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    Cosmic Awakening Show- Archons: Exposing Our Covert Controllers- Robert Stanley

    in Spirituality

    Join hosts Michelle Walling and Larry Locken as we continue our discussion on Archons, energy vampires, and other negative entities with our guest Robert Stanley. We will be building on the research Robert has already uncovered about the entities that are controlling humanity, along with their reptilian minions. We will find out what has been revealed lately and we will take callers in the second half of our show. Robert's article- Archons- Exposing Our Covert Controllers was published on In5d.com and is full of interviews and information on who these beings are, where they are from, and how we can move away from them into a higher consciousness where they can no longer control us.

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    Emotions as Guides, Not Controllers

    in Spirituality

    Join Sharon, Smokie Whitewolf and Jim for Eaglewolf Radio on Ciracle Radio Station on Wednesday, 8/27 at 1 PM MST, 3 PM EST, 8 PM London and 10 PM Israel time for more on emotions. Having difficulty with your emotions? This is the time to let our emotions be in motion and in a positive, releasing and healing flow. Hear ways to use your emotions as guides, but to stop them controlling your thoughts and actions. The first of these shows - Emotions in Motion - was very powerful and listeners wanted more. Here it is.

    Emotions are running high these days with all the change around - and in - us. Let's explore together ways to be in harmony with them.

    Why do we even need emotions? How can we make decisions when the high energetic level of emotions interfere with our judgments.  

    We invite listeners to come and participate in the discussion and the sharing of knowledge. And we thank all our listeners for truly “being” the shows we air. Join us!

    We will see you soon.

    Ciracle Radio: programs to guide rebirth and growth

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    ~ Ciracle Radio is a member of the Sanctuaries of the Earth Mother family

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    The Video Gamer's Delight: Leroy Jenkins Edition

    in Comedy

    It's Don Matayo's night on the SHOW and he will be delivering his expertise on the hardest video game bosses and villains in all of Nerddom! He will unleash his fury on the most difficult of all digital demons. Heard that? Well ya better dig it cause it's the Don's world and you are just living it in, sucka! Our champion of the digitized world Don Matayo will inform you of what games you should try and ones that you should keep your distance from. Put down your controllers and let your mind be blown by the greatest podcast on the planet (virtual and real).

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    Reel to Real ~ The Matrix, 1999

    in Movies

    The Matrix, 1999. A computer hacker learns from mysterious rebels about the true nature of his reality and his role in the war against its controllers.

    Directors: Andy Wachowski (as The Wachowski Brothers), Lana Wachowski (as The Wachowski Brothers) 

    Writers: Andy Wachowski, Lana Wachowski Stars: Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss

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    I was just thinking...Why was European Christianity Necessary?

    in Religion

    Some say all we have is now and history does not matter. At least that’s what the new age gurus are proclaiming, just ask Oprah!

    "…but History is necessary to understand our now and our future. If you do not know and understand history it’s as if you were born yesterday…" and that can be a dangerous thing.

    We live in a contrived world…contrived by the powers that be in their pursuit for total control over the many.  But for the plan to work, we have to believe they are the best controllers, we have to believe the lie.

    We are asleep and what has lulled us more than any other narcotic is organized Europeanized religion in all its forms.  With God on their side they have hypnotized the world into thinking a lie is the truth and the truth does not exist.

    But Truth crushed to the earth will rise again and each stone that is being dug up and turned over has an African name on it.

  • Dark Matters Radio Show with The Sorceress Cagliastro: Justice

    in Science

    JUSTICE: Restoring balance. In our last two shows we have spoken about editing out that which no longer serves or enhances your life, and protecting yourself from distractions and detractors. This week we go further, exploring ways to counteract those who would try to block you or force you onto a path you do not desire. The detractors, the malefactors, the controllers—all are fair game. The Sorceress will perform a ritual to enable you take control of any situation and eliminate the influence of those who would try to dominate you. 

    Please visit our website at darkmattersradiocagliastro.com for more information on us and our work, and to listen to archived episodes of the show as well as replays of the "Sorcery ih the Moment" segments, rituals performed by the Sorceress for the benefit of the listeners. 

