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    Psychics Gone Wild Thursday with Psychic Jethro!

    in Spirituality

     Jethro Smith host Psychics Gone Wild Thursdays at 9pm EST and 6pm PST - Free Psychic Readings - Tarot - Magick and More at www.psychicsgonewild.com !

    Jethro Smith, part Native American Indian, was born with the gift of sight and has been reading professionally for over 30 years. He was intensely tested and trained by metaphysical masters beginning preschool and is renowned for swift and powerfully accurate readings. View more at www.jethrosmith.net

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    Dirty Divas:Michelle's Wild Week Plus WWE,NXT,and TNA Talk

    in Wrestling

    Last week Michelle went to 5 wrestling shows including WWE Payback. Tonight she will talk about her crazy week. Liz and Michelle will also review Payback,RAW,and NXT Takeover from last night and give there thought on TNA losing Destination America less then a year after getting on there network. If you want to give your thoughts on this or anything else wrestling releated the number to call is (323)870-4022. Join the ladies as they talk about 1 wild ass week.

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    Black Moon Lilith In Astrology: Your Inner Wild Woman

    in Spirituality

    What does it mean to unleash your inner wild woman? Why does Black Moon Lilith represent her? And why is this the year that Lilith is going to make a BIG impact. In this show, astrologer, healer and teacher, Louise Edington, will talk about Lilith and what her emergence means for YOU. Louise will also give highlights of the coming month in astrology.

    Louise will also open up the lines at the end of the call to do one card Tarot readings for live callers. 

    To find out more about Louise visit her Facebook page http://facebook.com/yourcosmicblueprint or join her FREE Facebook community at http://facebook.com/groups/cosmiccommunity

    And her website is http://yourcosmicblueprint.com

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    Psychics Gone Wild Monday Gary Wimmer and Jan Drake Bakke!

    in Spirituality

    Gary Wimmer and Jan Drake Bakke host Psychics Gone Wild on Mondays at 8pm EST - Free Psychic Readings - Astrology - The Psychic Art of Reading Stones - Mediumship - Lithomancy - Dial 773-897-6461 Visit  www.psychicsgonewild.com for more!

    Gary Wimmer, Certified Psychic Intuitive, Master of Lithomancy, and Author, provides decades of amazing accurate readings throughout the USA & Europe. Via Stones, Gary interprets the pattern of one's current situation, major issues, opportunities, and how they interrelate for 12 weeks. Lithomancy reveals the light at the end of the tunnel as Gary taps into past lives, spiritual guides, karmic ties, discarnate souls, and systems beneath the surface.  http://garywimmer.com/psychic/

    Jan Drake Bakke Certified Psychic, Professional Dancer, born into an environment of gov't investigation with a mystical path of extensive experience from the brevity of life to spiritual insight. Ask Jan about personal totems, being "in the zone" and the intuitive abilities of Finding Missing Persons! jandrake007@hotmail.com

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    Call of the Wild - Double Dip Weekend at the Zoo

    in Sports

    Join us tonight as we discuss racing from around the area, including the Memorial Day double header at Kalamazoo.  We will also be joined by Tony Eldridge, General Manager at South Bend Motor Speedway, and Merle Holden, Owner and promotor from Mottville Speedway.

    We will take your calls as well!  See everyone at 8!

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    in Radio

       Zany and crazy, serious and informative, the contrast of all things available to you and anyone.  Sometimes you'll laugh, sometimes you'll throw your computer up against the wall - you will be shocked what you hear on this show, both from the ridiculous side AND THE INFORMATIVE - it's a guarantee you will learn something, for sure.  Wednesdays are honorary - let's hump it.  GUESS WHAT DAY IT IS.  347-205-9366.  Join the crew if you can do - Johnny Davis ( who later gets a piece of the honey comb hideout style on his WILD music rants of soul and jazz and everything snazzy ) Darryl L Williams (TEAM DLW) and Jay King.  You know I"m there in spirit - even if you don't hear me, I'm the one that typed this here up in this piece - HAH!  You ready for the KINGS IN THE MORNING?  Followed by Johnny Davis with WILD WEDNESDAYS?  Okay then.  347-205-9366

