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    The Four Horsemen

    in Sports

    Will, Rob Naylor and Lars Frederiksen discuss the Four Horsemen and all of their incarnations. We'll run down the feuds, the revolving members and our favorite moments. Check out new episodes of Good Will Wrestling at www.flairchop.com

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    The Collector Connection Episode 1: The Four Horsemen

    in Pop Culture

    The Premiere Episode of The Collector Connection with Hosts Sean Long, Pixel Dan, and ShartimusPrime featuring JayC or ToyNewsI.com Our First Guest is Cornboy of The Four Horsemen!

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    The the Four Horsemen lied to the black community

    in News

    Former Minneapolis Urban League president R. Scott Gray has resigned. This is after his Bush Fellowship award to receive up to $100,000 over 12 – 24 months. The Minneapolis NAACP is holding a special election on May 2. It seems the old Minneapolis NAACP is not working. 

    Tune into the Ron and Don Show to find out why the "Four Horsemen" lied to the black community...everything is not okay. 

    The award-winning black talk radio program on #BlogTalkRadio. 

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    The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and Current Events!

    in Politics Progressive

    The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are traditionally named War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death. In the next two hours we will discuss what is happening in the world today and take a look at the parallels to the ancient four horsemen.

    Ecological catastrophe is the Black Horseman of the apocalypse carrying the scales of a radically unbalanced earth leaving famine in its wake.
    War rides the red horse of the apocalypse.
    The surveillance state rides the pale horse of the apocalypse, representing death.
    The economy is the white horseman of the apocalypse wearing a crown and armed for conquest.

    Enjoy the show and everyone is welcome to call in!

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    The Four Horsemen

    in Music

    Tonight we welcome back to the Buffalo Radio Show two members of the rocking band The Four Horsemen. Haggis and Dave Lizmi talk about the band's history. We have plenty of time this go round, so if you have a question, we welcome you to call in!
    The Buffalo Show is a production of universalmusictribe.com

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    CR eXtreme! 6/28 @ 3pm: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse & the Caliphate

    in Politics Conservative

    Join Barry Secrest and Lee Daniel as they discuss eXtreme topics from the political to the religious to the paranormal. 

    Today's topics include:

    Al Qaeda-Syrian Rebel Group Pledges Loyalty to ISIS as Obama Announces $ 500 Million in Rebel Aid
    The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
    Breaking: IRS Facing Fearless "No-Nonsense" Federal Judge Over "Lost" Emails on July 10th
    The Caliphate is here to stay
    NASA to aliens: Stay tuned for a group message from humanity
    The Minerva Research Intiative: The Pentagon's Preparation for Mass civil Breakdown

    AND MORE....


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    Curious Times - Dorothy Holder, The Four Horsemen

    in Spirituality

    Join us for 2 hours at 10 PM Eastern.

    Dorothy is very well studied on a variety of topics so this will no doubt be a very enjoyable and enlightening evening learning about the Four Horseman referenced in Revelation. 

    Dorothy is a professional Clairvoyant supporting her clients with the skills of Clairvoyance, Energy Therapy, Life Support Strategies, Aura Diagnosis and Chakra Diagnosis.

    She holds a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy achieved at the NZ school of Hypnosis, to aid with phobias, addictions and behavioural changes.

    She helps her clients with questions about love, life, career and finances, and she provides future projections and strategies for success based on her understanding of the law of attraction or Thought Manifestation.

    You can expect Dorothy to provide Specific information with specific solution oriented advice. She has a compassionate non judgemental approach to your problems. Dorothy is known for her honest and direct communication, for providing quality information and down to earth interpretations on all levels, oh yes, and for her humour.

    Dorothy teaches spiritual development, Tarot, personal development and conducts hypnotherapy for phobias, anxiety confidence, weight loss and addictions.

    All of Dorothy’s services are available online via chat, phone or web cam.

    Dorothy also hosts her own show which can be seen at her website: http://www.energytherapies.co

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    THE 4 HORSES OF REVELATION: The danger with Wifi/Cell tracking, & politics

    in Entertainment

    Richard continues his teaching from the Book of Revelation, looking at the Four Horsemen in Chapter 6.  Richard discusses the archetypes of the four horses & the seals, popularity of populist politicians like Trump & Bernie Sanders, the dark side of cellphone tracking technology. Richard examines the mistake the church has made tying their fortunes to various politicians in the last 40 years.

    Support Richard's new film project "Canaan Land" at www.gofundme.com/canaanland   All donations are tax deductible.

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    Breaking Prophecy News; The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Part 3

    in Christianity

    The Prophet Daniel's Report #556

    PROPHECY HEADLINES: U.S. official says Iran's role in regional conflicts could derail nuclear deal | Chinese and Russian navies to hold first joint drills in Mediterranean | Buildings across Los Angeles rattled by magnitude-3.7 earthquake | Islamist rebels seize southern Syria crossing near Israeli border | Iranian foreign minister says deadline for nuke deal is not 'sacrosanct'

    The Bible says in Acts 17:31: "He hath appointed a day, in the which he will judge the world in righteousness by that man whom he hath ordained; whereof he hath given assurance unto all men, in that he hath raised him from the dead."

    PROPHECY BOOTCAMP: Our topic for today is titled "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" (Part 3) from Dr. Ed Hindson's book "Revelation: Unlocking the Future."

    The third horse is the black horse which signifies famine. Famine always follows the devastation of war. Food supplies are exhausted, and those who survive the conflict must now struggle to survive the aftermath of war.

    The fourth horse is the ashen horse which signifies death and hell. The infamous ashen rider appears next on the horizon. The Greek word for ashen is "cloros," from which we derive chlorine. This horse symbolizes the gaunt, colorless look of death.


    OCCUPY TILL I COME: "Waiting on the Second Coming -- Is Work a Curse? (Part 3)" by Ray C. Stedman

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    Breaking Prophecy News; The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Part 2

    in Christianity

    (The Prophet Daniel's Report #555)

    PROPHECY HEADLINES: Iran seizes commercial ship under U.S. protection in Strait of Hormuz; U.S. forces respond | Saudi Arabia arrests 93 people suspected of being members of ISIS | UN: 8 million people affected by Nepal quake; Death toll nears 4,400 | Turkey joins Qatari bid to broker 5-year Israel-Hamas ceasefire deal | 143 million Americans at risk of experiencing earthquake

    The Bible says in Matthew 24:27: "For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be."

    PROPHECY BOOTCAMP: Our topic for today is titled "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" (Part 2) from Dr. Ed Hindson's book "Revelation: Unlocking the Future."

    1. The white horse is Antichrist. The rider carries a bow and is given a crown. He then sets forth on a career of military conquest. 

    2. The red horse is world war. The rider on the red horse is associated with war and bloodshed. He takes "peace from the earth" with a "great sword" so that men slay one another. 


    OCCUPY TILL I COME: "Waiting on the Second Coming -- Is Work a Curse? (Part 2)" by Ray C. Stedman

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    The Four Horsemen And Liquid

    in Food

    Welcome to Flavor Living Radio listen in as we visit Scoff and Quaff in radio land..Presented by Peter Chapman. Talking gin, wine and the perfect cup of tea. Words From The History of  Tea..This section contains all the information you’ll ever need to know about tea in a really easy to read format. My advice to you is to sit back with a freshly brewed cup of tea (preferably your own blend from me!) and enjoy learning about this wonderful natural product…


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