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    Disciple Thaddeus Part 3

    in Spirituality

    From the apocrypha Book of Thaddeus.

    The book of Thaddeus does not have numbered verses. It is one long narrative. In the Bible in any given chapter each sentence is numbered.

    Thaddeus reminds the newly ordained disciples of the mission, staying focused, and the importance of living a principled life. Being the example..

    The communication between King Abgar and King Tiberious reporting in detail the death of Jesus as well as  the  coincidental "  Great Convulsion. 

    Learn to listen. Listen to learn.


    Rev. Barbara

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    Thaddeus Part 4: Thaddeus' Death Bed Testimony.

    in Spirituality

    Stories and allegories of Thaddeus, St, Jude, Labbaeus

    The cited sources for the following are:



    Miracles & Encounters

    Teachings of Jesus

    The Last Days

    As told by Thaddeus, Jude, Labbaeus on his, reported, death bed.

    Learn to Listen. Listen to learn.

    Rev. Barbara


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    How To Survive The Holidays ~ Necole Stephens

    in Spirituality

    This time of year can bring on extra anxiety, emotions, and missing our loved ones terribly. Necole shares her dread in bringing out the Christmas decorations and what she has done to help with this. Necole also shares tips on saying no to social engagements that you may not want to attend and ideas for honoring you loved ones at this time.

    Necole Stephens is a nationally recognized Spirit Medium, Spiritual Mentor, and Author. Necole integrates the journeys of Grief, Hope, and Living, being a spiritual conduit between the physical world and the Afterlife. With her compelling accuracy, she delivers messages from Heaven bringing through much comfort, hope, and inspiration. Necole travels around the country giving inspirational lectures on grief along with her “Healing Hugs from Heaven” live events connected you to your loved ones in spirit. Necole is the Founder of Zachary M. Tompkins Memorial Fund, a Non-Profit Organization in honor of her son Zachary. Necole feels very blessed to have a following of well over 155,000 on Facebook Fan Page and she is featured on the Best Psychic Directory. Necole has done and continue to do numerous appearances at events and conventions throughout the United States and was recently featured in international publications. Necole supports and empowers as she connects with you, your loved ones and brings Heaven a little closer with the knowledge that you are loved and seen by those you love.

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    Thaddeus Matthews Will Be Our Special Guest: Another Front Line Soldier

    in Religion

    Today we are very excited to have as our special guest - Radio Personality and the last real Social Activist left in Memphis Thaddeus Matthews. A few months back we took the side of Thaddeus Matthews in his civil battles against Pimp Preacher Pastor Frank E. Ray. On today’s show we will ask him about his latest’s battles against Pimp Preachers in Memphis - Don't miss this show! PimpPreacher.com

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    A Message From Pastor Lee Stephens of Nolensville

    in Christianity

    Welcome to another show at, "Your-Place"! We want to thank you for taking time to listen to our show. We are still asking teachers and preachers that have a burning topic they would like to share, to contact us about being on our show. Just remember that we open up the mics at the end of each show to allow people to ask questions or make a comment. You may say that you are not a teacher or a preacher, but that you would like to suggest a topic of discussion for a show and/or may want to lead in the conversation. You are welcome to do that as well. As you know we have offered people, if ever in middle Tennessee area, to come and visit the Sanctuary of Nolensville.  We have even offered you the oppertunity to be a blessing to this young work by making a donation to their building fund. You can do this through the show or direct.  The church has a FB page where you can get all of their information. Today we are bringing you the message that was preached during last Sunday's service.  We pray that it inspires you as it did us!

  • Interview With Thaddeus McCotter and Chelsi Henry

    in Politics Conservative

    Thaddeus McCotter is the former US Representative from Michigan’s 11th Congressional District. He is now the host of the "Thaddeus McCotter's Freedom Asylum" radio show, frequent guest on Fox News, and bestselling author. His latest book is entitled, Liberty Risen: The Ultimate Triumph of Libertarian-Republicans. 