    To contact us, you can write us at the following email addresses:

    The Sorceress: sorceresscagliastro@gmail.com

    Chris Rogue Ostrowski: chrisrogueostrowski@gmail.com

    Victor "The Voice" Furhman: reikivictor@gmail.com 

    Morgan St. Knight: morganstknight@hotmail.com


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    The Danger Zone: Black People At War - Problems and Solutions

    in Self Help

    Black people are at WAR. We are at war with a very cunning and ruthless enemy who has crippled our minds, our bodies and our spirits.

    We are at a critical stage in this war and the actions we take today will determine whether or not we survive as a people or go the way of so many species now EXTINCT.

    On this program we will discuss the problems we face, we will offer solutions to combat those problems and YOU will also be allowed to offer any solutions that may help us in the war effort.

    We are at WAR family! Your ignorance of that fact does NOT change the fact, it only increases your enemy's chance of an easy victory.

    **This episode: REMEDIES AND RESPONSE TO POLICE MURDERING BLACK MEN Part 2 Ft. Special guest PROF. Phil


    What are black people NOT doing to fight RACISM and WHITE SUPREMACY??? 

    Welcome to the DANGER ZONE!

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    Unto, into, and Onto the PS3!!!

    in Video Games

    Yes it's True, I've Finally stepped into the Moderner era, with a Playstation 3. It's my first time, go gentle on me. Discussionationings of Playstation 3, and stuffs concernings of that, as well as video gaming chattery and mad hattery til our batteries take our controllers away.

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    The Detectors Radio Network

    in Radio

    ecomony coming to a stop and the nightmare if they continue to remove the rights of american citizens to jobs housing food and now what is seemingly the end of food stamps for the poor. 

    The controllers are moving out of control just like within the fall of Rome and other powerful countries. They are also hidden moves relating to Nukes being used in places like Chicago allegedly because Isis placed its target on this city but why? And why on earth the Old republic Building. Please send me your comments and please allow others you know to share in the alleged factors that may lead to the end of America as we know it by end year. 

    As the bring in the the new currency and replace us with less agressive foreign laborers All sharing in on our pensions, social security and food which will not be for the people of the US but for those they deem a part of their new government . Then there is the issue of The Medicaid and Medcare recovery act whereby all of the billing for those over 55 yrs ofl age being calucated until death in order to take over the estates of the elder population and remove the rights for these estates from the families. Many of these people are being victimized within this system using failure to treat in order for them to recover the medical debt earlier prior to the collapse. 



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    Military Monday with John D. Gresham With Maj. Gen. David Burford, USA (Ret.)

    in Military

    Thus far, the U.S.-led air campaign against ISIL has not been producing anything like the results that have been projected and hoped for when it began two months ago. Despite an increased operations tempo and the addition of Allied bombing missions from nations in NATO and the GCC, the bombing is not doing what it can and should. Credible analysts have clearly stated that the lack of ground-based targeting support has been a major bottleneck to successfully slowing ISIL in strategic locations like Khboani along the Turkish/Syrian border. And given the Obama administration's hard limitation of, "No U.S. Boots on the Ground," there is virtually no chance of any substantial ground forces being committed to the fight. And with battalions/brigades of soldiers and Marines completely out of the question, are there other options open to the Obama administration? The answer is "Yes!" The answer however does involve some "Boots on the Ground." A few, very "special" boots drawn from the ranks of the U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM). These highly trained and skilled Special Operations Force (SOF) personnel can overcome the limitations of the present targeting problems, and help accelerate the destruction of ISIL forces on the battlefield.

     To learn more about SOCOM's SOF warriors and how they might turn the tide against ISIL, join military historian, author and journalist John D. Gresham for Military Monday (#MilitaryMonday on @Writestream) at 1 p.m. Eastern. His guest this week is MGEN David Burford, USA (Ret.), a senior leader in the Army Special Forces (the Green Berets) following 9/11. MGEN Burford, A career soldier in the Army National Guard, was a key leader in the development of SOF campaign plans and operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Philippines. Together they will explain viable alternatives against ISIL, based on proven results since 9/11, for the Allied effort.

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    NEW!!!  LorriesTalkNewsRadio website launched! CHECK IT OUT for the latest  Guest's Books and Videos !

    There's also a NEW Show's aStore!!! and REAL GOLD!!!

    Thank you for joining us! If you'd like to be added to our interactive Skype chat room send me an invite on Skype to lorrieab1 and I'll add you to the room.

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    Thomas and Michael will alternate weeks.

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