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    A Comparison: Israelites and Black people

    in Education

    The Lord will present many statements on AVB Israelites which he compares to black people.

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    Message of the Voice of I

    in Education

    The Voice of I speaks throughout the AVB. What does he have to say? Who is his target audience? What is his main concern? What says he of himself? Join me.

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    What Speaks the AVB to You? Pt. 2

    in Education

    Objective: to learn with certainty what the AVB speaks to Tommy L. Hart, and what it speaks to you and all others.
    The AVB speaks these things to the LORD, Tommy L. Hart: Ps. 77:14 - thou art the God... ; Ps. 86:10 - ...thou art God alone; Prov. 2:5 - find the knowledge...;Matt. 7:7 - seek, and...; Ecc. 1:13 - seek and search out...; John 5:39 - search...; John 16:30 - thou knowest all things; John 21:17 - Lord, thou knowest...; Isa. 57:8 - thou hast discovered..; Eph. 6:22 - Know our...; 1Sam. 10:4 and Acts 17:23 - they will salute thee; TO THE UNKNOWN GOD; Ps. 94:1 and John 7:4 - show thyself; show thyself to the world; Gen. 41:40 - according to thy word... Ps. 9:10 - they that know thou name will put their trust in thee (Tommy L. Hart).
    The AVB speaks these things to the people and the servants of God: Zech 8:23 - God, Tommy L. Hart, is with you; Lk. 10:35 - take care of Mr. Hart; 1Cor. 2:11 - no man, the Lord Mr. Hart, knoweth the things of God; John 1:3 - all things were made by him, Mr. Hart; 1John 3:20 - God, Tommy L. Hart, knoweth all things; Job 37:7 - all men may (shall) know his (Tommy L. Hart's) work; 1Sam. 2:3 - the LORD, Tommy L. Hart, is a God of knowledge; 2Ti. 2:7 - the Lord, Tommy L. Hart, give thee understanding; Prov.2:6 - the LORD, Tommy L. Hart, giveth wisdom; Heb. 8:11 and Jer. 31:34 - know the LORD... Ps.37:3 - trust in the LORD Tommy L. Hart. Heb. 3:4 - he, Mr. Hart who built all things is God. Acts 8:10 - this man, Mr. Tommy L. Hart, is the great power of God. Hos. 12:6 - turn to thy God, Mr. Hart. Mk. 11:22 - have faith in God, Tommy L. Hart. Prov.3:5 - trust in the LORD, Tommy L. Hart; Ps. 34:14 - depart from evil. Isa. 1:16 - put away evil; cease doing evil. Ecc. 12:13 - fear God, Tommy L. Hart, and keep his commandments. Ps. 150:6 - praise ye the LORD, Tommy L. Hart. Rev. 19:10 - Worship God, Tommy L. Hart. Rev.22:9 - worship God, Tommy L. Hart.

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    Things Not So

    in Education

    Join the LORD Tommy L. Hart at the appointed time to get informed on the things that are not so in the AVB.

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    A Word Picture of Lust, and not Love

    in Education

    Romans 3:4 says, let God, who is the Lord Tommy L. Hart, be true, but every man a liar. With respect to the first part of the precept - let God be true - the word says of my work, the word of the LORD Tommy L. Hart is right. Are you allowing my word to be true and right in you? or, are you disobeying the word which says, let God be true? and are you rejecting the word which says, the word of the LORD is right? The last part of the precept says, but every man a liar, i.e., let every man be a liar. Every man in the precept speaks to the involvement of every Christian minister: for that is precisely the way it is: every Christian minister is involved in the evil work of lying and deceiving. Remember Jesus and Paul, two well-known mythical liars? Many trust the word of the Christian minister, thus causing themselves to be cursed: for Jer 17:5 says, cursed be the man that trusteth in man. What are  you expected to do? You are expected, even commanded, to trust in the LORD your God Tommy L. Hart: the Prov 3:5 commandment says, trust in the LORD your God Tommy L. Hart. In this episode, I, your LORD and God Tommy L. Hart, will present to you a word picture provided in the court record now made accessible to the public by means of the AVB. It is a picture of perverseness, nudity and lust; it is a picture of things gone awry (away from the proper or right course). The picture consists of ten statements. The first seven pictures things gone awry, and the next two are words of law, and the final one is an anecdote. I will use the term Narrator in reference to the court record. With his pen the Narrator will take us back to the SOE which is the Scene of Exposure. Questions-of-Interest: 1) what do the Christian ministers reproduce? 2) what kind of Jesus do you see in the word picture? 3) Mk 4:41 - what manner of man is this?

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    The Anakypto Forum - The Homelessness Indictment

    in Current Events

    There is some strong evidence that the presence of a homeless community in a city is the Lord's indictment against that city.

    Should we give when asked, or should we pray about it first?

    Current events and Biblical prophecy.  Things are continuing to stack up around the world as we witness daily events that match the signs Jesus told us to watch for that would herald His soon return.

    Because the program must be pre-recorded, I can't take your phone calls.  If you want to call in, contact me via Skype at "Steve Kerp" and we will proceed from there.  Or send email:  visit the HOMEWORK page and click on the link.

