• Race Wars!

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    This week? Race Wars! We drop knowledge of epic proportions on how race relations arent being helped by anyone right now! We run down the list of what exactly has been happening on both sides of the law to get us to this boiling point and announce at the end exactly who is winning these race wars! Hilarity ensues....

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    Never Fly Solo - Your Wingmen and Success with Lt. Col. Rob Waldman

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    Through compelling real-world stories, Lt. Col. Rob "Waldo" Waldman relates how his Air Force wingmen helped him overcome challenges and become successful by teaching him lessons that work in an office as well as in a cockpit.

    In and of itself, the above excerpt would provide a more than compelling reason to buy Lt. Col. Waldman's book Never Fly Solo.  Especially given the fact that the first accolade for his book was from the Pit Bull of Personal Development himself Larry Winget.  Larry, who has you already know, has been a guest on my show several times tells it like it is, so if he likes it - it has to be good!

    However, and beyond the above, I actually had the opportunity to not only hear Rob speak at the recent Virginia 2014 Forum, I had the privilege to meet him in person and share some time over lunch.

    While I was obviously impressed with the purpose and integrity of his message, it was the accessibility to his personal story that resonated most.

    Joining me today to talk about why it is important to never fly solo is Lt. Col. Rob "Waldo" Waldman.

    Be sure to visit the http://www.yourwingman.com/ website.


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    America, a blonde with big Yams.

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    This week Kurt, Sherrod, and Keren sit down with the always hilarious, Yamaneika Saunders to discuss racism, privilege, and the overall state of America today.

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    Kurt Metzger @KurtMetzger


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    Larry Smith: Entrepreneur and advocate for affordable legal access for all

    in Finance

    From the archives at www.livingwealthyradio.com

    Many people don't come to grips with the reality of the astronomical cost of legal counsel in America until they find themselves involved in a lawsuit, get an unfair traffic ticket, or need to resolve a complex family issue.

    The reality is that you stand a very great chance of becoming involved in a legal dispute or lawsuit at least once in your life.  The financial implications of these situations are huge sometimes resulting in financial hardship, the loss of a home, marital strife, or damage to reputation.

    What if you had a way to inexpensively enlist the services of a top-notch attorney whenever the need arose, to assist you with everything from basic legal documents to criminal cases?

    Larry Smith is a veteran entrepreneur and business leader who has discovered just that.  Larry's personal trials and challenges led him to join a company that provides top quality legal assistance to ordinary Americans for a price they can afford.  Larry thinks access to a good lawyer shouldn't have to be a special privilege of the wealthy and powerful and he'll discuss a way you can have good legal access for a fraction of the price.



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    Mother's Milk

    in Moms and Family

    Samiyyah Saafir-Muhammad was born Jacqueline Glover in New York City in 1951. After spending her early years in foster care, moving four times before the age of three, she settled in with her aunt, following her father’s passing.
    While still in elementary school Samiyyah took an interest in helping other students do well, joining “The Future Teachers’ Club” in the fifth grade. As a high school student, Samiyyah became aware her people’s struggle for freedom—witnessing civil rights demonstrations, protests, assassinations and riots—and decided she wanted to help somehow.  It was in this atmosphere that she went off to Northeastern University in Boston where she majored in Education. Her stay there was short-lived, however, as she was introduced to the teachings of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and thereafter joined the Nation of Islam. Within the Nation of Islam’s Muhammad University, Samiyyah underwent educational training and worked as a teacher’s assistant.
    Since 2005, Samiyyah has had the privilege of serving as the Directress at Muhammad University of Islam in Atlanta, which serves students from Pre-K to the eighth grade. She has been blessed to carry on the 84-year educational tradition, which was started by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and his brave followers in the 1930’s.
    A widow after 35 years of marriage, Samiyyah presently enjoys the blessing of her and her husband’s nine children: six sons and three daughters, all of whom attended or are attending HBCUs. Samiyyah has been a mother to not only her nine children, but also to her two stepchildren, her nieces and nephews, her eight grandchildren and countless other children and adults in the community who come to her for advice, wisdom and guidance. Affectionately called MamaMiyyah, Samiyyah’s house is never empty

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    Constitution Study Radio: Lesson 26, Amdt 19, Women's Voting Rights

    in Politics Conservative

    Amendment 19, Women's Voting Rights. . . Is voting a right? Or a privilege?

    Douglas V. Gibbs of Political Pistachio journeys through the United States Constitution discussing the concepts, principles, and direct text of the U.S. Constitution from the original point of view of the Founding Fathers.

    Episodes each Sunday Morning at 9:00 am Pacific Time. Go to Constitution Study Radio for all podcasts of past episodes.

    Doug's books: 25 Myths of the United States Constitution on Amazon, and CreateSpace; The Basic Constitution at Amazon and CreateSpace.

