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    Why Do Bees Matter? They Truly Are More Than Honey

    in Environment

    Tune in to this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, as host, June Stoyer is joined by special guest, film producer, Markus Imhoof, to talk about his thought-provoking film, More Than Honey. The film explores the reality commercial beekeepers are facing due to mass bee deaths. Stay tuned!

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    Love is Stronger than Death with Cynthia Bourgeault

    in Religion

    Episcopal priest, writer and internationally known retreat leader Cynthia Bourgeault joins the Rainbow Vision on her new book, Love is Stronger than Death: the Mystical Union of Two Souls. This is a guide-book for those who are called to the path of conscious love. Cynthia relates the intense relationship she had with Brother Raphael Robin, a seventy-year-old Trappist monk and hermit. Their platonic love lasted five years until his death. Both believed that a relationship can continue beyond life. Both studied Western esoteric traditions and believed it was possible for two souls to work and grow together "from her to eternity."  Deeply enriched by Cynthia's knowledge of the teachings of G.I. Gurdjieff and of Christian mysticism, their vibrant, provocative, beautifully written story adds a profound new dimension to our understanding of human love and the possibility of survival beyond the grave.

    Cynthia Bourgeault is the author of eight books including: The Wisdom of Jesus, Centering Prayer and Inner Awakening, and The Meaning of Mary Magdalene. She divides her time between solitude at her seaside hermitage in Maine and a demanding schedule traveling globally to teach and spread the recovery of the Christian contemplative and Wisdom path. She is the founding director of both The Contemplative Society and the Aspen Wisdom School.

    Visit Cynthia's website at: www.cynthiabourgeault.org



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    John Carver Show - More Than Enough

    in Self Help

    Today's show is called "More than Enough."  In the show I attempt to paint a picture that you have more capacity and opportunity than you can imagine.  It's from a sermon I shared by the same title.  Some of what you will hear includes:

    I think, sometimes, people believe God runs empty!  God wants us to take ownership of the power that we have in God!

    “There was a man who was cleaning up his desk one Friday afternoon when he noticed an envelope that had been opened. Someone must have placed it there while he was on the phone. He opened it and read it, and to his shock and dismay it was a notice of being terminated, being laid-off from his job. His entire department was being eliminated along with his position. After all the years he had given to his corporation, he found himself filled with resentment and the sense of being victimized. The man sat slumped in his chair in utter despair.

    He began to think of all the terrible things that were going to happen to him. His entire lifestyle would have to be altered. He thought, "I'll have to sell my house; I'm too old to get another job; I'm useless; I'm all washed up."

    At that moment, the man noticed a spider on his desk, and without thinking he brushed it off. He was amazed though as he watched as the tiny creature automatically spin a strand to bear its weight and swing gracefully to the floor.....





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    Better than the Bank (replay)

    in Lifestyle

    JR Gillespie, All Star Financial Insurance, shares some wonderful, safe investment strategies that are Better than the Bank!

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    Better Than Before: Jane Wilkens Michael Celebrate Woman's Day

    in Women

    Today on the Jane Wilkens Michael Show...Better Than Before...Jane welcomes two renowned editors from Woman’s Day Magazine, the go-to source for food, health, beauty, fashion, home and family finance and community, for more than twenty million women nationwide. Editor-in-Chief Susan Spencer and Beauty Editor Melissa Matthews Brown will discuss the most common reader questions and concerns and share the easy, doable suggestions and actionable and relatable tools featured in the magazine that will help listeners find health, wellness, beauty and balance to positively realign all areas of their lives. Susan will also talk about the Woman’s Day Live Longer & Stronger campaign and challenge, an important initiative to raise awareness for women’s heart health!

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    Easier Said Than Done

    in Radio

    ''EASIER SAID THAN DONE'' Hosted By-Edwin J Applewhite

    100th Episode


    Music By-Mackmilly Shineboy Ft-Jadakiss,Yung Double Ft-Gucci Mane,Yo Gotti,Mariah Carey,K Michelle,Usher Ft-Migos,Jessie J,Jenni Nicole,Zoey Clarke Ft-Fetty Wap,Ncki Minaj Ft-Drake,Prince Royce Ft-Snoop Dogg,PluGG,Jamie Foxx Ft-Chris Brown,Alyxx Dione Ft-Jason Derulo,Jordin Spark's Ft-2 Chainz,Janelle Monae Ft-Jidenna,Tink Natasha Mosley,Snoop Ft-Charlie Wilson,Alona C

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    "Blood Is Thicker Than Water" - COCKTAIL CONVERSATIONS with KLJN 107.7

    in Radio

    Welcome and thank you for listening to COCKTAIL CONVERSATIONS with The Controversial Counselor.Its Graduation Time and decision and choices need to be made about the graduates future.

