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    (#2) Doc♠Vaj's Next Step (Mini) Tele-Chat®

    in Spirituality

    NOTE: Rates on my Next Step (MINI) Tele-Chat® Special may end at any time without notice. This is a promotional offer that exists to celebrate my new role as Soul Path Clarifier® and to give Seekers an inexpensive way to experience why my brand of Light enjoys a mass appeal distinction worldwide.

    So as the world's Cartomanc-Seer® I ask ...
    What do you desire … that sets YOUR SOUL on fire.
    What do you crave that makes you want to scream.
    No matter what it may be … if you'll listen to me;
    you can come to know the pathway to your dream.

    You see ...
    When the desire of YOUR HEART … is missing from your life
    you'll continue merely wanting … till you make the sacrifice.
    So when living out your dream … becomes a priority for you
    here's a divine directive … that tells exactly what to do:

    Turning dreams into reality is a process - with a beginning - a middle - and an end.
    It's a journey of spiritual self discovery - requiring a guide - a roadmap - and a plan.
    So when you dare to put excuses behind you - embracing courage and faith that wins the test, Vajrayana's a spiritual guide you can rely on - she holds a verifiable track record of success.


    By Doc♠Vaj - Elder Doctor Of Immortality - Cartomanc-Seer® & Soul Path Clarifier®
    ©09/22/2000 - Updated - 09/22/2009

    Check out my websites: Http://TheCartomanc-Seer.Biz - Http://SoulPathClarity.BiZ

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    (#6) Doc♠Vaj Answers E-Mails

    in Spirituality

    Knowing that for every question one person dares to ask, there are 10s of 1000s that go unasked, my agenda on this channel is to answer Listener (emailed) queries so that Seekers who attract my brand of Light may begin seeing themselves more clearly, feeling their value and making new decisions about what their lives can be.

    I am an Elder Mystic, clear and open channel through which the cosmic/spiritual aspects of your Being and/or your guides, ancestors, etc, provide you with what's required to begin remembering yourself beyond your image in the mirror.

    TRUTH: You are irrevocably indespensable and irreplaceable within the Cosmic Scheme, no matter what your life looks and/or feels like right now and no matter what anyone in your world has ever told you. And the good news is that you can begin proving to your own self that you indeed are a priceless and powerful Light Being.

    People with the courage to ASK are encouraged to listen with your heart and only if you're (18+) years of age, email me (1) serious question about you +/or your life so you can gain (correct) higher knowledge, insight and wisdom that IS NOT CONTAMINATED by (unenlightened) Human Self opinion.

    To send queries use this link: Http://TinyURL.Com/ContactDocVaj.

    Your first name, gender, a valid email address and your (month, day, year of birth) is required. NOTE: No long stories please!! Just a paragraph or two that overviews the short story with one clearly stated question about yourself. No politics, no religion, no world system BS, just about you, your heart, your mind, your life, okay? Thank you.

    Check out my promotional offers ...


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    (#5) Doc♠Vaj On Honor & Integrity

    in Spirituality


    HONOR: To “confer” a distinction upon; to hold in high respect; to show a courteous regard for. Spiritually “honor” regards THE ABSCENCE of deceit or fraud.

    INTEGRITY: A sense of “uncorrupted virtue”, a quality of (unimpaired) soundness.

    AUTHENTICITY:  Undisputed origin or authorship.

    Speaking as an Elder who guides other Practitioners and Entrepreneurs to identify their unique genius by creating their own words to identify their contributing factors, acknowledging that unless an individual (provably) creates them WORDS and TITLES belong to no one, as “a Spiritual Gatekeeper of deeper/higher truths”, I’m compelled to present my Mystic’s perspective on the idea of HIGH-JACKING a core concept and slapping your name and image next to it, while deeming yourself to be a Meta-Physician in service to Humanity.

    Because our personal opinions may conflict, as one who has been in this “Human Potential Arena” for (40+) years, I invite you to receive this data stream, compare it to what you currently believe and decide for yourself what honorable action is when the Universe has gifted you with a concept to identify your offerings to the worldand others find nothing wrong with “in your face high-jacking”.

    As an Elder Of Excellence (A Louise Hay term) assigned to be a model of sovereignty, I share this because eliminating ignorance of what’s dishonorable is very much part of my planetary assignment. My intention is to enlighten and empower you for the Universe will always deliver unto us what’s required to optimally set ourselves and our unique offerings apart from the bludgeoning crowd of others. We DO NOT have to high-jack the ideas of others when we know that creativity is our birthright.

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    (#3) Doc♠Vaj's Soul Path Clarity® Invite

    in Spirituality

    To my good fortune ... many people (in the USA and other countries) who are attracted to this brand of Light have repeatedly let me know they felt that our Elders must get to hear about what's presented on my new website.

    Agreeing with that (100%), knowing that most Elders are not internet savvy, I've been directed to do an audio presentation of the data on my new Soul Path Clarity.Biz website. This way people who agree with the idea can become PROACTIVE by burning a CD of this message and sharing it generously with whomever they know that may benefit from my promotional offer.

    Tune in and if you resonate with what's expressed and offered, consider sharing it with others, for people worldwide hiding behind their plastic smiles, ache, hope, pray and search for answers and pathways out of their personal dramas, and this may be an option their hearts embrace.


    My older information only website provides details on my history as a Light Bearer.


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    (#1) Core Mechanics Of Synchronicity

    in Spirituality

    If You Are Reading This It Means … something you require to experience what you desire is within your (mental) and physical reach. Synchronicity "is the fulfillment frequency of your personal attractor factor energies" … and if you're unaware of these mechanics, you shall consistently miss your cues, miss your boats and often miss your NEXT BEST STEP on your path … toward what you claim to deeply desire.

