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    Hard Starboard Radio: A Planned Armageddon?

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    MSNBCCCP pro-Palestinian propagandist Rula Jebreal won’t admit Hamas is winning the anti-Semitically stacked media war; Some (allegedly) American anti-Israel protestors still think George W. Bush is president; Tony Dungy - Super Bowl-winning and devout Christian former NFL coach and current NBC NFL studio analyst - causes homofilic media hysteria in a self-fulfilling prophecy; House conservatives rightly oppose any "border bailout" - Obama's or Boehner's; and is the "Border Crisis" a planned Armageddon?

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    Party Or Go Home!

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    Party Or Go Home! I will take you on a journey inside the life of Punk Rock- YESTERDAY, TODAY AND TOMORROW- Yesterday- History of bands Today- current events Tomorrow- upcoming venues with Symbol Six, Green Jello,Guantanamo Dogpile,Mark Mark Mark Birthday Show 924 Gilman St, Berkeley, CA- music from White Flag, RKL and Manifest Destiny!  - Live Interviews with the musicians- Find out the latest records coming out on Mystic Records and where to find the Mystic bands playing current shows. - Join in and call the studio  (646) 478-3594

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    Sept. 26, 2014 Program summary:

    The latest Democracy Now (which we rarely broadcast) which contains a unique discussion about U. S. Attorney General Eric Holder's resignation, and the latest headlines.

    Then a run-down of the latest developments in Kansas "the reddest of red" states which has been getting national headlines over the senatorial elections.

    Topics: Sarah Palin was humping for Sen. Pat Roberts in Indepence, Ks. serving pancakes, etc.  Check out her latest post-dogpile party at the Mud Flats.

    Also the state of Kansas is selling sex toys to make up for the Brownback tax cuts for the wealthy.

    And last but not least who dug up the 16 year old dirt about Gov. Sam Brownback's adversary in the election Rep. Paul Davis? Click here.


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    Brian Hoyer Named Starting QB for Cleveland; Harden Best All-Around NBA Player?

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    Tonight's show 


    • Brian Hoyer named the starter for the Cleveland Browns


    • How long does he remain the starter? Did Mike Pettine make the right decision? 


    • Ohio State's Braxton Miller Re-injured shoulder, will miss the 2014 season 


    • analysts choose not to say Redskins on the air (Tony Dungy and Phil Simms) former referee Mike Carey states that's why he didn't cover Redskins games over the past few years (Our thoughts)


    - ALS bucket challenges (everyone from Michael Jordan to Lebron James to Derek Jeter to everyone you can think of is participating.) Love it? Or Hate it?


    • Jim Kelly may be cancer free


    • James Harden says he's the best player alive? Laughable? 


    • How good is Kyrie Irving? Is he really good enough to help the Cavs win a championship? 


    • Mo'Ne Davis (first girl to win a little league World Series game) conducted two shutouts last week. Her team is playing tonight 


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    Tony Dungy, Stephen A. Smith and free speech. Lakes name Byron Scott Head Coach!

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    1- MLB

    1A- Should the NY Mets persue deals for Colorado SS Troy Tulowitzki and OF Carlos Gomez and give up some of the surplus of pitching they have??

    1B- Tony La Russa says to out the steriod cheats into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

    2- Boxing/MMA

    2A- Gennady Golovkin KO's Daniel Geale!!

    2B- Bryant Jennings gets a split decision over Mike Perez.

    3- NBA

    3A- Donald Sterling loses in court and the LA Clippers will be sold.

    3B- The LA Lakers hire Byron Scott as head coach.

    4- NFL

    4A- Thoughts on Tony Dungy and his apology on the Michael Sam subject.

    4B- Thoughts on the Ray Rice situation. Was his punishment too light?? Was Stephen A. Smith wrong on his opinion?

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    Whew! Some Good Luck. Good timing for President Harding, too.

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    Ever lose something without even knowing you lost it and find it later, MUCH later at a place no amount of logic dictates it should not have been found?  That was the experience your host, The Voice", had earlier this evening.  Of course he has other things to talk about besides retrieving his personal stuff. Like why we shouldn't be hard on Tony Dungy and President Warren G. Harding's life on the creep and how the media should handle things today.

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    Tanya Free and Friends

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    This week’s topics include:

    •Former NFL Coach and now NFL analyst Tony Dungy’s comments about Michael Sam, the openly gay linebacker drafted by the St. Louis Rams have been all the buzz in the media over the past few days. 
    •Do you support DC Statehood 
    •Stephen A. Smith, Whoopi Goldberg and Domestic Violence. Let’s talk about it 
    •New York in a chokehold 
    •Judge OKs Record-Setting $2B Sale of Clippers

    TanyaFree.com/Urban Views Weekly Poll

    The idea of a time when you won’t have to get up early to punch a clock, not having to answer to anyone other than yourself is the classic vision of retirement. With people living longer, many have had to adjust their retirement plans, including working part time to reduce the strain on savings.

    How close are you to retirement? Do you know how much you need to retire?

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    Paul Gallo Co-hosts w/ me, Rick Shaftan of GotNews.com, Brad Thor & Steve Deace

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    HERE'S A RUNDOWN OF ALL MY GUESTS: Paul Gallo from Super Talk Mississippi stops by to co-host with me.  Rick Shaftan stops by for another gotnews.com update.  Steve Deace Takes down ESPN for their Homofascist treatment of Tony Dungy.  Brad Thor's book "Act of War" is #1 on the New York Times bestseller's list.  He has a strong politically incorrect obversation regarding Eric Holder that you can't miss.  Brad Thor will join me.  Jeremy Spencer GA educator discusses the coming Common Core storm with Governor Nathan Deal.  

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    Morning Michelle tackles tough topics including Ray Rice & Tony Dungy

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    The @MorningMichelle show will include special guest Mark Collins, 2X SuperBowl Champion and former NY Giant, 

    Nick Hamilton, a sports reporter who works in the Los Angeles area, and Antwan Staley founder of blackredsoxfan.com.

    Join me tomorrow morning as we tackle issues like media distraction, what Tony Dungry said or didn't say, and the 

    NFL Commish handing down, what is perhaps one of the most lenient punishments except to the victim of the crime. 

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    #4HFA: The Pretty Lie vs The Ugly Truth pt. 3: Discussing Ray Rice & Michael Sam

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    Do you find Tony Dungy's comments, about Michael Sam, offensive?

    Will we ever view Michael Sam for only his play on the field and not for his sexual preference?

    Do you think Ray Rice suspension was fair or unfair?

    Is it fair to compare Ray Rice's situation with similar cases involving people without celebrity status?

    How do you feel about the comment Stephen A. Smith made about the Ray Rice situation on ESPN’s First Take?

    If Ray Rice’s wife abused him, would it gain media attention more for the abuse or the for fact that his wife beat him up?

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    The Sports Cypher with Maya Akai 7-27 Show ( Co-host Al Beard)

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    On this episode of @thesportscypher Broadcast Industry Veteran Al Beard sits in the co-host seat. Maya and Al discuss the Ray Rice suspension, Stephen A. Smith's controversial comments on the suspension, Frank Thomas and MLB HOF Induction, Bears traininig camp and more hot topic and headlines

    TUNE IN NOW EVERY Sunday 9p-11p WVON 1690AM - The Talk of Chicago and streaming worldwide at WVON.com and via the iHeartradio.com app

    Be sure to FOLLOW Maya Facbook/Instagram/Twitter @thesportscypher @thesportschica

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