    In Scenario 11 Blood is Thicker Than Water, Brianna has to make a major decision between Dad and Step dad. 

    Graduation time was meant to be good times, but in this case, someone had to deal with pain and betrayal. Brianna was graduating from high
    school, but due to the shortage of tickets given out by her high school, four tickets, she had a major decision to make. One ticket went to her mother
    Helen, two other tickets went to her grandparents, that means she had only one ticket left. Certainly, that ticket should go to her stepdad Eric
    who has been a part of her life since she was three years old and has been the only Dad she knows.

    Her biological dad was informed by his sister that his precious daughter who he had nothing to do with throughout her life would be graduating from high school, so Leon contacted her two days before graduation and stated he wanted to start over and very much would like to attend the ceremony. Brianna was confused but always wanted that love and acceptance from Leon, so she told her mother that she wanted her dad to attend the graduation. Helen informed Eric of the news and he was devastated and upset. Helen pretty much told him that this day was all about Brianna and he needs to build a bridge and get over it. What should Brianna do? Do you think Helen handled this situation correctly? Where does Eric go from here after being betrayed?

    Call (347) 237-5342 and press "1" to speak live on the air.

    And now here is The Contoversial Counselor, David Glover.

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    Better Than Before: Jane Wilkens Michael: Spa Search

    in Women

    Today on The Jane Wilkens Michael Show…Better Than Before...Jane’s guest is Susie Ellis, one of the most respected spa industry experts in the world. Susie is chairman and CEO of the Global Wellness Institute (a leading research and educational resource for the $3.4 trillion dollar wellness industry), head of their sister organization, the annual Global Wellness Summit, president of Spafinder Wellness, the world's largest media & marketing company for the spa and wellness industry, and recipient of the prestigious International Spa Association’s prestigious 'Visionary Award'. She and Jane will discuss the latest trends in the spa and wellness industry, how listeners can navigate through the tens and thousands of spa options to choose what’s best for them as well as their budgets, and how they can recreate the spa experience right in their very own homes.

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    Is it is better to be married than to live alone?

    in Romance

    Tonight we are talking about the merits of singlehood and whether we are happier, more satisfied with life, more prosperous, healthy or sexually fulfilled when we live alone. According to the office for national statistics in London 43% of women 18-49 are not married and a woman aged 25-44 is five times more likely to be living alone than she was in 1973. There is evidence in a survey conducted by Relate and YuGov which found that 81% of people who are married or living together feel good about themselves compared to 60% of singles. This obviously depends on the quality of the relationship. It has been found single people feel better about themselves than those in average relationships. In 2010 Kinsey found that among women aged 30-39. 12% of those who were single had sex only a few times a month compared to 50% of married women. According to another report women who have high self esteem and are confident about their bodies had high levels of satisfaction whether they were single or not.

    Let's talk about it...

    Join the show on 3479457556 or comment in the chatroom



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    The Mind of More Than Enough

    in Christianity

    We serve a God of more than enough so why not have that mindset of abundance. When God created you, He created you to bring forth abundance. Experience the prosperous life that only God has made available. This message will empower you to carry out your God given assignment.

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    in Entertainment

    The Elephant man was more than a freak...he was a human being who had a name, and his name was Joseph Carey Merrick. Here is a little bit about him:Joseph Merrick was born on August 5, 1862 in Leicester to Mary Jane and Joseph Rockley Merrick. He had a younger brother and sister and was completely normal until the age of three.In an autobiographical note which appeared on the reverse side of his freak show pamphlet, 

    It was later discovered that Merrick's disorder was caused by what we today call Neurofibromatosis; Merrick's was NF1.

    ·NF has been classified into three distinct types; NF1, NF2 and schwannomatosis. They are caused by different genes, located on different chromosomes.

    ·NF1 is the most common neurological disorder caused by a single gene; occurring in one in every 3,000 children born.

    ·NF2 is a rarer type, occurring in 1:25,000 people worldwide.

    ·While today there is no consensus, studies indicate that schwannomatosis occurs in 1:40,000 people.

    ·The Neurofibromatoses are genetically-determined disorders which affect more than 2 million people worldwide; this makes NF more prevalent than cystic fibrosis.