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    What Really Happened in Houston at Bayou City

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    As the new interim executive director took on the reins at the Bayou City Art Festival in Houston late last year, it became apparent to Susan Fowler that the organization was stretched beyond financial viability. This is a festival that depends on an admission charge that had been negatively impacted by the weather.

    Four festivals back to back with rain had drained their savings  that were in fact a literal rainy day fund because the Bayou City Art Festivals are outdoor events. 

    The Art Colony Association, which hosts the Bayou City shows, needed to do something fast to keep the popular festivals alive and well.

    When the Board of the Art Colony met in January they put the wheels in motion to expand the event from 300 artists to 450 artists plus several other changes that they hoped would lead to financial stability.

    We'll be speaking with the Executive Director Susan Fowler and Operations Director Kelly Kindred to learn 

    how a board of directors oversees an organization and its' fiscal responsibility 
    how the decision to increase the size of the show was made
    how they went about implementing the Board's decisions
    how important are booth fees to a show
    other sources of funding a non-profit event
    how successful were the changes that they made to the Spring show
    what they learned from this experience
    what to expect next from this festival


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    The Final Word Podcast Black History Month Eve's Bayou (1997) Review

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    Join us as we celebrate the 28 Black films that everyone must see for Black History Month at 8pm (EST) 5pm (PST) LIVE nightly. Each is a must-see as it reflects the real life circumstances that many black people have experienced or can relate to. Watch as these films represent a community with a rich and significant contribution to the world. These movies are in no particular order. Don't see a particular movie on the list? Email us: TheFinalWordPodcast@yahoo.com

    1997’s “Eve Bayou” Over the course of a long, hot Louisiana summer, a 10-year-old black girl, Eve Batiste (Jurnee Smollett), discovers that her family's affluent existence is merely a facade. The philandering of her suave doctor father, Louis (Samuel L. Jackson), creates a rift, throwing Eve's mother, Roz (Lynn Whitfield), and teenage sister, Cisely (Meagan Good), into emotional turmoil. Eve, though, manages to find some solace with her quirky psychic aunt, Mozelle (Debbi Morgan).

    If you would like to call in and share your thoughts or ask questions you can call into 347-826-7899 to appear in the queue for the show, press 1 to talk to the host.

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    It's a New Release and Giveaway on February 10th - BEAST OF THE BAYOU

    in Books

    It's a new release and giveaway on February 10th! Come listen as I read an excerpt from my sensuously erotic paranormal romance, BEAST OF THE BAYOU. If you like shifters, you won't want to miss this episode. And one lucky listener will win a copy of the book!

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    Jeff Singer of Daily Kos Elections joins to discuss politics in the Bayou State

    in Politics Progressive

    Jeff Singer of Daily Kos Elections joins to discuss politics in the Louisiana

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    Filmmakers Bayou Bennet and Daniel Lir

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    The dream [writing/director] team of Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir was born on a summer day in 2007 when Bayou Bennett met Daniel Lir at a vegetarian café on the Lower East Side in Manhattan. The couple instantly connected with unbelievable synergy and created a hilarious hit film, “Text Me” which captured the “texting generation.” The award-winning short got them the attention of ad agencies and deals from the Hollywood Film Industry alike.
    The couple now continues to passionately create on their writing/directing partnership giving birth to innovative films, music videos and commercials through their L.A. based company, Dolce Films.
    Their motto “Let our dream team manifest your dream” has allowed them to work with some of the highest profile and most ininfluential companies in the industry. Lending themselves to smart, hip, imaginative and culturally significant work, their commercials, music videos and films have garnered prestigious awards. As filmmakers they strive to create projects that audiences will always remember, identify with and want to watch again and again, just like the films of their icons that range from Tim Burton to Federico Fellini to John Hughes.
    In this show, both Bayou and Daniel will be talking with us, bringing us a very exciting interview!

