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    Weekly Wrestling Podcast Ep. 8 - 'Textbook Knockout Artist'

    in Wrestling

    Pro Wrestling News Part 1 w/ Matthew, Landon & Alex - 0:48
    Interview w/ Chris Hero - 46:31
    Pro Wrestling News Part 2 w/ Matthew, Landon & Alex - 56:53
    Interview w/ Tyson Dux - 2:12:58
    Barrie Wrestling Preview with Shawn Gibson - 2:35:56

    Recorded at Smash Wrestling on 2/20/2016, Chris Hero returns to Weekly Wrestling Podcast! The 'Knockout Artist' talks teaming with Eddie Edwards in the #F8tfulEight tag team tournament, facing off against Jon Gresham & Matt Tremont at Beyond Wrestling, the IWA Mid-South 2015 Ted Petty Invitational, AAW, PWG & more!

    He's a Cyborg. He's Textbook. He's an Entertainer.... Tyson Dux returns to WWP at Smash Wrestling's #F8tfulEight event to chat about plenty including reuniting with Tornado in the tag tournament, teamming with Tracy Williams as part of Hot Sauce Entertainment, winning the Ryan Buckley Memorial Tournament for Proving Ground Pro & more!

    PRO WRESTLING NEWS WITH MATTHEW, LANDON & ALEX (@m4tthewgrant @morriskombat @AlexKalil) -
    Matthew Grant, Landon Morris & Alex Kalil talk about the world of professional wrestling including HHH/Ambrose being announced for the Toronto WWE Network special, the 'Bulletproof' stable & rumors surrounding their debut, a review of Ring of Honor's 14th Anniversary event, a preview of PWG All Star Weekend 12, a bunch of independent & mainstream wrestling news & more!

    + SO MUCH MORE!!!!

    @WeeklyWPodcast @elitepodcastnet



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    State of the Textbook Indexing World

    in Writing

    You might take that alphabetized list of words and page numbers for granted, but there's turmoil inside the textbook indexing world. First there's the ongoing challenge of people not understanding what indexing is about, a world where production editors are always just out of college, authors are forced to pay, and jobs are going to countries where English isn't a first language. The rise of e-books has reintroduced a significant problem that first appeared in the early 1990s: wholly inferior tools. E-book indexes do not work, literally. How does this affect writing? Join us for a lively discussion with Seth Maislin, Managing Partner at Potomac Indexing, LLC (http://www.potomacindexing.com), about how we find things...or not.

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    Bible, God inspired, The textbook.

    in Religion

    We will be discussing the Bible. It being inspired by God, and Why it is our textbook for living. God inspired the bible so we woulod know how to live in this life and prepare for the next one. The Bible is the first text, and the best selling Book. Come join us for this God inspired Show.

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    Dr. Robert J Gilbert & TJ Morris on Pyramids, Crystals, Ancients and more...

    in Spirituality

    Dr. Robert J. Gilbert has a multi-faceted background in both spiritual and scientific studies. He is a former U.S. Marine Corps Instructor in Nuclear-Biological-Chemical Warfare Survival; since leaving the service in 1985 he has conducted independent research into the Geometric basis of modern science and new technologies. Dr. Gilbert holds a Ph.D. in International Studies and is a published academic author in that field, contributing to the first academic textbook in the new field of Transformational Politics.Known for his remarkable ability to sift through huge amounts of information from multiple spiritual and scientific sources, he distills it into easy-to-understand training resources.Having studied multiple world spiritual traditions extensively with advanced information from key systems integrated into Vesica trainings. A non-sectarian approach inclusive of individuals of all spiritual traditions.With over 25 years of in practice and studyof original European Rosicrucian and Holy Grail Tradition, he teaches original independent form of Rosicrucianism. Rosicrucian work is to help everyone connect to spirit directly, to craft optimal spiritual path. Dr. Gilbert was the first non-Egyptian to be certified to teach BioGeometry®, and created the standardized template for the Foundation and Advanced trainings in cooperation with BioGeometry founder Dr. Ibrahim Karim from Cairo, Egypt. We will share more in this radio show with events.TheresaJ Morris.com, of TJMorrisRadio.com and CosmosRadio.org . 