    In Greek: Sync means together and the word chronos means happening at the same time. So since knowing these mechanics is essential to success, after integrating this truth about Synchronicity into your brain’s database there’s just one more vital thing to know and remember, so that you’re optimally empowered to recognize Synchronicity’s activity in your world  whether or not it’s accompanied by “ah-ha moments" or chill bumps running down your back.

    Here’s why this broadcast can begin waking you up to your power. You see, when you’re paying attention to what’s happening in your world and your most burning desire is in the top of your mind when synchronistic moments occur what's happened is that when a person's name, a book, a video, an event a service, or even a radio show title has caught your attention the frequency of your desire has slammed into an exact vibrational match to itself.

    This literally means that whatever caused that chill, the ah-ha vibe, etc, is evidence that something you require to take your next best step toward your most burning desire is standing within reach. That's why "instruction on these mechanics is paramount" to shortening the road to your fulfillment. Because there's so much more to paying attention to our energies than the world would have us believe tune in prepared to give my message your undivided attention and see if it resonates in your heart.


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    (#25) Mystic To Mystic Revelations

    in Spirituality


    Because my expression on the first broadcast literally felt like (a tidal wave being pressed through a straw), for real, I've completed a BRAND NEW version of my segment featuring Vanda Guzman’s Soul Sojourn.

    I was guided to present it as a gift to Vanda so she can gain insight into her upward spiraling Soul Path and all listeners would get to experience what it might be like when serious people desire to be optimally aligned with what they came to this planet to do by coming into clear knowledge of the energies they agreed to work in, to work with and to work through this lifetime.

    So with the required permission to peer beyond the veil of her flesh in my hand, I share light on her path. And to enable you to connect the dots before listening go to my older website: http://TheCartomanc-Seer.Biz, scroll down the landing page beneath the film strip … and you’ll see a list of PDFs that include:

    DocVaj’s Cartomanc-Seer® (Hidden Truth) Article
    Card Consult Forewarning To Skeptics And Believers, and
    DocVaj’s Cartomanc-Seer® Soul Sojourn Map.

    It is wise to read the article and forewarning and then open up the PDF of the map so you can see exactly what I’m speaking about as I reveal the messages within the symbols.

    Please share generously with those in your warm circles.

    If you find value in what's received through this channel please ...

    DONATE:  http://TinyURL.Com/SupportDocVaj

    Thank you.

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    Beyond the Cutting Edge (BCE) Spiritual Radio Show

    in Spirituality

    "Beyond the Cutting Edge" is a one-of-a-kind spiritual radio show, exploring the material of the international renowned mystic and empowering contemporary teacher, Almine. The show is hosted by Noor Milekpah and Marc Peycker. The new information that is received by Almine, probed by their sharp and heartfelt inquiries and questions, bring us into state-of-the-art spiritual territory, taking us ‘beyond’ the limits of today’s existing paradigm, beyond what is currently known to man. In this way, the information explored and discussed is always fresh, enriching, deeply metaphysical, and stimulating for both heart & mind. Join us live Sundays at 9 AM PST(/12 PM EST/5 PM GMT/6 PM CET) for an inspiring show, taking us all on a mystical voyage: Beyond the Cutting Edge.

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    Starlight Radio Messager Ken Robert

    in Spirituality

    It Is A Sad Day In NYC today Two NYPD Cops War Killed As They Just Seat In There Car , We Have Made Some Changes For Tonight's Show But The Show Must Go On ,Ken will be on their Air today Saturday at 10;pm est on Starlight Eye's Radio call in a try to get a free short reading from Ken . call number 1714-242-6120 you can start to call in 5 min's before show go's live All are welcome Go to this show is just 60 min's long
    www.blogtalkradio.com/kjrobert13 . Ken will be taking some callers at number 1714-242-6120 , We Are always looking for new great guests to be on with Ken if you like to be a guests email @ openyoureyes13@verizon.net

    Skills..Psychic, Seer, Clairvoyant,
    Medium, Predictor , Remote Viewing, Heal .,Ect Yes Ken dose have a lot of so many different Gift'

    Please join me on Facebook here is my link . www.facebook.com/kj.Robert13 and yes please become a Friend on that page To see all Ken's Updates
    Check out my website as well at www.kjroberts.net To book a personnel Phone Reading now. After You pay for Your Reading Then Call 201-822-5310





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    BelVaspata World Radio:Inspiration with Dhani

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to BelVaspata World Radio with your host Denise O'Regan and Malue Wittusrose.

    Please join us Saturday evening at 7pm EST as we discuss, share and offer the sacred Angel healing modality of

    BelVaspata. This week we have a wonderful guest joining us Dhani from Toronto. We dedicate this show to our beloved Almine in fluid surrendered trust,and an open heart we align with Infinite Intent.

    All that has gone before has brought you to the perfection of the moment, the beginning of timelessness and the birthplace of Eternal Life. Almine

    To learn more about Almine and BelVaspata visit www.spiritualjourneys.com

    Happy Holidays 

    Praise, Love, Gratitude and Trust

    Denise and Malue

    contact us at Denise@almine.info we appreciate your comments.

    Do you have a miracle with Belvaspata that you would like to share, we would love to talk to you!!!!


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    Wowworldwideministries ~ Elder/ Evangelist Bertha Askew

    in Christianity

    Join us live every Sat. at 12 noon PST, 2pm CST, 3pm EST for A Holy Ghost good time with Host Elder Bertha Askew... This woman is anointed of God to do the work of the ministry.. Tune in  to hear words of wisdom and on fire prayer... Tell a friend and join us by simply clicking on the link or call in to listen at. 1-213-943-3394 

    Elder Askew will at times take prayer requests so please call in and press the one so that she can agree with you in prayer.

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