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    Explore the Valuable Art of Healing

    in Books

    Art has long been said to be a universal language. Through art, people gain self-expression, joy and peace. Today on Off The Shelf radio, book author and radio talk show host, Denise Turney, will sit down with Jacqueline Ripstein and discuss the Art of Healing. Jacqueline's works have appeared on more than 375 shows. She is a World Peace Envoy United Nations ECOSOC representative of the International Association of Educators for World Peace.

    Listen to the show LIVE right here at Off The Shelf radio on Saturday, June 7, 2014 starting at 11am/EST. Learn how you could experience greater healing, peace and joy in your life! Gain tips, insight and vauable information that you could use in your everyday life.

    See you there!  It's gonna be fun and educational!

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    Dr. Bernie Siegel returns to the Art of Joyful Living and this time, it’s to discuss his brilliant new book: The Art of Healing: Uncovering Your Inner Wisdom and Potential for Self-Healing.
    Dr. Siegel retired from general and pediatric surgical practice in 1989 and has since dedicated himself to humanizing the medical establishment’s approach to patients and empowering patients to induce their own healing.
    In this interview, Dr. Siegel will reveal:
    The connection between dreams and healing How to tap the body’s potential to heal The one piece of advice he would share with those who are facing end-of-life transitions For many, Dr. Bernard Siegel—or Bernie, as he prefers to be called—needs no introduction. He has touched many lives all over the Planet and Cindy and Linda are delighted to welcome him back to the show!

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    Joanne Koenig-Macko: The Art of Healing Naturally

    in Art

    If you could raise your energy frequency, imagine how incredible your life would be. It’s acheiveable; now find out how!

    Joanne Koenig-Macko found out life's many mysteries when she had several near death experiences. After surviving a horrendous accident, she knew that she was here to serve humanity and that most of our healing is done ourselves if we eliminate certain sub-conscious beliefs. Joanne is an internationally renowned visionary artist whose work was presented to many ambassadors & world leaders  at the United Nations and White House. She was a former World Citizen Diplomat and is currently a speaker & life coach, trained in many modalities and helping 6,000+ clients. Her passion is to move humanity forward and to help get people balanced physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. She’s a certified in many modalities: Theta Healing, Hypnotherapy, Reiki Master, Intuitive counselor. Joanne has produced the Annual Lightworkers Conference in Chicago area for 11 years and spiritually-based conferences for 20 years. She’s currently illustrating a children's book on angels & faeries and has won countless awards and recognition for her work. Joanne is now with Kyani, a 250 million dollar company whose mission is to help a million people health wise and financially by 2018, naturally and organically.

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    The Art of Selling The Art of Healing - Interview with Marc Sherer

    in Health

    With over 25 year's experience in marketing and trade show development, Marc Sherer creates events that attract thousands of people and industry leaders in the field of sales, marketing, business development and more.  Marc is the foremost expert in the growth and development of companies by promoting effective marketing, philosophies and techniques.  

    Please join us as we interview, Marc P. Sherer, President, Event Management. Learn the fundamentals of successfully building an enterprise and how it correlates with the art of selling the art of healing, specifically in the wellness industry.    Grow your practice. Grow your business and learn with the industry experts on the success in the business of wellness.  

    Be sure to join Marc along with speakers and exhibitors designed to inspire you at his upcoming event - Market NY  May 21, at the Jacob Javits Center.

    Free Admission ($40 value!) as our guest click HERE




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    The Art of Selling The Art of Healing - Interview with Michelle Yagoda, MD, PC

    in Health

    We often hear the terms natural, alternative, and holistic and can’t imagine how they could relate to surgery, especially plastic surgery. In fact, their association is quite unique. But, not to Dr. Michelle Yagoda!  She has been practicing an integrated approach—to beauty, aesthetics, ear, nose, throat, voice, and facial medicine since 1995.  

    Her unique integrative approach to beauty combines the best of topical skincare, ingestible supplements, and alternative holistic therapies with injections, laser treatments, and surgery to obtain the most natural and rejuvenating results. 

    Dr. Yagoda is an inventor and CEO of Opus Skincare, LLC, where she co-created BeautyScoop, a patented, clinically proven and all natural nutritional beauty supplement. 

    Join us for as we speak with Dr. Yagoda and learn all about integrative beauty, what is Beauty Scoop and how to beautify the skin from the inside out!

    Meet top holistic, integrative, wellness-oriented physicians, authors and celebrities at the next Nutrition, Aesthetics, Vitality, Efficacy, Life (NAVEL) expo




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    The Art of Selling The Art of Healing - with Chase Chandler, Economist & Author

    in Health

    It's an unfortunate fact of modern-day life; millions of Americans working up to fifty years and acquiring little wealth. Believing it to be the result of hidden financial education, one industry expert has stepped forward to release a book that uncovers some of life's most precious wealth creation and preservation tactics - the ones the financial industry refuse to make public.

