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    Giving Thanks

    in Christianity

    We will discuss the dynamics of giving God thanks during this holiday season,

    Facilitator: Pastor David Williams

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    Day 12 of 12 Giving Praise, Glory, Honor and Thanks to God for 2015

    in Social Networking

    Day 12, we will seal our breathrough, our healing and deliverance and call it done! In the name of Jesus Christ. We will enter a new demension of breakthrough, healing and deliverance prayer as we are closing in 2014 and entering 2015. It is going to be a year of super-natural manifestation of God's power, love, grace and mercy. Let's get prepared for it by getting a stronger corde of connection with him in worship, prayer and the reading of His word. God restores and delivers you,  Isaiah 43: 18-19 state, "Do not remember the former things, nor consider the things of old, Behold, I will do a new thing, now it shall spting forth; Shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the welderness and a river in the desert. Will give praise, glory, honor and thanks to God who protected us through 2014 and who has already made our way through 2015. You know what? Since it is God who made our way through 2015, you do not have to worry about it; He already took care of 2015 and forward. God blesses. I pray God to grant you grace, mercy, protection, health and prosperity throughout 2015 and forward and may you be hightly favored in every area of your life. I pray that you will be so blessed, even the people around will reap of the blessings in your life, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

    Yours alway,

    Pastor Dominique Michel. Happy New Year from the depth of my heart!

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    Living the Word--Giving God Thanks for all that He Has Done--Happy Thanksgiving

    in Christianity

                                Giving God Thanks For All He Has Has Done

    Join us on, 'Living the Word,"  Friday, November 21, 2014 at 8:00pm (pst) as we share the Word of God throughtout the nation.  Our co-host Pastor Patricia Pugh and Evangelist Regina Overton and your host, Evangelist Jones will teach as the Holy Spirit lead us.

    Thanksgiving is just about a week away. People all around the world will celebrate with family members and loved ones. The Word of God say, Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endurers forever. ( Psalms 136:1)  Let us all begin our Thanksgiving Day, and all other days of our lives by giving thanks to our God for who He is and the great things He has done.

    Call in for your prayer request, or to give God thanks for His blessings in your life and the life of your love ones.

    Come and be blessed!

    Gods' Servant

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    Season of Giving Thanks

    in Dads and Family

    In the season of giving thanks, what are you thankful for? Appreciating your past and looking forward to a grand future. Also, our Christmas Help For Single Moms Gift Card Giving Campaign. What is it? Why are we doing it?

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    Giving Thanks In A Time of Turmoil!

    in Politics Conservative

    With all that is going on...from Ferguson, to ISIS, to our economy, to President Obama's Excuetive Orders on immigration!  At some point we HAVE to give thanks during the turmoil and chaos!  So we will discuss the current events but we will also focus on what we ARE and SHOULD BE thankful for! So join @gskirocks and @airwavesamerica tonight at 9pm Eastern for some GREAT TALK RADIO! Giving Thanks In A Time Of Turmoil!

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    "Thanks Giving Sunday, Let's finish strong"

    in Motivation

    This is the last Sunday of the year. Let's make sure that you go out with a bag, and not the enemy. No matter where you are right now, it's not over until God says it's over. You've had some bad turns in 2014, but you're alive, don't complain. You have a big advantage, you serve a might God. The one who will never fail you regardless of how many times you failed Him. You need to run that race till you finish.  Let's talk

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    Thanks Giving

    in Culture

    Happy thanks giving every one.

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    WTF - w/Kevin A. Phillips - The Value of Giving THANKS

    in Self Help

    THIS WEEK:  The Value of Giving THANKS

    In the 11 years of learning how to manage this LIFE with a Brain Injury, I have come across countless people, like me w/Brain Injuries. Some of them have overcome countless 'hurdles', while others have remained defined by theirs. Not just those of us with Brain Injuries but those who have chosen to help us too. 

    But how does giving thanks or expressing gratitude so important to acquiring a more FUNctional LIFE?

    Join us tonight as we share some insight from those willing to share (by calling in) of their 'hurdles' that they've overcome and/or may need your input to overcome what you already have. Together Everyone Achieves Miracles and truly defines the purpose and value of a TEAM. Afterall, "It takes a village to raise a child" and are we all not still like children, learning to THRIVE in this thing call LIFE?

    Tune in this week to add another perspective to your daily repertoire.  If there is something in particular you would like to hear Kevin discuss, join us on Fridays and share in the chat room with the "Marvelous Maggie" (Kevin's 24/7 Partner and Professional Care Assistant)

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    Giving Thanks

    in Lifestyle

    We are quickly approaching the close of 2014 and it has not come without obstacles. Many have had loses of loved ones, financial increase and decreases, illnesses, births & more. Through it all we need to  give thanks that we are still standing and still in the land of freedom

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    have a good time listening to your faveriot music

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    The Giving of Thanks

    in Politics

    This is Thankgsgiving Week, which means turkeys are on the chopping block by the millions. It also means that many Americans will be pretending that the early settlers to America were heroes, and not filthy cutthtoat gangsters who robbed, pillaged and killed to create a nation of their choosing.

    For the Pilgrims, the Plymouth Rock landing represented hopes and dreams of freedom and life filled with prosperity.

    For the Africans, the Plymouth Rock landing represented the crushing of hopes and dreams, with nightmares of bondage and death and a legacy of struggle.

    In the celebration of the Thanksgiving Holiday, Africans across the world should be paid a debt of thanks at the very least by every race of people in existence.

    Specifically, Europeans and their descendants owe us for being the currency and unpaid workforce for the creation of the new nation.


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