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    VRWC Radio - Rolling Stone Rape, Notre Dame White Privilege, Gruber, Torture

    in Politics

    The boys are back together for another fun-filled holiday season show. Here's the lineup for tonight
    - Notre Dame has decided to offer a seminar on White Privilege - we discuss
    - Rolling Stone claimed an UVA fraternity raped a girl...and got it wrong
    - Columbia Law School is allowing students deeply affected why Michael Brown to postpone taking tests

    - Gruber was grilled today but all they talked about was torture
    - A family is not having Christmas for their kids
    - And much, much more

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    S06/E22: " Hypocrisy of Democracy-White Privilege In America" (PART 1)

    in Politics Progressive

    Trans-National Corporations like Monsanto, Haliburton, Wall Street, and everything affiliated with the Koch Brothers, continue to plunder America and the World in the name of wealth. We are in a Class Warfare as 25% of children, in the richest Nation on Earth, go to bed hungry every night. Righteous indignation is provoked because of systematic unfairness.

    It’s an epidemic where America has institutionalized racism, Class Warfare, narcissistic culture where everyone wants their “15 minutes” of fame and the ugly scorge of Sexism. All these bad things are based on the whimsical stupidity of the few, and the dumbing down of the Masses by the richest 1%, the Oligarchists. The 1% own 96% of the Media and are able to spread fear and misinformation. This goes hand in hand with their efforts to kill public education for good. It is a proven fact that America will no longer be dominated by White People. The GOP does a great job in motivating their unabashadly ignorant, and mostly uneducated, base through irrational fear.

    Fear which leads to anger. Anger which leads to resentment. Resentment which leads to hate...

    Even though the South is being screwed royally, and unlubricated by Republicans, that section of America, demographically dominated by "old school" Caucasians, refuse to see that the GOP cares nothing for Working Families nor the Middle Class. All the South and the Bible Belt sees is a "Marxist/Leninist/Socialist Mooslim “thug” in the White House". The word "thug" is the new "N" word. 

    Racism is alive and well in America. What do we do to erase it? What are some of the solutions. We want to hear from you friends...

    KITCHEN POLITICS 123 RADIO SHOW with DAVE & LORI:"We're Not Anti-Stupid, Just Anti-Stupid...LET'S GET COOKIN'!"

    LIKE: www.facebook.com/kitchenpolitics123

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    If We Don't Get It Shut It Down

    in Politics Progressive

    If inequality isn't a privilege for you, go back to Africa! Slave trade begin in early 1600's. America ended the stealing of Africans in 1808. The life of Africans was inequality. This was the norm. The Africans knew the history of the traveling to America in the belly of ships. The Africans desired one thing most of all, survival. Survival meaning to live another days. Inequality was a way of life and to live another day meant living with inequality. Inequality worked for decades. Afterall Africans in America were an industry of slave labor. Inequality was an incentive that was accepted. For Africans, inequality meant living. For Whites inequality of Africans mean privilege for Whites. Even poor Whites expected and experienced privilege because of the industry of slave labor. Niggers lived with inequality. Negroes lived with inequality. African-Americans lived with inequality. Blacks lived with inequality. All of which is part of the system of slavery which begin in the 1600's and much of it still exist in 2014. Well the path has changed. Inequality is no longer a privilege for African-American, for Blacks, for Negroes. Inequality was good enough to survive in the day. Now the goal is to thrive and inequality and thriving are like oil and water. It won't mix. So today, across America, land where my ancestors died, people are calling for and acting on racial equality, judicial equality, social equality, and economic equality. Word on the street is, if inequality isn't enough for you, go back to Africa. This may be a choice but this is not the issue. This time around it is not  Whites vs Blacks. It is wealthy vs workingclass, and the message is, IF WE DON'T GET IT SHUT IT DOWN!!!

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    Boston College Hockey: Eastern Bias Takeover!

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    The first half of the college hockey season is nearly in the books, and while the Boston College Eagles struggled through their first run, the Boston University Terriers enjoyed a renaissance to the days when they were one of the most feared brands in Division I.

    Throughout the college hockey season, we've had the privilege of listening to BC Interruption's Joe Grav duke it out with his buddy Shep on the Eastern Bias podcast. Eastern Bias quickly became the preeminent voice of Hockey East, and their list of guests include some of the elite names throughout arguably the nation's best college hockey conference.

    Now Joe and Shep will stage their first ever "takeover" of BCI Radio. With football season in our rearview mirror and the bowl game off on the horizon, our football guys will step aside for a week while the dynamic duo of Massachusetts ice rinks talk college hockey. For the first time, they'll be taking calls, and they'll be doing it on BCI at 646-200-0446.

    So tune in to talk hockey with Shep and Joe as BCI Radio has its first ever Eastern Bias Takeover

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    Dale Stinton, CEO of the National Association of Realtors®

    in Real Estate

    We have the distinct honor & privilege today to be joined today by Dale Stinton, the Chief Executive Officer of the National Association of Realtors®. Dale is a 31-year veteran of the NAR®, having served in a number of key pivotal roles in the organization, and becoming CEO in November of 2005.

    Dale has received numerous awards and honors throughout his career, including Inman’s 2010 Innovator of the Year, along with being featured as one of Smart Money Magazine’s “Power 30 Most Powerful and Influential Players” in 2010 and named “one of the 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders of the year” by Inman News in 2011 and 2012.

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