    Join us as we speak with Chase Chandler, a respected Economist and author of three books including The Wealthy Physician - The Truth About How Medical Practitioners Should Grow & Protect Wealth.   The book offers an enlightening glimpse at realistic, efficient and powerful strategies for growing and protecting wealth. The book shares insider tips that the banking world is too protective to make public. A quote from the book's introduction: "The goal of this book is nothing more and nothing less than to give the educated medical professional a solid and easy-to-understand track to run on.

    Chase speaks around the country about financial, economic, and business topics.   Chase holds an undergraduate business degree from Harding University and a Certificate of Financial Management from Cornell University.  He is also the author of The Fall of Logic and the newly released The Wealthy Family.

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    Love, Miracles, and the Art of Healing with Bernie Siegel MD

    in Current Events

    This week on Global Freedom Movement Radio, Bernie Siegel joins us to speak about Love, Miracles, and the Art of Healing. Once laughed at by others in the medical community, Bernie has since touched many lives all over the planet. As a physician who has cared for and counselled innumerable people whose mortality has been threatened by illness, Bernie embraces a philosophy of living and dying that stands at the forefront of the medical ethics and spiritual issues our society grapples with today.

    In May 2011, Bernie was honoured as one of the Top 20 Spiritually Influential Living People on the Planet. He continues to break new ground in the field of healing, sharing the message that we have an innate ability to heal ourselves. Now proven by numerous scientific studies, the connection between our minds and our bodies has been increasingly accepted as fact throughout the mainstream medical community. Dr. Bernie Siegel highlights the relationships between consciousness, psychosocial factors, attitude, and immune function, emphatically stating what Cartesian-Newtonians have been trying not to hear for centuries: consciousness is nonlocal, and can be used intentionally both within one’s own body, and over large distances.

    He even has some captivating “paranormal” experiences to share, so join Brendan D. Murphy and Aimee Devlin on GFM Radio as they tap into the wisdom of Dr. Bernie “Journey” Siegel this week!

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    The Art of Selling The Art of Healing – with Dr. Michael Platt, Author & Pioneer

    in Health

    In this interview we will explore the role of adrenaline as the underlying cause of many conditions believed to be incurable: ADHD, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, weight gain, bipolar disorders, PTSD, IBS, addiction, and more.

    We will discuss why people put out excessive amounts of this fight-or-flight hormone, even when they are not in danger and learn how to reduce levels of excess adrenaline simply by altering a person’s meal plan along with the proper use of natural progesterone cream.

    Join us as we speak to Dr. Michael Platt, internationally known for his for his innovative approach to natural hormone replacement. His previous book, “The Miracle of Bio-identical Hormones,” is still the number one selling hormone book in a number of countries. In 2011, Dr. Platt voluntarily surrendered his license (not his medical degree) because he refused to change his approach to getting patients well naturally.

    His latest book Adrenaline Dominance addresses how the standards of care enforced by medical boards prevent progress in medicine.

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    Project Empowerment - The Art of Healing

    in Self Help

    Project Empowerment is thrilled to have on Dr. Bernie Siegel, author of "The Art of Healing, Uncovering Your Inner Wisdom and Potential for Self-Healing".
    Dr. Siegel is retired from general and pediatric surgical practice in 1989 and has since dedicated himself to humanzing the medical establishment and empowering patients to induce their own healing.  His bestselling books include "Peace, Love & Healing" and "365 Prescriptions for the Soul". 
    To learn more, please visit his website at www.berniesiegelmd.com.

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    The Art of Healing with Jacqueline Ripstein

    in Art

    Ripstein, who lives in Florida, is recognized worldwide for her art, and the unique, patented and unprecedented, Invisible Art techniques that she created. She is also recognized globally for her work with the United Nations as a peace envoy. Born in Mexico, self-taught but already on her way as an acclaimed artist at the age of 12, she has long earned the praise of international art collectors and critics. However, much like her artwork, the origins of The Art of HealingArt is itself steeped in mystery. For three years, from 2005 to 2008, Ripstein was unable to speak. Doctors could only surmise that she had suffered a stroke or brain injury, but they ultimately diagnosed a brain tumor. Suffering from a complete lack of vital energy, she couldn't live a normal life. Unable to communicate, Jacqueline drew inward and began to receive the "lessons" offered in the book. Eventually one doctor finally did discover the cause of her disability--the complete collapse of her immune system. It took one more year of intense treatments to restore her health. But tests showed that Jacqueline's pineal gland behind her forehead had grown to large unusual dimensions--the part of the body associated with The Third Eye...the chakra that connects us to the non-visible world.


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    Healing & Hope For The Heart - Tackling Fear

    in Radio

    Is fear keeping you from living the life you were intended to live?  Pick up some valuable points tonight to move from a life of "pity" to a life of "power" and keep fear from ruling your life! Join me as I share tonight about the world we live in and how we are affected.  8:00 pm on Healing and Hope for the Heart!

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