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    Tonight: FB Post Discussion and Comments

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    Shalom everyone thank you for again joining me to share in the 9Mind Sacred Sisisterhood perspective on what is relavant to we who have been labelled politically as Negro Blacks here in the hell of Northern America. Tonight I will be discussing FB post from my two Facebook pages and as always, asking great questions to get at the root of why we remain the PERSECUTED peoples of the EARTH. As always I intend to give it to you as the SPIRIT of TRUTH gives it to me in a style unique only to one who can identify and relate to the horrors of daily Black terrrorism. Truly we are in the times recorded in the Bible as Jacobs Troubles which may not be an accurate description of what is really occurring. It's more like the wrath of Jacob aka Yacuub against YEsua. I say this because most of  what we know as scriptures has been taught to we called Blacks in REVERSE. For this reason we are siding with those characters in the Bible who where not really the righteous ones at all while the only righteous ONE recorded in scripture as being named Jesus, many of we today now openly reject. Let's here what the spirit of TRUTH has to say on the matter. All calls are welcome. 

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    Active Shooter: Post Crisis Leadership

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    Vincent J. Bove, CPP is a Board Certified Protection Professional, Board Certified Crime Prevention Specialist, Certified Law Enforcement Instructor and U.S. Department of Justice Certified Community Anti-Terrorism Awareness Trainer. As a nationally acclaimed leadership, character and security educator with more than 30 years experience, Mr. Bove has been a champion of transforming schools and communities. He has put his ideas and insights into his latest book LISTEN TO THEIR CRIES: Calling the Nation to Renewal from Columbine to Virginia Tech.

    Mr. Bove is the 2007 New Jersey recipient of the prestigious FBI Director's Community Leadership Award. This special award, presented on behalf of the Director of the FBI, was formally created in 1990 as a way to honor individuals and organizations for their efforts in combating crime, terrorism, drugs, and violence in America. He was also hand-selected to participate in the annual National Conference on Ethics in America at the United States Military Academy at West Point, serving various roles since 2007 including speaker, senior leader, facilitator and mentor.

    In June 2007, Mr. Bove was asked to address the families of the victims of the Virginia Tech tragedy and to attend the governor's meeting with them. He continues to serve as a spokesperson, tirelessly addressing the pre-crisis, crisis and post crisis issues on their behalf. Since the Columbine High School tragedy in 1999, Mr. Bove has been called upon to inform, instruct and inspire over 50,000 educators, parents, students, mental health professionals, law enforcement officials, and community leaders throughout the United States. His constant challenge to audiences is that we all must do our part to transform our schools and campuses into safe havens for developing citizens of character and achievement. security, and association publications.

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    911: Is America in Denial?

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    This will look at the question of 911  and the continued denials of how it was done.

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    Global Security Matters

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    Adrian Morgan, writer on counterterrorism and other issues, discusses issues of Islamism, security, terrorism and dhimmitude from a global perspective.    Every Friday from 6 pm Eastern Standard Time onwards (Britain and Europe: 11 pm GMT, Australia (Melbourne, Sydney): Saturday 9 am  EST).   Listen live or catch the podcast later on this same link. Feel free to phone in while the show is on air on (US) 347 857 1380 or use the Skype button, and press "1" to talk.   Tonight: NEWS ROUNDUP

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    OUR COMMON GROUND State Terrrorism Against the People

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    OUR COMMON GROUND  with Janice Graham "Speaking Truth to Power and Ourselves"
    This Week on OUR COMMON GROUND
    "State Terrorism Against the People and OUR CHILDREN"
    Activist Kali Akuno, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement and a Co-author, of the MXGRM Report,
    "Every 36 Hours: Report on  The Extrajudicial Killing of 120 Black People "
    Email Us: OCGINFO@ourcommonground.com
     Twitter: @JaniceOCG l Facebook: OUR COMMON GROUND with Janice Graham l COMMUNITY FORUM l Website

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    Reckless 2.0 - w/ Scot Nakagawa

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    Reckless 2.0 welcomes Mr. Scot Nakagawa, who will share his views on the system of white supremacy. Mr. Nakagawa is a non-white male and senior partner at ChangeLab a think tank dedicated to addressing issues of race and racism. For the last 30 years has been an activist addressing issues such as extreme "right wing" ideology, the prison industrial complex, and white racist terrrorism.  He also authors a blog, RaceFiles, in which we will discuss a recent post of his - Blackness Is the Fulcrum (of white supremacy/racism I suspect). We will discuss Mr. Nakagawa's work with ChangeLab, "Blackness is the Fulcrum", and the impact of interracial relationships - from his view - on Asian males.

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    Jewish Terrorism Continued

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    Yes, previously me and Ron set the stage for the topic of Jewish terrorism, now, we will continue with the ugly specter of Zionist aggression against us all. It is a reality, Jews in concert with powerful forces are waging both covert and direct terrrorism against the world's inhabitants.

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    Mom Madness 3pm Thursdays on HarlemTalkRadio.com
    Mom Madness is a weekly thirty minute show which tackles the many issues moms face. How do we keep our kids healthy, educated, how do we keep them entertained and how do we keep sane? Join us.
    HarlemTalkRadio.com - Logon and get connected

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    Our Common Ground with Janice Graham ☥ 10 pm ET ☥ Saturday

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    Time for Self-Examination: Lessons for Black Liberation

    ¦ Economic Terrorism
    ¦ Political Terrrorism
    ¦ Racial Terrorism
    ¦ Cultural Annihilation
    ¦ Electoral Elimination

    What should be our response ?

    OUR COMMONGROUND with Janice Graham is alternative, interactive, activist Empowerment talk radio program exploring issues, events, thought, ideas and perspectives in and about the African-American community.

    The program presents a diversity of opinion, resources and talent who give voice to disenfranchised and marginalized people and communities, “speaking truth to power and ourselves”.

    OCG is talk programming honors and fosters the recognition and value of our differences and the differences that it makes.

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    Cooning The Dream: Pimping Dr. King

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    The watering down of a dream for multi-culturalisim. A dream is something you do while you sleep its time to wake up! Domestic terrorism.

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    Quick Shot #2 - Obama/Torture Prosecution Follow-Up

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    Quick Shot #2 - We're Doing a Quick Follow Up on Our Obama /Torture Prosecution Show A couple clarifications from the last show and thoughts on the bi-partisanship of the torture issue.

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