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    Red Light Green Light: Dating Do's and Don't's (Part II)

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    In part one Jaye Devan and Nicole Vick laid the foundation. Now they are back to further discuss the woes of dating and how to best handle bad situations. The last episode we ran out of time and Nicole had more to get off her chest. Tune in to hear what she has to say in response to Jaye's comment about single women of a certain age. This is going to be a hilarious exchange of views.

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    The Beautiful Soulfilled Music & Miracles of Jeff Morrison Of Morrison Hawkes

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    Finding the rhythm and song of life has helped Jeff Morrison overcome some very significant challenges. 

    jeff morrison is a songwriter and visual artist whose artwork has been exhibited and sold around the world. Musically, he began playing the piano at age 9, and by high school had composed a number of original songs. in 1977 jeff suffered a paralysing spinal cord injury. undaunted by the daily challenges of quadriplegia, he continued to draw and paint, write lyrics and compose melodies. he met tim in 1984, and together they have been writing and recording ever since. jeff sings lead and backing vocals, and plays harmonica.

    Morrison Hawkes has an amazing CD out of wonderful and original Christmas Music - Here is the link to check it out


    Please note that 25% of the sale of every CD goes to charity!  


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    Rage, Riots and Reactions: The Aftermath of Racial Injustice

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    There have been countless instances were Blacks have been victims of police harassment. The lack of indictments for the officers who killed Michael Brown and Eric Garner has enhanced distrust for law enforcement and put communities on edge. It was a slap in the face to the Black community and left many feeling angry and numb. How do we move forward when it can very well happen again? 

    Join me and guest co-host Cris Colbert as we discuss this issue and really dig deep into why this keeps happening.  

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    The Church gave me HIV.

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    In honor of World AIDS Day myself and co-host Chris Wilson will discuss living with HIV from a real-life perspective. How would the rates of HIV infection differ if the church were more involved and provided well rounded sex education to its youth? Should the church distribute condoms? How many Christians would be HIV negative if they were told more about sex than "Do it before marriage and go to hell"? Join us for a real and raw discussion about sex, stigma, homophobia and the responsibilities of the church.

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    Red Light Green Light: Dating Do's and Don't's

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    How many of you have driven right through the dating red lights and ended up in a horrific relationship. Join me and my co-hosts comedian Jaye Devan and Nicole Vick as we discuss some things to look out for during the dating phase that can save you lots of vaulable time. This is sure to be an informative and comedic conversation. 

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    Ultimate Business Owner Radio- Short, Verdon, Hilbert, Delaney, Smith, Morrison

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    Steve Beatty interviews business value acceleration author Kevin Short, asset protection attorney Jeffrey Verdon, employment attorney Anne Hilbert, marketers Ely Delaney and Steve Smith and leadership expert Chuck Morrison today at 1 pm PST 

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    The Death of Michael Hutchence 17th Anniversary Psychic Yvette Scott Connects

    in Rock Music

    Michael Hutchence was the lead singer of the band INXS, a popular rock group in the 1980s and 1990s.



    Michael Hutchence was born on January 22, 1960, in Sydney, Australia. In high school he formed the band The Farriss Brothers which became INXS. They released a self-titled debut album in 1980 which was a hit in Australia. They reached the American audience through heavy video rotation on MTV and their album Kick became a huge international hit. Hutchence was found dead by hanging in 1997.

    Early Life

    Michael Kelland John Hutchence was born on January 22, 1960, in Sydney, Australia. A vibrant and sensual performer, Michael Hutchence was the lead singer of INXS, a popular rock group in the 1980s and '90s. The son of a makeup artist and a businessman, he spent part of his childhood in Hong Kong. Hutchence grew up listening to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, among others. In high school, he met keyboardist and guitarist Andrew Farriss, and the two became friends and bandmates. They formed a band with bassist Gary Beers. Later on, Farriss brothers, Tim, a guitarist, and Jon, a drummer, joined the group along with Kirk Pengilly, who played guitar and saxophone, forming what was then called the Farriss Brothers.

    Formation of INXS

    After high school, Hutchence went to Perth with the band and played in some clubs there without a lot of success. They returned to Sydney and renamed themselves INXS. Landing a recording contract, the group released its first self-titled album in 1980. The group's first hit in Australia was "Just Keep Walking," and with their powerful live shows, they began to attract quite a following. With elements of funk and new wave, the band had a distinctive sound. Hutchence's strong vocals also won people over. He had great charisma and sex appeal, with some comparing him to Mick Jagger or Jim Morrison.


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    Words of Wisdom Radio Program with Minister Mennie Morrison; "Yes" Part III

    in Christianity

    This radio program is designed to present the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ with simplicity to win the lost. In addition, we endeavor to bring Hope and Encouragement to the Body of Christ.

    The program is hosted by Minister Mennie Morrison and is sponsored by the ministry of Blessed To Be A Blessing Outreach Ministries, Inc. Evangelist Joseph Morrison is the President and CEO of BTBAB.  We will have special guests joining us from time to time in helping us proclaim the Good News of the Gospel.

    We are grateful for this wonderful opportunity to have this avenue to share the Word of God and we don't take it lightly or for granted. Our sincere prayer is that all those that will tune in to the program will be enriched in their walk with the Lord and that many will even come to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. We give God all the Glory and Honor for what He is doing in our lives and what He will continue to do as we trust Him.

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    Jacob Lusk: Life After American Idol

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    Tonight my special guest is singer and songwriter Jacob Lusk. Most known for his succesful stint on American Idol Season 10 he is now preparing for the release of his first project. Listen in as he discusses life after Idol and shares songs from his new album.

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    Dorothy Morrison

    in Spirituality

    Our favorite Mistress of Mojo is back and she is having a wonderful Holiday sale with all new items for the members of her Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/WickedWitchStudios or follow this link; 


    Tune in to join in on the fun and see what knowledge Dorothy imparts.



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    Wrestling + 1 Special WWE ROSTER BREAKDOWN TNA

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    JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP https://www.facebook.com/groups/953389498020997/

    CALL US 347 857 2361

    Buck and Shady C take your calls and sit down and break down the talent roster.

    Who needs a push? who should be fired? who should be top face? Who should be top heel?




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