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    Gems of Wisdom-Intuition with Teresa Maron

    in Spirituality

    Back to the Magic today, at 11:30-12:30  CST! Discussion on the importance of Intuition in becoming your authentic, abundant and most Prosperous self! Also, an update on the converging double Grand Trine, known as the Star of David! The chart is from Ginger McCord, publisher of the Indigo Sun Magazine. Gem of the Week? Star Sapphire, of course! Special Guest Misty Magick, entrepreneur, Artist and powerful Manifestor! Tune IN! www.GemsofWisdom.us

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    Love Yourself Love Your Wealth-Teresa Maron

    in Self Help

    Use the Power of Self Love to Manifest Abundance in Every Area of Life. Brought to You by Patty Adamik, Zedrouh Reich and Teresa Maron.

    Patty, Zedrouh and Teresa all bring a different aspect of the struggle to learn to love yourself into a heartfelt and authentic discussion of how easy it is to let love of others, responsibility and peer pressure strip you of the basic tools you need to thrive. Tune In as we share our personal struggles and share the tools we have discovered in our journey to empowerment and joy.

    This week the panel discussion is How do we Intentionally Create an Abundant Life? Teresa presents a new way to look at the Energy of Money, and buzz words like "bills."


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    Gems of Wisdom-St. Brigid's Feast

    in Self Help

    Join Teresa Maron, your host, as she welcomes Guests Lauren Santerre and  Lanecia Rouse Tinsley.

    Gems of Wisdom brings you Expert Guests teaching Self Help, Personal Development, and Spirituality, Wednesdays, 2-3:00pm CST Tune IN! 

    Contact Teresa

    St Brigid was dedicated to changing the world around her, and she continues to inspire women today to create a more beautiful and just society more than 1,500 years after her death.

    In honor of this exceptional woman, Brigid's Place in Houston Texas will host a feast and an evening of warm community, fun, music art and food!

    Lauren, Executive Director of Brigid's Place, and Lanecia, Board member and director of the evening's program, will share the passion and pleasure of bringing St Brigid's Feast to life!

    Lanecia is the Feast Day Facilitator, and will take us on a journey to discover the compassion that lives within us all through art, meditation and reflection. 

    Tickets and information about Brigid's Place


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    Learn To-Evolve Into Your Signiture Brand

    in Self Help

    Hi there, and welcome to Evolve Into your signature brand, I’m Teresa Maron, the Learn 2 Queen.  The niche and passion of my expertise is teaching, and I have a conscious content creation system for professionals just like you, who want to get started with their very own podcast. And it’s a great decision! In part one of my training we will talk about theme, style, title, tagline and how that becomes your message, and then evolves into your signature brand.


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    Learn To-Create a 3 Part Program, Pt 2

    in Self Help

    This class, part 2, is about connecting your story to the problem that you solve in your self help and personal development business. You do this by sharing the results your service will provide. If your prospect is truly your Ideal client the benefits of your service will be clear and irresistible to them.

    Contact Teresa http://teresamaron.us/learn-to/

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    Love Yourself, Love Your Wealth

    in Self Help

    Join Teresa for tips on creating the life of your dreams!

    Love Yourself, Love Your Wealth, Top 10 Magic Manifesting Tips by Teresa Maron

    Have you ever thought about what true abundance feels like? I know most of us have felt it, that delicious feeling of complete comfort and joy, but what does it take to sustain that feeling? Is this the feeling of true love? Self Love?

    Get a Free Chakra report Here


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    Learn To-Create a 3 Part Program, Pt 1

    in Self Help

    I’m Teresa Maron and I am so glad you are here today. Let me congratulate you on taking the next step in the journey to help yourself so you can help others.

    In part one of create a 3 part program, we focus on How to Tie your message to your story. This key element can do more to add value to your service and result in more income to your business than anything else.

    I will share with you today, 3 personality traits that all compassionate, heart centered empathetic people have. That’s not the problem. It only becomes a problem if you bring those elements into a business, and because the self help and personal development based on those exact qualities, they become self limiting.

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    Learn To-Content Marketing for Radio Hosts

    in Self Help

    Welcome to Learn To with Teresa Maron, the "Learn To" Queen!

    The Niche and the Passion of my Expertise is Creating Conscious Content in the self help and personal development field. I truly believe that conscious content creation by people just like you, is changing the World!

    Today Teresa welcomes Amy Domestico of partnership marketing and Integrations at Blogtalk Radio.  Amy is from the original team that developed Blogtalkradio & CinchCast into the largest Social Media platforms on the web.Amy understands content marketing from the inside out!

    Here's what her colleagues say about Amy.

    Brett Cohen, Marketing at Maxim Inc. (MAXIM Magazine)

    Amy is a hard-working colleague of mine. While we do not work in the same department of the company, we always bounce ideas off of each other. Amy has a creative mind, a great spirit, and is truly a pleasure to work with.

    John C Havens, Writer, Speaker, Consultant, and Activist

    Amy is extremely gifted at lead generation. I have never met anyone who can introduce a product/subject matter so quickly and effectively as to get key players in other organizations on the phone for a call to help move our company forward. Amy is personable, real, and direct and understands the goals of our organization and works tirelessly to achieve them. She's fun, funny, and a talented host/interviewer along with her highly marketable/effective business development skills

    Contact Teresa http://teresamaron.us/learn-to/


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    Learn Energy Healing-Color Me Beautiful

    in Self Help

    Join Teresa as she continues her series, Learn Energy Medicine, with Color Healing.

    What does Color say about you?

    In this class we will learn

    Principals of the Healing Power of Color?
    Color Affirmations
    Cosmic Color Combinations

    Contact Teresa about collaboration and affiliate opportunities in the most self empowering form of preventative care.


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    Learn To-Seize This Day, Diane Helbig

    in Self Help

    Learn To is for Self Help and Personal Development professionals that seek to inspire, transform and motivate, using compassionate and conscious marketing techniques.

    If you want to Create original instructional Content and market it under your own brand then this is the show for you! Teresa Maron, the “Learn To” Queen, brings together Guest Experts, giving you the Insider View to success!!

    Join Teresa as she welcomes Diane Helbig, author, speaker and marketing strategist. After a successful 20+ year sales and business development career, Diane took her experiences and launched a coaching practice in early 2006. She is now an internationally recognized business and leadership development coach and consultant, author, speaker, radio show host, and workshop facilitator. As a certified, professional coach and president of Seize This Day Coaching, she helps businesses and organizations operate more constructively and profitably.


    Join Me, I Want To Support Your Journey!

    The Learn To member site starts your Journey with a preview of our featured Content Marketing programs, updated monthly. Your complimentary subscription to  “Learn To,” a monthly E-Zine, provides additional marketing training, featuring Teresa’s Guest Expert Collaboration partners. Get the Insider Point of View!

    Contact Teresa at  http://teresamaron.us/learn-to/

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    Learn To-Podcast for Profit

    in Self Help

    Want to start a podcast for Fun and Profit?  Join Teresa as she welcomes Guest Keith Rupnik of Radio Linx Broadcast marketing! Find them at http://podcastingbyprofessionals.com/

    Part 1-Teresa and Keith give a you insider industry tips on how to use your very own podcast as a business tool if you are an Author, Teacher, or Coach

    Part 2-Speakers, use podcasting to maximize your Public Speaking Engagements

    Part 3-Guest Star Keith Rupnik of Radio Linx broadcast marketing will explain the in's and out's of syndication and distribution for the brightest and most ambitious of the shining stars.

    Get Early Bird Pricing and Advance Training Materials here, http://podcastingbyprofessionals.com/

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