers ready to report.

    Boy I am  not sure 2 hours is enough time to fit this all in but I will do my best and I look forward to our usual witty banter (ok maybe not). So tune into blogtalkradio.com This coming Thursday Night @ 6:30p.m. est and I will give you my best effort as always.


    So please bring the Noize!!!


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    07-On The Record: Go Where The Love Is & Reconnect To Your Inner Kid

    in Business

    Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and MPress Records founder Rachael Sage has become one of the busiest touring artists in independent music, performing 100+ dates a year throughout the US, UK, Europe and Asia. She has shared stages with Sarah McLachlan, Judy Collins, Shawn Colvin, Marc Cohn, The Animals and Ani DiFranco; brought 2 critically-acclaimed shows to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival; and has received numerous songwriting awards, including The John Lennon Songwriting Contest and several US Independent Music Awards.  Her Film and TV placements include MTV, HBO, Lifetime and the major motion picture Fame, and 13 of her compositions have been featured on the past two seasons of the #1 Reality Series "Dance Moms". She has released 11 albums on MPress Records; her latest is Blue Roses. Via MPress, Sage has also overseen the release of 4 albums by Grammy® Nominee Seth Glier and 2 albums by Melissa Ferrick, with albums forthcoming from A Fragile Tomorrow and K's Choice, as well as 5 volumes of the annual charity compilation series, New Arrivals.



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    The Third Annual FATty Awards (Way Better Than Grammy's Afghan Edition)

    in Comedy

    Your favorite SHOW on Earth returns with you favorite Awards SHOW on earth! The third installment of the beloved FATties is on its way down the red carpet to your eardrums! Join us as we attempt to rain on a lot of peoples' parades. Call in and let us know who you think should win the award. Who will SHOW up on the red carpet? What celebrities will SHOW up? Who cares as long as your favorite cohosts with the most are live over your interweb airwaves!

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    "Our challenges, Our Greatest gifts" with Tehrah Grammy Recognized Artist

    in Entertainment

    Join us today as we broadcast Live at 11:11 am PST/1:11 pm CST/2:11 pm EST  about "Our challenges, Our Greatest gifts..." with Tehrah Tayler
    Considered for Nomination in multiple categories...
    *57th Annual Grammy, Best Country Music Performance, and Best Country Music Song ("In the Raw")
    *56th Annual Grammy, Best Gospel/Contemporary Christian Music Performance, and Best Contemporary Music Song "In God's Time" 

    Partner, Tom Hopkins, also received recognition for their co-writes "In the Raw" and "In God's Time" in the "Best Musical, Instrument and Vocal Arrangement" category.Tehrah also won LA MUSIC AWARDS  "Artist of the year award" in the Christian Contemporary Category 2012&2013 Producers Choice, "Community Inspiration Award" presented by Al Bowman-founder  LA MUSIC AWARDS and continues to receive recognition in her humanitarian works and involvement with her favorite Charities as Ambassador for SHEROES United, and Rock Against Trafficking.

    Tehrah shares with us her riveting, gut wrenching story, with an unfathomable beginning that will boggle your mind.Through incredible courage, faith and optimism she has over come the impossible and has simultaneously helped others rise to the top.
    Tune in, tap in, turn on as you learn the secrets of success from this rising star "I found freedom and escape in music, and singing took me away…I feel grateful to stand before you and share my pain and failures in order to show you that there is hope—Love truly is the answer."

    click now http://tehrah.com/ Tehrah life story http://ttwmagazine.com/

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    in Spirituality


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    Late Night w/McNeil and the Cashman

    in Podcasting

    Join McNeil and the Cashman tonight as we talk about many topics including pop culture, the Grammy's, Super Bowl, Smart Tvs, food, legalization of pot, dogs and anything else that interests us. This is a fun-loving and unpredictable show that is sure to entertain. 

    Did you know The Random Frequency Network has 5 weekly shows? They are available to listen to live or in podcast form. You can find our podcasts on www.blogtalkradio.com/randomfrequencynetwork or searching on iTunes an/ or Stitcher Radio for The Random Frequency Network. Remember you can listen to any of our shows on the go on your phone!
    Sunday - Shadows on the Wall Paranormal Radio (9 pm Eastern)
    Monday - Everything Golf with Phil and Jim (8 pm Eastern)
    Wednesday - Paranormal Party with the Conner Sisters (9 pm Eastern)
    Thursday - Breakthrough with Lew (6 pm Eastern)
    McNeil and the Cashman Sports (Various days and times, check our Facebook page)

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    Shark Dropper Episode 57 (Hitler)

    in Comedy

    We really talk about a lot of diverse topics this time on the Shark Dropper podcast including: Life, the Grammy's, Kanye West, Herman Melville jokes, Black Knight, Whiplash, Mel Brooks movies, Randy Quaid's meltdown, best comedy directors, Backstreet Boys vs. N'Sync, famous Tampa natives, old Betty White nudes, killer shrimp, and we play the new Adolf Hitler/Wikipedia game.