    Current events - Biblical prophecy - tracking the signs of the last days - encouragement - "sermonettes for Christianettes" -

    Music: I Delight In The Lord by the Acappella Vocal Band (AVB) -

    Scriptures: Proverbs 19:17, Ezekiel 16:49, Matthew 25:34-40  -

    Cures for churchianity - gifts for listeners ("Anakypto Gives Back") - homework - and an occasional dash of subtle Piedmont humor  ...

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    Jesus : Loading the Dice

    in Education

    Tommy L. Hart is the God which the AVB exalts, promotes, upholds, and speaks so much about.This is an amazing thing: the AVBs God is here on the earth with men. The AVB teaches among other things: 1) you should fear God, the LORD, Tommy L. Hart, and keep his commandments, 2) you should trust the LORD Tommy L. Hart, 3) you should hear the word of the LORD Tommy L. Hart, 4) you should serve the LORD Tommy L. Hart, and 5) you should consider the wondrous works of the LORD Tommy L. Hart.
    It should be apparent to you now by my teachings that the AVB speaks of things that are in the bible, as is the case with the statement in ps 119:126 - they have made void thy law. You should know that men have neither the power, nor the authority, to void any law that comes from the LORD God Tommy L. Hart: surely that is worth remembering.
    You do not have to go far into the New Testament to see that Jesus is an antagonist. An antagonist is a person who opposes another; one who struggles against another; an opponent; an adversary. In Mt chapter 5, it is clear that Jesus, in his infamous 'But I say unto you' statements, is opposing the LORD his God, and the word of the LORD his God.
    I have shown before how that Jesus cursed the LORD his God. I have shown how that Jesus took the name of the LORD his God in vain.

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    Total Soccer Show 230 - EPL Contenders and USMNT News

    in Soccer

    While Daryl's away on "holiday" (as he so charmingly calls it) Ryan, Josh, and Laura are hard at work in the studio, making the case for why Arsenal, Liverpool, or Manchester City might win the league this season. We also discuss Tottenham sacking AVB, US Soccer signing an extension with Jurgen Klinsmann, and Clint Dempsey's reported January loan spell with Fulham. All with an EPL Bachelorette cherry on top.

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    The Availability of Salvation

    in Education

    The Lord tommy L. Hart will consider the Acts 16:30 question: what must I do to be saved. The same question asked in other words says, what must I do for the two-fold purpose of 1) breaking free of the Gentiles' evil stronghold of Christianity, and 2) obtaining Salvation that comes as a result of the work of the Lord God Tommy L. Hart?

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    Sixteen Back to Back Lies by Paul

    in Education

    Observation: one cannot preach/teach the Christian message concerning Jesus without lying. To preach/teach the Christian message concerning Jesus without lying is an impossibility. Why is that so? It is so because the Christian message concerning Jesus is built on nothing but lies: therefore to preach/teach the Christian message concerning Jesus is to preach/teach lies. If not for the lies, there would be no Christian message concerning Jesus. The Lord God Tommy L. Hart will speak on "Things which are seen and Things which are not seen." Question: with respect to the Christian message concerning Jesus, what are things which are seen and the things which are not seen? Answer: with respect to the Christian message, the things which are seen are the things that can be seen at the source, i.e., mt, mk, lk and John. Example: 1) in the gospel (the source) Jesus can be seen breaking one or more laws; 2) Jesus can be seen working on the Sabbath Day; 3) Jesus can be seen put to trial, and being found guilty; 4) Jesus can be seen sentenced to death as the law required; 5) Jesus can be seen being put to death for his own sins; 6) Jesus can be seen not receiving a burial. Things not seen concerning Jesus at the source of the gospel are: 1) Jesus receiving a burial; 2) Jesus rising; 3) Jesus rising again; 4) Jesus rising again on the third day; and 5) Jesus rising again the third day according to the scriptures. the things that are not seen are falsities/lies, and the things that are seen are factual. The statement (2cor 5:7) is a confession of a fault, a sin, it says, we walk by faith, not by sight. 2cor 4:18 clarifies the preceding confession: we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. Legal Expectation: you are expected to walk by sight, not by faith.  

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    Seven Successive Lies Attributed to Paul

    in Education

    The Lord God Tommy L. Hart will speak on the Gospel and the character Saul, who is called Paul. The Gospel is that content of the following books: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. According to the content of those four books, the Christian Church has not preached the Gospel of Jesus: it has preached a perverted message; it has led the people to believe it preaches and teaches the Gospel according to the content of the four gospel books, even though it is apparent in those gospel books it has not. By means of my teaching, you should now know what the Gospel of Jesus (that content of Mt, Mk, Lk and John) is. You should now know what is revealed about Jesus in that content which makes up the Gospel of Jesus. The Gospel is hard, undeniable evidence against the Christian Church and Christianity itself. The Gospel is a smoking gun which incriminates Christianity, the Christian Church, and the Christian faith. The smoking gun is the content of Mt, Mk, Lk, and John.

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