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    Women of Yesterday for Women of Today 10 October 2015

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    Women of Yesterday for Women of Today 10 October 2015

    Series: Part 5 Take back the Nation (Spiritual Warfare)

    We women today need to understand what God's plan is for us in today's society.  God is NOT difficult.  We need to understand the women of the Bible, their trials and the understanding of the Virtuous Woman in Proverbs.  God is real and we are his tangible testimonies.  Let's prepare ourselves to live according to the scriptures of God's Holy Word.

    Host:  First Lady Pastor Rhonda Bello, Women's Ministry, Holy Mountain International Ministries

    Special Guest: Evangelist Wumni Lawal, Author, Evangelist, Teacher, and Prayer Warrior

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    Covering: Pastor Bamidele Bello, Senior Pastor, Holy Mountain International Ministries, 7755 Belle Point Drive, Greenbelt, MD  20770

  • The Day After

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    Join us as we run down and discuss Friday Night Football in NC. Call in and give your 2 cents on all the action from Friday Night

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    Friday Our Holy Day of Rest For All Moslems All Over The World (Jumu'ah)

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    Friday is our Holy Day of Rest because Friday is the day on which man was formed in flesh, and it was on  Friday when he departed out of flesh, and ascened to his Father God Allah for that cause Friday is the Holy Day for all Moslems all over the world. Come join us this Friday & share your portion of understanding time is not as long as it has been 6-8pm est.Call 646-478-5157.

    Man may believe what others say, but thus he never knows If man would know, he must, himself be what he knows.

    The last prophet in these days is Noble Drew Ali who was prepared in due time by Allah to teach the old time religion and everlasting gospel to the sons of man. That they would learn to love instead of hate.

    Come all ye Asiatics of America, and here the truth about your nationality and birthrights. No that you are not negros, colored folks, black people, ethiopians, coon, shines, or jiggaboos, african America, are American, and any other day that is cast upon you. Learn of your forefathers ancient, and divine creed that you will learn to love instead of hate.

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    All Access Abdul Dishes On All The Newest Paula News

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    -Paula's instagram

    -Paula's video question answers

    -Paula's date offer!

    -Wigs and Wishes


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    This Moment All Things Are Complete and Whole and Perfect

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    We come into the world being taught how to fit in here and very few of us truly, if ever, make that transition. There is a reason and it is simply that this is not where we belong or where we came from. Inside ourselves we sense the futility yet we long to be a part of the whole that we have a subconscious memory of. I believe that this is a huge part of the awakening that Jesus Christ spoke of and that we will have as Christ comes again among all the people. There will be an awareness and acceptance of the fact that we reside in heaven or hell and the choice is our own.

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    Talk The Talk Radio - Leave

    in Christianity

    ng giants, storms, wars in your life? Need guidance? Questions about your life, relationships, purpose? Seeking revelation? Do you want to better understand what God is saying to you? Tune in to Talk The Talk Radio with your host "The Northern Belle" Playwright Andrea Carr every Saturday morning at 8:00 a.m. Log in www.blogtalkradio.com/faithinme or call 347.857.4339. Thank you!

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    Talk with Trinity

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    I have been in the field of substance for the past 20 years and have observed many individuals who have continually succumbed to the disease of addiction and alcoholism. I have always believed and known that only Jesus could save, so to help to deal with substance use disorders and mental health disorders have submitted to the education, enrichment and enlightenment of all people. 

    Matthew 12:29, 30 how can one enter into a strong man's house, and spoil his goods, except he first bind the strong man? And then he will spoil his house.  He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad. 

    Trinity Counseling Services LLC is a private mental health facility specializing in providing outpatient services for clients suffering from mental health disorders, substance abuse disorders and co-occurring disorders.  Trinity Counseling Services LLC offers programs offered are designed for persons with mental and substance abuse disorders.

    Trinity Counseling Services LLC (Charlotte) appointments by appointment or individuals can walk-in between 2:30-4:30 pm Tues and Thurs, 10:30-1:30.  704-333-2446. Trinity Counseling Services LLC (Burlington) appointments by appointment or individuals can walk-in between 10:30-12:30 Mon and Wed. 336-675-0075.Trinity Counseling Services LLC Trinitycounselingcharlotte.com 

    Melissa Enoch-DeBerry, MBA, MS, LPCA, LCAS, NCAC I


    Melissa Enoch-DeBerry, MBA, MS, LPCA, LCAS, NCAC II

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    Choose This Day Whom You Will Serve

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    A prophetic word given from the Lord at 4:00 am October 10, 2015 for all of the body of Christ-,especially leaders in the church. "If serving the Lord seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve"- Joshua 24:15

  • I Dropped that Marine ! In 2016 I Get Win #100 Baby !!!

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    I dropped that Boxer/Marine In Las Vegas its On video there is screen shots of his Glove touching the ground you delusional haters have gotten exposed in the worse possible way I am the Best Of All Time what more fucking Proof do you need. its on Youtube I Won the Fight 1 sided I hit the guy 27 times in the face 

  • C.D. The Big Weekend - Ju'mah & Justice

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    Tomorrow (Friday, November 8, 2015), we will redo history, as Muslims from across the nation, will converge with dignity and peace, upon Washington D.C., for the Friday, Ju'mah service, aptly titled, Islam on Capitol Hill.

    The keynote and organizer, Imam Abdul-Malik, by Allah's Grace and Mercy, has had the insight to organize this event, to proclaim the worship of Our Lord, and to state to the world, that neither Al-Islam or Muslims, are inherent enemies to this or any other country on earth.

    As we understand the commonality of faith and purpose, which is shared by adherents of the Torah and Gospel, much can and will be done, towards strengthening the moral fiber of society at liege.

    Then, on Saturday, October 10th, in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March, we will be there for Justice or Else ..., which by the very theme, speaks to what many have argued, has been a denial of justice, in light of the well-publicized killings of black people, by law enforcement or otherwise.

    The cry is real; just as the cry of those mothers and fathers, who have lost their precious children, to the ever-expanding abyss, known as "the streets".

    As a heads-up, we may air a special edition of Critical Discourse, tomorrow afternoon, after the Ju'mah service.

    No exact time has confirmed, but keep visiting the website (www.blogtalkradio.com) or call in, at (213) 816-0356