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    Everything w/KathyB, Ladies Lounge, Andrea Lipscomb, Aleasa Word, Bigg MommaP

    in Lifestyle

    Source Nation!  Join us tonight in The Ladies Lounge for another dynamic show.

    6:15 Andrea Lipscomb

    Source Nation! Join us as Kathy B welcomes Author, Freelance Writer & Journalist, Andrea Lipscomb into the studio to discuss her recently published short Novel, How Could You? Tune in to hear excerpts from Andrea's book and also hear her vision of helping others to be virtuous women, moving forward, through her wiritings.

    7:15 Aleasa is back again to discuss with Kathy a very important topic:  How To Value Your Man In A Relationship. Ladies we all want to be valued but let' not forget our Men.  Tune in as Aleasa shares tips that will help us as we continue to grow our relationships.

    Aleasa Word is an International Emotional Intelligence Coach & the voice behind the Chapter II for Men Coaching Program and Chapter 2 Living.  Aleasa also writes for Black Life Coaches Development.

    8 pm. Bigg MommaP

    Source Nation! Bigg Momma P is back tonight to bring you the latest gossip from the ladies bathroom walls. Joining her will be Fame Jones to give us the Buzz from, The Grammy's, The Grammy Fashions & the back lash.  Bigg MommaP will also educate us with some Black History.  You don't want to miss any of these shows. You've heard it here from your favorite radio station, Source Radio Network.

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    Authors Supporting Authors with Flo Barnett

    in Youth

    This week's author: Flo Kolton Barnett

    During her professional career, Flo Barnett was a preschool administrator and daycare provider. She also taught kindergarten and elementary school for many years. Now retired, Flo writes hilarious tales for, and sometimes based on, the real-life antics of her seven energetic grandchildren whom she loving refers to as Grammy's Gang.

    More recently, Flo is directing her focus on publishing chapter books geared for older children, ages 9 to 99. She explores serious topics such as abuse, bullying and loss of a loved one in a sensitive manner in order to empower youngsters to face adversity with courage and conviction. Flo lives near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her hubby, Barry, and her dog, Shadow.

    Visit Flo on www.Facebook.com/FloBarnettAuthor .

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    NXT Takeover: Rival Review and WWE Fast Lane Predictions with Bobby Blade

    in Wrestling

    Guest Favorite Bobby Blade returns to Off the Rails Radio to discuss the NXT Takeover: Rival Special Event from this past week. Then we will look at the upcoming WWE Fast Lane PPV this coming Sunday. The Rant of the Week returns and I will tackle the Kayne West incident from the Grammy's and Saturday Night Live's 40th anniversary show.

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    Married at the Grammy's

    in Entertainment

    Callywood After Dark

    Married @ the Grammy's

    My name is Christine Garcia and my wife's name is Patricia Garcia . We are both 26 years old and have been together for five years. It was an honor getting married at the Grammy Awards yesterday after a very rough previous year. 2014 has treated us very well after my wife Patricia's very hard battle with cancer, who is now on remission! Patricia and I both met at a hookah lounge in Whittier and have been inseparable ever since. Both of us are students with many hopes and dreams to soon achieve. I am a Deaf Studies graduate and my wife is applying to universities wanting to major in Women and Gender studies with an emphasis in public policy. We are both vegan and animal rights activists.

    Master PencilArtistClarence

    was born in Hillsboro, a small town in Alabama. It was there he developed his God’s given talent with no formal training, with great family and friends support. Over time he had formed his on unique style of drawing. He always believed in creating realistic detailed masterpieces, it would best showcase his utmost abilities. Pointer welcomes challenging and seemingly difficult projects, it keeps him sharp. Success came after lots of practice, perseverance, self-discipline, patience and determination to be the best. While serving in the Air Force stationed at Okinawa, Japan a master Japanese artist who told him to devote even more time to each project. After those words of wisdom, Clarence began winning numerous art contests throughout Southern California and has gained international status. Hundreds of drawing to his credit, the master pencil artist has no signs of slowing down. Striving to always get better with each task is what drives him. People are sometimes blown away by the optimum level of detail and can't believe he has actually drawn the masterpieces as recently as December 5th, 2008.