    Chelsi P. Henry is an attorney, entrepreneur, political strategist, motivational speaker, and business consultant. She has been recognized by CNN as one of ten “Up-and-Comers to Watch” and as a “Rising Star” by the Republican National Committee. Her writings and commentary can be found on such places as the National Review, Project 21, the Blaze, AllenBWest.com, Fox News, and Ebony magazine. 

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    The Disciple Thaddeus: Part 2

    in Spirituality


    Thaddeus speaks with Abgar at Edessa.

     Affirmation: In this now moment I release anything and everything which blocks my good.

    Elimination—The ability to release, remove, and let go.

    The disciple is Thaddeus. He represents the removal of any and all negative thinking.

    Rev. Barbara

    Learn to listen. Listen to learn

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    "Simply Haneef" talks to special guest LaCora Stephens of The YES show

    in Lifestyle

    Special Guest:

    LaCora Stephens is an extraordinary young lady that is the executive producer and host of The YES! Show where she highlights the Young, Entertaining & Saved of Hollywood.  Using her experience as a high school teacher she formats her show with fun, engaging segments that speak on real, honest topics to encourage growth in the Kingdom.  Through her journey she has an impressive 100 interviews under her belt from artists like Angela Basset, T.D. Jakes, Philcia Rashad, Yolando Adams, Matt Damon, and many more! LaCora is helping the world find their YES! with panel discussions like Can I Get a Witness and  Confessions of a Church Girl and hot topics during He Say She Say and gospel celebrities highlighted during the Red Carpet Rundown. The YES! Show is taped in Pasadena, Ca moving forward to its third season. 

    If you can't catch LaCora on The YES! Show, turn on any channel and see her as an actress.  She's been in commercials like Vizeo, Skinny Cow, Reebok, Century Link and networks like Lifetime. LaCora is on a mission to bring more positive images to television and impress upon people to use their gift to Glorify God!

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    Charise Stephens - Founder of Middle Georgia Wellness and Fitness Festival

    in Health

    Hello World,

    Welcome to Happy Talk Radio.  This is GG Stanley.  I am your host with the most happy news from coast-to-coast.  Happy Talk Radio is about cultivatiing positive thinking with family friendly topics that penetrate the mind, body and soul. 

    Happy Talk Radio focus on sharing happy talks and happy thoughts every Saturday at 2:00 PM EST.

    Thank you for tuning in.  Our chat line is opened, dial (347) 857-1142. 

    Happiness is a state-of-mind we choose to be.  I believe it is an imminent declaration of power within you in living a balance life.  One of Socrates' infamous quotes is "To Be Or Not To Be."  So, do you want to be happy or are you happy?

    Note:  "Every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you will never get back."

    Today, you will be challenged to be happy by my special guest Ms. Charise Stephens.  Charise is an award winner planner and marketing expert.  She is the founder of the Middle Georgia Wellness and Fitness Festival based in Macon, Georgia.  She created the Drive Clean and Green Across the State of Georgia, her own TV show and now this festival.  Also, she is a former Mother of the Year for Middle Georgia, Leadership Macon alum and an inspiring life coach and much more. 

    Her partner and fellow festival founder is Mirage McCrae.  Mirage is a physique competitor and a certified personal trainer.  He lives the healthy lifestyle 24/7 and teaches group on how to make small steps to make a big impact.

    Need I say more.  I could but I'm not because Charise Stephens will be sharing information in finding happiness in wellness and fitness and more.  So, don't you go nowhere.

    Happy Talk Radio is bringing it home to you right now!

    It's time to chat with Charise.





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    Brooklyn Park Mayor Candidate :Joy Marsh Stephens

    in Music

    Joy Marsh Stephens is the DFL and labor endorsed candidate for Mayor of Brooklyn Park , Mn . She is tonights guest on MnTc Radio speaking on what she can change for Brooklyn Park and Her plans if she is to be elected. Call 718-508-9559 to ask her any question. Mr Music is the host tonight on MnTc Radio.

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    Welcome to our Saturday Worship Service for those who may not be able to attend church and anyone else for whatever reason they choose to join us in this worship experience. YOU ARE WELCOME

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