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    The 90 Degree Show: The 2013 Bayou Classic

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    Welcome to Week 14. This week's featured matchup will be The Bayou Classic between Southern University and Grambling State University. We will also respond to some critiques on the Fifth Quarter Forum and talk about some of the battles and songs we enjoyed in 2013. Please call in and tell us what you think at (718) 664-6025, or join our chat room live on the page of the broadcast. You can email the show at marchingpodcast@gmail.com, tweet us @marchingpodcast or follow our blog at blog4.themarchingpodcast.com

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    Ace Micheals interviews Rhea Delsol Boquin Owner Bayou Bunny's Housekeeping

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    FEATURE GUESTS - We love to keep our show exciting and interesting. We encourage you to call in regularly and promote your events and give your outstanding insights on all our topics. FIRST SHOW IS ALWAYS FREE. If you provide us with "talking points" via email to beonthebuzz@yahoo.com 24 HOURS in advance we can center the questions on your interest. If you forward a song in .mp3 or .wav format we can play it on the show.  

    Call in to speak with the host (646) 595-4802 10 a.m. show (PST) or (760) 888-5833 3p.m. show (P.S.T.)

    we can accept as many as 50 callers per episode and the show almost instantly becomes available on iTunes as a podcast and can also can be found and shared as a direct website link worldwide at www.blogtalkradio.com/acemicheals and of course available 24 hours a day by everyone on https://www.facebook.com/groups/acemichealsblogtalk/

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    The 2014 90 Degree Show Week 14

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    Welcome to the 2014 90 Degree Show Week 14! This week we talk about the great Bayou Classic between Southern University and Grambling St. There was a BOTB the night before the game and then the usual halftime show. We will announce the winner of the People Choice Awards battle from last week and our 'Word on the Street'. where we discuss potentially a 20 for 20 series about show style marching bands. Please call in and tell us what battle you saw this week at (718) 664-6025, You can email the show at marchingpodcast@gmail.com, tweet us @marchingpodcast or follow our blog at blog4.themarchingpodcast.com

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    From The Benches: Blowout in the Bayou

    in Football

    The show is back and better than ever after the Packers suffer a bad loss before their bye week. Jacob remains the host of the show, but has some subs for his usual co-hosts. Jason Perone of AllGBP.com joins the show in addition to Jacob's brother Adam.

    The show begins with a discussion of the Aaron Rodgers injury that came as an even bigger downside to an abysmal night on the defensive side of the ball. There is also a discussion about the defense's complete collapse in New Orleans, before going into the bye.
    Then the guys go behind the bench and discuss how they assess the Packers at this point in the season, and if that has changed since the beginning of the year with their expectations.

    Following that a discussion breaks out about what was encouraging, and discouraging throughout the game, before a preview of the Packers November opponents, and a prediction of what their record will be in those four games.

    An unfortunate discussion emerges just before the end of the show when the guys pick the worst Packers showing in the Mike McCarthy/Ted Thompson era, with a few surprises along the way before Jacob has some words for Coach McCarthy's management of the game in New Orleans in the show's signature segment You're gonna want to cut that.

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    SWACtalk Week 14 (Bayou Classic) coverage

    in Sports

    Come join us as we recap the previous week's action and preview the upcoming week's games. Check out our SWACtalkSuperstar Players of the Week. SWAC football can be unpredictable and exciting. So buckle up and get ready for the ride. Lots of info and even a few hots takes from our host. This is the place for the statistical coverage of the road to Houston.

    Help Support SWACtalkhttps://www.indiegogo.com/projects/support-swactalk-sports-podcast/x/7973198#comments

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    The Best Beekeeping Show Ever! on Lil' suburban Homestead

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    The Best Beekeeping Show Ever!
    Lil' Suburban Homestead
    on American Preppers Radio!
    9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 7:00pm/Mt 6:00pm/Pt
    Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/

    This week I have 3 Beekeepers on the Lil’ Suburban Homestead show!

    Troy Marino a commercial beekeeper from the Bayou, Brent Wesley a commercial beekeeper from Akron, Ohio and the Viking in her life Eric Thompson, a backyard beekeeper in coastal North Carolina. 3 Beekeepers – 3 Perspectives – There is something for everyone!
    I asked each of these beekeepers what was their hot topic for 2015 which they will be sharing a little bit about on the show!

    Read More HERE!

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