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    Your Self-Improvement Project: It's time to be happy again!

    in Spirituality

    Second in the series on "Your Self-Improvement Project", this chat will be on the topic: It's time to be happy again!

    Tune in Saturday at 10:30 am (Eastern Time) for a 30 minute show on this energy opening, possibility thinking, spiritual involvement topic with Karla Shields of Spirited Daydreams.

    Can't make the live show? No worries, it will be archived just a few minutes after it's done and you can come back here, or to her website: http:www.spiriteddaydreams.com anytime and listen.  Also on I-Tunes to download!


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    Trump gives a policy speech that sounds presidential. Jon Keyser falls short.

    in Politics Conservative

    Trump gives a real policy speech after sweaping 5 primary states. Former state rep Jon Keyser comes up short for making the ballot for US Senate by 86 signatures. Randy Shaffer CEO of America 101 project will discuss what America 101 project is about and it's goals. US Senate candidate Robert Blaha is our guest on the show to tell us why he's running for senate and what makes him different from the other candidates. Republican candidate for Congressional District 1 Casper Stockham is our guest to tell us how he's going to defeat the incumbant Diana DeGette. We will talk about other topics such as trigger warnings and protecting hurt feelings of college students to shut down conservative speech.

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    30JK -- BURTON'S BACK!!!

    in Entertainment

    You've been waiting a long time to hear him again... and now, 30JK Nation, your prayers have been ANSWERED!!!

    Party People... Burton Richardson; announcer, famous for shows like "FAMILY FEUD"; "THE PRICE IS RIGHT"; the original "ARSENIO HALL SHOW"; GSN's "RUSSIAN ROULETTE" & "WinTuition"... he's baaaaaaaaaaaack!!! And we want YOU to have the ultimate experience of getting to know this ultra-cool dude!

    Join the party by calling 347-857-2310. That number again; 347-857-2310... or log on to www.blogtalkradio.com/JKFX4LIFE ;)
    That's "J-K-F-X"; the number "4", then "L-I-F-E"; all capital... all one-word; YOU spread the word, and YOU KNOW that's word, baby! And as always... the party starts the second YOU get here!

    Be here or be NOWHERE!!! And always remember... "it's a JK thang... sissyyyyyyyyeeee!!!!" DIG IT!!!

    Hottest -- Hypest -- Happiest... one of THE best online shows ever in your life!
    Don't believe us? Listen for yourself! You'll be glad ya did.

    And in case you've forgotten who this is... THIS IS PROJECT JKFX!!! COME ON!!!

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    in Pop Culture

    The Pressure Project and Pressure Project Radio is a podcast based movement inspiring men to re-embrace their masculinity through honor, brotherhood, and the pressure to succeed.

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    in Radio

    Dru Kelly & The PROPHETIC VOCES Team is widely recognized as the Premeir Conversationalist Network in America today. We have a unique and diversified cultural mix of people whichs makes for a more interesting and motivated for growth and successful group of; artist, leaders, and followrs. If you have a gift to gab, a project the world must hear or see, a life story that has meaning, purpose, and lessons that can truly uplift/motivate and sometimes even adgitate the masses into becoming a better them, we want to hear from you.

    Share that project with the world by joinug in on our rount table disucssion (Saturday's) at (3:00pm-EST) on (Blogtalkradio)

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    HELL IS FOR CHILDREN - Protective Mothers fight for their court-abducted kids!

    in Current Events

    Welcome to HELL IS FOR CHILDREN – a blog talk radio program for and by Protective Mothers with your host Geerte Frenken. Today’s guest is Protective Tina Kufner. She lost her 2 children to their pedophile father who took them to Germany 9 years ago. Tina is the Founder of the Melo Project Runway Program that organizes The Indigo Ribbon Challenge; a fashion project that support child abuse victims. So what is a Protective Mother? A Protective Mother tries to protect her child or children from their abusive father by many means necessary, which is an uphill battle in today’s corrupt Family Court system that thrives on paternal entitlement. However, Protective Mothers worldwide are uniting to fight for the right to keep their children in what could be called a new Civil Rights movement. Needless to say, we are not interested in haters here. We offer a safe haven for Protective Moms to share their stories (can be anonymously). And we don’t just want to share our horror stories here. This program is meant to be a platform of constructive support and a think-tank for solutions. Other guests who can contribute to this topic in a positive manner are welcome as well. Are you a listener who has tips for our guests? Then please call in at 347-850-1243 at 12PM EST! Are you ready? Operation EXPOSE continues! 