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    Longshots Radio, Live with Donnie Rightside 5-21

    in Sports

    Tonight on Longshots Radio, Donnie is going to have a special deal for Motorsports Listeners, as we introduce NASCAR Specialist Brian Perks? to the squad at Trendbetting.com?.  
    Tune in at 8 ET to meet Brian Payoffs with Perks? and get a FREE Week pass with the Trendbetting Motorsports Team. Donnie will be all over the MLB, the Wild NHL Post Season and more.
    Listen streaming at www.trendbetting.com/longshots 


    Lucky Lance Williams, 
    Master Sports Gambler 

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    Planned Parenthood Radio w/ Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 6 + Mad Max Reviews

    in Pop Culture

    This is PLANNED PARENTHOOD RADIO on the Random Brain Activity Network!

    Join Bully & The Punchline for two hours of wild and uncensored chatter as they talk about everything and anything that they can think of! We'll be kicking things off this week talking about the fourth episode of season 5 Game of Thrones. After that we'll delve into anything else we're thinking of, no subject is too taboo, controversial, or just plain inappropriate! You never know exactly what's going to happen or what might get said. Absolutely nothing is off limits, and nothing is considered sacred. With the occasional scheduled guest joining us to let us know how far we do the cross the line.

    If we don't offend you in someway then we aren't doing our jobs right!

    We always encourage callers, new and old, to discuss or debate whatever topics are at hand. 

    Check out and like our Facebook Page for links to articles discussed on the show, schedule information, and various pics posts throughout the week. www.facebook.com/PlannedParenthoodRadio

    Send any and all hate mail, requests, feedbacks, questions, or nude self pics can be send to the hosts directly at...


    Warning: Adult Language

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    Wild Out Wednesday

    in Entertainment

    Call in (626)226-1448 9-11pm for Hip Hop Wednesday on soul1radio

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    ROAD MAP 4 SEEKER'S with Host Rhonda Harrison being interviewed

    in Spirituality

    Road Map 4 Seeker's is a weekly, internet radio show, offering spiritual seekers, wisdom teachings from the worlds treasury of cultures, present and past. This is the age of the Rainbow Bridge. Now is that special time, foreseen be indigenous people from antiquity - a time of for mutual respect, sharing and learning. Road Map 4 Seeker's! Join us as we cross the Rainbow Bridge, Mondays on the Harmony Radio Network at www.harmonyradio.co

    Rhonda Harrison is a gifted healer, teacher and guide. Rhonda's life is a demonstration of loving service. Her passion is to show others the way to health and well-being. Rhonda dreams of that special day, when as One, we all join in celebration of the Divine Infinite, expressed in these... our precious spirits and physical bodies. 

    Having spent years in the company of Shamanic Healers, Indigenous herbalist and Energy workers, Rhonda created a line of therapeutic oils for her clients and retail customers. Hummingbird Healing Oils, her own brand of essential oils and remedies. Visit, HummingBirdHealingOils.com. Go a little "Wild" with wild-crafted, natural oils, infused with that most potent ingredient of all... Love! Using aromatic oils, Gems, massage and the ancient art and science of Tarot, Rhonda will help you see all that is right and good in your life as she guides you on the wisest path toward an ever brighter future.

    www.hummingbirdhealingoils.com or email: hummiingbirdhealingoils@gmail.com





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    in Entertainment

    MISS GUY is a wild and raucous (on stage of course!),supertalented singer, songwriter, music producer, enrmously successful internatonal DJ, performer, stylist, fashionista and all round FABULOUS human being! Miss Guy Performs with band THE TOILET BOYS and often records and collaborates with Debby Harry(Charm Alarm) and 'Stay away From Pretty Boys with Boy George! Guy creates wonderfully provocative music videos like Dumb Blonde, Sometimes, Don't Stop and Take It Off are just a few of these. With a band and DJing all over the world Miss GUY has been to Europe and Asia and toured the US extensivelyLooking forward to catching up on all the excitement with dear friend Guy! Rick Hunt will monitor and referee and Life is .....what? GOOD!