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    Asteroids and Dinosaurs - Fine Art of Paleontology

    in Environment

    Asteroids and Dinosaurs will be the topic of discussion on Natures Talk Show Fine Art of Paleontology discussion with Ken McKeighen and Ken Boorman.Plate tectonics might seem like a routine topic from a 7th grade textbook, but in the 1970s, plate tectonics was cutting-edge science. The theory had only gained widespread acceptance over the previous ten years and subsequently attracted scads of scientists looking to open up new intellectual frontiers. Walter Alvarez was one of them, but his research into plate tectonics was destined to be sidelined. An intriguing opinion would eventually lead him, his collaborators, and the rest of science on an intellectual journey across geology, chemistry, paleontology, and atmospheric science — towards solving one of the great mysteries in Earth's history: What happened to the dinosaurs?

    On Monday April 18th 2016 at 8pm est,7pm cst and 5pm pst. We look forward to you joining us. If you would like to join the conversation visit our chat room on our web page or call in to our studio number 1 -949-534-0637.

    Thank You,



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    First Contact Radio 4/7/16 - Cosmic Weather, UFOs, Nibiru

    in News

    First Contact Radio 4/7/16 Show #1473 hosted by Joshua Poet

    Moon Cat Astrology

    Planet Watcher

    Moon phases for Los Angeles

    Jewish Calendar



    This Week’s Sky at a Glance, April 1 – 9

    UFO News
    US Navy Spies Learned of Hitler Alliance with Reptilian Extraterrestrials

    PC Alan Godfrey UFO Witness on BBC Breakfast Time TV Show - Nov 1980, Interview

    Major Indian Airport Goes On High Alert Due To UFOs

    Air Force Academy Space Sciences Textbook

    Daily Stories
    Newly discovered planet could destroy Earth any day now

    Daniel Whitmire & Planet X: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

    What You Don’t See About The Anti-Christ


    3 Simple Rules To Protecting Yourself From Energy Vampires

    Gratitude - Quan Yin April 6, 2016

    12 Lessons To Learn From Highly Successful People

    FREE Meditation Music "Reflections"



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    Dr. Adelaide Sanford dialogue with Dr. Joyce King:Connecting Culture to Learning

    in Education

    Show Overview:


    A discussion with DR. JOYCE KING,   Is the truth being told? a textbook distortion of African American history.


    NCEBC wants to welcome the full village to question, understand, and ask questions, about governance, educational policy, finances,  resources, and  the basic democratic principles of equity, fairness, and justice. It is important (if not, vital) that we have this conversation to continue to dispel the myth that black children are incapable of achieving high test scores,  therefore public schools are incapable of providing quality education.


    "We believe in accountability. We believe that data drives decision-making. We believe in research-based practices. These principles have been used for generations by high performing schools, principals and Superintendents; especially those working and succeeding in urban communities were poverty and race are the dominant elements. This conversation is about the politics, power, economics, and restructuring of a public school system into a charter school system."

    Diana Daniels, Executive Director, National Council on Educating Black Children

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    in Education

    Welcome to Operation Jericho Project Radio, the educational solution to Common Core.  We are blowing the HORNS of TRUTH in order to bring down the walls of the government indoctrination system we call 'public education'.

    Join Host, Christina Michas on OCT. 2ND, Thursday at 1:00 PM PST and her guests, Bishop Avis Hill and Karl Priest as they discuss the 1974 Great Textbook War which was the battle that launched the Culture War.  Karl has 35 yrs as an educator and principle and is known as the "Insectman" as he teaches on Christ the Creator.  He is also an OJP member and a state leader for Exodus Mandate.  Bishop Hill, a minister over 40 yrs, was an activist in the 70's Textbook Wars leading many in protest marches. He remains very involved still today and has appeared on numerous media venues and has appeared before Congress. 