    Visit Tina Kufner’s Melo Project Runway Program here: http://meloprojectrunway.com/

    Information about The Indigo Ribbon Challenge can be found here http://www.melo-international.com/i-.html

    Click HERE for previous episodes of HELL IS FOR CHILDREN 

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    Hybrid Jazz: International Jazz Day - with Gabriela Martina & Charmaine Clamor!

    in Music

    We have SO much to say that it's hard to know where to begin!  Gabriela Martina starts our episode on 4/30 at one p.m. Eastern.  Her new "No White Shoes" is getting incredible BUZZ - and she's a natural to star in our special Saturday edition of "Hybrid Jazz."  Originally from Switzerland, Gabriela received an education in London - but also in her native city of Lucerne. There, she immersed herself in the multi-faceted music scene before heading to Berklee in Boston for more adventures.  I must tell you that this amazing talent discovered her calling early in life, as she sang (and yodeled!) in her family's Swiss band. The experiences that she had at home paved the way for connections formed in the States - Gabriela has worked with some heavyweights - as diverse as Meshell Ndegeocello, Jack DeJohnette, and Angelique Kidjo.  What a joy to introduce her to you!

    Charmaine Clamor is no stranger - many moons ago, yours truly had the opportunity to interview her on "Cool Jazz Conversations."  She is a remarkable woman from Subic-Zambales, in The Philippines.  Her precious memories revolve around playing the piano while her Mom sang Filipino torch songs and beloved favorites from America.  Passion intact, Charmaine made her way to Southern California with a dream of singing and uplifting her country.  Somewhere along the way, she ALSO got a Masters degree in Physical Therapy!  This "Queen of Jazzipino" has had a handful of albums that have garnered her rave reviews - and we might get some news about an upcoming project when she visits.

    In the mix, too, for this glorious gathering for global Jazz: a giveaway!  Gregory Porter's new CD before it's released :) "Take Me to the Alley" - autographed - can be yours!  All you have to do is LISTEN and you might be the winner!  See you in The Chat Room on 4/30! 

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    Interview with Producing Artistic Director, Michele Rashida-Turner

    in Entertainment

    Another one of my talented friends that I have had the pleasure of working with on China and Blues project.  She will give some hints on the movie business for those of you who are interested in going into this field of endeavor.  The good, the bad and the ugly. Michele has worked with some of the movie industry's movers and shakers.

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    Diversity Restoration Solutions- Homecoming Meet Network

    in History

    The Homecoming Network welcomes the opportunity to meet with Zambian and Southern Africa Community Association (SACA) representatives to have direct dialog on the challenges we encounter between African Americans and Africans that prevent us from building strong and sustainable relationships. o What are the misconceptions on both sides

    o Why African Americans are so disconnected from Africa

    o Challenges faced by Africans in America 

    We conduct Homecomings and project development activities in America and Africa to reconnect families and communities previously separated by the institutions of slavery in the United States and Africa for mutually beneficial social-economic


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    Up2Me Radio Show with Host Gabby G and Guest Neil Beller

    in Business

    Welcome to the Up2Me Radio Show with your Host Gabby and G and today's special guest Neil Beller, Founder & President of Kit and Kaboodle Productions.

    Kit and Kaboodle Productions  is an award winning video production team specializing in corporate and industrial videos, television commercials and campaigns, web video production, creative design, copywriting, and marketing strategies. We help great businesses become even greater with targeted strategies, creative design, and of course, powerful video.Kit and Kaboodle Productions, LLC was established by Neil R. Beller Jr. in 1997. He is an Emmy Award winning editor who has worked for production companies, network news, advertising agencies, professional sports teams in and around Baltimore and major motion picture companies during his time in Hollywood, California.

    Kit and Kaboodle Productions works with an international client base as far away as Melbourne, Australia. Many of our clients have experienced over 15 years of reliable partnership and creative support with Kit and Kaboodle Productions.

    Our fast, flexible, and reliable creative team gives the whole Kit and Kaboodle on every project.

    The comments expressed during this radio broadcast are for inspiration, information and entertainment purposes only.

    This show is a production of Atlanta Life Radio and to learn more visit us at www.atlantaliferadio.com

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    The Journey of Article V

    in US Government

    This week's episode will highlight some great news for the Convention of States out of Oklahoma and Maine (yes, THAT Maine!).

    We'll cover the journey of Article V through the Constitutional Convention.  Where did it come from?  What was the intent of the Framers, and how did they express that intent?  Why do the State Legislatures have the enumerated power to apply for a "convention for proposing amendments"?  Was that mode added as a last moment afterthought, or did the Framers give us reason to believe that this mode was their intent from the beginning of the convention?

    We'll then open up the phone lines for any questions/discussion regarding the Convention of States Project.

    That Provident Article" is hosted by Convention of States Texas volunteer Paul Hodson, with the Convention of States since late 2013, a District Captain in Texas from February 2014 through November 2015, and now serving as Co-Director for the Convention of States Texas.