    Since this battle has re-emerged, we will discuss the textbooks of then and what, if anything, has changed today. The War goes on! 

    OPERATION JERICHO PROJECT RADIO  will challenge you to think with a biblical mindset. It is our responsibility to "train up our children in the way they should go". Join us each week and be sure to share the podcasts.  

     Visit our website and FaceBook page for solutions and alternatives to government education. Be sure to sign up on our website at: "Join Us" so you can become a part of Operation Jericho Project, God's solution. Operation Jericho Project believes we must "Rescue Our Children".. Join us and Help in this battle to save the hearts and minds of God's children who are on loan to us from GOD. We will be accountable! 




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    TS Radio: Joe Roubicek Returns!

    in Family

    Hosted by Marti Oakley & Debbie Dahmer

    JOE ROUBICEK will be our guest this evening to discuss his investigations of over 1000 cases of elder exploitation.

    BIO: Joe Roubicek has investigated over a thousand exploitation of the elderly crimes over the past 25 years, primarily during his 20 year career with the Fort Lauderdale Police Department. Throughout his career he has testified in numerous criminal trials and depositions. He also testified in the 1990’s as an expert in related probate hearings. In 1994 Joe testified before the Florida House and Senate to improve laws designed to protect the elderly and he contributed to the writing of present day Florida Statute 825.103: Â Exploitation of an Elderly Person or Disabled Adult. Joe also contributed directly to statewide training of law enforcement officers and APS and lectured for the University of Miami, Stetson University, the Florida Attorney General’s Office, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Metropolitan Police Institute, and numerous law enforcement agencies since 1992. He published the book, Financial Abuse of the Elderly; A Detective’s Case Files of Exploitation Crimes, to educate the public. This book is also used as a class textbook for college criminal justice courses. He also recently published a booklet, “ Guardian Angels Inc.: The Vile Business Of Corrupt Guaridanship. Both available on Amazon or any online bookstore. ___________

    BE SURE TO CHECK OUT JOE’S WEBSITE: www.exploitationelderly.net . Click on the “JOE’S CASES” section for an education and even some entertainment.

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    Is Homosexual a Disease of the Mind also?

    in Radio

    BARBADOS, Homosexual International.  Naked, I just discovered my bf is bulling.  He is the father of my two children and you won’t believe how I found out.  Naked, the man interfered with my sons, his own children.  I know what people going to say but I did not believe them when they told me.   He is such a gentleman.  He was always the man in the house.  Naked, but I walked in and caught him with a man in my bed.  I was not supposed to be home.  I went to town to hunt down this textbook for my son’s school lessons and had bad feels.  My belly griped me bad bad bad and I decided to went back home.  Naked, I caught Reginald in bed with a man.  Don’t know the man, never laid eyes on he yet, but they were bulling and having themselves a ball.  The whole house smelled musty like perspiration.  The saddest thing is my sons were relieved because now they know I know and I can no longer ignore it.

    Naked, fix this up because I am very emotional now.  My entire life just came to an end.  Who to trust?  Just so?  Just so everything I was building up come crashing down?  http://nakeddeparture.com/2016/03/09/devastated-at-discovery-my-man-bulling/

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    D4T • MisInformation: John Apsley, Environmental Pollution and Fukushima

    in Health

    Misinformation from the medical community; from BigPharma, Vacinne manufacturers and the CDC who withhold information, to bought and paid for researchers who "spin" the information according to the sponsors wishes, to dangerous byproducts of food and environmental processes;  how they all work collectively to get in your pocket and control your health freedom.

    The Insitute of BioAcoustic Biology provides tools and solutions in support of SELF HEALTH.  Who should you believe? Download the FREE software, Radiation Exposure, under DOWNLOADS that we have reserved for the public;  includes a video, charts and a textbook -  web site WWW.SoundHealthOptions.com.

    How does BioAcoustics fit in?  Buckminister warned, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."    


    Dr. John Apsley